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Kirjallisuuspalkinnot: National Indie Excellence Book Awards

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Teokset (91)

A Simple Soul (tekijä: Vadim Babenko)
Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service. The Essential 60-Minute Crash Course (tekijä: Kirt Manecke)
A Wealth of Family: An Adopted Son's International Quest for Heritage, Reunion and Enrichment (tekijä: Thomas Brooks)Multicultural Non-Fiction
Child Secrets (tekijä: Mara Purl)Romance, 2008
Following My Toes (tekijä: Laurel Osterkamp)Chick Lit., 2008
Henry Potty and the Pet Rock: An Unauthorized Harry Potter Parody (tekijä: Valerie Estelle Frankel)ebook fiction, 2008
Blinded by the Light (tekijä: Morgan Hunt)G/L Fiction, 2009
Paraworld Zero (tekijä: Matthew Peterson)2009
Under the Black Ensign (Stories from the Golden Age) (tekijä: L. Ron Hubbard)2009
A Land Beyond Ravens (tekijä: Kathleen Cunningham Guler)Fiction, 2010
Contingency (tekijä: Paula Wiseman)2011
Five-Star FLEECING (tekijä: Maura Stone)Comedy, 2011
Promised Valley Rebellion (tekijä: Ron Fritsch)First-place, Gay and Lesbian and Transgender Fiction, 2011
Maria's Duck Tales: Wildlife Stories From My Garden (tekijä: Maria Daddino)Nature, 2012
One Blood (tekijä: Qwantu Amaru)2012
Son of Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History (tekijä: Manny Pacheco)Arts/Entertainment, 2012
The Whip: a novel inspired by the story of Charley Parkhurst (tekijä: Karen Kondazian)2013
Beautiful Evil Winter (tekijä: Kelly K. Lavender)2014
The Jetstream of Success (tekijä: Julian Pencilliah)Self Help: Motivational, 2014
The Secret Side of Empty (tekijä: Maria E. Andreu)2014
Days of Love: Celebrating LGBT History One Story at a Time (tekijä: Elisa Rolle)LGBT Non Fiction, 2015
Mendonoma Sightings Throughout the Year: The Fascinating World of Nature on the Mendocino/Sonoma Coast (tekijä: Jackson Jeanne A.)Gold medal, Nature, 2015
Semmant (tekijä: Vadim Babenko)2015
I am Raymond Washington: The only authorized biography of the original founder of the Crips (tekijä: Zach Fortier)African American Non-Fiction, 2016
And Then There Were Three: Sixty-Seven Letters to Sasha (tekijä: Julia G. Fox)LGBTQ NON-FICTION, 2016
At Home in the President's Neighborhood: A Photographic Tour (tekijä: Bruce M. White)PHOTOGRAPHY, 2016
Burning Shield: The Jason Schechterle Story (tekijä: Landon J. Napoleon)BIOGRAPHY - GENERAL, 2016
The Candida Cure Cookbook: Delicious Recipes to Reset Your Health and Restore Your Vitality (tekijä: Ann Boroch)HEALTH - GENERAL, 2016
The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More & Change the Way You Lead Forever (tekijä: Michael Bungay Stanier)BUSINESS - GENERAL, 2016
The Comfort of Black (tekijä: Carter Wilson)Suspense, 2016
Crossing in Time (Between Two Evils, #1) (tekijä: D. L. Orton)CROSS GENRE, 2016
Dear Stephanie (tekijä: Mandi Castle)CONTEMPORARY NOVEL, 2016
Do Not Assume (tekijä: Elaine Williams Crockett)Political Thriller, 2016
Emotional Map of Los Angeles (tekijä: Keren Taylor)Anthology, 2016
Endangered Edens: Exploring the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Costa Rica, the Everglades, and Puerto Rico (tekijä: Marty Essen)Nature, 2016
Espiritualidad 1.2: Para los Desconectados de la Escuela de la Vida (Volume 2) (Spanish Edition) (tekijä: Ivan Figueroa-Otero MD)Technology, 2016
Familiar Evil (tekijä: Rannah Gray)New Adult Non-Fiction, 2016
Flexible Wings (tekijä: Veda Stamps)AFRICAN AMERICAN FICTION, 2016
Fourteen: A Daughter's Memoir of Adventure, Sailing, and Survival (tekijä: Leslie Johansen Nack)Young Adult Non-Fiction, 2016
Fresh Tastes from A Well-Seasoned Kitchen (tekijä: Lee Clayton Roper)COOKBOOKS - GENERAL, 2016
The Gay Teen's Guide to Defeating a Siren: Book 1: The Seeker (Volume 1) (tekijä: Cody Wagner)LGBTQ CHILDREN & YOUNG ADULTS, 2016
Get the Picture: Conscious Creation Goes to the Movies (tekijä: Brent Marchant)Best New Age Nonfiction, 2016
The Greenest Building: How the Bullitt Center Changes the Urban Landscape (tekijä: Mary Adam Thomas)ENVIRONMENT, 2016
Hamptons Entertaining: Creating Occasions to Remember (tekijä: Annie Falk)Home & Garden, 2016
Happy Chasing Happy: An Aimless High To Happiness Volume 1 Fight addiction (tekijä: Jerome Jay Isip)AUTOBIOGRAPHY, 2016
Hidden Solutions All Around You: Why Some People Can See Them and Some Can't (tekijä: Daniel R. Castro)BUSINESS ENTREPRENEURSHIP, 2016
How the Trees Got Their Voices (tekijä: Susan Andra Lion)BOOK COVER DESIGN - CHILDREN'S, 2016
How to Grow an Addict: A Novel (tekijä: Jodi Wright)Addiction/Recovery, 2016
If You Were Me and Lived in... Mexico: A Child's Introduction to Culture Around the World (tekijä: Carole P. Roman)JUVENILE NON-FICTION, 2016
Journey to the Cross (tekijä: Shane Cloonan)CHILDREN'S RELIGION, 2016
The Judas Dilemma (tekijä: Robert Heath)LEGAL THRILLER, 2016
Kai (tekijä: Derek Vasconi)Horror, 2016
The King's Key: Pie Rats Book 2 (tekijä: Cameron Paul Stelzer)Juvenile Fiction, 2016
The Lives Between Us (tekijä: Theresa Rizzo)Women's Fiction, 2016
The Magician (tekijä: D. A. Pupa)BOOK COVER DESIGN - FICTION, 2016
Managing Bubbie (tekijä: Russel Lazega)Aging, 2016
My Five Sisters: A Psychological Thriller Based on a True Story of Multiple Personalities (tekijä: Pam Franklin)Faction, 2016
Not For Sale: Finding Center in the Land of Crazy Horse (tekijä: Kevin Hancock)Leadership, 2016
Orconomics: A Satire (tekijä: J. Zachary Pike)Humor, 2016
The Painful Truth: What Chronic Pain Is Really Like and Why It Matters to Each of Us (tekijä: Lynn Webster)Medical, 2016
Parenting for the Digital Age: The Truth Behind Media's Effect on Children and What to Do About It (tekijä: Bill Ratner)PARENTING & FAMILY, 2016
Pokergeist (tekijä: Michael Phillip Cash)ACTION / ADVENTURE, 2016
Praying for Rain (tekijä: Emma Gates)MULTICULTURAL FICTION, 2016
The Pursuit of Wisdom: A Chronological Inquiry of the World's Most Influential Seekers of Wisdom In the Fields of Theology, Philosophy and Science (tekijä: Dean Chavooshian)Historical General, 2016
Quintessential Style: Cultivate and Communicate Your Signature Look (tekijä: Janna Beatty)Beauty, 2016
The Rector: A Christian Murder Mystery (The Solo Ladies Bible Study) (Volume 1) (tekijä: Michael Hicks Thompson)Religion Fiction, 2016
Red Socks Go With Absolutely Anything (tekijä: Darla Woodley)CHILDREN'S INSPIRATIONAL/MOTIVATIONAL, 2016
Rock Solid Relationship: Seven Keys to Restore Your Connection and Make Your Love Last (tekijä: Norene Gonsiewski Msw)MARRIAGE, 2016
Rowdy (tekijä: Christopher Madsen)BIOGRAPHY - HISTORICAL, 2016
Shelter Us: A Novel (tekijä: Laura Nicole Diamond)LITERARY FICTION, 2016
SHOT DOWN: The true story of pilot Howard Snyder and the crew of the B-17 Susan Ruth (tekijä: Steve Snyder)History US, 2016
Simmer and Smoke: A Southern Tale of Grit and Spice (tekijä: Peggy Lampman)New Fiction, 2016
The Spirit Collectors (Thralldoms, Book 1) (Imitation Leather) (tekijä: M. Amanuensis Sharkchild)Fantasy, 2016
Stabbing in the Senate (A Washington Whodunit) (tekijä: Colleen J. Shogan)Mystery, 2016
Stop the Diet, I Want to Get Off! (tekijä: Lisa Tillinger Johansen)Diet & Nutrition, 2016
The Thousand Dollar Dinner: America's First Great Cookery Challenge (tekijä: Becky Libourel Diamond)New Non-Fiction, 2016
Together We Empower: Rekindling Hope in Rural India (tekijä: Marly Cornell)MULTICULTURAL NON-FICTION, 2016
Tomorrow's Lies (tekijä: S.R. Grey)New Adult Fiction, 2016
Too Late... I Love You (tekijä: Kiki Archer)LGBTQ FICTION, 2016
Tucks and Me: Crispus Attucks and America, 1766-1773 (tekijä: Katherine V. Stevens)FRIENDSHIP, 2016
Until Shiloh comes. a Civil War novel / Book I : The Shiloh trilogy (tekijä: Karl A. Bacon)Historical Fiction, 2016
Veil of Deception (tekijä: Michael Byars Lewis)Military Fiction, 2016
Walking in Grace with Grief: Meditations for Healing After Loss (tekijä: Della Temple)Grief, 2016
What's Your Magical Moment?: Disconnect to Reconnect with Your Real Life (tekijä: Gina Kloes)MOTIVATIONAL, 2016
White Privilege and Black Rights: The Injustice of U.S. Police Racial Profiling and Homicide (tekijä: Naomi Zack)PHILOSOPHY, 2016
The Wine Club (tekijä: Edge Steele)Erotica, 2016
Yellow Death (Kris Jensen) (Volume 1) (tekijä: Alex Lettau)Medical Thriller, 2016
Yo Miz! (tekijä: Elizabeth Rose)Non-Fiction, 2016
Divorce, simply stated : how to achieve more, worry less, and save money in your divorce (tekijä: Larry Sarezky)2017
IDIOT GENIUS Willa Snap and the Clockwerk Boy (tekijä: Carolyn Arcabascio)Juvenile Fiction, 2018
How Much Big Is the Sky: A Memoir of a Mother's Love and Unfathomable Loss (tekijä: Sherry Chapman)Grief, 2020

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