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Kafka in Tangier

Kafka in Tangier, by Moroccan author Mohammed Said Hjiouij, is a masterful reinterpretation of Kafka's Metamorphosis, exploring themes of transformation, alienation, and power. At once the story of a family and a chilling portrait of a city, the novella follows Jawad Al-Idrisi, an overworked teacher with disappointed ambitions of becoming a literary critic, after he awakens one morning to find himself transformed into a monster. In this waking nightmare, he is forced to confront his family's secrets and the oppressive systems of contemporary society.

* * *

  • "Hjiouij’s pleasant, discursive writing style is a distinctive voice on the literary scene." — Michael Machera
  • "Brilliant writing." — Luwi Nyakansaila.
  • "Purely literary. The author is very good." — Matt McAvoy.
  • "The most enjoyable thing is the way and the language in which the story unfolds." — Asma Akbar.
  • "A unique story." — Cathy Castling.
  • "It was unlike anything else I've read and a glimpse at a different culture than my own." — Audrey.
  • "A delicious, dark escape from my usual reading. Will certainly be seeking out the author's other writing." — Khalida.
  • "A humorous and absurd Moroccan spin on Kafka. It was a fun read." — Stuart Ahn Sones.
  • "I would highly recommend reading this after reading Kafka." — Dawn Michelle.
  • "The Primary narrative voice is amusing. A very good homage to The Metamorphosis." — Joy.

* * *

Jawad Al-Idrisi forsakes his dream of becoming a literary critic to become a teacher. His thoughtless father showed no remorse for his neglect and watched his son work tirelessly to provide for the entire family. One day, Jawad wakes up from a nightmare and discovers he has transformed into a hideous, smelly, furry creature. This causes a commotion in their home and community. It also leads to his dismissal and the family falling on hard times. His loving sister Hind bears the brunt of it all. She takes care of her brother and the house, and to make things worse, her father forces her to drop out of school to work at a café and provide for the family. Unfortunately, her will is not strong enough, and she begins to crack.

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