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(Not that You Asked): Rants, Exploits, and Obsessions (tekijä: Steve Almond)
The 8:55 to Baghdad: From London to Iraq on the Trail of Agatha Christie and the Orient Express (tekijä: Andrew Eames)
The 9/11 Wars (tekijä: Jason Burke)
@War: The Rise of the Military-Internet Complex (tekijä: Shane Harris)
Abandon (tekijä: Blake Crouch)
An Accidental American (tekijä: Alex Carr)2003-
Adrian Mole ja järisyttävät joukkotuhoaseet (tekijä: Sue Townsend)
All the Pope's Men: The Inside Story of How the Vatican Really Thinks (tekijä: John L. Allen)
Alone with Love Songs (tekijä: Edwin Romond)2003-
Alpha: Eddie Gallagher and the War for the Soul of the Navy SEALs (tekijä: David Philipps)
I Am a Soldier, Too: The Jessica Lynch Story (tekijä: Rick Bragg)
Ambush Alley: The Most Extraordinary Battle of The Iraq War (tekijä: Tim Pritchard)2003-
America Unbound: The Bush Revolution in Foreign Policy (tekijä: Ivo H. Daalder)2003-
American Sniper (tekijä: Chris Kyle)
The American Way of Empire: How America Won a World--But Lost Her Way (tekijä: James Kurth)
Anna minun rakastaa enemmän (tekijä: Juha Itkonen)
Another Bloody Love Letter (tekijä: Anthony Loyd)
Ash Dogs (tekijä: Justin Nicholes)
Babylon by Bus: Or, the true story of two friends who gave up their valuable franchise selling YANKEES SUCK T-shirts at (tekijä: Ray LeMoine)
Bad Science: Quacks, Hacks, and Big Pharma Flacks (tekijä: Ben Goldacre)
Baghdad at Sunrise: a Brigade Commander's War in Iraq (tekijä: Peter R. Mansoor)
Barefoot in Baghdad: A Story of Identity-My Own and What It Means to Be a Woman in Chaos (tekijä: Manal Omar)
Basrah, Baghdad, and Beyond: U.S. Marine Corps in the Second Iraq War (tekijä: Nicholas E. Reynolds)
Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk (tekijä: Ben Fountain)
Billy Summers (tekijä: Stephen King)
Black Flags: The Rise of ISIS (tekijä: Joby Warrick)
Bloodthirsty Bitches and Pious Pimps of Power: The Rise and Risks of the New Conservative Hate Culture (tekijä: Gerry Spence)
The Book of Collateral Damage (tekijä: Sinan Antoon)
Bridge of Hope (tekijä: Pam Champagne)
Brothers in Arms (tekijä: Camille Tawil)
Camera Boy: An Army Journalist's War in Iraq (tekijä: Fred Minnick)
Captivity: 118 Days in Iraq and the Struggle for a World Without War (tekijä: James Loney)
Carthage (tekijä: Joyce Carol Oates)
Catastrophe! the Looting and Destruction of Iraq's Past (tekijä: Geoff Emberling)
Censored 2009: The Top 25 Censored Stories of 2007-08 (tekijä: Peter Phillips)
A Century Turns: New Hopes, New Fears (tekijä: William J. Bennett)
Chasing the Flame: Sergio Vieira de Mello and the Fight to Save the World (tekijä: Samantha Power)
Clamor (tekijä: Elyse Fenton)2003 -
Cobra II: The Inside Story of the Invasion and Occupation of Iraq (tekijä: Michael R. Gordon)
Combat-Wounded Dogs (tekijä: Sunita Apte)
Compassionate Soldier: Remarkable True Stories of Mercy, Heroism, and Honor from the Battlefield (tekijä: Jerry Borrowman)
Coppola: A Pediatric Surgeon in Iraq (tekijä: Chris Coppola)
Days of Decision: Blair, Bush, and Iraq (tekijä: Andrew Langley)
Days of the Fall: A Reporter’s Journey in the Syria and Iraq Wars (tekijä: Jonathan Spyer)
Decade of Fear: Reporting from Terrorism's Grey Zone (tekijä: Michelle Shephard)
The Demonic Comedy: Some Detours in the Baghdad of Saddam Hussein (tekijä: Paul William Roberts)
Desert Mementos: Stories of Iraq and Nevada (tekijä: Caleb S. Cage)
Desperate Glory (tekijä: Sam Kiley)
The Devil's Sandbox: With the 2nd Battalion, 162nd Infantry at War in Iraq (tekijä: John R. Bruning)
Dust to Dust: A Memoir (tekijä: Benjamin Busch)
The End of Iraq (tekijä: Peter W. Galbraith)
The Endgame: The Inside Story of the Struggle for Iraq, from George W. Bush to Barack Obama (tekijä: Michael R. Gordon)
Ending the Iraq War: A Primer (tekijä: Phyllis Bennis)
The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For (tekijä: Alison Bechdel)
The Exception to the Rulers: Exposing Oily Politicians, War Profiteers, and the Media That Love Them (tekijä: Amy Goodman)
Explaining the Iraq War: Counterfactual Theory, Logic and Evidence (tekijä: Frank P. Harvey)
Fair Game: My Life as a Spy, My Betrayal by the White House (tekijä: Valerie Plame Wilson)
Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, the Powerful Forces That Put It in the White House, and What Their Influence Means for America (tekijä: Russ Baker)
Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq (tekijä: Thomas E. Ricks)2003-
The Fires of Babylon: Eagle Troop and the Battle of 73 Easting (tekijä: Mike Guardia)
Fives and Twenty-Fives (tekijä: Michael Pitre)
Fobbit (tekijä: David Abrams)
The Forever War (tekijä: Dexter Filkins)
Fossil Hunter
Frankenstein in Baghdad (tekijä: Ahmed Saadawi)
The Free (tekijä: Willy Vlautin)
The Freedom: Shadows and Hallucinations in Occupied Iraq (tekijä: Christian Parenti)
Game of Snipers (tekijä: Stephen Hunter)
The Gods of Diyala: Transfer of Command in Iraq (Williams-Ford Texas A&M University Military History Series) (tekijä: Caleb S. Cage)
Goodnight Bush: A Parody (tekijä: Gan Golan)
Grunts: Inside the American Infantry Combat Experience, World War II Through Iraq (tekijä: John C. McManus)
Gulliver Unbound: The Imperial Temptation and the War in Iraq (tekijä: Stanley Hoffmann)
Heart of a Shepherd (tekijä: Rosanne Parry)
Heaven in the Midst of Hell: A Quaker Chaplain's View of the War in Iraq (tekijä: Sheri Snively)
Hero-Type (tekijä: Barry Lyga)
Heroes of a Different Stripe: How One Town Responded to the War in Iraq (tekijä: Olga M. Bonfiglio)
The Hole We're In (tekijä: Gabrielle Zevin)March 20, 2003 - present
Hubris: The Inside Story of Spin, Scandal, and the Selling of the Iraq War (tekijä: Michael Isikoff)
In the Company of Soldiers: A Chronicle of Combat (tekijä: Rick Atkinson)2003-
Inside Fallujah: The Unembedded Story (tekijä: Ahmed Mansour)
The Insurgents: David Petraeus and the Plot to Change the American Way of War (tekijä: Fred Kaplan)
Interesting Times: Writings from a Turbulent Decade (tekijä: George Packer)
The International Struggle Over Iraq (tekijä: David M. Malone)2003-
Invisible Wounds: Graphic Journalism (tekijä: Jess Ruliffson)
The Iran-Iraq War (tekijä: Pierre Razoux)
Iraq + 100: Stories from Another Iraq (tekijä: Hassan Blasim)
Iraq - From War to a New Authoritarianism (Adelphi series) (tekijä: Toby Dodge)
Iraq and the Lessons of Vietnam: Or, How Not to Learn from the Past (tekijä: Lloyd C. Gardner)
The Iraq War (Timelines) (tekijä: Paul Mason)
The Iraq War: Rebuilding Iraq (American War Library) (tekijä: Debra A. Miller)
The Iraq War: Strategy, Tactics, and Military Lessons (CSIS Significant Issues Series) (tekijä: Anthony H. Cordesman)
ISIS: A History (tekijä: Fawaz A. Gerges)
The Italian Letter: How the Bush Administration Used a Fake Letter to Build the Case for War in Iraq (tekijä: Peter Eisner)
Journalism (tekijä: Joe Sacco)2003-
The Kindness of Strangers: The Autobiography (tekijä: Kate Adie)
Known and Unknown: A Memoir (tekijä: Donald Rumsfeld)
The Last Day: A Novel (tekijä: James Landis)
Let baby fall (tekijä: Tom Raworth)2003-
Lethal Warriors: When the New Band of Brothers Came Home (tekijä: David Philipps)
Liberate and Leave: Fatal Flaws in the Early Strategy for Postwar Iraq (tekijä: Don Eberly)
Live from the Battlefield: From Vietnam to Baghdad--35 Years in the World's War Zones (tekijä: Peter Arnett)
A Long Short War: The Postponed Liberation of Iraq (tekijä: Christopher Hitchens)
Look: Poems (tekijä: Solmaz Sharif)
Losing America (tekijä: Robert C. Byrd)2003-
Love in Condition Yellow: A Memoir of an Unlikely Marriage (tekijä: Sophia Raday)
The Majestic Twelve: The True Story of the Most Feared Combat Escort Unit in Baghdad (tekijä: Jack W. Lynch)
The March Up: Taking Baghdad with the 1st Marine Division (tekijä: Bing West)2003-
Merchants of Doubt: How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on Issues from Tobacco Smoke to Global Warming (tekijä: Naomi Oreskes)
Missie in Al Muthanna : de Nederlandse krijgsmacht in Irak 2003-2005 (tekijä: zaalbergthijsbrocade)
Misunderestimated & Overunderappreciated: The George W. Bush Administration as Seen Through the Eyes of the Tribune's Syndicate (tekijä: Mark Crispin Miller)
Monsters: How George Bush Saved the World - and Other Tall Stories (tekijä: Gerald Scarfe)
Naked in Baghdad (tekijä: Anne Garrels)
Navy SEAL Dogs: My Tale of Training Canines for Combat (tekijä: Mike Ritland)
Night Draws Near: Iraq's People in the Shadow of America's War (tekijä: Anthony Shadid)
No True Glory : A Frontline Account of the Battle for Fallujah (tekijä: Bing West)2003-
Not One More Mother's Child (tekijä: Cindy Sheehan)
Now and Again (tekijä: Charlotte Rogan)
Obliviously On He Sails: The Bush Administration in Rhyme (tekijä: Calvin Trillin)
The Occupation: War and Resistance in Iraq (tekijä: Patrick Cockburn)
Once a Marine: An Iraq War Tank Commander's Inspirational Memoir of Combat, Courage, and Recovery (tekijä: Nick Popaditch)
Operation Homecoming: Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Home Front, in the Words of U.S. Troops and Their Families (tekijä: Andrew Carroll)
Our Man: Richard Holbrooke and the End of the American Century (tekijä: George Packer)
Paradise General: Riding the Surge at a Combat Hospital in Iraq (tekijä: Dave Hnida)
Peace Mom: A Mother's Journey through Heartache to Activism (tekijä: Cindy Sheehan)
Personal Effects (tekijä: E.M. Kokie)
Phantom Noise (tekijä: Brian Turner)
Places and Names: On War, Revolution, and Returning (tekijä: Elliot Ackerman)
Plan of Attack (tekijä: Bob Woodward)
Premediation (tekijä: Richard Grusin)
Pride of Baghdad (tekijä: Brian K. Vaughan)
The Prince of the Marshes: And Other Occupational Hazards of a Year in Iraq (tekijä: Rory Stewart)
The Prince of War: Billy Graham's Crusade for a Wholly Christian Empire (tekijä: Cecil Bothwell)
Profiles in Folly: History's Worst Decisions and Why They Went Wrong (tekijä: Alan Axelrod)
The Rape of Mesopotamia: Behind the Looting of the Iraq Museum (tekijä: Lawrence Rothfield)
The Real Price of War (tekijä: Joshua S. Goldstein)2003-
Redeployment (tekijä: Phil Klay)
Road from ar Ramadi: The Private Rebellion of Staff Sergeant Mejia: An Iraq War Memoir (tekijä: Camilo Mejia)
Rolling Blackouts: Dispatches from Turkey, Syria, and Iraq (tekijä: Sarah Glidden)
Satayksi päivää : matkareportaasi (tekijä: Åsne Seierstad)
Sergeant Rex (tekijä: Mike Dowling)2003-
Soldier A : SAS - Behind Iraqi Lines (tekijä: Shaun Clarke)
Soldier Girls: The Battles of Three Women at Home and at War (tekijä: Helen Thorpe)
A Solitary War: A Diplomat's Chronicle of the Iraq War and Its Lessons (tekijä: Heraldo Munoz)
Somebody, Please Tell Me Who I Am (tekijä: Harry Mazer)2003-
Sparta (tekijä: Roxana Robinson)
The Spiders of Allah: Travels of an Unbeliever on the Frontline of Holy War (tekijä: James Hider)
Spoils (tekijä: Brian Van Reet)
The Spy Who Tried to Stop a War: Katharine Gun and the Secret Plot to Sanction the Iraq Invasion (tekijä: Marcia Mitchell)
Statecraft: And How to Restore America's Standing in the World (tekijä: Dennis Ross)2003-
The Strongest Tribe: War, Politics, and the Endgame in Iraq (tekijä: Bing West)2003-
A Stupid, Unjust, and Criminal War: Iraq, 2001-2007 (tekijä: Andrew M. Greeley)
Sunrise Over Fallujah (tekijä: Walter Dean Myers)
A Table in the Presence (tekijä: LT. Carey H. Cash)
Tell Me No Lies: Investigative Journalism and Its Triumphs (tekijä: John Pilger)
Terässeinä (tekijä: Lee Child)
Thank You for Your Service (tekijä: David Finkel)
The Threatening Storm: The Case for Invading Iraq (tekijä: Kenneth M. Pollack)
The Three Trillion Dollar War: The True Cost of the Iraq Conflict (tekijä: Joseph E. Stiglitz)
Travels in American Iraq (tekijä: John Martinkus)
Twice Armed (tekijä: Lt. Col. R. Alan King)2003-
U.S. Marines in Iraq, 2003 : Basrah, Baghdad and beyond (tekijä: Nicholas E. Reynolds)
Uncovered - The Whole Truth About the Iraq War (tekijä: Robert Greenwald)
The Unmaking of the Middle East: A History of Western Disorder in Arab Lands (tekijä: Jeremy Salt)
The Unraveling: High Hopes and Missed Opportunities in Iraq (tekijä: Emma Sky)
Vapaudenaukion mielipuoli (tekijä: Hassan Blasim)
Waging Peace: A Special Operations Team's Battle to Rebuild Iraq (tekijä: Rob Schultheis)
The War Against Iraq (The Lucent Terrorism Library) (tekijä: Debra A. Miller)
The War in Iraq (Witness to History) (tekijä: David Downing)
The War in Quotes (tekijä: David Stanford)
War of Necessity, War of Choice: A Memoir of Two Iraq Wars (tekijä: Richard N. Haass)
War With No End (tekijä: Phyllis Bennis)2003-
The War Within (tekijä: Bob Woodward)
The Wars Against Saddam: Taking the Hard Road to Baghdad (tekijä: John Simpson)2003-
The Way of the World: A Story of Truth and Hope in an Age of Extremism (tekijä: Ron Suskind)
We Were One (tekijä: Patrick K. O'Donnell)2003-
Weapons Grade: Poems (tekijä: Terese Svoboda)
What We Are Made Of (tekijä: Thomas Hettche)
When She Flew (tekijä: Jennie Shortridge)
When the Press Fails: Political Power and the News Media from Iraq to Katrina (Studies in Communication, Media, and Public Opinion) (tekijä: W. Lance Bennett)
The White Zone (tekijä: Carolyn Mardsen)
Without Warning (tekijä: John Birmingham)2003-
A World of Trouble (tekijä: Patrick Tyler)2003-
The Yellow Birds (tekijä: Kevin Powers)
You Know When the Men Are Gone (tekijä: Siobhan Fallon)
Youngblood (tekijä: Matt Gallagher)
Zayed's Gift (tekijä: Ann Jacobs)
The Generals: American Military Command from World War II to Today (tekijä: Thomas E. Ricks)2011-12-15
American Carrier Air Power at the Dawn of a New Century (tekijä: Benjamin S. Lambert)2011
American Foreign Policy in a New Era (tekijä: Robert Jervis)
Death by Video Game: Tales of Obsession from the Virtual Frontline (tekijä: Simon Parkin)2011
The Defense of Jisr al-Doreaa: With E. D. Swinton's "The Defence of Duffer's Drift" (tekijä: Michael L. Burgoyne)2008
The Dreams of Max & Ronnie (tekijä: Niall Griffiths)2011
Fault Lines (tekijä: Nancy Huston)
Generation Kill: Devil Dogs, Iceman, Captain America, and the New Face of American War (tekijä: Evan Wright)2004
Iraq: In the Eye of the Storm (tekijä: Dilip Hiro)2011
Lauantai (tekijä: Ian McEwan)2011
One Bullet Away: The Making of a Marine Officer (tekijä: Nathaniel Fick)2004
Our Man in Iraq (tekijä: Robert Perišić)2003
Pataljoona 2-16 (tekijä: David Finkel)2011
Ruff's War: A Navy Nurse on the Frontline in Iraq (tekijä: Cheryl Lynn Ruff)2003
Why the Iraqi Resistance to the Coalition Invasion Was So Weak (tekijä: Stephen T. Hosmer)2011
Kaboom: Embracing the Suck in a Savage Little War (tekijä: Matt Gallagher)2008
Islamischer Staat: IS-Miliz, al-Qaida und die deutschen Brigaden (tekijä: Behnam T. Said)2003 - 2011
Live aus Bagdad. Das Tagebuch einer Kriegs-Reporterin. (tekijä: Antonia Rados)2003-2011
Luvattu maa (tekijä: Barack Obama)2003-2011
Sweet Relief: The Marla Ruzicka Story (tekijä: Jennifer Abrahamson)2003-2011
Weltmacht im Treibsand. Bush gegen die Ayatollahs. (tekijä: Peter Scholl-Latour)2003 - 2011
Neo-Conservatism (tekijä: Irwin Stelzer)2003 - 2012