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The Age of Athelstan: Britain's Forgotten History (tekijä: Paul Hill)
Alfred the Great : papers from the eleventh-centenary conferences (tekijä: Timothy Reuter)
Alfred the Great: London's forgotten king (tekijä: John Clark)
Alfred the Great: War, Culture and Kingship in Anglo-Saxon England (tekijä: Richard P. Abels)
The Anglo Saxon Literature Handbook (tekijä: Mark C. Amodio)
Anglo Saxon Military Institutions On The Eve of the Norman Conquest (Oxford University Press Academic Monograph Reprints) (tekijä: C. Warren Hollister)
The Anglo-Saxon achievement : archaeology & the beginnings of English society (tekijä: Richard Hodges)
The Anglo-Saxon Age, c.400-1042 (tekijä: D. J. V. Fisher)
Anglo-Saxon Art from the Seventh Century to the Norman Conquest (tekijä: David M. Wilson)
Anglo-Saxon Art. To A.D. 900. First Edition with 104 Plates and 25 Text Illustrations. (tekijä: T. D. Kendrick)
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (tekijä: G. N. Garmonsway)
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (tekijä: James Ingram)
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (tekijä: Michael Swanton)
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (tekijä: Anonymous)
Anglo-Saxon England (tekijä: Lloyd Laing)
Anglo-Saxon England (tekijä: Frank M. Stenton)
Anglo-Saxon England and the Norman Conquest (tekijä: H. R. Loyn)
Anglo-Saxon Gloucestershire (tekijä: Carolyn Heighway)
Anglo-Saxon Northumbria (tekijä: Peter Hunter Blair)
Anglo-Saxon Pennies (tekijä: Michael Dolley)
Anglo-Saxon Poetry (tekijä: R. K. Gordon)
Anglo-Saxon Poetry (tekijä: S. A. J. Bradley)
Anglo-Saxon prose (tekijä: Michael Swanton)
Anglo-Saxon Somerset (tekijä: Michael Costen)
Anglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology and History, Vol. 18 (tekijä: Helena Hamerow)
The Anglo-Saxon World (tekijä: Nicholas Higham)
The Anglo-Saxon World: An Anthology (Oxford World's Classics) (tekijä: Kevin Crossley-Holland)
The Anglo-Saxons (tekijä: James Campbell)
The Anglo-Saxons (tekijä: David M. Wilson)
The Archaeology of Anglo-Saxon England (tekijä: David M. Wilson)
Aspects of Anglo-Saxon archaeology: Sutton Hoo and other discoveries (tekijä: Rupert Leo Scott Bruce-Mitford)
An Atlas of Anglo-Saxon England (tekijä: David Hill)
Basilisks and Beowulf: Monsters in the Anglo-Saxon World (tekijä: Tim Flight)
The Battle of Maldon & Short Poems from the Saxon Chronicle (tekijä: Walter John Sedgefield)
A Brief History of the Anglo-Saxons (tekijä: Geoffrey Hindley)
Britain in the First Millennium (tekijä: Edward James)
The Cambridge Companion to Old English Literature (tekijä: Malcolm Godden)
A Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Pottery of the Pagan Period - the Figures (Volume 2) (Hardcover) (tekijä: J. N. L. Myres)
A corpus of Anglo-Saxon pottery of the pagan period : volume 1 (tekijä: J. N. L. Myres)
A corpus of Anglo-Saxon pottery of the pagan period [2-volume set] (tekijä: J. N. L. Myres)
The Death of Anglo-Saxon England (tekijä: N. J. Higham)
Edward the Confessor (tekijä: Frank Barlow)
The English church, 1000-1066 : a history of the later Anglo-Saxon church (tekijä: Frank Barlow)
English Heritage Book of Anglo-Saxon England (tekijä: Martin G. Welch)
The English Settlements (tekijä: J. N. L. Myres)
The Footsteps of Israel (tekijä: Andrew P. Scheil)
The Glass Beads of Anglo-Saxon England c.AD 400-700: A Preliminary Visual Classification of the More Definitive and Diagnostic Types (Reports of the Research Committee of the Society of Antiquaries) (tekijä: Margaret Guido)
The Golden Age of Anglo-Saxon Art (tekijä: Janet Backhouse)
Harold and William: The Battle for England, A.D. 1064-1066 (tekijä: Benton Patterson)
History of King Alfred of England (tekijä: Jacob Abbott)
An Introduction to Anglo-Saxon England (tekijä: Peter Hunter Blair)
King Alfred the Great (tekijä: Alfred P. Smyth)
Kings and Lords in Conquest England (tekijä: Robin Fleming)
The Landscape Archaeology of Anglo-Saxon England (Pubns Manchester Centre for Anglo-Saxon Studies) (tekijä: Nicholas J. Higham)
The Latin charters of the Anglo-Saxon period (tekijä: F. M. Stenton)
Leaders of the Anglo-Saxon Church: From Bede to Stigand (Pubns Manchester Centre for Anglo-Saxon Studies) (tekijä: Alexander R. Rumble)
Life in Anglo-Saxon England (tekijä: R. I. Page)
The Literature of Penance in Anglo-Saxon England (tekijä: Allen J. Frantzen)
Mawgan Porth: A Settlement of the Late Saxon Period on the North Cornish Coast (tekijä: Rupert Bruce-Mitford)
Northumbria in the Days of Bede (tekijä: Peter Hunter Blair)
Nunnaminster: A Saxon and Medieval Community of Nuns (tekijä: G.D. Scobie)
Offa's Dyke: History & Guide (tekijä: David Hill)
Old English Minor Heroic Poems (Durham Mediaeval Texts) (tekijä: Joyce Hill)
The Oxford Handbook of Anglo-Saxon Archaeology (tekijä: Helena Hamerow)
The Pinchbeck Engine Museum (Leaflet)
Poems from the Old English (tekijä: Burton Raffel)
Poems of English Heroism: From Brunanburh to Lucknow, from Athelstan to Albert, Collected and Arranged, With Notes Historical and Illustrative (Classic Reprint) (tekijä: Arthur Compton Auchmuty)
Preparatory to Anglo-Saxon England: Being the Collected Papers of Frank Merry Stenton (Oxford Scholarly Classics) (tekijä: Frank Merry Stenton)
Rites and Religions of the Anglo-Saxons (tekijä: Gale R. Owen)
Roman Britain and the English settlements (tekijä: R. G. Collingwood)
The Royal Saints of Anglo-Saxon England (tekijä: Susan J. Ridyard)
The Saxon Age: Commentaries of an Era (tekijä: A. F. Scott)
Saxon and Norman London (The Museum of London) (tekijä: John Clark)
Saxon Churches of Sussex (tekijä: E. A. Fisher)
The Saxon Tapestry (tekijä: Sile Rice)
Saxon, Viking and Norman (tekijä: Terence Wise)
The South Saxons (tekijä: Peter Brandon)
Southampton Finds: The Gold, Silver and Other Non-ferrous Objects from Hamwic and the Non-ferrous Metalworking Evidence v. 2 (Archaeology) (tekijä: David A. Hinton)
Spearheads of the Anglo-Saxon Settlements (tekijä: Michael Swanton)
The Sword in Anglo-Saxon England: Its Archaeology and Literature (tekijä: Hilda Roderick Ellis Davidson)
Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles: British Museum Anglo-Saxon Coins #5 - Athelstan to the reform of Edgar 924-973 (tekijä: Marion M. Archibald)
Two of the Saxon chronicles parallel, with supplementary extracts from the others (tekijä: John Earle)
Viimeinen kuningaskunta (tekijä: Bernard Cornwell)
The Wanderer (tekijä: Wanderer-poet)
Wanderings in Anglo-Saxon Britain (tekijä: Arthur Weigall)
Who's Who in Roman Britain and Anglo-Saxon England, 55 B.C.-1066 A.D. 1066 (tekijä: R. A. Fletcher)
Writing and Texts in Anglo-Saxon England (Pubns Manchester Centre for Anglo-Saxon Studies) (tekijä: Alexander R. Rumble)
Ælfric’s Letter to the Monks of Eynsham (tekijä: Christopher A. Jones)
Æthelstan: The First King of England (tekijä: Sarah Foot)
Avalonin usvat (tekijä: Marion Zimmer Bradley) 1066