Varhaiset kirja-arvostelijatWhite Hair Press

White Hair Press is a Colorado dba for Janice Stensrude, a writer/editor who has been helping people get their life stories in print for more than thirty years. A few years ago, she adopted "White Hair Press" as her imprint for a variety of books she publishes, using for printing and distributing books. To date, this has included two memoirs and an Australian-American Dictionary. Other titles were for limited private distribution only.

In accord with her ADHD-like nature, waiting for finishing touches are an art history, reprints of two nineteenth-century childhood memoirs, reprint of the Edward Hicks (of Peaceable Kingdom fame) diary, and a reprint of a 1950s treatise on the categories of prayer. Though the most recent publication (Lukacs John Varda's Refugee) was intended for the interest of John's family, its historical significance has prompted White Hair Press to seek a larger audience.