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Muut nimet: Governor's Writers Awards (englanti), Washington State Book Award Finalist (englanti)
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The Washington Center for the Book administers the annual Washington State Book Awards (formerly the Governor's Writers Awards), given for outstanding books published by Washington authors the näytä lisää previous year. näytä vähemmän
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Finalist 274

Narwhalicorn and Jelly (tekijä: Ben Clanton)Books for Young Readers2023
Sir Fig Newton and the Science of Persistence (tekijä: Sonja Thomas)Books for Young Readers2023
Ma and Me (tekijä: Putsata Reang)Creative Nonfiction/Memoir2023
Fearlessly Different: An Autistic Actor's Journey to Broadway's Biggest Stage (tekijä: Mickey Rowe)Creative Nonfiction/Memoir2023
Where the Language Lives: Vi Hilbert and the Gift of Lushootseed (tekijä: Janet Yoder)Creative Nonfiction/Memoir2023
Legends & Lattes (tekijä: Travis Baldree)Fiction2023
Never Meant to Meet You: A Novel (tekijä: Alli Frank)Fiction2023
The Final Case (tekijä: David Guterson)Fiction2023
The Angel of Rome and Other Stories (tekijä: Jess Walter)Fiction2023
Ten Tomatoes that Changed the World: A History (tekijä: William Alexander)General Nonfiction/Biography2023
Of Blood and Sweat: Black Lives and the Making of White Power and Wealth (tekijä: Clyde W. Ford)General Nonfiction/Biography2023
I Never Thought of It That Way: How to Have Fearlessly Curious Conversations in Dangerously Divided Times (tekijä: Mónica Guzmán)General Nonfiction/Biography2023
Northwest Know-How: Beaches (tekijä: Rena Priest)General Nonfiction/Biography2023
The Birders: An Unexpected Encounter in the Northwest Woods (tekijä: Rob Albanese)Picture Books2023
Working Boats: An Inside Look at Ten Amazing Watercraft (tekijä: Tom Crestodina)Picture Books2023
Old Wood Boat (tekijä: Nikki McClure)Picture Books2023
Cipota under the Moon: Poems (English and Spanish Edition) (tekijä: Claudia Castro Luna)Poetry2023
Banana [ ] / we pilot the blood (tekijä: Paul Hlava Ceballos)Poetry2023
banana [ ] (Pitt Poetry Series) (tekijä: Paul Hlava Ceballos)Poetry2023
When I Was the Wind (tekijä: Hannah Lee Jones)Poetry2023
The Necessity of Wildfire: Poems (tekijä: Caitlin Scarano)Poetry2023
Contemplations Poetry Book (tekijä: Scott Oki)Poetry2023
Howl (tekijä: Shaun David Hutchinson)Young Adult Literature2023
The Turning Pointe (tekijä: Vanessa L. Torres)Young Adult Literature2023
The Other Mothers: Two Women's Journey to Find the Family That Was Always Theirs (tekijä: Jennifer Berney)Biography and Memoir2022
Heart Radical: A Search for Language, Love, and Belonging (tekijä: Anne Liu Kellor)Biography and Memoir2022
Crossing the River: Seven Stories That Saved My Life, A Memoir (tekijä: Carol Smith)Biography and Memoir2022
Almost Flying (tekijä: Jake Maia Arlow)Books for Young Readers2022
The Last Cuentista (tekijä: Donna Barba Higuera)Books for Young Readers2022
Happily for Now (tekijä: Kelly Jones)Books for Young Readers2022
Orca Rescue!: The True Story of an Orphaned Orca Named Springer (tekijä: Donna Sandstrom)Books for Young Readers2022
WE HEREBY REFUSE: Japanese American Resistance to Wartime Incarceration (tekijä: Frank Abe)Creative Nonfiction2022
Readying to Rise: Essays (tekijä: Marcus Harrison Green)Creative Nonfiction2022
Rooted: Life at the Crossroads of Science, Nature, and Spirit (tekijä: Lyanda Lynn Haupt)Creative Nonfiction2022
White Magic (tekijä: Elissa Washuta)Creative Nonfiction2022
Legends of the North Cascades (tekijä: Jonathan Evison)Fiction2022
One Two Three (tekijä: Laurie Frankel)Fiction2022
The Ex Talk (tekijä: Rachel Lynn Solomon)Fiction2022
What Comes After (tekijä: Joanne Tompkins)Fiction2022
Coming Home to Nez Perce Country: The Niimiipuu Campaign to Repatriate Their Exploited Heritage (tekijä: Trevor J Bond)General Nonfiction2022
Facing the Mountain: A True Story of Japanese American Heroes in World War II (tekijä: Daniel James Brown)General Nonfiction2022
Skid Road: On the Frontier of Health and Homelessness in an American City (tekijä: Josephine Ensign)General Nonfiction2022
Fear No Man: Don James, the '91 Huskies, and the Seven-Year Quest for a National Football Championship (tekijä: Mike Gastineau)General Nonfiction2022
Murder at the Mission: A Frontier Killing, Its Legacy of Lies, and the Taking of the American West (tekijä: Blaine Harden)General Nonfiction2022
Something Good (tekijä: Marcy Campbell)Picture Books2022
1, 2, 3 Salish Sea: A Pacific Northwest Counting Book (tekijä: Nikki McClure)Picture Books2022
The Barking Ballad: A Bark-Along Meow-Along Book (tekijä: Julie Paschkis)Picture Books2022
Dialogues with Rising Tides (tekijä: Kelli Russell Agodon)Poetry2022
Stray birds (tekijä: robinandrew)Poetry2022
Self-Portrait with Cephalopod (tekijä: Kathryn Smith)Poetry2022
Broken by Water: Salish Sea Years (tekijä: Gary Thompson)Poetry2022
Remedy (tekijä: Eireann Corrigan)Young Adult2022
A Complicated Love Story Set in Space (tekijä: Shaun David Hutchinson)Young Adult2022
Calculated (tekijä: Nova McBee)Young Adult2022
We Are the Ashes, We Are the Fire (tekijä: Joy McCullough)Young Adult2022
Quitter: A Memoir of Drinking, Relapse, and Recovery (tekijä: Erica C. Barnett)Biography and Memoir2021
House Lessons: Renovating a Life (tekijä: Erica Bauermeister)Biography and Memoir2021
The Fixed Stars: A Memoir (tekijä: Molly Wizenberg)Biography and Memoir2021
Every penguin in the world : a quest to see them all (tekijä: Charles Bergman)Creative Nonfiction2021
Nature Obscura: A City's Hidden Natural World (tekijä: Kelly Brenner)Creative Nonfiction2021
Black Imagination: Black Voices on Black Futures (tekijä: Natasha Marin)Creative Nonfiction2021
Seismic: Seattle, City of Literature (tekijä: Kristen Millares Young)Creative Nonfiction2021
The Second Star (tekijä: Alma Alexander)Fiction2021
Living Color: Angie Rubio Stories (tekijä: Donna Miscolta)Fiction2021
Vera Violet (tekijä: Melissa Anne Peterson)Fiction2021
The Care and Feeding of Waspish Widows (tekijä: Olivia Waite)Fiction2021
Pieometry: Modern Tart Art and Pie Design for the Eye and the Palate (tekijä: Lauren Ko)General Nonfiction2021
The Last Stargazers: The Enduring Story of Astronomy's Vanishing Explorers (tekijä: Emily Levesque)General Nonfiction2021
The Apocalypse Factory: Plutonium and the Making of the Atomic Age (tekijä: Steve Olson)General Nonfiction2021
Mutual Aid: Building Solidarity During This Crisis (and the Next) (tekijä: Dean Spade)General Nonfiction2021
Unsettled Ground: The Whitman Massacre and Its Shifting Legacy in the American West (tekijä: Cassandra Tate)General Nonfiction2021
The Spirit of Springer: The Real-Life Rescue of an Orphaned Orca (tekijä: Amanda Abler)Picture Book2021
This Old Dog (tekijä: Martha Brockenbrough)Picture Book2021
Snail Crossing (tekijä: Corey R. Tabor)Picture Book2021
Play Day School Day (tekijä: Toni Yuly)Picture Book2021
DMZ Colony (tekijä: Don Mee Choi)Poetry2021
Post Romantic: Poems (tekijä: Kathleen Flenniken)Poetry2021
Feeding Hour (tekijä: Jessica Gigot)Poetry2021
Girl, Unframed (tekijä: Deb Caletti)Young Adult2021
Spindle and Dagger (tekijä: J. Anderson Coats)Young Adult2021
Heiress Apparently (Daughters of the Dynasty) (tekijä: Diana Ma)Young Adult2021
Into the Deep: Science, Technology, and the Quest to Protect the Ocean (tekijä: Christy Peterson)Young Adult2021
Today Tonight Tomorrow (tekijä: Rachel Lynn Solomon)Young Adult2021
Measuring Up (tekijä: Lily LaMotte)Young Readers2021
Whispering Pines (tekijä: Heidi Lang)Young Readers2021
A Field Guide to Getting Lost (tekijä: Joy McCullough)Young Readers2021
Tornado Brain (tekijä: Cat Patrick)Young Readers2021
A House on Stilts: Mothering in the Age of Opioid Addiction (tekijä: Paula Becker)Biography/Memoir2020
I Know What I Am: The Life and Times of Artemisia Gentileschi (tekijä: Gina Siciliano)Biography/Memoir2020
Hangdog Days: Conflict, Change, and the Race for 5.14 (tekijä: Jeff Smoot)Biography/Memoir2020
Hard to Love: Essays and Confessions (tekijä: Briallen Hopper)Creative Nonfiction2020
Bury My Heart at Chuck E. Cheese's (tekijä: Tiffany Midge)Creative Nonfiction2020
Shapes of Native Nonfiction: Collected Essays by Contemporary Writers (tekijä: Elissa Washuta)Creative Nonfiction2020
The Witches Are Coming (tekijä: Lindy West)Creative Nonfiction2020
Hollow Kingdom (tekijä: Kira Jane Buxton)Fiction2020
Stay and Fight (tekijä: Madeline Ffitch)Fiction2020
One for the Blackbird, One for the Crow (tekijä: Olivia Hawker)Fiction2020
The Cassandra (tekijä: Sharma Shields)Fiction2020
The Bird King (tekijä: G. Willow Wilson)Fiction2020
Seattle Style: High Fashion/High Function (tekijä: Clara Berg)General Nonfiction2020
Olmsted in Seattle: Creating a Park System for a Modern City (tekijä: Jennifer Ott)General Nonfiction2020
Seattle Walk Report: An Illustrated Walking Tour through 23 Seattle Neighborhoods (tekijä: Susanna Ryan)General Nonfiction2020
Beyond Guilt Trips: Mindful Travel in an Unequal World (tekijä: Anu Taranath)General Nonfiction2020
Ghost Cat (tekijä: Kevan Atteberry)Picture Book2020
Lasting Love (tekijä: Caroline Wright)Picture Book2020
Bright Stain (tekijä: Francesca Bell)Poetry2020
Turn Around Time: A Walking Poem for the Pacific Northwest (tekijä: David Guterson)Poetry2020
All Its Charms (American Poets Continuum) (tekijä: Keetje Kuipers)Poetry2020
Hail and farewell (tekijä: Abby E. Murray)Poetry2020
Warhead: The True Story of One Teen Who Almost Saved the World (tekijä: Jeff Henigson)Young Adult2020
Brave Face (tekijä: Shaun David Hutchinson)Young Adult2020
Between Before and After (tekijä: Maureen Doyle McQuerry)Young Adult2020
King & Kayla and the Case of Found Fred (tekijä: Dori Hillestad Butler)Young Readers2020
Sauerkraut (tekijä: Kelly Jones)Young Readers2020
Last Meeting of the Gorilla Club (tekijä: Sara Nickerson)Young Readers2020
Professor Renoir’s Collection of Oddities, Curiosities, and Delights (tekijä: Randall Platt)Young Readers2020
Explorer Academy: The Falcon's Feather (Book 2) (Explorer Academy, 2) (tekijä: Trudi Trueit)Young Readers2020
GUTS (tekijä: Janet Buttenwieser)Biography/Memoir2019
The Shame of Losing (tekijä: Sarah Cannon)Biography/Memoir2019
Nothing Good Can Come from This: Essays (tekijä: Kristi Coulter)Biography/Memoir2019
The Seminarian: Martin Luther King Jr. Comes of Age (tekijä: Patrick Parr)Biography/Memoir2019
The Best Bad Things (tekijä: Katrina Carrasco)Fiction2019
The Lost Girls of Camp Forevermore (tekijä: Kim Fu)Fiction2019
Night Hawks: Stories (tekijä: Charles Johnson)Fiction2019
Winter Sisters (tekijä: Robin Oliveira)Fiction2019
Our Native Bees: North America's Endangered Pollinators and the Fight to Save Them (tekijä: Paige Embry)Nonfiction2019
Like a Mother: A Feminist Journey Through the Science and Culture of Pregnancy (tekijä: Angela Garbes)Nonfiction2019
A False Report: A True Story of Rape in America (tekijä: T. Christian Miller)Nonfiction2019
Uplake: Restless Essays of Coming and Going (Northwest Writers Fund) (tekijä: Ana Maria Spagna)Nonfiction2019
The Lines That Make Us (tekijä: Nathan Vass)Nonfiction2019
The Chicken Who Saved Us: The Remarkable Story of Andrew and Frightful (tekijä: Kristin Jarvis Adams)Biography/Memoir2018
All Over the Place: Adventures in Travel, True Love, and Petty Theft (tekijä: Geraldine Deruiter)Biography/Memoir2018
The Cold Eye (tekijä: Laura Anne Gilman)Fiction2018
The Other Alcott (tekijä: Elise Hooper)Fiction2018
Solar Reboot (tekijä: Matthew D. Hunt)Fiction2018
George and Lizzie (tekijä: Nancy Pearl)Fiction2018
Duplicity (tekijä: Ingrid Thoft)Fiction2018
Mozart's Starling (tekijä: Lyanda Lynn Haupt)History and Nonfiction2018
Upstream : searching for wild salmon, from river to table (tekijä: Langdon Cook)Nonfiction2018
Ghosts of Seattle Past (tekijä: Jaimee Garbacik)Nonfiction2018
Growing a Revolution: Bringing Our Soil Back to Life (tekijä: David R. Montgomery)Nonfiction2018
Tides: The Science and Spirit of the Ocean (tekijä: Jonathan White)Nonfiction2018
Waterway: The Story of Seattle's Locks and Ship Canal (tekijä: David B. Williams)Nonfiction2018
Timber Curtain (tekijä: Frances McCue)Poetry2018
Mary's Dust (tekijä: Melinda Mueller)Poetry2018
Inside: One Woman's Journey Through the Inside Passage Paperback - March 12, 2019 (tekijä: Susan Marie Conrad)Biography/Memoir2017
On Trails: An Exploration (tekijä: Robert Moor)Biography/Memoir2017
Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman (tekijä: Lindy West)Biography/Memoir2017
My Old Man and the Mountain: A Memoir (tekijä: Leif Whittaker)Biography/Memoir2017
The Solace of Monsters (tekijä: Laurie Blauner)Fiction2017
Stories of Your Life and Others (tekijä: Ted Chiang)Fiction2017
Barkskins (tekijä: Annie Proulx)Fiction2017
Lovecraft Country (tekijä: Matt Ruff)Fiction2017
The Immortal Irishman: The Irish Revolutionary Who Became an American Hero (tekijä: Timothy Egan)History/General Nonfiction2017
Turning Homeward: Restoring Hope and Nature in the Urban Wild (tekijä: Adrienne Ross Scanlan)History/General Nonfiction2017
While the City Slept: A Love Lost to Violence and a Young Man's Descent into Madness (tekijä: Eli Sanders)History/General Nonfiction2017
Seawomen of Iceland: Survival on the Edge (Naomi B. Pascal Editor's Endowment) (tekijä: Margaret Willson)History/General Nonfiction2017
Hardly War (tekijä: Don Mee Choi)Poetry2017
Imaginary Vessels (tekijä: Paisley Rekdal)Poetry2017
Blood Song (tekijä: Michael Schmeltzer)Poetry2017
Wintering (tekijä: Megan Snyder-Camp)Poetry2017
Wondering Who You Are: A Memoir (tekijä: Sonya Lea)Biography/Memoir2016
Pure Act: The Uncommon Life of Robert Lax (Catholic Practice in North America (FUP)) (tekijä: Michael N. McGregor)Biography/Memoir2016
Reclaimers (tekijä: Ana Maria Spagna)Biography/Memoir2016
Orchard House: How a Neglected Garden Taught One Family to Grow (tekijä: Tara Austen Weaver)Biography/Memoir2016
Black River (tekijä: S. M. Hulse)Fiction2016
Language Arts (tekijä: Stephanie Kallos)Fiction2016
Me and My Daddy Listen to Bob Marley: Novellas and Stories (tekijä: Ann Pancake)Fiction2016
American Copper (tekijä: Shann Ray)Fiction2016
The Triumph of Seeds: How Grains, Nuts, Kernels, Pulses, and Pips Conquered the Plant Kingdom and Shaped Human History (tekijä: Thor Hanson)History/General Nonfiction2016
Ozette: Excavating a Makah Whaling Village (tekijä: Ruth Kirk)History/General Nonfiction2016
Of Orcas and Men: What Killer Whales Can Teach Us (tekijä: David Neiwert)History/General Nonfiction2016
Ancient Places: People and Landscape in the Emerging Northwest (tekijä: Jack Nisbet)History/General Nonfiction2016
88 Maps: Poems (tekijä: Rob Carney)Poetry2016
Tributaries (Sun Tracks) (tekijä: Laura Da')Poetry2016
Her Animals (tekijä: Emily Johnston)Poetry2016
Hive (tekijä: Christina Stoddard)Poetry2016
A Strange Stirring: The Feminine Mystique and American Women at the Dawn of the 1960s (tekijä: Stephanie Coontz)2012
Finding the River: An Environmental History of the Elwha (tekijä: Jeff Crane)2012
West of Here (tekijä: Jonathan Evison)2012
Atomic Frontier Days: Hanford and the American West (tekijä: John M. Findlay)2012
Ed King (tekijä: David Guterson)2012
Feathers: The Evolution of a Natural Miracle (tekijä: Thor Hanson)2012
Horses Never Lie about Love: The Heartwarming Story of a Remarkable Horse Who Changed the World Around Her (tekijä: Jana Harris)2012
Shiro: Wit, Wisdom and Recipes from a Sushi Pioneer (tekijä: Shiro Kashiba)2012
What have you done to our ears to make us hear echoes? (tekijä: Arlene Kim)2012
The Girl With Brown Fur: Tales & Stories (tekijä: Stacey Levine)2012
Who in This Room: The Realities of Cancer, Fish, and Demolition (tekijä: Katherine Malmo)2012
Bear Down, Bear North: Alaska Stories (Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction) (tekijä: Melinda Moustakis)2012
Underdog : poems (tekijä: Katrina Roberts)2012
The Little Office of the Immaculate Conception: Poems (tekijä: Martha Silano)2012
Letters From the Emily Dickinson Room (White Pine Press Poetry Prize) (tekijä: Kelli Russell Agodon)2011
Healer (tekijä: Carol Cassella)2011
The Morning News Is Exciting (tekijä: Don Choi)2011
Breakthrough: Banting and Best, and the Discovery of Insulin, and the Making of a Medical Miracle (tekijä: Thea Cooper)2011
Elämäni asennot : mitä jooga minulle opetti (tekijä: Claire Dederer)2011
Old Border Road (tekijä: Susan Froderberg)2011
The Circumference of Home: One Man's Yearlong Quest for a Radically Local Life (tekijä: Kurt Hoelting)2011
The Car That Brought You Here Still Runs: Revisiting the Northwest Towns of Richard Hugo (tekijä: Frances McCue)2011
Mariposa Road: The First Butterfly Big Year (tekijä: Robert Michael Pyle)2011
The Alchemist's Kitchen (tekijä: Susan Rich)2011
Reality Hunger: A Manifesto (tekijä: David Shields)2011
Test Ride on the Sunnyland Bus: A Daughter's Civil Rights Journey (River Teeth Literary Nonfiction Prize) (tekijä: Ana Maria Spagna)2011
Marry or Burn: Stories (tekijä: Valerie Trueblood)2011
The Financial Lives of the Poets (tekijä: Jess Walter)2011
Shell Games: Rogues, Smugglers, and the Hunt for Nature's Bounty (tekijä: Craig Welch)2011
Face (tekijä: Sherman Alexie)2010
Puget Sound Through an Artist's Eye (tekijä: Tony Angell)2010
Misconception: A Novel (tekijä: Ryan Boudinot)2010
The Indifferent Stars Above: The Harrowing Saga of a Donner Party Bride (tekijä: Daniel James Brown)2010
Spooner (tekijä: Pete Dexter)2010
Hotelli Panama (tekijä: Jamie Ford)2010
Crow Planet: Essential Wisdom from the Urban Wilderness (tekijä: Lyanda Lynn Haupt)2010
Upgraded to Serious (Lannan Literary Selections) (tekijä: Heather McHugh)2010
Blessing of the Animals (tekijä: Brenda Miller)2010
The Collector: David Douglas and the Natural History of the Northwest (tekijä: Jack Nisbet)2010
Stories in Stone (tekijä: David B. Williams)2010
I'm Down: A Memoir (tekijä: Mishna Wolff)2010
The Radium Watch Dial Painters (tekijä: D.S. Butterworth)Poetry2009
A Moon Over Wings (tekijä: Thomas Aslin)2009
The Owl and the Woodpecker: Encounters With North America's Most Iconic Birds (With Audio CD) (tekijä: Paul Bannick)2009
The Last Flight of the Scarlet Macaw (tekijä: Bruce Barcott)2009
Flight: New and Selected Poems (tekijä: Linda Bierds)2009
Guernica (tekijä: Dave Boling)2009
Oxygen (tekijä: Carol Cassella)2009
The Other (tekijä: David Guterson)2009
Mean and Lowly Things: Snakes, Science, and Survival in the Congo (tekijä: Kate Jackson)2009
It's Not About the Hair: And Other Certainties of Life and Cancer (tekijä: Debra Jarvis)2009
Carl Maxey: A Fighting Life (V Ethel Willis White Books) (tekijä: Jim Kershner)2009
White jade and other stories (tekijä: Alex Kuo)2009
The Weather of the Pacific Northwest (tekijä: Cliff Mass)2009
Friendly Fire (tekijä: Katrina Roberts)2009
Finding Chief Kamiakin: The Life and Legacy of a Northwest Patriot (tekijä: Richard D. Scheuerman)2009
The Thing About Life Is That One Day You'll Be Dead (tekijä: David Shields)2009
Mars Being Red (tekijä: Marvin Bell)2008
Red Studio (tekijä: Mary Cornish)2008
The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry: Love, Laughter, and Tears in Paris at the World's Most Famous Cooking School (tekijä: Kathleen Flinn)2008
Jezebel: The Untold Story of the Bible's Harlot Queen (tekijä: Lesley Hazleton)2008
Going Down Jericho Road: The Memphis Strike, Martin Luther King's Last Campaign (tekijä: Michael K. Honey)2008
Loving Frank (tekijä: Nancy Horan)2008
Male of the Species (tekijä: Alex Mindt)2008
The Blue Death: The Intriguing Past and Present Danger of the Water You Drink (tekijä: Robert D. Morris)2008
Lionel H. Pries, Architect, Artist, Educator: From Arts and Crafts to Modern Architecture (tekijä: Jeffrey Karl Ochsner)2008
Strange as this Weather Has Been (tekijä: Ann Pancake)2008
Fish Grooming and Other Stories: Short Stories by Joseph Powell (tekijä: Joseph Powell)2008
Sky Time in Gray's River: Living for Keeps in a Forgotten Place (tekijä: Robert Michael Pyle)2008
The Littlest Hitler - Stories (tekijä: Ryan Boudinot)2007
Under a Flaming Sky: The Great Hinckley Firestorm of 1894 (tekijä: Daniel James Brown)2007
Room Full of Mirrors: A Biography of Jimi Hendrix (tekijä: Charles R. Cross)2007
Famous (tekijä: Kathleen Flenniken)2007
Dear Ghosts,: Poems (tekijä: Tess Gallagher)2007
Pilgrim on the Great Bird Continent: The Importance of Everything and Other Lessons From Darwin's Lost Notebooks (tekijä: Lyanda Lynn Haupt)2007
The Inhabited World (tekijä: David Long)2007
Dark Alphabet (Crab Orchard Series in Poetry) (tekijä: Jennifer Maier)2007
Potscrubber Lullabies (tekijä: Eric McHenry)2007
Lincoln's Melancholy: How Depression Challenged a President and Fueled His Greatness (tekijä: Joshua Wolf Shenk)2007
The Zero (tekijä: Jess Walter)2007
Bellini in Istanbul (tekijä: Lillias Bever)2006
The Testing of Luther Albright (tekijä: MacKenzie Scott)2006
First Hand (tekijä: Linda Bierds)2006
Shoot the Buffalo (tekijä: Matt Briggs)2006
On American Soil: How Justice Became a Casualty of World War II (tekijä: Jack Hamann)2006
58 Degrees North: The Mysterious Sinking of the Arctic Rose (tekijä: Hugo Kugiya)2006
Frances Johnson (tekijä: Stacey Levine)2006
Taken With (tekijä: J. W. Marshall)2006
Home Stand: Growing Up In Sports (tekijä: James Mckean)2006
Toward a New Regionalism: Environmental Architecture in the Pacific Northwest (tekijä: David E. Miller)2006
Strawberry Days: How Internment Destroyed a Japanese American Community (tekijä: David Neiwert)2006
My Holy War: Dispatches from the Home Front (tekijä: Jonathan Raban)2006
My Jim (tekijä: Nancy Rawles)2006
The Quick : Poems (tekijä: Katrina Roberts)2006
Michelangelo's Mountain: The Quest For Perfection in the Marble Quarries of Carrara (tekijä: Eric Scigliano)2006
Good Morning and Good Night (Illinois Poetry Series) (tekijä: David Wagoner)2006
Citizen Vince (tekijä: Jess Walter)2006


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