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Giveaway Ended: March 27 at 06:00 pm EDT

Cameron Trost (Avustaja), Louise Zedda-Sampson (Avustaja), Adam Breckenridge (Avustaja), Stuart Olver (Avustaja), Claire Fitzpatrick (Avustaja), L. P. Ring (Avustaja), Claire Davon (Avustaja), Karen Bayly (Avustaja), Kurt Newton (Avustaja), David Turnbull (Avustaja), Michael Picco (Avustaja), Mark Towse (Avustaja), Joseph S. Walker (Avustaja), Malcolm Timperley (Avustaja)

Fourteen terrifying tales of a ruined tomorrow! Was it nuclear war, an uncontrollable pandemic, or forces beyond our reckoning? Will we even know what happened once supply lines have been cut, radio silence has kicked in, and our world has come to a grinding halt? Who will have what it takes to carry on? Who will want to?

This cataclysmic anthology casts the reader into a post-apocalyptic world where every step taken and every decision made can mean the difference between life and death. These are epic stories of a world in ruins, but they are also intimate and moving accounts. Our masterful contributors take you by the hand and show you what will be. Don't let go, whatever you do...hold on tight! You will share the characters' struggles as you navigate wastelands or hole up as best you can in the crumbling remains of supermarkets and abandoned houses. You will go hungry. Your feet will grow numb. You will fear, and you might have to fight to the death. But in the end, you will remember it is only a book, and that you can close it, knowing you are safe and sound, because we are not in a post-apocalyptic world. Not here. Not now. Not today. But what will tomorrow bring?

  • The Aftermath - Claire Davon
  • Hell Takes All Prisoners - Karen Bayly
  • Chasing the White Limousine - Kurt Newton
  • An Interlude in the English Civil War - David Turnbull
  • A Kissidougou Christmas - Michael Picco
  • The Fields - Mark Towse
  • Cast Upon the Water - Joseph S. Walker
  • Help, Scotland - Malcolm Timperley
  • The Deep End - Cameron Trost
  • End of the Line - Louise Zedda-Sampson
  • The Death of a Raccoon - Adam Breckenridge
  • Darkness at the Edge of Men - Stuart Olver
  • Sailors' Delight - Claire Fitzpatrick
  • Homecoming - L.P. Ring
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Science Fiction, Horror, Suspense & Thriller
Black Beacon Books (Kustantaja)
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Giveaway Ended: February 28 at 06:00 pm EST

Dan O'Hara (Toimittaja), Tom Ward (Toimittaja), Stephen Oram (Toimittaja), Anne McKinnon (Avustaja), C.R. Dudley (Avustaja), Jamie Watt (Avustaja), Britta Schulte (Avustaja), Sophie Sparham (Avustaja), Simon Ings (Avustaja), Mark Huntley-James (Avustaja), Jane Norris (Avustaja), Adrian Reynolds (Avustaja), Viraj Joshi (Avustaja), Frances Gow (Avustaja), Paul Green (Avustaja), Jennifer Marie Brissett (Avustaja), Allen Ashley (Avustaja), Geoff Ryman (Avustaja), Jennifer Rohn (Avustaja), David Turnbull (Avustaja), Jessica Laine (Avustaja), Dan Coxon (Avustaja), Pippa Goldschmidt (Avustaja), Antoine Saint Honoré (Avustaja), John Houlihan (Avustaja), Jule Owen (Avustaja), Paul Currion (Avustaja), David Gullen (Avustaja), Bea Xu (Avustaja), Brendan C. Byrne (Avustaja), Tim Maughan (Avustaja), Ken MacLeod (Avustaja)

A volume of short sharp stories that present alternative or unconsidered visions of the future; stories that draw attention to the potential impact of cutting-edge science and technology on society and humanity.

In addition to established SF authors such as Tim Maughan, Geoff Ryman, Simon Ings, and Ken MacLeod, the anthology features stories by producers, civil servants, artists, and more – delivering a broader appreciation of what the future might hold. 

This is science fiction with intent, providing quick bursts of conjecture and insight, guaranteed to both entertain and stimulate.


Introduction – Dan O’Hara, Tom Ward, Stephen Oram
Virtual Persons
Memory Inc. – Anne McKinnon
The Test – C.R. Dudley                              
Conjugal Frape – Jamie Watt
iDentity – Britta Schulte                 
Concrete Genocide – Sophie Sparham
The Smile – Simon Ings                              
Biohacked & Begging – Stephen Oram
Forever Live – Mark Huntley-James
A Letter From My Celia – Jane Norris
Drug Of Choice – Adrian Reynolds                
Anomaly In The Rhythm – Viraj Joshi
Brain Dump – Frances Gow                
Brain Gun – Paul Green                              
Secrets Of The Sea – Jennifer Marie Brissett
Do Not Exceed Stated Dose – Allen Ashley
Not Best Pleased – Geoff Ryman                
An Honest Mistake – Tom Ward                
The Needs Of The Few – Jennifer Rohn
The War That Ended Yesterday – David Turnbull
L-One-Ly Virus – Jessica Laine                
Transmissions From The Vitality Pod – Dan Coxon
Inside The Locked Cupboard – Pippa Goldschmidt
Cholesterol5.9, BigFLY – Antoine Saint Honoré
Trial By Combat – John Houlihan
The End Of War – Jule Owen
Why We Fight – Paul Currion
The Changing Man – David Gullen     
Second Skin – Bea Xu                
An Excerpt From The Post-Truth And Irreconcilable Differences Commission – Brendan C. Byrne
Safe From Harm – Tim Maughan                
Epilogue: [Citation Needed] – Ken Macleod

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Science Fiction
NewCon Press (Kustantaja)
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