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YOU are a business, conducting transactions every day for the purpose of sustaining your well-being, and toward scaling and growing as a person. The success of these transactions depends largely on your salability as an individual, and on your sensibility to distinguish between obstacles and opportunities. If you are willing to embrace the 'person as a business' concept, then it is easy to accept the proposition that the success of any business is linked to the human qualities of the people in it. The four principles essential for all success may be expressed as follows:

Salability + Sensibility + Sustainability + Scalability = Success

A process dubbed, the 4S Transform. In this book, you will learn how to identify and apply these "4S" principles toward your own definition of success, including establishing your own business. It is a fun and easy read, with humorous lessons and real-life examples which illustrate that the quality of one's character plays a dominant role in the success of any transaction, personal or professional.

If you are determined to run your own business, despite lacking any previous experience or formal training in that field this book is for you. You'll discover that you already possess the pieces to build your own success.

Business, Nonfiction
Houndstooth Press (Kustantaja)
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