Lambda Literary Award1995

Given by Lambda Literary Foundation

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Lambda Literary Awards (also known as the "Lammies") are awarded yearly by the US-based Lambda Literary Foundation to published works which celebrate or explore LGBT themes. Categories include näytä lisää Humor, Romance and Biography. To qualify, a book must have been published in the United States in the year current to the award. The Lambda Literary Foundation states that its mission is "to celebrate LGBT literature and provide resources for writers, readers, booksellers, publishers, and librarians - the whole literary community." The awards were instituted in 1988.

In determining whether a book should be submitted for consideration, the Lambda Literary Awards are based principally on the LGBT content of the work. The sexual orientation of the author is secondary.
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Winner 23

Tasting Life Twice: Literary Lesbian Fiction by New American Writers (tekijä: E. J. Levy)Anthology/Fiction1995
The Gay and Lesbian Literary Heritage: A Readers Companion to the Writers and Their Works, from Antiquity to the Present (tekijä: Claude J. Summers)Anthology/Nonfiction1995
From the Notebooks of Melanin Sun (tekijä: Jacqueline Woodson)Children's/Young Adult1995
Slavs! (tekijä: Tony Kushner)Drama1995
Thinking About the Longstanding Problems of Virtue and Happiness, Essays, A Play, Two Poems and A Prayer (tekijä: Tony Kushner)Drama1995
Go Fish: The Full Original Screenplay (tekijä: Guinevere Turner)Drama1995
Forbidden Passages: Writings Banned in Canada (tekijä: Patrick Califia)Editor's Choice1995
Tom : the unknown Tennessee Williams (tekijä: Lyle Leverich)Gay Men's Biography/Autobiography1995
Samaa sukua (tekijä: Michael Cunningham)Gay Men's Fiction1995
Closet (tekijä: R. D. Zimmerman)Gay Men's Mystery1995
Atlantis: Poems by (tekijä: Mark Doty)Gay Men's Poetry1995
De Los Otros: Intimacy and Homosexuality among Mexican Men (tekijä: Joseph Carrier)Gay Men's Studies1995
The Butches of Madison County (tekijä: Ellen Orleans)Humor1995
Aimée & Jaguar (tekijä: Erica Fischer)Lesbian Biography/Autobiography1995
Autobiography of a Family Photo (tekijä: Jacqueline Woodson)Lesbian Fiction1995
The Intersection of Law and Desire (tekijä: J. M. Redmann)Lesbian Mystery1995
Dark Fields of the Republic: Poems, 1991-1995 (tekijä: Adrienne Rich)Lesbian Poetry1995
Dyke Life: From Growing Up to Growing Old, A Celebration of the Lesbian Experience (tekijä: Karla Jay)Lesbian Studies1995
Paris Was a Woman: Portraits from the Left Bank (tekijä: Andrea Weiss)Photography/Visual Arts1995
Restricted Entry: Censorship on Trial (tekijä: Janine Fuller)Publisher's Service Award1995
Shadow Man (tekijä: Melissa Scott)Science Fiction/Fantasy1995
The New Fuck You (tekijä: Eileen Myles)Small Press1995
Wrestling with the Angel: Faith and Religion in the Lives of Gay Men (tekijä: Brian Bouldrey)Spirituality1995

Nominee 73

Forbidden Passages: Writings Banned in Canada (tekijä: Patrick Califia)Anthology/Fiction1995
His: Brilliant New Fiction by Gay Writers (tekijä: Robert Drake)Anthology/Fiction1995
Afrekete: An Anthology of Black Lesbian Writing (tekijä: Catherine E. McKinley)Anthology/Fiction1995
The New Fuck You (tekijä: Eileen Myles)Anthology/Fiction1995
Dyke Life: From Growing Up to Growing Old, A Celebration of the Lesbian Experience (tekijä: Karla Jay)Anthology/Nonfiction1995
A Loving Testimony: Remembering Loved Ones Lost to AIDS (tekijä: Leslea Newman)Anthology/Nonfiction1995
Out in All Directions: A Treasury of Gay and Lesbian America (tekijä: Lynn Witt)Anthology/Nonfiction1995
Baby Be-Bop (tekijä: Francesca Lia Block)Children's/Young Adult1995
Passages of Pride:: Lesbian and Gay Youth Come of Age (tekijä: Kurt Chandler)Children's/Young Adult1995
My Two Uncles (tekijä: Judith Vigna)Children's/Young Adult1995
TOBY'S LIE (tekijä: Daniel Vilmure)Children's/Young Adult1995
The Actor's Book of Gay and Lesbian Plays (tekijä: Eric Lane)Drama1995
Love! Valor! Compassion! and A Perfect Ganesh: Two Plays (tekijä: Terrence McNally)Drama1995
Prayers for Bobby: A Mother's Coming to Terms with the Suicide of Her Gay Son (tekijä: Leroy F. Aarons)Gay Men's Biography/Autobiography1995
Last Night on Earth (tekijä: Bill T. Jones)Gay Men's Biography/Autobiography1995
Palimpsest: A Memoir (tekijä: Gore Vidal)Gay Men's Biography/Autobiography1995
Our Paris: Sketches from Memory (tekijä: Edmund White)Gay Men's Biography/Autobiography1995
Father of Frankenstein (tekijä: Christopher Bram)Gay Men's Fiction1995
Dream Boy (tekijä: Jim Grimsley)Gay Men's Fiction1995
Mysterious Skin (tekijä: Scott Heim)Gay Men's Fiction1995
Like People in History (tekijä: Felice Picano)Gay Men's Fiction1995
A Queer Kind of Umbrella (tekijä: George Baxt)Gay Men's Mystery1995
Egyptiläinen vieras (tekijä: Steven Saylor)Gay Men's Mystery1995
A Shock to the System (tekijä: Richard Stevenson)Gay Men's Mystery1995
Another Dead Teenager (tekijä: Mark Richard Zubro)Gay Men's Mystery1995
The Badboy Book of Erotic Poetry (tekijä: David Laurents)Gay Men's Poetry1995
Burnt Offerings (tekijä: Timothy Liu)Gay Men's Poetry1995
A Scattering of Salts (tekijä: James Merrill)Gay Men's Poetry1995
Cortege: Poems (tekijä: Carl Phillips)Gay Men's Poetry1995
Saint Foucault: Towards a Gay Hagiography (tekijä: David M. Halperin)Gay Men's Studies1995
The Invention of Heterosexuality (tekijä: Jonathan Ned Katz)Gay Men's Studies1995
I, Pierre Seel, Deported Homosexual: A Memoir of Nazi Terror (tekijä: Pierre Seel)Gay Men's Studies1995
Virtually Normal (tekijä: Andrew Sullivan)Gay Men's Studies1995
Unnatural Dykes to Watch Out for (tekijä: Alison Bechdel)Humor1995
The Revenge of Hothead Paisan: Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist (tekijä: Diane DiMassa)Humor1995
Growing Up Gay: From Left Out to Coming Out (tekijä: Funny Gay Males)Humor1995
A Ghost in the Closet (tekijä: Mabel Maney)Humor1995
Two or Three Things I Know for Sure (tekijä: Dorothy Allison)Lesbian Biography/Autobiography1995
Eight Bullets: One Woman's Story of Surviving Anti-Gay Violence (tekijä: Claudia Brenner)Lesbian Biography/Autobiography1995
Babe: The Life and Legend of Babe Didrikson Zaharias (tekijä: Susan E. Cayleff)Lesbian Biography/Autobiography1995
And Say Hi to Joyce (tekijä: Joyce Murdoch)Lesbian Biography/Autobiography1995
Sweat: Stories and a Novella (tekijä: Lucy Jane Bledsoe)Lesbian Fiction1995
Amnesty (tekijä: Louise A. Blum)Lesbian Fiction1995
The Passion of Alice (tekijä: Stephanie Grant)Lesbian Fiction1995
Rat Bohemia (tekijä: Sarah Schulman)Lesbian Fiction1995
Faint Praise (tekijä: Ellen Hart)Lesbian Mystery1995
Someone to Watch (tekijä: Jaye Maiman)Lesbian Mystery1995
Night Songs: A Gianna Maglione Mystery (tekijä: Penny Mickelbury)Lesbian Mystery1995
The Hangdog Hustle (tekijä: Elizabeth Pincus)Lesbian Mystery1995
Fire Power (tekijä: Chrystos)Lesbian Poetry1995
Oral Tradition: Selected Poems Old & New (tekijä: Jewelle Gomez)Lesbian Poetry1995
Maxfield Parrish: Early and New Poems (tekijä: Eileen Myles)Lesbian Poetry1995
The Key To Everything: Classic Lesbian Love Poems (tekijä: Gerry G. Pearlberg)Lesbian Poetry1995
Parker & Hulme : a lesbian view (tekijä: Julie Glamuzina)Lesbian Studies1995
S/He (tekijä: Minnie Bruce Pratt)Lesbian Studies1995
Virtual Equality: The Mainstreaming of Gay and Lesbian Liberation (tekijä: Urvashi Vaid)Lesbian Studies1995
Tomboys!: Tales of Dyke Derring-Do (tekijä: Lynne Yamaguchi)Lesbian Studies1995
Fully Exposed: The Male Nude in Photography (tekijä: Emmanuel Cooper)Photography/Visual Arts1995
Stuck Rubber Baby (tekijä: Howard Cruse)Photography/Visual Arts1995
Butch/Femme (tekijä: Manuela Soares)Photography/Visual Arts1995
Making Love Visible: In Celebration of Gay and Lesbian Families (tekijä: Jean Swallow)Photography/Visual Arts1995
Atlantis: Three Tales (tekijä: Samuel R. Delany)Science Fiction/Fantasy1995
Slow River (tekijä: Nicola Griffith)Science Fiction/Fantasy1995
Dark Angels: Lesbian Vampire Stories (tekijä: Pam Keesey)Science Fiction/Fantasy1995
Dryland's End (tekijä: Felice Picano)Science Fiction/Fantasy1995
The Medicine Burns: And Other Stories (High Risk Books) (tekijä: Adam Klein)Small Press1995
S/He (tekijä: Minnie Bruce Pratt)Small Press1995
Milking Black Bull: 11 Gay Black Poets (tekijä: Alden Reimonenq)Small Press1995
Three-Hand Jax and Other Spells (tekijä: Staszek)Small Press1995
Fairy Tales: Traditional Stories Retold for Gay Men (tekijä: Peter Cashorali)Spirituality1995
Freedom, Glorious Freedom: The Spiritual Journey to the Fullness of Life for Gays, Lesbians, and Everybody Else (tekijä: John J. McNeill)Spirituality1995
Queer Spirits (tekijä: Will Roscoe)Spirituality1995
Our Tribe: Queer Folks, God, Jesus, and the Bible (tekijä: Nancy Wilson)Spirituality1995


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