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Sarjat: Behind the Scenes (2)

Meg McGrath, a publicist with few but impressive credits on her resume, finds herself playing in the P.R. big leagues when she lands a job as head of publicity for The Chieftain’s Son, an Irish historical drama based on an insanely bestselling series of romance novels. The show’s buzz hits the stratosphere in its first season, and given her lack of experience, the network questions Meg’s ability to keep up with the skyrocketing publicity demands of their top tier show.

When her boss threatens to replace her with a new head of P.R. and demote Meg to an assistant position, she convinces him to make a deal. If she orchestrates an unforgettable splash for The Chieftain’s Son at Cali Con, a massive annual convention of the popular arts in San Diego, she’ll continue at the helm of publicity for the show.

Much to Meg’s resentment, in San Diego the network pairs her up with Cian Malley, the savvy publicist of the network’s other top show, Star’s Shadow, to show rookie Meg the ropes. Meg's initial game plan is to simply siphon off the best of her competitor's marketing flair in order to keep her job – until the heat between them burns down the boundaries of their professional connection, complicating everything.

Will the sizzle between Meg and Cian inspire her to up her game and impress her boss, or does her naivete blind her to the real P.R. game going on behind her back? "

Kindle/MOBI, EPUB (downloadable via StoryOrigin)
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Romance, Fiction and Literature
City Owl Press (Kustantaja)
toukokuu 2023
Starts: 2023-05-01
Valmis: 2023-05-25
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