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The Irish Book Awards (officially: Bord Gáis Energy Irish Book Awards) are Irish literary awards given annually to books and authors in various categories. There are currently nine categories, seven näytä lisää of which are judged by the Irish Literary Academy, two by a public vote. näytä vähemmän
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Nominee 412

Poor: Grit, courage, and the life-changing value of self-belief (tekijä: Katriona O'Sullivan)Biography of the Year2023
Three Tasks for a Dragon (tekijä: Eoin Colfer)Children's Junior2023
The Girl who Fell to Earth (tekijä: Patricia Forde)Children's Senior2023
Bored of Lunch: The Healthy Air Fryer Book (tekijä: Nathan Anthony)Cookbook2023
The Gathered Table: A Taste of Home (tekijä: Gather Gather Ireland)Cookbook2023
Home Kitchen (tekijä: Donal Skehan)Cookbook2023
Strange Sally Diamond (tekijä: Liz Nugent)Crime Fiction2023
The Lock-Up (tekijä: John Banville)Crime Fiction2023
The Close (tekijä: Jane Casey)Crime Fiction2023
Kill For Me Kill For You: The twisting new thriller from the Sunday Times bestseller (tekijä: Steve Cavanagh)Crime Fiction2023
The Trap (tekijä: Catherine Ryan Howard)Crime Fiction2023
No One Saw a Thing (tekijä: Andrea Mara)Crime Fiction2023
Teasáras Gaeilge-Béarla | Irish-English Thesaurus: Irish-English (English and Irish Edition) (tekijä: Garry Bannister)Irish Published2023
A Nation is Born (tekijä: Michael B. Barry)Irish Published2023
THIS IS MY SEA (tekijä: Miriam Mulcahy)Lifestyle2023
Malin Head to Mizen Head (tekijä: Kevin Rafter)Lifestyle2023
It's Probably Your Hormones: From appetite to sleep, periods to sex drive, balance your hormones to unlock better health (tekijä: Dr Mary Ryan)Lifestyle2023
Poor: Grit, courage, and the life-changing value of self-belief (tekijä: Katriona O'Sullivan)Listener's Choice2023
Juno Loves Legs (tekijä: Karl Geary)Listener's Choice2023
The Bee Sting (tekijä: Paul Murray)Listener's Choice2023
Strange Sally Diamond (tekijä: Liz Nugent)Listener's Choice2023
Kala (tekijä: Colin Walsh)Newcomer2023
The Red Bird Sings (tekijä: Aoife Fitzpatrick)Newcomer2023
Close to Home (tekijä: Michael Magee)Newcomer2023
Though the Bodies Fall (tekijä: Noel O'Regan)Newcomer2023
A Thread of Violence: A Story of Truth, Invention, and Murder (tekijä: Mark O'Connell)Non-Fiction2023
Rough Beast: My Story and the Reality of Sinn Féin (tekijä: Máiría Cahill)Non-Fiction2023
Dirty Linen: The Troubles in My Home Place (tekijä: Martin Doyle)Non-Fiction2023
The Long Game: Inside Sinn Féin (tekijä: Aoife Moore)Non-Fiction2023
The Bee Sting (tekijä: Paul Murray)Novel2023
Old God's Time (tekijä: Sebastian Barry)Novel2023
The Wren, The Wren (tekijä: Anne Enright)Novel2023
How to Build a Boat (tekijä: Elaine Feeney)Novel2023
So Late in the Day (tekijä: Claire Keegan)Novel2023
Soldier Sailor (tekijä: Claire Kilroy)Novel2023
Prophet Song (tekijä: Paul Lynch)Novel2023
My Father's House (tekijä: Joseph O'Connor)Novel2023
The Last Lifeboat (tekijä: Hazel Gaynor)Popular Fiction2023
Queen Bee (tekijä: Ciara Geraghty)Popular Fiction2023
The Lodgers (tekijä: Eithne Shortall)Popular Fiction2023
This is the Life (tekijä: Ciaran Murphy)Sports2023
Under Water: How Holding My Breath Taught Me to Live (tekijä: Claire Walsh)Sports2023
Black & Irish: Legends, Trailblazers & Everyday Heroes (tekijä: Leon Diop)Teen / Young Adult2023
Something Terrible Happened Last Night (tekijä: Sam Blake)Teen / Young Adult2023
What Walks These Halls (tekijä: Amy Clarkin)Teen / Young Adult2023
Daughter of Winter and Twilight (tekijä: Helen Corcoran)Teen / Young Adult2023
A Million to One (tekijä: Adiba Jaigirdar)Teen / Young Adult2023
Wise Creatures (tekijä: Deirdre Sullivan)Teen / Young Adult2023
I Don't Want to Talk About Home: A migrant’s search for belonging (tekijä: Suad Aldarra)Biography of the Year2022
Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story (tekijä: Bono)Biography of the Year2022
All Down Darkness Wide: A Memoir (tekijä: Seán Hewitt)Biography of the Year2022
The Last Good Funeral of the Year: A Memoir (tekijä: Ed O'Loughlin)Biography of the Year2022
Without Warning & Only Sometimes: Scenes from an Unpredictable Childhood (tekijä: Kit de Waal)Biography of the Year2022
The Accomplice (tekijä: Steve Cavanagh)Crime Fiction2022
Hide and Seek (tekijä: Andrea Mara)Crime Fiction2022
The Interview (tekijä: Gill Perdue)Crime Fiction2022
Fierce Appetites: My Year of Untamed Thinking (tekijä: Elizabeth Boyle)Non-Fiction2022
Lessons From the Bench: Reflections on a Career Spent in Ireland’s Crimina: Reflections on a Career Spent in Ireland’s Criminal Courts (tekijä: Judge Gillian Hussey)Non-Fiction2022
Listen to the Land Speak: A Journey into the wisdom of what lies beneath us (tekijä: Manchan Magan)Non-Fiction2022
Heiress, Rebel, Vigilante, Bomber: The Extraordinary Life of Rose Dugdale (tekijä: Sean O'Driscoll)Non-Fiction2022
Seven Steeples (tekijä: Sara Baume)Novel2022
The Raptures (tekijä: Jan Carson)Novel2022
The Colony (tekijä: Audrey Magee)Novel2022
The Marriage Portrait (tekijä: Maggie O'Farrell)Novel2022
The Queen of Dirt Island (tekijä: Donal Ryan)Novel2022
The Game: A Journey Into the Heart of Sport (tekijä: Tadhg Coakley)Sports2022
A History of the GAA in 100 Objects (tekijä: Siobhán Doyle)Sports2022
Life Begins in Leitrim: From Kurdistan to Croke Park (tekijä: Zak Moradi)Sports2022
Gas Man (tekijä: Colin Black)Biography of the Year2021
Boy 11963: An Irish Industrial School Childhood and an Extraordinary Search for Home (tekijä: John Cameron)Biography of the Year2021
Belonging: One Woman's Search for Truth and Justice for the Tuam Babies (tekijä: Catherine Corless)Biography of the Year2021
Openhearted: Eighty Years of Love, Loss, Laughter and Letting Go (tekijä: Ann Ingle)Biography of the Year2021
Rememberings (tekijä: Sinéad O'Connor)Biography of the Year2021
How to Cook: 100 indispensable staple meals to cook from scratch (tekijä: Darina Allen)Cookbook2021
Soup Broth Bread (tekijä: Rachel Allen)Cookbook2021
The Daly Dish Rides Again: 100 fast and easy slimming recipes: 100 more masso slimming meals for everyday (tekijä: Gina Daly)Cookbook2021
April in Spain (tekijä: John Banville)Crime Fiction2021
The Dark Room (tekijä: Sam Blake)Crime Fiction2021
The Killing Kind (tekijä: Jane Casey)Crime Fiction2021
The Devil's Advocate (tekijä: Steve Cavanagh)Crime Fiction2021
All Her Fault (tekijä: Andrea Mara)Crime Fiction2021
A State of Emergency: The Story of Ireland’s Covid Crisis (tekijä: Richard Chambers)Ireland Non-Fiction2021
Between Two Hells: The Irish Civil War (tekijä: Diarmaid Ferriter)Ireland Non-Fiction2021
Northern Protestants: On Shifting Ground (tekijä: Susan McKay)Ireland Non-Fiction2021
Four Years in the Cauldron: The Gripping Story of an Irishman Making Sense of America (tekijä: Brian O'Donovan)Ireland Non-Fiction2021
We Don't Know Ourselves: A Personal History of Modern Ireland (tekijä: Fintan O'Toole)Ireland Non-Fiction2021
The Best Catholics in the World: The Irish, the Church and the End of a Special Relationship (tekijä: Derek Scally)Ireland Non-Fiction2021
Mé Suibhne (tekijä: Feargal Ó Bearra)Irish Language2021
Dinner Party: A Tragedy (tekijä: Sarah Gilmartin)Newcomer2021
A Crooked Tree (tekijä: Una Mannion)Newcomer2021
Diving for Pearls (tekijä: Jamie O'Connell)Newcomer2021
Holding Her Breath (tekijä: Eimear Ryan)Newcomer2021
Boys Don't Cry (tekijä: Fiona Scarlett)Newcomer2021
The Echo Chamber (tekijä: John Boyne)Novel2021
Panenka (tekijä: Ronan Hession)Novel2021
Small Things Like These (tekijä: Claire Keegan)Novel2021
White City (tekijä: Kevin Power)Novel2021
Beautiful World, Where Are You (tekijä: Sally Rooney)Novel2021
The Magician (tekijä: Colm Tóibín)Novel2021
Crossing The Line (tekijä: Willie Anderson)Sports2021
Dark Blue: The Despair Behind the Glory – My Journey Back from the Edge (tekijä: Shane Carthy)Sports2021
The Nation Holds Its Breath (tekijä: George Hamilton)Sports2021
Unbroken: A journey of adversity, mental strength and physical fitness (tekijä: Aidan O'Mahony)Sports2021
Break the Mould: How to Take Your Place in the World (tekijä: Sinead Burke)Children's2020
What We'll Build: Plans For Our Together Future (tekijä: Oliver Jeffers)Children's Junior2020
The Haunted Lake (tekijä: P. J. Lynch)Children's Junior2020
Will You Be My Friend? (Guess How Much I Love You) (tekijä: Sam McBratney)Children's Junior2020
While We Can't Hug (tekijä: Eoin McLaughlin)Children's Junior2020
The Boldness of Betty (tekijä: Anna Carey)Children's Senior2020
The Happy Pear: Vegan Cooking for Everyone: Over 200 Delicious Recipes That Anyone Can Make (tekijä: David Flynn)Cookbook2020
Clodagh's Weeknight Kitchen: Easy & exciting dishes to liven up your recipe repertoire (tekijä: Clodagh McKenna)Cookbook2020
No Fuss Vegan: Everyday Food for Everyone (tekijä: Roz Purcell)Cookbook2020
The Cutting Place (tekijä: Jane Casey)Crime Fiction2020
Fifty-Fifty (tekijä: Steve Cavanagh)Crime Fiction2020
The Guest List (tekijä: Lucy Foley)Crime Fiction2020
The Nothing Man (tekijä: Catherine Ryan Howard)Crime Fiction2020
Our Little Cruelties (tekijä: Liz Nugent)Crime Fiction2020
After the Silence (tekijä: Louise O'Neill)Crime Fiction2020
The Arms Crisis of 1970: The Plot that Never Was (tekijä: Michael Heney)Ireland Non-Fiction2020
Here’s the Story: A Memoir (tekijä: Mary McAleese)Ireland Non-Fiction2020
Notes from an Apocalypse: A Personal Journey to the End of the World and Back (tekijä: Mark O'Connell)Ireland Non-Fiction2020
Old Ireland in Colour (tekijä: Sarah-Anne Buckley)Irish Published2020
Thirty-Two Words for Field: Lost Words of the Irish Landscape (tekijä: Manchan Magan)Irish Published2020
An Irish Nature Year (tekijä: Jane Powers)Irish Published2020
Love (tekijä: Roddy Doyle)Listener's Choice2020
OK, Let's Do Your Stupid Idea (tekijä: Patrick Freyne)Listener's Choice2020
The Wild Laughter (tekijä: Caoilinn Hughes)Listener's Choice2020
Diary of a Young Naturalist (tekijä: Dara McAnulty)Newcomer2020
This Happy (tekijä: Niamh Campbell)Newcomer2020
Exciting Times (tekijä: Naoise Dolan)Newcomer2020
The Temple House Vanishing (tekijä: Rachel Donohue)Newcomer2020
OK, Let's Do Your Stupid Idea (tekijä: Patrick Freyne)Newcomer2020
Big Girl, Small Town (tekijä: Michelle Gallen)Newcomer2020
The Pull of the Stars (tekijä: Emma Donoghue)Novel2020
Actress (tekijä: Anne Enright)Novel2020
The Wild Laughter (tekijä: Caoilinn Hughes)Novel2020
Here Is the Beehive (tekijä: Sarah Crossan)Popular Fiction2020
When We Were Young & Brave (tekijä: Hazel Gaynor)Popular Fiction2020
Grown Ups (tekijä: Marian Keyes)Popular Fiction2020
Home Stretch (tekijä: Graham Norton)Popular Fiction2020
Braywatch (tekijä: Ross O'Carroll-Kelly)Popular Fiction2020
Diary of a Young Naturalist (tekijä: Dara McAnulty)Popular Non-Fiction2020
Champagne Football: John Delaney and the Betrayal of Irish Football: The Inside Story (tekijä: Mark Tighe)Sports2020
The Russian Affair: The True Story of the Couple who Uncovered the Greatest Sporting Scandal (tekijä: David Walsh)Sports2020
Queen of Coin and Whispers (tekijä: Helen Corcoran)Teen / Young Adult2020
On Midnight Beach (tekijä: Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick)Teen / Young Adult2020
The Falling in Love Montage (tekijä: Ciara Smyth)Teen / Young Adult2020
As You Were (tekijä: Elaine Feeney)2020
A Ghost in the Throat (tekijä: Doireann Ní Ghríofa)2020
Hamnet (tekijä: Maggie O'Farrell)2020
Don't Worry, Little Crab (tekijä: Chris Haughton)Children's Junior2019
BOOT small robot, BIG adventure: Book 1 (tekijä: Shane Hegarty)Children's Junior2019
Lily at Lissadell (tekijä: Judi Curtin)Children's Senior2019
The Lost Tide Warriors (tekijä: Catherine Doyle)Children's Senior2019
A Strange Kind of Brave (tekijä: Sarah Moore Fitzgerald)Children's Senior2019
One Pot Feeds All (tekijä: Darina Allen)Cookbook2019
From the Oven to the Table: Simple Dishes That Look After Themselves (tekijä: Diana Henry)Cookbook2019
Clodagh's Suppers: Suppers to celebrate the seasons (tekijä: Clodagh McKenna)Cookbook2019
Super Food in Minutes: Easy Recipes, Fast Food, All Healthy (tekijä: Donal Skehan)Cookbook2019
Twisted (tekijä: Steve Cavanagh)Crime Fiction2019
The Witch Elm (tekijä: Tana French)Crime Fiction2019
Rewind (tekijä: Catherine Ryan Howard)Crime Fiction2019
The Chain (tekijä: Adrian McKinty)Crime Fiction2019
An Tromdhámh (tekijä: Feargal Ó Béarra)Irish Language2019
Gráinne : Gaiscíoch Gael (tekijä: Siobhan Parkinson)Irish Language2019
A history of Ireland in 100 words (tekijä: Sharon Arbuthnot)Irish Published2019
Ireland Through Birds: Journeys in Search of a Wild Nation (tekijä: Conor O'Brien)Irish Published2019
Dare to Dream (tekijä: Sarah Webb)Irish Published2019
Once, Twice, Three Times an Aisling (tekijä: Emer McLysaght)Listener's Choice2019
Shadowplay (tekijä: Joseph O'Connor)Listener's Choice2019
Dont Touch My Hair (tekijä: Emma Dabiri)Newcomer2019
Last Ones Left Alive (tekijä: Sarah Davis-Goff)Newcomer2019
Show Them a Good Time (tekijä: Nicole Flattery)Newcomer2019
Leonard and Hungry Paul (tekijä: Ronan Hession)Newcomer2019
Minor Monuments (tekijä: Ian Maleney)Newcomer2019
Elsewhere: One Woman, One Rucksack, One Lifetime of Travel (tekijä: Rosita Boland)Non-Fiction2019
The Border: The Legacy of a Century of Anglo-Irish Politics (tekijä: Diarmaid Ferriter)Non-Fiction2019
Republic Of Shame (tekijä: Caelainn Hogan)Non-Fiction2019
Heroic failure : Brexit and the politics of pain (tekijä: Fintan O'Toole)Non-Fiction2019
The Education of an Idealist: A Memoir (tekijä: Samantha Power)Non-Fiction2019
Night Boat to Tangier (tekijä: Kevin Barry)Novel2019
The River Capture (tekijä: Mary Costello)Novel2019
The Narrow Land (tekijä: Christine Dwyer Hickey)Novel2019
Girl (tekijä: Edna O'Brien)Novel2019
This Is Happiness (tekijä: Niall Williams)Novel2019
Postscript (tekijä: Cecelia Ahern)Popular Fiction2019
When All Is Said (tekijä: Anne Griffin)Popular Fiction2019
Seven Letters (tekijä: Sinead Moriarty)Popular Fiction2019
Schmidt Happens (tekijä: Ross O'Carroll-Kelly)Popular Fiction2019
Filter This (tekijä: Sophie White)Popular Fiction2019
Live While You Can: A Memoir of Faith, Hope and the Power of Acceptance (tekijä: Fr. Tony Coote)Popular Non-Fiction2019
The Making of a Detective: A Garda's Story of Investigating Some of Ireland's Most Notorious Crimes (tekijä: Pat Marry)Popular Non-Fiction2019
The Personals (tekijä: Brian O’Connell)Popular Non-Fiction2019
About That Goal: The Official Biography of Seamus Darby. (2 copies) (tekijä: P. J. Cunningham)Sports2019
Camouflage: My Story (tekijä: Eoin Larkin)Sports2019
All the Invisible Things (tekijä: Orlagh Collins)Teen / Young Adult2019
The M Word (tekijä: Brian Conaghan)Teen / Young Adult2019
Toffee (tekijä: Sarah Crossan)Teen / Young Adult2019
All the Bad Apples (tekijä: Moira Fowley-Doyle)Teen / Young Adult2019
Perfectly Preventable Deaths (tekijä: Deirdre Sullivan)Teen / Young Adult2019
Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth (tekijä: Oliver Jeffers)Children's Junior2018
The Storm Keeper's Island (tekijä: Catherine Doyle)Children's Senior2018
Tin (tekijä: Pádraig Kenny)Children's Senior2018
Secret Science: The Amazing World Beyond Your Eyes (tekijä: Dara O'Briain)Children's Senior2018
How to Eat a Peach: Menus, Stories and Places (tekijä: Diana Henry)Cookbook2018
Thirteen (tekijä: Steve Cavanagh)Crime Fiction2018
One Click (tekijä: Andrea Mara)Crime Fiction2018
The Ruin (tekijä: Dervla McTiernan)Crime Fiction2018
A House of Ghosts (tekijä: W.C. Ryan)Crime Fiction2018
The Confession (tekijä: Jo Spain)Crime Fiction2018
The President Is Missing (tekijä: Bill Clinton)Listener's Choice2018
Nainen ikkunassa (tekijä: Daniel Mallory)Listener's Choice2018
The Missing Ones (tekijä: Patricia Gibney)Listener's Choice2018
The Lost Letters of William Woolf (tekijä: Helen Cullen)Newcomer2018
The Earlie King & the Kid in Yellow (tekijä: Danny Denton)Newcomer2018
Mind on Fire (tekijä: Arnold Thomas Fanning)Newcomer2018
Promising Young Women (tekijä: Caroline O'Donoghue)Newcomer2018
This Hostel Life (tekijä: Melatu Uche Okorie)Newcomer2018
On the Edge: Ireland’s off-shore islands: a modern history (tekijä: Diarmaid Ferriter)Non-Fiction2018
Climate Justice: Hope, Resilience, and the Fight for a Sustainable Future (tekijä: Mary Robinson)Non-Fiction2018
A Ladder to the Sky (tekijä: John Boyne)Novel2018
Milkman (tekijä: Anna Burns)Novel2018
Future Popes of Ireland (tekijä: Darragh Martin)Novel2018
Travelling in a Strange Land (tekijä: David Park)Novel2018
From a Low and Quiet Sea (tekijä: Donal Ryan)Novel2018
Letters to My Daughters (tekijä: Emma Hannigan)Popular Fiction2018
Our Secrets and Lies (tekijä: Sinead Moriarty)Popular Fiction2018
A Keeper (tekijä: Graham Norton)Popular Fiction2018
Dancing with the Tsars (tekijä: Ross O'Carroll-Kelly)Popular Fiction2018
Grace After Henry (tekijä: Eithne Shortall)Popular Fiction2018
Help Me! (tekijä: Marianne Power)Popular Non-Fiction2018
The Hurlers: The First All-Ireland Championship and the Making of Modern Hurling (tekijä: Paul Rouse)Sports2018
Dark Wood Dark Water (tekijä: Tina Callaghan)Teen / Young Adult2018
Spare and Found Parts (tekijä: Sarah Maria Griffin)Teen / Young Adult2018
The Surface Breaks: a reimagining of The Little Mermaid (tekijä: Louise O'Neill)Teen / Young Adult2018
Twelve Angels Weeping (tekijä: Dave Rudden)Teen / Young Adult2018
The Wren Hunt (tekijä: Mary Watson)Teen / Young Adult2018
The Pest in the Nest (tekijä: Julian Gough)Children's Junior2017
Patrick and the President (tekijä: Ryan Tubridy)Children's Junior2017
Illegal (tekijä: Eoin Colfer)Children's Senior2017
A Place Called Perfect (tekijä: Helena Duggan)Children's Senior2017
A Dangerous Crossing (tekijä: Jane Mitchell)Children's Senior2017
The Forever Court (Knights of the Borrowed Dark Book 2) (tekijä: Dave Rudden)Children's Senior2017
De Valera: Rise 1882-1932 (tekijä: David McCullagh)Irish Published2017
The Woodcutter and his Family (tekijä: Frank McGuinness)Irish Published2017
Tangleweed and Brine (tekijä: Deirdre Sullivan)Irish Published2017
The Word Is Murder (tekijä: Anthony Horowitz)Listener's Choice2017
Admissions: Life as a Brain Surgeon (tekijä: Henry Marsh)Listener's Choice2017
Jackie's Girl: My Life with the Kennedy Family (tekijä: Kathy McKeon)Listener's Choice2017
Ithaca (tekijä: Alan McMonagle)Listener's Choice2017
The Gospel According to Blindboy (tekijä: Blindboy Boatclub)Newcomer2017
Montpelier Parade (tekijä: Karl Geary)Newcomer2017
Harvesting (tekijä: Lisa Harding)Newcomer2017
Oh My God What a Complete Aisling (tekijä: Emer McLysaght)Newcomer2017
Conversations with Friends (tekijä: Sally Rooney)Newcomer2017
Brexit and Ireland: The Dangers, the Opportunities, and the Inside Story of the Irish Response (tekijä: Tony Connelly)Non-Fiction2017
After Ireland: Irish Literature Since 1945 and the Failed Republic (tekijä: Declan Kiberd)Non-Fiction2017
I Am, I Am, I Am: Seventeen Brushes with Death (tekijä: Maggie O'Farrell)Non-Fiction2017
Mrs Osmond (tekijä: John Banville)Novel2017
The Heart's Invisible Furies (tekijä: John Boyne)Novel2017
Smile (tekijä: Roddy Doyle)Novel2017
When Light is Like Water (tekijä: Molly McCloskey)Novel2017
The Woman at 72 Derry Lane (tekijä: Carmel Harrington)Popular Fiction2017
Keep You Safe (tekijä: Melissa Hill)Popular Fiction2017
The Good Mother (tekijä: Sinead Moriarty)Popular Fiction2017
Orange Blossom Days (tekijä: Patricia Scanlan)Popular Fiction2017
Owning it: Your Bullsh*t-Free Guide to Living with Anxiety (tekijä: Caroline Foran)Popular Non-Fiction2017
Perfect (tekijä: Cecelia Ahern)Teen / Young Adult2017
The Girl in Between (tekijä: Sarah Carroll)Teen / Young Adult2017
Moonrise (tekijä: Sarah Crossan)Teen / Young Adult2017
Spellbook of the Lost and Found (tekijä: Moira Fowley-Doyle)Teen / Young Adult2017
Like Other Girls (tekijä: Claire Hennessy)Teen / Young Adult2017
Historopedia: The Story of Ireland From Then Until Now (tekijä: John Burke)Children's Junior2016
Rabbit's Bad Habits (tekijä: Julian Gough)Children's Junior2016
Goodnight Everyone (tekijä: Chris Haughton)Children's Junior2016
A Child of Books (tekijä: Oliver Jeffers)Children's Junior2016
Flawed (tekijä: Cecelia Ahern)Children's Senior2016
The Making of Mollie (tekijä: Anna Carey)Children's Senior2016
Nothing Tastes As Good (tekijä: Claire Hennessy)Children's Senior2016
Book of Shadows (The Nine Lives Trilogy) (tekijä: E. R. Murray)Children's Senior2016
Needlework (tekijä: Deirdre Sullivan)Children's Senior2016
The Drowning Child (Ren Bryce) (tekijä: Alex Barclay)Crime Fiction2016
Little Bones (tekijä: Sam Blake)Crime Fiction2016
Distress Signals (tekijä: Catherine Ryan Howard)Crime Fiction2016
Lying in Wait (tekijä: Liz Nugent)Crime Fiction2016
The Constant Soldier (tekijä: William Ryan)Crime Fiction2016
The Invisible Art: A Century of Music by Irish Composers, 1916-2016 (tekijä: Michael Dervan)Irish Published2016
Modern Ireland in 100 Artworks (tekijä: Fintan O'Toole)Irish Published2016
Pimeään jäänyt (tekijä: Stefan Ahnhem)Listener's Choice2016
Conclave (tekijä: Robert Harris)Listener's Choice2016
All Through the Night: Night Poems and Lullabies (tekijä: Marie Heaney)Listener's Choice2016
This Living and Immortal Thing (tekijä: Austin Duffy)Newcomer2016
The Things I Should Have Told You (tekijä: Carmel Harrington)Newcomer2016
Himself (tekijä: Jess Kidd)Newcomer2016
The Maker of Swans (tekijä: Paraic O'Donnell)Newcomer2016
The Last Days of Summer (tekijä: Vanessa Ronan)Newcomer2016
Time pieces: a Dublin memoir (tekijä: John Banville)Non-Fiction2016
Ireland: The Autobiography: Eyewitness Accounts of Irish Life Since 1916 (tekijä: John Bowman)Non-Fiction2016
The Hurley Maker's Son (tekijä: Patrick Deeley)Non-Fiction2016
When Ideas Matter: Speeches for an Ethical Republic (tekijä: Michael D. Higgins)Non-Fiction2016
The Supreme Court (tekijä: Ruadhán MacCormaic)Non-Fiction2016
Days without End (tekijä: Sebastian Barry)Novel2016
The Wonder (tekijä: Emma Donoghue)Novel2016
The Lesser Bohemians (tekijä: Eimear McBride)Novel2016
This Must Be the Place (tekijä: Maggie O'Farrell)Novel2016
All We Shall Know (tekijä: Donal Ryan)Novel2016
Lyrebird (tekijä: Cecelia Ahern)Popular Fiction2016
Rebel Sisters (tekijä: Marita Conlon-McKenna)Popular Fiction2016
The Girl from the Savoy (tekijä: Hazel Gaynor)Popular Fiction2016
The Privileged (tekijä: Emily Hourican)Popular Fiction2016
Game of Throw-ins (tekijä: Ross O'Carroll-Kelly)Popular Fiction2016
Fat Chance: My Life in Ups, Downs and Crisp Sandwiches (tekijä: Louise McSharry)Popular Non-Fiction2016
Pippa (tekijä: Pippa O'Connor)Popular Non-Fiction2016
Win or Learn: MMA, Conor McGregor and Me: A Trainer's Journey (tekijä: John Kavanagh)Sports2016
Blood, Sweat and McAteer: A Footballer's Story (tekijä: Jason McAteer)Sports2016
Coast: Recipes from Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way (tekijä: Rachel Allen)Cookbook2015
Home (HP.Beaux Livres) (English and French Edition) (tekijä: Trish Deseine)Cookbook2015
A Bird in the Hand: Chicken Recipes for Every Day and Every Mood (tekijä: Diana Henry)Cookbook2015
Fresh: Simple, Delicious Recipes to Make You Feel Energized! (tekijä: Donal Skehan)Cookbook2015
Even the Dead (tekijä: Benjamin Black)Crime Fiction2015
Are You Watching Me? (tekijä: Sinead Crowley)Crime Fiction2015
Freedom's Child (tekijä: Jax Miller)Crime Fiction2015
Only We Know (tekijä: Karen Perry)Crime Fiction2015
The Game Changer (tekijä: Louise Phillips)Crime Fiction2015
Eileen Gray: Her Work and Her World (tekijä: Jennifer Goff)Irish Published2015
Handbook of the Irish Revival: An Anthology of Irish Cultural and Political Writings 1891-1922 (tekijä: Declan Kiberd)Irish Published2015
Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way (tekijä: Carsten Krieger)Irish Published2015
Windharp: Poems of Ireland since 1916 (tekijä: Niall MacMonagle)Irish Published2015
1916 Portraits and Lives (tekijä: Lawrence William White)Irish Published2015
The Green Road (tekijä: Anne Enright)Listener's Choice2015
Call the Midlife (tekijä: Chris Evans)Listener's Choice2015
Nainen junassa (tekijä: Paula Hawkins)Listener's Choice2015
Asking For It (tekijä: Louise O'Neill)Listener's Choice2015
So You've Been Publicly Shamed (tekijä: Jon Ronson)Listener's Choice2015
Weightless (tekijä: Sarah Bannan)Newcomer2015
Hopscotch: A Memoir (tekijä: Hilary Fannin)Newcomer2015
Eggshells (tekijä: Caitriona Lally)Newcomer2015
The Glorious Heresies (tekijä: Lisa McInerney)Newcomer2015
Dinosaurs on Other Planets: Stories (tekijä: Danielle McLaughlin)Newcomer2015
1916: The Mornings After (tekijä: Tim Pat Coogan)Non-Fiction2015
Eamon de Valera: A Will to Power (tekijä: Ronan Fanning)Non-Fiction2015
A Nation and not a Rabble: The Irish Revolutions 1913-1923 (tekijä: Diarmaid Ferriter)Non-Fiction2015
The projectionist : the story of Ernest Gébler (tekijä: Carlo Gébler)Non-Fiction2015
Tender (tekijä: Belinda McKeon)Novel2015
The Mark and the Void (tekijä: Paul Murray)Novel2015
The Little Red Chairs (tekijä: Edna O'Brien)Novel2015
Miss Emily (tekijä: Nuala O'Connor)Novel2015
The Marble Collector (tekijä: Cecelia Ahern)Popular Fiction2015
Another Heartbeat in the House (tekijä: Kate Beaufoy)Popular Fiction2015
About sisterland (tekijä: Martina Devlin)Popular Fiction2015
The Dress (tekijä: Kate Kerrigan)Popular Fiction2015
Seedless In Seattle (tekijä: Ross O'Carroll-Kelly)Popular Fiction2015
Counting My Blessings – Francis Brennan’s Guide to Happiness: How to Make the Most of What Life Throws at You (tekijä: Francis Brennan)Popular Non-Fiction2015
The Daughterhood (tekijä: Natasha Fennell)Popular Non-Fiction2015
Shine: A Girl's Guide to Thriving (Not Just Surviving) in Real Life (tekijä: Siobhan Hackett)Popular Non-Fiction2015
Off You Go: Away from home and loving it. Sort of. (tekijä: Maeve Higgins)Popular Non-Fiction2015
That’s Life – Marty Whelan’s Memoir: A Life through Music (tekijä: Marty Whelan)Popular Non-Fiction2015
The Last Line: My Autobiography (tekijä: Packie Bonner)Sports2015
Punching above their weight : the Irish Olympic boxing story (tekijä: Sean McGoldrick)Sports2015
The Autobiography (tekijä: Henry Shefflin)Sports2015
Beatlebone (tekijä: Kevin Barry)2015
All Things Sweet (tekijä: Rachel Allen)Cookbook2014
Kevin Dundon's Back to Basics: Your Essential Kitchen Bible (tekijä: Kevin Dundon)Cookbook2014
The Happy Pear: Healthy, Easy, Delicious Food to Change Your Life (tekijä: David Flynn)Cookbook2014
The Extra Virgin Kitchen: Recipes for Wheat-Free, Sugar-Free and Dairy-Free Eating (tekijä: Susan Jane White)Cookbook2014
The Kill (tekijä: Jane Casey)Crime Fiction2014
Can Anybody Help Me? (tekijä: Sinead Crowley)Crime Fiction2014
The Secret Place (tekijä: Tana French)Crime Fiction2014
The Final Silence (tekijä: Stuart Neville)Crime Fiction2014
Last Kiss (tekijä: Louise Phillips)Crime Fiction2014
Judging W.T. Cosgrave: The Foundation of the Irish State (tekijä: Michael Laffan)Irish Published2014
Yhtä matkaa (tekijä: David Nicholls)Listener's Choice2014
The Life and Loves of a He Devil: A Memoir (tekijä: Graham Norton)Listener's Choice2014
Unravelling Oliver (tekijä: Liz Nugent)Listener's Choice2014
The Test (tekijä: Brian O'Driscoll)Listener's Choice2014
The Heart of Winter (tekijä: Emma Hannigan)Popular Fiction2014
Kaikki alkoi Pariisissa (tekijä: Cathy Kelly)Popular Fiction2014
The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes (tekijä: Anna McPartlin)Popular Fiction2014
The Secrets Sisters Keep (tekijä: Sinead Moriarty)Popular Fiction2014
Keeping Up with the Kalashnikovs (tekijä: Ross O'Carroll-Kelly)Popular Fiction2014
Anthony Daly Autobiography (tekijä: Anthony Daly)Sports2014
The Second Half (tekijä: Roy Keane)Sports2014
Fields of Fire: The Inside Story of Hurling's Great Renaissance (tekijä: Damian Lawlor)Sports2014
The Race to Truth: Blowing the Whistle on Lance Armstrong and Cycling's Doping Culture (tekijä: Emma O'Reilly)Sports2014
We Have A Good Time ... Don't We? (tekijä: Maeve Higgins)Newcomer2012
The Poison Throne (tekijä: Celine Kiernan)Children's Senior2009
The Poison Throne (tekijä: Celine Kiernan)Newcomer2009
Artemis Fowl : kadonnut siirtokunta (tekijä: Eoin Colfer)Children's2007
Irish Tales of Mystery & Magic (tekijä: Eddie Lenihan)Children's2007
Something Invisible (tekijä: Siobhan Parkinson)Children's2007
Demon Thief (tekijä: Darren Shan)Children's2007
Vanishing Ireland (tekijä: James Fennell)Irish Published2007
Irish Times Book of 1916 Rising (tekijä: Shane Hegarty)Irish Published2007
Notes from a Turkish Whorehouse (tekijä: Philip Ó Ceallaigh)Newcomer2007
Forget (tekijä: Ruth Gilligan)Newcomer2007
Northabout: Sailing the North East and North West Passages (tekijä: Jarlath Cunnane)Non-Fiction2007
In Search of Iraq: From Baghdad to Babylon (tekijä: Richard Downes)Non-Fiction2007
The Stolen Village: A Thrilling Account of the 17th-century Raid on Ireland by the Barbary Pirates (tekijä: Des Ekin)Non-Fiction2007
The Book of Lost Things (tekijä: John Connolly)Novel2007
Tenderwire (tekijä: Claire Kilroy)Novel2007
Ihmemaa (tekijä: Cecelia Ahern)Popular Fiction2007
Valkeiden kukkien lehto (tekijä: Maeve Binchy)Popular Fiction2007
Christine Falls (tekijä: Benjamin Black)Popular Fiction2007
From Here to Maternity (tekijä: Sinead Moriarty)Popular Fiction2007
Forza Italia: A Journey in Search of Italy and its Football (tekijä: Paddy Agnew)Sports2007
Every Single Ball: The Brian Corcoran Story (tekijä: Brian Corcoran)Sports2007
Dublin V Kerry (tekijä: Tom Humphries)Sports2007
Jumalharha (tekijä: Richard Dawkins)Tubridy Show Listener's Choice2007
Winterwood (tekijä: Patrick McCabe)Tubridy Show Listener's Choice2007
The Emperor's Children (tekijä: Claire Messud)Tubridy Show Listener's Choice2007
Slummien miljonääri (tekijä: Vikas Swarup)Tubridy Show Listener's Choice2007
Terrorist (tekijä: John Updike)Tubridy Show Listener's Choice2007


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