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Give My Regards to Nowhere: A Director's Tale

Chicago director Dwayne Finnegan has a long shot at the big time and only two obstacles: himself and everyone he knows.

Dwayne's got an idea of how to direct Shakespeare's least-favorite play that could set him on the road to Broadway. We're talking Bob Fosse choreography, Jimi Hendrix guitars, and the hottest cast in the city of Chicago. But when the show's producer cuts out with the cash, Dwayne decides to produce the show himself, putting his marriage and his meager finances at risk. What could go wrong?

Richard Engling knows Chicago's famously chaotic and glorious storefront theater scene like the back of his hand. It's the perfect setting for absurd comic hi-jinx." —Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune, author of Rise Up! and Bigger, Brighter, Louder

"A scrappy, big-hearted backstage comedy layered with mordant wit and full of a deep, abiding love for its characters..." —Adam Langer, author of Cyclorama

"Hilarious, witty, touching, intelligent, and spot-on. Engling's novel about the many joys and incessant headaches of running a storefront Chicago theater is truth that could only be told as believably as it is, as fiction. The characters pulse with life, conflict, tons of drama, and humanity. Entire chapters are laugh-out-loud funny, and issues of marriage, friendship, loyalty, and the nature of theater and art flow through every sentence. A one-sit read, I promise!" —Nadeem Zaman, author of The Inheritors and Up in the Main House and Other Stories

"Richard Engling is undoubtedly a writer's writer. It's hard not to read him without marveling at the skill of construction. But the technical virtuosity of Give My Regards to Nowhere is performed like prestidigitation: it's a magic trick performed in plain view. The novel is comic, wise, and riveting. It gives us the theatrical world, but also the world of anyone whose ever struggled against the odds. But Engling is also a reader's writer, those who read him without fretting about how these marvels are executed will turn each page with the thrill of discovery and immersion in this richly entertaining novel." —Liam Heneghan, author of Beasts at Bedtime

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RichardEngling (Tekijä)
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