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A School Library Journal recommended read!

Rosy pinks, regal blues, radiant greens
Adorn birds, bugs, snails, slugs.
Instead of paint on canvas,
Nature colors feathers, fur, skin, scales.
But if some see these creatures as
Oddball or off-the-wall,
Why not delight in their whimsy and wonder?

For young poets who love science and young scientists who love poetry, this thoughtful collection of poems about fascinating and colorful creatures found throughout the world invites readers to linger and wonder on every page. Learn why the Blue-footed Booby puts on a special dance or how the Picasso Bug uses its masterful chemical defense against predators. Explore simple and fun poetic forms like the tanka, haiku, and quatrain. Just be sure to take good notes! An interactive component rewards practicing poets seeking to challenge themselves further.

With gorgeous illustrations and a rainbow of colors to complement the lyrical and engaging text, this book will fit nicely on the shelves of any classroom or library where kids are interested in science, writing or the arts.

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Science & Nature, Poetry, Picture Books, Kids, Nonfiction
Gnome Road Publishing (Kustantaja)
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