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The Age of Jackson (tekijä: Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.)
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April 1865: The Month That Saved America (tekijä: Jay Winik)
The Autobiography of Martin Van Buren (tekijä: Martin Van Buren)
The Buck Stops Here: The Presidents of the United States (tekijä: Alice Provensen)
Burr (tekijä: Gore Vidal)
The Civil War: A Narrative: Volume 1: Fort Sumter to Perryville (tekijä: Shelby Foote)
The contrast, or, Plain reasons why William Henry Harrison should be elected President of the United States : and why Martin Van Buren should not be re-elected (tekijä: Jacob Bailey Moore (1797-1853))
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Disunion!: The Coming of the American Civil War, 1789-1859 (tekijä: Elizabeth R. Varon)
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Dragonwyck (tekijä: Anya Seton)
Encyclopedia of U.S.Presidents (tekijä: David Rubel)
An epoch and a man;: Martin Van Buren and his times (Kennikat Press scholarly reprints. Series in American history and culture in the nineteenth century) (tekijä: Denis Tilden Lynch)
The Fire of His Genius: Robert Fulton and the American Dream (tekijä: Kirkpatrick Sale)
The First Ladies (tekijä: Margaret Brown Klapthor)
First Ladies (tekijä: Betty Boyd Caroli)
First Ladies: An Intimate Group Portrait of White House Wives (tekijä: Margaret Truman)
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Hail to the Chiefs: Presidential Mischief, Morals, & Malarkey from George W. to George W. (tekijä: Barbara Holland)
Henry Clay : Statesman for the Union (tekijä: Robert V. Remini)
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How the States Got Their Shapes (tekijä: Mark Stein)
In the shadow of Presidents;: The American Vice-Presidency and succession system (tekijä: Michael Harwood)
Inaugural addresses of the Presidents of the United States (tekijä: United States Presidents)
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John Tyler (tekijä: Gary May)
Joseph Smith and the Mormons (tekijä: Noah Van Sciver)
Let the Eagle Soar: The Foreign Policy of Andrew Jackson (tekijä: John M. Belohlavek)
The Life of Martin van Buren (tekijä: Davey Crockett)
The life of Martin Van Buren, heir-apparent to the "government," and the appointed successor of General Andrew Jackson. (tekijä: Davy Crockett)
Lincoln's War Cabinet (tekijä: Burton Jesse Hendrick)
The lives of our presidents: From Washington to Wilson. For young people. Containing an account of the boyhood days, adventures, careers and homes of the twenty-eight presidents of the U.S. of America (tekijä: Charles Morris)
Lives of the Presidents: Fame, Shame (and What the Neighbors Thought) (tekijä: Kathleen Krull)
The Look-It-Up Book of Presidents (tekijä: Wyatt Blassingame)
Martin Van Buren (tekijä: Ted Widmerr)
Martin Van Buren (tekijä: Edward M. Shepherd)
Martin Van Buren (tekijä: Edwin Palmer Hoyt)
Martin Van Buren (tekijä: Edward M. Shepard)
Martin Van Buren (Checkerboard Biography Library: U.S. Presidents) (tekijä: Anne Welsbacher)
Martin Van Buren (Presidential Leaders) (tekijä: Caroline Evensen Lazo)
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Martin Van Buren: Eighth President of the United States (Encyclopedia of Presidents) (tekijä: Jim Hargrove)
Martin Van Buren: Law, Politics, and the Shaping of Republican Ideology (tekijä: Jerome Mushkat)
Martin Van Buren: Our Eighth President (Presidents of the U.S.A.) (tekijä: Steven Ferry)
The North Eastern Boundary Controversy And The Aroostook War (1910) (tekijä: John Francis Sprague)
Our Presidents: Their Lives and Stories (tekijä: Nancy J. Skarmeas)
The Oxford History of the American People (tekijä: Samuel Eliot Morison)
A People's History of the United States (tekijä: Howard Zinn)
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Prelude to Civil War: The Nullification Controversy in South Carolina, 1816-1836 (tekijä: William W. Freehling)
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The Presidency of Martin Van Buren (tekijä: Major L. Wilson)
Presidential Anecdotes (tekijä: Paul F. Boller)
Presidential Campaigns: From George Washington to George W. Bush (tekijä: Paul F. Boller)
Presidential Leadership: Rating the Best and the Worst in the White House (tekijä: James Taranto)
Presidential Wives: An Anecdotal History (tekijä: Paul F. Boller)
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Secret Lives of the U.S. Presidents: What Your Teachers Never Told You About the Men of the White House (tekijä: Cormac O'Brien)
Seven Events That Made America America: And Proved That the Founding Fathers Were Right All Along (tekijä: Larry Schweikart)
Social Theories of Jacksonian Democracy: Representative Writings of the Period 1825-1850 (tekijä: Joseph L. Blau)
The Story of English in 100 Words (tekijä: David Crystal)
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Washington Irving: An American Original (tekijä: Brian Jay Jones)
William Henry Harrison (tekijä: Gail Collins)
Yo, Millard Fillmore!: (And all those other Presidents you don't know) (tekijä: Will Cleveland)