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“IT IS STAN,” screamed the unhinged monk. “STAN HAS COME AMONGST US!” “Stan?” cried the abbot and I in bewilderment. “Who is Stan?” I realized my mistake, and retyped the line. “IT IS SATAN,” screamed the unhinged monk. “SATAN HAS COME AMONST US!” Mega-selling author, Marco Ocram, is on the edge of a nervous breakdown, and needs complete rest. Police Chief Como Galahad—Marco’s main character—needs a volunteer to go under-cover at the Abbey, a remote celebrity retreat run as a medieval monastery, where something fishy is afoot. There’s only one solution—Marco books into the Abbey for a detox, just a few days before a hundred A-listers fly in for a grand gala dinner. Could anything go wrong? Could Marco write a labyrinth of astounding twists to leave all the world’s top celebrities moments from an awful death? Will you be amazed by the ending? You bet! Fast, funny, and utterly different. Welcome to the weird world of The Awful Truth.
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Tiny Fox Press (Kustantaja)
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