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The Quick and the Dead
Sarjat: Soul Broker (3)
Afterlife management is tightening the noose. Can a living soul broker break it? Vivian Bedford is on the run. Her alliances with reapers, demons, and talent for freeing trapped souls doesn’t sit well with the Archangel Guardian Spirit council, and now Vivian’s time is running out. Time is also running out for reaper Lazarus Darkmore, who’s trapped in corporeal form. Now that she and the reaper are on equal footing, Vivian can no longer deny her feelings for him. But the ghost of a past lover leaves her trapped between two men and two very different worlds. Her only refuge is a band of other living soul brokers and their brewing rebellion. The rebellion is small, but their skills, weapons, and leader are impressive. When a traitor in their ranks threatens to bring the whole operation down, Vivian’s fight for survival turns into a battle to save the rebellion by rooting out the turncoat. Vivian will have to use her skills and her wits to keep the danger at bay while restoring Lazarus to his former state and liberating a group of imprisoned, tortured souls who may be the key to toppling the corrupt Archangel Guardian Council’s monopoly on soul crossings once and for all. But doing so just might cost Vivian everything she has—including her life, her soul, and her dearest love.
Fantasy, Fiction and Literature
City Owl Press (Kustantaja)
October 2019
Starts: 2019-10-07
Valmis: 2019-10-28
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Alankomaat, Australia, Belgia, Bulgaria, Espanja, Irlanti, Italia, Itävalta, Kanada, Kreikka, Kypros, Latvia, Liettua, Luxemburg, Malta, Portugali, Puola, Ranska, Romania, Ruotsi, Saksa, Slovenia, Suomi, Tanska, Tšekki, Unkari, Viro, Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta, Yhdysvallat
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