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Kaikki, 2022 (15), 2021 (99), 2020 (109), 2019 (33), 2018 (26), 2017 (128), 2016 (94), 2015 (92), 2014 (23), 2013 (42), 2012 (12), 2011 (9)

Winner 263

Never A Mere Mortal (tekijä: Devon Dial)Silver, Adult Fiction2022
Sin Eater (tekijä: Amanda Denham)Bronze, Adult Fiction2021
Sentinals Awaken: Book One of the Sentinals Series (Sentinal Series) (tekijä: Helen Garraway)Bronze, Adult Fiction2021
A Quiet Dissonance (tekijä: Poornima Manco)Bronze, Adult Fiction2021
Calling Mr. Nelson Pugh (tekijä: Christopher Opyr)Bronze, Adult Fiction2021
The Poison Keeper: An enthralling historical novel of Renaissance Italy (tekijä: Deborah Swift)Bronze, Adult Fiction2021
Audacious Goals, Remarkable Results: How an Explorer, an Engineer and a Statesman shaped our Modern World (Resilience) (tekijä: Brad Borkan)Bronze, Adult Non-Fiction2021
The Burning Light of Two Stars: A Mother-Daughter Story (tekijä: Laura Davis)Bronze, Adult Non-Fiction2021
Surrender: A Memoir of Nature, Nurture, and Love (tekijä: Marylee MacDonald)Bronze, Adult Non-Fiction2021
The Whisker Twitchers (tekijä: Kathy Tallentire)Bronze, Ages 6-82021
Osasu and The Great Wall of The Benin Empire (tekijä: Tamkara Olayinka Adun)Bronze, Ages 9-122021
Octavia Bloom and the Missing Key (tekijä: Estelle Grace Tudor)Bronze, Ages 9-122021
Starvation (tekijä: Molly Fennig)Bronze, Teens2021
When Your Life Depends on It: Extreme Decision Making Lessons from the Antarctic (tekijä: Brad Borkan)Gold, Adult Audiobook2021
The Crocodile Makes No Sound (The Lord Hani Mysteries Book 2) (tekijä: N.L. Holmes)Gold, Adult Fiction2021
Mighty Mila: An Inclusive Children's Book about an Unstoppable Deaf Girl (tekijä: Katie Petruzziello)Gold, Ages 6-82021
The Girl Who Looked Beyond The Stars (tekijä: L. B. Anne)Gold, Children/Young Adult Audiobooks2021
Too Cute to Spook (Special Monsters Collection) (tekijä: Diana Aleksandrova)Gold, Pre-School Picture Books2021
Year 1: Renegade (Guardian Angel Academy) (tekijä: Tamara Hart Heiner)Gold, Teens2021
My Memory Told Me a Secret (tekijä: Jeremy C Bradley-Silverio Donato)Silver, Adult Audiobook2021
How Icasia Bloom Touched Happiness (tekijä: Jessica Bell)Silver, Adult Fiction2021
Song of the Nile (tekijä: Hannah Fielding)Silver, Adult Fiction2021
What Death Taught Terrence (tekijä: Derek McFadden)Silver, Adult Fiction2021
Your Next Big Idea: Improve Your Creativity and Problem-Solving (tekijä: Samuel Sanders)Silver, Adult Non-Fiction2021
Breakdown: A Therapist's Journey of Losing It and Finding It (tekijä: Ali Psiuk)Silver, Adults Non-Fiction2021
Spike: The Penguin With Rainbow Hair (Ocean Tales Children's Books) (tekijä: Sarah Cullen)Silver, Ages 6-82021
Be Mindful of Monsters: A Book for Helping Children Accept Their Emotions (tekijä: Lauren Stockly)Silver, Ages 6-82021
Amanda Lester and the Pink Sugar Conspiracy (tekijä: Paula Berinstein)Silver, Children/Young Adult Audiobook2021
Malcolm and Me: A Novel (tekijä: Robin Farmer)Silver, Teens2021
Love Among the Recipes (tekijä: Carol M. Cram)Adult Fiction2020
Transference (tekijä: B. T. Keaton)Adult Fiction2020
How Much Big Is the Sky: A Memoir of a Mother's Love and Unfathomable Loss (tekijä: Sherry Chapman)Adult Non-Fiction2020
Between Witches & Angels: Romance Suspense (A New Dawn Book 1) (tekijä: T N Traynor)Bronze, Adult Fiction2020
Haunting in Hartley (tekijä: Janice Tremayne)Bronze, Adult Fiction2020
Make Fitness A Priority: 30 Tips to Elevate Your Life Through Fitness (tekijä: Chad Austin)Bronze, Adult Non-Fiction2020
Anchorless (tekijä: Jolie P Hoang)Bronze, Adult Non-Fiction2020
Shiloh and Dande the Lion: Embrace diversity, accept others, and courageously be yourself! (tekijä: Ciara Hill)Bronze, Ages 6-82020
Where's My Joey?: A Heartwarming Bedtime Story for Children of All Ages (tekijä: Wendy Monica Winter)Bronze, Ages 6-82020
Tell, or the Adventures in Themiddle (tekijä: L.N. Mayer)Bronze, Ages 9-122020
Coaster (tekijä: Paula Kluth)Bronze, Pre-School Picture Books2020
Thorfinn and the Witch's Curse (The Forerunner Saga #1) (tekijä: Jay Veloso Batista)Bronze, Teens2020
Ice Queen (tekijä: Felicia Farber)Bronze, Teens2020
The Opium Lord's Daughter (tekijä: Robert Wang)Gold, Adult Fiction2020
PLAYING DEAD: A Memoir of Terror and Survival (tekijä: Monique Faison Ross)Gold, Adult Non-Fiction2020
Gobbledy: A Novel (tekijä: Lis Anna-Langston)Gold, Ages 9-122020
Everything All At Once (CHORDUROYS AND TOO MANY BOYS) (tekijä: Ivy Cayden)Gold, Teens2020
Hermit Girl (tekijä: E. M. Collyer)Silver, Adult Fiction2020
Arnold Falls (tekijä: Charlie Suisman)Silver, Adult Fiction2020
Ghosts of the NHS: And Other Spirits I Have Known (tekijä: Glynis Amy Allen)Silver, Adult Non-Fiction2020
The Noisy Classroom (tekijä: Angela Shanté)Silver, Ages 6-82020
The Mostly Invisible Boy (Casey Grimes) (tekijä: Aj Vanderhorst)Silver, Ages 9-122020
Compare Bear's Double Dare. An adventurous children's story to teach kids about emotional intelligence, comparison and what it means to be yourself. (EQ Explorers Book Series) (tekijä: Kim Linette)Silver, Pre-School Picture Books2020
Ben Archer and the Alien Skill (tekijä: Rae Knightly)Silver, Teens2020
Ever Alice (tekijä: H J Ramsay)Teens2020
Glamorous: A Grace Bishop Novel (tekijä: Denise Bossarte)Bronze, Adult Fiction2019
David: Savakerrva, Book 1 (tekijä: Lawrence Brown)Bronze, Adult Fiction2019
VanOps: The Lost Power (tekijä: Avanti Centrae)Bronze, Adult Fiction2019
Love in an Undead Age (tekijä: A. M. Geever)Bronze, Adult Fiction2019
Harps Upon the Willows (The Duncullen Saga Book 2) (tekijä: M. B. Gibson)Bronze, Adult Fiction2019
Wake of the Sadico (tekijä: Jo Sparkes)Bronze, Adult Fiction2019
There Is Nothing to Fix: Becoming Whole Through Radical Self-Acceptance (tekijä: Suzanne Jones)Bronze, Adult Non-Fiction2019
90 Days to Live: Beating Cancer When Modern Medicine Offers No Hope (Part of the Attacking Cancer) (tekijä: Rodney Stamps)Bronze, Adult Non-Fiction2019
Persephone: Book 7- Early Myths: Kids Books on Greek Myth (tekijä: Dr Simon Spence)Bronze, Ages 6-82019
Dash and Victoria Find True Love: Pet and Historical Figures Book 2 (tekijä: Vicki Tashman)Bronze, Ages 6-82019
Hidden Scales (Merrows) (tekijä: A. M. Robin)Bronze, Ages 9-122019
Monty and the Monster (tekijä: Rhonda Smiley)Bronze, Ages 9-122019
Britfield and The Lost Crown (Britfield Series, Book I) (tekijä: C. R. Stewart)Bronze, Ages 9-122019
Baby Trolls Get a Bad Rap (tekijä: Justine Avery)Bronze, Pre-School Picture Books2019
Battle Ground (tekijä: Rachel Churcher)Bronze, Teens2019
The Lost Valor of Love (Transcendence) (tekijä: E A Carter)Gold, Adult Fiction2019
What You Don't See (tekijä: Livi Hallahan)Gold, Adult Fiction2019
Inconvenient Memories: A Personal Account of the Tiananmen Square Incident and the China Before and After (tekijä: Anna. Wang)Gold, Adult Non-Fiction2019
The Adventurers and The Cursed Castle (tekijä: Jemma Hatt)Gold, Ages 9-122019
Don't Drink the Pink (tekijä: B.C.R. Fegan)Gold, Pre-School Picture Books2019
Dear Jane (tekijä: Marina Delvecchio)Gold, Teens2019
Cooperative Lives (tekijä: Patrick Finegan)Silver, Adult Fiction2019
How Dare The Birds Sing (Book One in the Love and Fate Series 1) (tekijä: Marina Osipova)Silver, Adult Fiction2019
Honor Kills (tekijä: Nanci Rathbun)Silver, Adult Fiction2019
Excess Baggage: One Family's Around-the-World Search for Balance (tekijä: Tracey Carisch)Silver, Adult Non-Fiction2019
Your Body's Environmental Chemical Burden: A Resource Guide to Understanding and Avoiding Toxins (tekijä: Cindy Klement)Silver, Adult Non-Fiction2019
A Tiger's Tale (Wayne Gerard Trotman's Rhyming Stories) (tekijä: Wayne Gerard Trotman)Silver, Ages 6-82019
The Haunting (tekijä: Kristin Fulton)Silver, Ages 9-122019
The Boy Who Dreamt the World (The Daydreamer Chronicles, #1). (tekijä: Jethro Punter)Silver, Ages 9-122019
Molly's Jolly Brolly (tekijä: Erica-Jane Waters)Silver, Pre-School Picture Books2019
A Spooky Tale: A walk with our teacher (tekijä: Sue Wickstead)Silver, Pre-School Picture Books2019
Ben Archer and the Cosmic Fall (tekijä: Rae Knightly)Silver, Teens2019
IGIST (tekijä: L. S. Larson)Silver, Teens2019
Bocas (tekijä: Thomas M. Barron)Bronze, Adult Fiction2018
The Storyteller's Throne (tekijä: Jocelyn Bates)Bronze, Adult Fiction2018
Resonance (tekijä: Jennifer Greenhall)Bronze, Adult Fiction2018
Sally (tekijä: J. Schlenker)Bronze, Adult Fiction2018
Behind the Fan (tekijä: Caroline Walken)Bronze, Adult Fiction2018
Daddy Day Care: A book for new dads and curious mums (tekijä: Jonathan Tindale)Bronze, Adult Non-Fiction2018
Digitize or Die (tekijä: Nicolas Windpassinger)Bronze, Adult Non-Fiction2018
The Snow Witch (tekijä: Rosie Boyes)Bronze, Ages 9-122018
FAB Club 2: Friends Against Cyberbullying (Volume 2) (tekijä: Alex Hallatt)Bronze, Ages 9-122018
The Devil's Poetry (The Devil's Poetry Series) (Volume 1) (tekijä: Louise Cole)Bronze, Teens2018
Driven to the Hilt: The Deepest Cut (Volume 1) (tekijä: D G Lamb)Bronze, Teens2018
Jack Gregson & the Forgotten Portal (tekijä: Peter Wilson)Bronze, Teens2018
The Tree That Grew Through Iron (The Panagea Tales) (tekijä: McKenzie Austin)Gold, Adult Fiction2018
Pas De Deux: A Dance For Two (tekijä: Lynn Turner)Gold, Adult Fiction2018
Code 7: Cracking the Code for an Epic Life (tekijä: Bryan R Johnson)Gold, Ages 6-82018
My Dad, the Earth Warrior (tekijä: Gary Haq)Gold, Ages 9-122018
Fury Frayed (Of Fates and Furies Book 1) (tekijä: Melissa Haag)Gold, Teens2018
A Contrary Wind: a variation on Mansfield Park (tekijä: Lona Manning)Silver, Adult Fiction2018
Apotheosis (tekijä: Joshua Edward Smith)Silver, Adult Fiction2018
Infants of the Brush: A Chimney Sweep's Story (tekijä: A. M. Watson)Silver, Adult Fiction2018
Failing Students or Failing Schools?: A Parent's Guide to Reading Instruction and Intervention (tekijä: Faith Borkowsky)Silver, Adult Non-Fiction2018
The Adventures of Captain Waffello: Toasty's Revenge (Volume 1) (tekijä: Aiden Dennis)Silver, Ages 6-82018
The Time Hunters (tekijä: Carl Ashmore)Silver, Ages 9-122018
Golden Sparkles: An Introduction to Mindfulness (tekijä: Catarina R. Peterson)Silver, Pre-School Picture Books2018
Snowsisters (tekijä: Tom Wilinsky)Silver, Teens2018
Alignment (tekijä: Tracy Chollet)Bronze, Adult Fiction2017
Whiskey Kills (A Top Shelf Mystery) (tekijä: Lolli Powell)Bronze, Adult Fiction2017
None of Us the Same (tekijä: Jeffrey K. Walker)Bronze, Adult Fiction2017
The mece muse : 100 selected practices, unwritten rules, and habits of great consultants (tekijä: Christie Lindor)Bronze, Adult Non-Fiction2017
I Hear You: The Surprisingly Simple Skill Behind Extraordinary Relationships (tekijä: Michael S. Sorensen)Bronze, Adult Non-Fiction2017
The Railway Mice of Countesthorpe (tekijä: Sharon E Laker)Bronze, Ages 6-82017
Finnigan and the Lost Circus Wagon (Finnigan the Circus Cat) (Volume 2) (tekijä: Mary T Wagner)Bronze, Ages 6-82017
Pandora's Lunch Box: Don't Open! (tekijä: Richard Clark)Bronze, Ages 9-122017
Breaking Magic (tekijä: Alex C Vick)Bronze, Ages 9-122017
Eli's Magic Moment (tekijä: Kevin Poplawski)Bronze, Pre-school Picture Books2017
Dreadmarrow Thief (tekijä: Marjory Kaptanoglu)Bronze, Teens2017
Ignite: Book Three of the Resistance Series (Volume 3) (tekijä: Tracy Lawson)Bronze, Teens2017
The One Apart (tekijä: Justine Avery)Gold, Adult Fiction2017
Illegal (tekijä: John Dennehy)Gold, Adult Fiction2017
Brought To Our Senses: A Family Saga Novel (tekijä: Kathleen H. Wheeler)Gold, Adult Fiction2017
Tilting: A Memoir (tekijä: Nicole Harkin)Gold, Adult Non-Fiction2017
Henry: A Polish Swimmer's True Story of Friendship from Auschwitz to America (tekijä: Katrina Shawver)Gold, Adult Non-Fiction2017
Ship Rats (tekijä: Rhian Waller)Gold, Ages 6-82017
Into the Past (tekijä: Kate Frost)Gold, Ages 9-122017
Huntress (Life after series) (tekijä: Julie Hall)Gold, Teens2017
Whirligig – Keeping The Promise (Shire's Union Book 1) (tekijä: Richard Buxton)Silver, Adult Fiction2017
Night Eyes (tekijä: Claire Stibbe)Silver, Adult Fiction2017
The After War (tekijä: Brandon Zenner)Silver, Adult Fiction2017
The Thinking Woman's Guide to Breast Cancer: Take Charge of Your Recovery and Remission (tekijä: Janet Maker)Silver, Adult Non-Fiction2017
Herakles: Book 5- Early Myths: Kids Books on Greek Myth (Volume 5) (tekijä: Dr Simon Spence)Silver, Ages 6-82017
Hemlock Jones and the Angel of Death (Hemlock Jones Chronicles Book 1) (tekijä: Justin Carroll)Silver, Ages 9-122017
Jodie Broom: The Book of the Rose (Jodie Broom series 2) (tekijä: Julie Hodgson)Silver, Ages 9-122017
Crazy Crab (tekijä: Mark C. Evans)Silver, Pre-School Picture Books2017
The Oldest Soul - Animus (The Oldest Soul Trilogy Book 1) (tekijä: Tiffany FitzHenry)Silver, Teens2017
Playing By Heart (tekijä: Carmela Martino)Silver, Teens2017
Circled (tekijä: Anne McAneny)Bronze, Adult Fiction2016
The Body on the Barstool (A Top Shelf Mystery) (tekijä: Lolli Powell)Bronze, Adult Fiction2016
Toru: Wayfarer Returns (Sakura Steam Series) (Volume 1) (tekijä: Stephanie R Sorensen)Bronze, Adult Fiction2016
Valley Speak: Deciphering the Jargon of Silicon Valley (tekijä: Rochelle Kopp)Bronze, Adult Non-Fiction2016
The Lonely Little Bumbershoot (tekijä: Brise Birdsong)Bronze, Ages 6-82016
Atalanta: Book 4- Early Myths: Kids Books on Greek Myth (Volume 4) (tekijä: Dr Simon Spence)Bronze, Ages 6-82016
Jodie and the Library Card (tekijä: Julie Hodgson)Bronze, Ages 9-122016
My Aunt Manya (tekijä: José. Patterson)Bronze, Ages 9-122016
A Fish in Foreign Waters: a Book for Bilingual Children (tekijä: Laura Caputo-Wickham)Bronze, Pre-School Picture Books2016
UnBlessed (The Blessings of Myrillia) (Volume 1) (tekijä: Crystin Goodwin)Bronze, Teens2016
Life After the Undead (tekijä: Pembroke Sinclair)Bronze, Teens2016
The Grid: Fall of Justice (tekijä: Paul Teague)Bronze, Teens2016
Waking The Merrow (tekijä: Heather Rigney)Gold, Adult Fiction2016
Cruising the Mediterranean: From the Luminous Canals of Amsterdam and Venice to the Stunning Mosaics of Istanbul's Blue Mosque, This Travel Memoir Takes Readers on the Trip of a Lifetime (tekijä: Al Lockwood)Gold, Adult Non-Fiction2016
Nickerbacher (tekijä: Terry John Barto)Gold, Ages 6-82016
The Beat on Ruby's Street (tekijä: Jenna Zark)Gold, Ages 9-122016
Legacy (tekijä: Ellery A. Kane)Gold, Teens2016
Before and After (tekijä: S. E. Smith)Gold, Teens2016
Hemingway, Three Angels, and Me (The pompey hollow book club) (tekijä: Jerome Mark Antil)Silver, Adult Fiction2016
Blood Dragons (tekijä: Rosemary A Johns)Silver, Adult Fiction2016
Part of the Family: Christadelphians, the Kindertransport, and Rescue from the Holocaust (tekijä: Jason Hensley)Silver, Adult Non-Fiction2016
Into Africa: 3 Kids, 13 Crates and a Husband (Volume 1) (tekijä: Ann Patras)Silver, Adult Non-Fiction2016
Simon Cup's Box (tekijä: A. B. Syed)Silver, Ages 6-82016
Finnigan the Circus Cat (Volume 1) (tekijä: Mary T Wagner)Silver, Ages 6-82016
The Cats Who Crossed Over from Paris (Inca Cat Series) (tekijä: R. F. Kristi)Silver, Ages 9-122016
Missing (Crime Cats) (Volume 1) (tekijä: Wolfgang Parker)Silver, Ages 9-122016
Resist (The Resistance Series) (tekijä: Tracy Lawson)Silver, Teens2016
XODUS (The Astralis Series Book 1) (tekijä: K. J. McPike)Silver, Teens2016
Anonymous (tekijä: Christine Benedict)Bronze, Adult Fiction2015
The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman (tekijä: Robin Gregory)Bronze, Adult Fiction2015
Days of Love: Celebrating LGBT History One Story at a Time (tekijä: Elisa Rolle)Bronze, Adult Non-Fiction2015
Nickerbacher, The Funniest Dragon (tekijä: Terry John Barto)Bronze, Age 6-82015
Frankie Dupont And The Lemon Festival Fiasco (Frankie Dupont Mysteries Book 2) (tekijä: Julie Anne Grasso)Bronze, Age 9-122015
The Extraordinary Book of Doors (tekijä: Anne E. G. Nydam)Bronze, Age 9-122015
The Amazing Brain of O C Longbotham (tekijä: Barbara Spencer)Bronze, Age 9-122015
My Mummy is an Engineer (tekijä: Kerrine Bryan)Bronze, Pre-School Picture Books2015
Echo Across Time (The Echo Saga) (tekijä: Skye Genaro)Bronze, Teen2015
Escape From B-Movie Hell (tekijä: M. T. McGuire)Bronze, Teen2015
Apocalypse: Diary of a Survivor (Apocalypse (Paperback)) (tekijä: Matt Pike)Bronze, Teen2015
The Piltdown Picasso (tekijä: Robin Richards)Gold, Adult Fiction2015
Inside the Crocodile: The Papua New Guinea Journals (tekijä: Trish Nicholson)Gold, Adult Non-Fiction2015
Hieroglyph (TC's Adventures Book 1) (tekijä: WJ Scott)Gold, Age 9-122015
Community 17: A Dystopian Novella (tekijä: James Cardona)Gold, Teen2015
The Porter's Wife (tekijä: Lisa Brown)Silver, Adult Fiction2015
Orphans, Assassins and the Existential Eggplant (tekijä: J.T. Gillett)Silver, Adult Fiction2015
Spices & Seasons: Simple, Sustainable Indian Flavors (tekijä: Rinku Bhattacharya)Silver, Adult Non-Fiction2015
Woody Allen: Reel to Real (Digidialogues) (tekijä: Alex Sheremet)Silver, Adult Non-Fiction2015
A Knock at the Door (tekijä: Helen Yeomans)Silver, Age 6-82015
The Sound Catcher (tekijä: Graham Garrity)Silver, Age 9-122015
Alex Finch: Monster Hunter (tekijä: Cate Dean)Silver, Teen2015
The Deep Beneath (tekijä: Natalie Wright)Silver, Teen2015
A Just and Upright Man (The James Blakiston Series) (Volume 1) (tekijä: R J Lynch)Bronze, Adult Fiction2014
To Catch a Butterfly (tekijä: T. M. Payne)Bronze, Adult Fiction2014
Kybernos (tekijä: M. J. A. Watney)Bronze, Adult Fiction2014
The Boy from Hell: Life with a Child with ADHD (tekijä: Alison M Thompson)Bronze, Adult Non-Fiction2014
Jessica Mitford: Churchill's Rebel (tekijä: Meredith Whitford)Bronze, Adult Non-Fiction2014
The Dragon's Egg (tekijä: H.B. Bolton)Bronze, Age 9-122014
Esme Dooley (tekijä: Jane Donovan)Bronze, Age 9-122014
Curious Creatures (tekijä: Kevin Price)Bronze, Pre-School Picture Books2014
Running Through A Dark Place: Children of the Knight II (The Knight Cycle) (Volume 2) (tekijä: Michael J Bowler)Bronze, Teen2014
1066: What Fates Impose (tekijä: G.K. Holloway)Gold, Adult Fiction2014
Almost Invincible (tekijä: Suzanne Burdon)Gold, Adult Non-Fiction2014
Ginger the Gangster Cat (tekijä: Frank Kusy)Gold, Age 6-82014
Shadow Jumper: A mystery adventure book for children and teens aged 10-14 (tekijä: J M Forster)Gold, Age 9-122014
Guiamo (The Chronicles of Guiamo Durmius Stolo) (Volume 1) (tekijä: Marshall Best)Gold, Teen2014
Shell House (tekijä: Gayle Eileen Curtis)Silver, Adult Fiction2014
Blazing Obsession (tekijä: Dai Henley)Silver, Adult Fiction2014
Hollywood Clown: An inside look into the competitive and political world of children's birthday parties of Hollywood's rich and famous (tekijä: Jason Lassen)Silver, Adult Non-Fiction2014
Grumpy Old Menopause (tekijä: Carol E. Wyer)Silver, Adult Non-Fiction2014
Manchester United: Tales from History - The Official Graphic Novel, Volume 1 (tekijä: Philippe Glogowski)Silver, Age 9-122014
Frankie Dupont And The Mystery Of Enderby Manor (Frankie Dupont Mysteries) (Volume 1) (tekijä: Ms Julie Anne Grasso)Silver, Age 9-122014
Stonely's Pet Dinosaur (tekijä: Naomi Burman-Shine)Silver, Pre-School Picture Books2014
Cairn: A Dragon Memoir (Legends of the Aurora, #2) (tekijä: Rebecca Ferrell Porter)Silver, Teen2014
The Hole Opportunity (tekijä: Mr James Minter)Bronze, Adult Fiction2013
Flying With Kites (tekijä: Alan Reynolds)Bronze, Adult Fiction2013
A Little Book Of Pleasures (tekijä: William Wood)Bronze, Adult Fiction2013
The Perfect Pair: The Enchanted Mirror (tekijä: David C. Holroyd)Bronze, Adult Non-Fiction2013
Golbo the Spider's Amazing Vacuum Cleaner Adventure (tekijä: Faiz Kermani)Bronze, Age 6-82013
JASPER'S HOLLOW (tekijä: Janet Annan)Bronze, Age 6-92013
The Assembly Room (tekijä: Bryony Allen)Bronze, Age 9-122013
Frank and Zoo and the Wannabe (tekijä: Sue Hampton)Bronze, Age 9-122013
Ally N. Invasion (tekijä: Steve Lill)Bronze, Age 9-122013
Napoleon Xylophone (tekijä: Frank Lambert)Bronze, Teen2013
The Ultimate Inferior Beings (tekijä: Mark Roman)Bronze, Teen2013
Bookworm (tekijä: Christopher Nuttall)Gold, Adult Fiction2013
Spinach Soup for the Walls : Finding My Spirit in Africa (tekijä: Lynne Harkes)Gold, Adult Non-Fiction2013
The Church of Tango: a Memoir (tekijä: Cherie Magnus)Gold, Adult Non-Fiction2013
Escape From The Forbidden Planet (Volume 1) (tekijä: Julie Anne Grasso)Gold, Age 9-122013
New York, Phew York-A Scratch N Sniff Adventure (tekijä: Amber C. Jones)Gold, Pre-School Picture Books2013
Children of the Knight (tekijä: Michael J Bowler)Gold, Teenagers2013
Fire & Water: A Suspense-filled Story of Art, Love, Passion, and Madness (tekijä: Betsy Graziani Fasbinder)Silver, Adult Fiction2013
The Goa File (tekijä: James G. Skinner)Silver, Adult Fiction2013
The Quirky Medium : The Extraordinary Life of an Unlikely Clairvoyant (tekijä: Alison Wynne-Ryder)Silver, Adult Non-Fiction2013
An Evening With Grandpa (tekijä: Diana Matlin)Silver, Age 6-82013
Professor Kompressor under cover (tekijä: Nils Andersson)Silver, Age 9-122013
The Hackers of Oz (tekijä: Tom Mula)Silver, Age 9-122013
The Knighting of Sir Kaye  (tekijä: Don M. Winn)Silver, Age 9-122013
The Skipper's Child (tekijä: Valerie Poore)Silver, Teen2013
Arteess: Conflict (tekijä: James Starling)Silver, Teen2013
Flowers of Evil (tekijä: Simon Acland)Bronze, Adult Fiction2012
Black Eagle Force: Eye of the Storm (tekijä: Buck Stienke)Bronze, Adult Fiction2012
The Sky's the Limit (tekijä: Susie Bennett)Bronze, Adult Non-Fiction2012
James Clyde and the Diamonds of Orchestra (tekijä: Colm McElwain)Bronze, Age 9-122012
Rabbityness (tekijä: Jo Empson)Bronze, Pre-School Picture Books2012
Fireseed One (tekijä: Catherine Stine)Bronze, Teen2012
Christmas Steps: New Rhymes for the Season (tekijä: Mary Ann O'Leary)Gold, Age 6-82012
Ante's Inferno (tekijä: Griselda Heppel)Gold, Age 9-122012
The Red Boat (tekijä: Hannah Cumming)Gold, Pre-School Picture Books2012
Dangerous Waters (tekijä: Anne Allen)Silver, Adult Fiction2012
An Ordinary Spectator: 50 Years of Watching Sport (tekijä: JOHN RIGG)Silver, Adult Non-Fiction2012
Neil's War: One boy's story of his evacuation to Ireland at the outbreak of WWII (tekijä: Neil W. Murphy)Silver, Teen2012
Serene Maiden (tekijä: James G. Skinner)Bronze, Adult Fiction2011
Red Bleeds the Jacaranda (tekijä: R.B. Cheviot)Bronze, Teen2011
Unravelling (tekijä: Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn)Gold, Adult Fiction2011
I Fought Them All: The Life and Ring Battles of Prize-fighting Legend Tom Sharkey (tekijä: Greg Lewis)Gold, Adults Non-Fiction2011
The Strange Affair of the Ethiopian Treasure Chest - One of Grandpa's Excellent Adventures (followed by Top Tips for Kids) (tekijä: Brian John)Gold, Age 6-82011
The Sea of Storms (tekijä: Mark Whiteway)Gold, Teen2011
Revolve (tekijä: Sinéad Kent)Silver, Adult Non-Fiction2011
A First Guide to Space Creatures (tekijä: Faiz Kermani)Silver, Age 6-82011
Few Are Chosen (tekijä: M. T. McGuire)Silver, Teens2011
Ever the Night Road (tekijä: Michael Breen)Bronze

Finalist 394

Bax and His Bubbles: All About a Kid and His Thoughts (tekijä: Dr. Sonia E. Amin)Age 6-82022
Grandma, It's Me!: A Children's Book about Dementia (tekijä: Y. Y. Chan)Age 6-82022
Grandpa's Lessons on Fishing and Life (tekijä: Ruthie Godfrey)Age 6-82022
Ellery's Magic Bicycle (tekijä: Maria Monte)Age 6-82022
My Cat Thinks He's a Puppy (tekijä: Patricia Allieri)Pre-School Picture Books2022
Oliver and the Wishing Star (tekijä: Jennifer Decker)Pre-School Picture Books2022
The Dragon and the Unicorn: The Magic of Friendship (Emerald Kingdom) (tekijä: Charly Froh)Pre-School Picture Books2022
The Scariest Story You've Ever Heard (tekijä: Ron Keres)Pre-School Picture Books2022
Benny the Brave in The First Day Jitters (Team Supercrew Series): A children’s book about big emotions, bravery, and first day of school jitters. (tekijä: Julie Anne Penn)Pre-school Picture Books2022
I Am a Stone: A beautifully illustrated rhyming story full of fun and surprises (tekijä: J C Perry)Pre-School Picture Books2022
Born To Stand Out: A story about a chameleon who finds his true colors (Created To Be) (tekijä: Nikki Rogers)Pre-school Picture Books2022
Where's My Monster?: An Empowering Bedtime Story for Children of All Ages (tekijä: Wendy Monica Winter)Pre-School Picture Books2022
I Will Always Be Proud of You (The Unconditional Love Series) (tekijä: Michael Wong)Pre-School Picture Books2022
The Society: An Elizabeth Grant Suspense Thriller (Elizabeth Grant Thrillers Book 1) (tekijä: C. G Abbot)Adult Fiction2021
Blood Orphan : A Tom Grant Novel (The Tom Grant Series Book 1) (tekijä: Samantha Adair)Adult Fiction2021
To Poison a Prince (tekijä: Aldrea Alien)Adult Fiction2021
Pulse Book One (tekijä: B. A. Bellec)Adult Fiction2021
My Memory Told Me a Secret (tekijä: Jeremy C Bradley-Silverio Donato)Adult Fiction2021
The Coldness of Objects (tekijä: Panayotis Cacoyannis)Adult Fiction2021
Atonement Camp for Unrepentant Homophobes (tekijä: Evan J. Corbin)Adult Fiction2021
Grace and Serenity (tekijä: Annalisa Crawford)Adult Fiction2021
Vile (tekijä: Keith Crawford)Adult Fiction2021
Spirits of the Ice Forest (tekijä: Max Davine)Adult Fiction2021
First Magyc (Guardians of the Path) (Volume 1) (tekijä: Nicole DragonBeck)Adult Fiction2021
Callisto 2.0 (tekijä: Susan English)Adult Fiction2021
The Good Pharmacist's Deadly Secrets (A Findale Fae Mystery Book 1) (tekijä: Belinda M Gordon)Adult Fiction2021
Yes, And (tekijä: Cindy Gunderson)Adult Fiction2021
Scepter of Flint (The Lord Hani Mysteries Book 3) (tekijä: N.L. Holmes)Adult Fiction2021
A Queen's Pride (tekijä: N.D. Jones)Adult Fiction2021
Citrus (tekijä: Tabitha Kumwembe)Adult Fiction2021
White Heron (Run and Hide Thrillers Book 1) (tekijä: JJ Marsh)Adult Fiction2021
SOUL SEEKER (tekijä: Kaylin McFarren)Adult Fiction2021
Blood Mark (tekijä: J. P. McLean)Adult Fiction2021
The Palace of the Stars: A Thrilling Adventure in Love, Magic, and Mystery (tekijä: Karina McRoberts)Adult Fiction2021
The Weight of Salt (tekijä: Sandra Montanino)Adult Fiction2021
Landscape of a Marriage (tekijä: Gail Ward Olmsted)Adult Fiction2021
The Chair Man (tekijä: Alex Pearl)Adult Fiction2021
Running Behind Time (tekijä: Jan Turk Petrie)Adult Fiction2021
The Zoo: A dark contemporary retelling of the Wizard of Oz (tekijä: Andrew Phelps)Adult Fiction2021
Barefoot Alice (tekijä: Jan Porter)Adult Fiction2021
The Refusal (The Techboys Series) (tekijä: Eve M Riley)Adult Fiction2021
Oh Daddy Chronicles (tekijä: Barry Robbins)Adult Fiction2021
Floating Underwater (tekijä: Tracy Shawn)Adult Fiction2021
Kill Crime (tekijä: Mike Slavin)Adult Fiction2021
Windfall: A Henry Lysyk Mystery (tekijä: Byron TD Smith)Adult Fiction2021
Last Star Standing (tekijä: Spaulding Taylor)Adult Fiction2021
The Contract (tekijä: Bianca Williams)Adult Fiction2021
The Swiss Mishap (tekijä: Amey Zeigler)Adult Fiction2021
The Boy Who Illustrated Happiness (tekijä: Victor Dias de Oliveira Santos)Ages 6-82021
My First Animal Moves: A Children's Book to Encourage Kids and Their Parents to Move More, Sit Less and Decrease Screen Time (tekijä: Darryl Edwards)Ages 6-82021
The Toad From Outer Space (tekijä: Faiz Kermani)Ages 6-82021
Twilight Robbery: A Shadow Jumper Mystery Adventure (tekijä: J M Forster)Ages 6-82021
Get Back in the Book! (tekijä: Larry Issa)Ages 6-82021
The Power of Positivity: The ABC's of a Pandemic (tekijä: Ruth Maille)Ages 6-82021
Have You Ever Wondered What You Will Be? (tekijä: Junia Wonders)Ages 6-82021
The Way to Storey (tekijä: L. B. Anne)Ages 9-122021
Star Man's Son (Volume 1) (tekijä: C C Archambeault)Ages 9-122021
The Miracle Prince: The Power of the Pearl (tekijä: William Edmonds)Ages 9-122021
The Rise of a Golden Lion (tekijä: Michael Feng)Ages 9-122021
Limerick Comics (tekijä: Robert Hoyman)Ages 9-122021
The Shadow of the Pyramid (tekijä: Wendy Leighton-Porter)Ages 9-122021
Little Wade and Watchtower: Abigail and the Great Gang Trap (tekijä: Sean March)Ages 9-122021
Dwarf Story (tekijä: W. W. Marplot)Ages 9-122021
Eco Worrier (Marty Marsh, #1) (tekijä: Ian Slatter)Ages 9-122021
Honeycake: Special Magical Powers (tekijä: Medea Kalantar)Pre-School Picture Books2021
Eve's Ducklings (tekijä: Maria Monte)Pre-School Picture Books2021
When The Sky Roars (tekijä: Katie Weaver)Pre-School Picture Books2021
Where's My Joey?: A Heartwarming Bedtime Story for Children of All Ages (tekijä: Wendy Monica Winter)Pre-School Picture Books2021
Let's Explore! The Vehicles of the Town: An Illustrated Rhyming Picture Book About Trucks and Cars for Kids Age 2-4 [Stories in Verse, Bedtime Story] (tekijä: Jolas Wittler)Pre-School Picture Books2021
Cruel Summer (tekijä: Jan Bernard)Teens2021
Life of a Firefly: The Incredible Adventures and Mostly True Stories of Sandy Forte (tekijä: Sandra Brown-Lindstedt)Teens2021
Knights of the Alliance (tekijä: Stefanie Chu)Teens2021
Blood of a Fallen God (tekijä: Joshua C Cook)Teens2021
The Sigil Masters: A coming of age fantasy adventure (tekijä: Rick Duffy)Teens2021
The Sand Pounder: Love and Drama on Horseback in WWII (tekijä: M. J. Evans)Teens2021
Never-DEAD (tekijä: Ann Greyson)Teens2021
The Wolf's Tooth: A tale of Liamec (tekijä: J. Steven Lamperti)Teens2021
Vasilisa (Old Rus, #1) (tekijä: Julie Mathison)Teens2021
Rise of the Sons (tekijä: J. D. Mitchell)Teens2021
Munching On The Sun (tekijä: Mark Paul Oleksiw)Teens2021
Eden (tekijä: C J Singh)Teens2021
TARO (tekijä: Blue Spruell)Teens2021
An Audience for Einstein (tekijä: Mark Wakely)Teens2021
Code of Rainbow: Legends of Azure and the Masked Planet (Book 3) (tekijä: Weiqi Wang)Teens2021
The Gatekeeper's Notebook (tekijä: Sahar Abdulaziz)Adult Fiction2020
A String of Silver Beads (tekijä: Melissa Addey)Adult Fiction2020
To Target the Heart (tekijä: Aldrea Alien)Adult Fiction2020
Saving Grace: A Psychological Thriller (tekijä: D. M. Barr)Adult Fiction2020
On Traigh Lar Beach: Stories (tekijä: Dianne Ebertt Beeaff)Adult Fiction2020
Unfettered Journey (tekijä: Gary F. Bengier)Adult Fiction2020
Shooting Messengers (Quake City Investigations Book 1) (tekijä: Kevin Berry)Adult Fiction2020
The Other (tekijä: Matthew Buscemi)Adult Fiction2020
The Copper Road - Beyond the Promise: Loyalty and Love in a time of War (Shire's Union Book 2) (tekijä: Richard Buxton)Adult Fiction2020
The Final Weekend: A Stoned Tale (tekijä: Neal Cassidy)Adult Fiction2020
Outbreak (The Dark Days Series Book 1) (tekijä: Christopher Cole)Adult Fiction2020
Colony (Callum Ross) (tekijä: Benjamin Cross)Adult Fiction2020
Hush, Hush: A Ronnie Lake Mystery: A woman private investigator crime series (Ronnie Lake Mysteries) (tekijä: Niki Danforth)Adult Fiction2020
Inside Voices (tekijä: Sarah Davis)Adult Fiction2020
The Curist (tekijä: Julie Donofrio)Adult Fiction2020
This is all he asks of you (tekijä: Anne Egseth)Adult Fiction2020
The Rabbit Skinners (tekijä: John Eidswick)Adult Fiction2020
Out of the Shadow (tekijä: Rochelle Garfield)Adult Fiction2020
Damage in an Undead Age (Undead Age, #2) (tekijä: A. M. Geever)Adult Fiction2020
Challenges of the Gods (tekijä: C. Hofsetz)Adult Fiction2020
Incandescent Visions (tekijä: Lee Hudspeth)Adult Fiction2020
Masters Of The Broken Watches (tekijä: Razi Imam)Adult Fiction2020
The Secret of Rosalita Flats: A Blacktip Island novel (tekijä: Tim W. Jackson)Adult Fiction2020
It Happened in Silence (tekijä: Karla M. Jay)Adult Fiction2020
This Day is Ours: An Epic Tale of Romance and Revolution (tekijä: Gretchen Jeannette)Adult Fiction2020
The Seven Experiments (tekijä: Stephen Kanicki)Adult Fiction2020
Athena's Child (tekijä: Hannah Lynn)Adult Fiction2020
Myth Agent (tekijä: L. A. MacFadden)Adult Fiction2020
The Castilians: A story of the siege of St Andrews Castle (tekijä: Veh Masters)Adult Fiction2020
Wildchilds (tekijä: Eugenia Melian)Adult Fiction2020
Bedlam (tekijä: B. A. Morton)Adult Fiction2020
Molly Bonamici (tekijä: James Mulhern)Adult Fiction2020
Taking Time: ... A Tale of Physics, Lust and Greed (Physics, Lust and Greed Series) (tekijä: Mike Murphey)Adult Fiction2020
Farewell, Everything (tekijä: Véva Perala)Adult Fiction2020
Mind in the Clouds (tekijä: Bruce M. Perrin)Adult Fiction2020
Tokyo Traffic (Detective Hiroshi Tokyo Series Book 3) (tekijä: Michael Pronko)Adult Fiction2020
Rise of One: Blood Brute - Book 1 (tekijä: Dixon Reuel)Adult Fiction2020
Fries and Alibis (tekijä: Trixie Silvertale)Adult Fiction2020
The Other Magic (Passage to Dawn Book 1) (tekijä: Derrick Smythe)Adult Fiction2020
Preons: alpha (tekijä: Frederik T. Stevens)Adult Fiction2020
White Elephant (Code Black) (tekijä: V.E. Ulett)Adult Fiction2020
Eve of Awakening (tekijä: Alisa Hope Wagner)Adult Fiction2020
The Weight of a Thousand Oceans (tekijä: Jillian Webster)Adult Fiction2020
Liberty Bound (tekijä: Nathaniel M. Wrey)Adult Fiction2020
Where are the grown-ups? (tekijä: Ruth Badley)Adult Non-Fiction2020
FoodWISE: A Whole Systems Guide to Sustainable and Delicious Food Choices (tekijä: Gigi Berardi)Adult Non-Fiction2020
Redefining Normal : How Two Foster Kids Beat The Odds and Discovered Healing, Happiness and Love (tekijä: Alexis Black)Adult Non-Fiction2020
Celiac Mom (tekijä: Ann Campanella)Adult Non-Fiction2020
Finding Solace at Theodore Roosevelt Island: My Year with the Kingfisher (tekijä: Melanie Choukas-Bradley)Adult Non-Fiction2020
A Gay Man's Guide to Life: Get Real, Stand Tall, and Take Your Place (tekijä: Britt East)Adult Non-Fiction2020
The Introvert's Complete Career Guide: From Landing a Job, to Surviving, Thriving, and Moving on Up (tekijä: Jane Finkle)Adult Non-Fiction2020
On With The Butter: Spread More Living onto Everyday Life (tekijä: Heidi Herman)Adult Non-Fiction2020
Passionate Travellers: Around the World on 21 Incredible Journeys in History (tekijä: Trish Nicholson)Adult Non-Fiction2020
Gray Is the New Black (tekijä: Dorothy Rice)Adult Non-Fiction2020
Volcanic Momentum: Get Things Done by Setting Destiny Goals, Mastering the Energy Code, and Never Losing Steam (tekijä: Jordan Ring)Adult Non-Fiction2020
A Short History of (Nearly) Everything Paranormal: Our Secret Powers Telepathy, Clairvoyance & Precognition (tekijä: Terje G. Simonsen)Adult Non-Fiction2020
DANCING WITH DEATH: An Epic and Inspiring Travel Adventure (tekijä: Jean-Philippe Soulé)Adult Non-Fiction2020
Daughter of Neptune: ...found at sea (tekijä: Theresa Wisner)Adult Non-Fiction2020
Butchered by "Healthcare": What to Do About Doctors, Big Pharma, and Corrupt Government Ruining Your Health and Medical Care (tekijä: Robert A. Yoho)Adult Non-Fiction2020
Mr. Figgletoes' Toy Emporium (tekijä: M. J. Evans)Age 9-122020
Idia of the Benin Kingdom: An empowering book for girls ages 4-8 (Our Ancestories) (tekijä: Ekiuwa Aire)Ages 6-82020
Chuckles and Smiles: Children's Poems (tekijä: Raven Howell)Ages 6-82020
The Adventurers and the City of Secrets (tekijä: Jemma Hatt)Ages 9-122020
Nutmeg Street: Egyptian Secrets (A Botanic Hill Detectives Mystery) (tekijä: Sherrill Joseph)Ages 9-122020
Leo Gray and the Lunar Eclipse (tekijä: K.J. Kruk)Ages 9-122020
Legend of the Rainbow Eater (The Stormwatch Diaries) (tekijä: Kristiana Sfirlea)Ages 9-122020
Kindled Embers: Voyage of Vindication (The Dryad's Cede Book 1) (tekijä: K. C. Simos)Ages 9-122020
Maya and the Turtle: A Korean Fairy Tale (tekijä: John C. Stickler)Ages 9-122020
I Dreamed You (tekijä: Justine Avery)Pre-School Picture Books2020
This Book Is Alive! (Living Book) (tekijä: Justine Avery)Pre-School Picture Books2020
The Fairy Who Sings (Finding the Magic) (tekijä: Cheryl Davies)Pre-School Picture Books2020
Wendy's Winter Walk: P, B, M, W Sounds (Phonological and Articulation Children's Books) (tekijä: M A Ccc-Slp Cass Kim)Pre-School Picture Books2020
Do You See the Giant? (tekijä: Srividhya Lakshmanan)Pre-School Picture Books2020
The Big Adventures of a Little Tree: Tree Finds Friendship (tekijä: Nadja Springer)Pre-School Picture Books2020
Scarlet Reign: Malice of the Dark Witch (tekijä: R. D. Crist)Teens2020
Even Goats Need Closure (tekijä: Jane Donovan)Teens2020
Stealing Embers (Fallen Legacies, #1) (tekijä: Julie Hall)Teens2020
Beyond the Red Forest (The Firebird's Gift Book 1) (tekijä: Alex Hayes)Teens2020
Second Earth: Book Two in the Arch Mage Series (tekijä: Cami Murdock Jensen)Teens2020
Autumn (The Guardians of Magic) (tekijä: Melissa Nash)Teens2020
To the Top of Greenfield Street (tekijä: Ryan Standley)Teens2020
The Stalker: The Secrets of the Home Wood (tekijä: Julie Whitley)Teens2020
Maddy's Wings (tekijä: Jan Porter)2018
The Infinet (tekijä: John Akers)Adult Fiction2017
Paternus: Rise of Gods (tekijä: Dyrk Ashton)Adult Fiction2017
Prentice Ash (Rage of Lions) (tekijä: Matt Barron)Adult Fiction2017
The Carlswick Deception (tekijä: SL Beaumont)Adult Fiction2017
He Counts Their Tears (tekijä: Mary Ann D'Alto)Adult Fiction2017
Always With You (tekijä: Hannah Ellis)Adult Fiction2017
Grannie Panties Are UnderRated (tekijä: Gayle Erickson)Adult Fiction2017
The False Prophet (Stonegate) (tekijä: Harry James Fox)Adult Fiction2017
Song Hereafter: 1153: Hispania and the Isles of Albion (tekijä: Jean Gill)Adult Fiction2017
One For Sorrow (The Cunning Prophet Series Book 1) (tekijä: Jane Godman)Adult Fiction2017
The Breaking of Liam Glass (tekijä: Charles Harris)Adult Fiction2017
The Polygamist (tekijä: William Irvine)Adult Fiction2017
The Great War: One Hundred Stories, Of One Hundred Words, Honouring Those Who Lived and Died One Hundred Years Ago. (tekijä: Dawn Knox)Adult Fiction2017
The Fairness of Beasts (tekijä: Gar LaSalle)Adult Fiction2017
Ahe'ey (tekijä: Jamie Le Fay)Adult Fiction2017
Small Stones from the River: Meditations and Micropoems (tekijä: Kat Lehmann)Adult Fiction2017
The Coven: Book One (The Crystal Coast Series 1) (tekijä: Chrissy Lessey)Adult Fiction2017
Horizon (tekijä: Tabitha Lord)Adult Fiction2017
Reign of the Marionettes (tekijä: Sheena Macleod)Adult Fiction2017
Democracy's Thief (tekijä: Al Macy)Adult Fiction2017
Awaken: Shadows of a Forgotten Past (tekijä: Marcia Maidana)Adult Fiction2017
The Last Cowboy: The Life and Times of Cal Fisher (tekijä: Ms. Janet Foster Martinez)Adult Fiction2017
Call Of The Morrigú (tekijä: Christy Nicholas)Adult Fiction2017
Shelter My Heart (tekijä: LG O'Connor)Adult Fiction2017
In the Space of an Atom (tekijä: Bruce M. Perrin)Adult Fiction2017
The Last Train (tekijä: Michael Pronko)Adult Fiction2017
Bombay Blood: They Will Have Her, Piece By Piece (Lynn Clarke Thriller Series) (Volume 1) (tekijä: Ray Ronan)Adult Fiction2017
Jessica Lost Her Wobble (tekijä: J. Schlenker)Adult Fiction2017
The Guardian Angel (tekijä: Kay Seeley)Adult Fiction2017
Capture of the Defiance (tekijä: S. E. Smith)Adult Fiction2017
Caligation (tekijä: Brhi Stokes)Adult Fiction2017
Forbidden: Better Wear Your Flak Jacket (tekijä: F. Stone)Adult Fiction2017
Incognolio (tekijä: Michael Sussman)Adult Fiction2017
The Daughter Claus (tekijä: D. Thrush)Adult Fiction2017
My Lonely Room (tekijä: John A. Vikara)Adult Fiction2017
Truly Are the Free (tekijä: Jeffrey K. Walker)Adult Fiction2017
Somewhere Still (tekijä: Denitta Ward)Adult Fiction2017
Before I Left (tekijä: Daisy White)Adult Fiction2017
Hardbarned! : one man's quest for meaningful work in the American South (tekijä: Christopher J. Driver)Adult Non-Fiction2017
Just Another Girl's Story: A Memoir On Finding Redemption (tekijä: Laura Eckert)Adult Non-Fiction2017
Agile Scrum: Your Quick Start Guide with Step-by-Step Instructions (tekijä: Scott M. Graffius)Adult Non-Fiction2017
Light From A Dark Night (tekijä: Anne M Grove)Adult Non-Fiction2017
Fascinating Facts for the Whole Family: Trivia About Human Body and Cute Animals (tekijä: Nayden Kostov)Adult Non-Fiction2017
Why They Stay: Sex Scandals, Deals, and Hidden Agendas of Nine Political Wives (tekijä: Anne Michaud)Adult Non-Fiction2017
ALL FISH FACES: Photos and Fun Facts about Tropical Reef Fish (Ocean Friends) (tekijä: Tam Warner Minton)Adult Non-Fiction2017
Classics: Why we should encourage children to read them (tekijä: Fiza Pathan)Adult Non-Fiction2017
Lessons from a CF Cornerman: 38 Lessons I Learned During my Wife's Illness and Lung Transplant (tekijä: Raymond L. Poole)Adult Non-Fiction2017
The Tao of Sudoku: Yoga for the Brain (Sudoku Wisdom) (tekijä: Cristina Smith)Adult Non-Fiction2017
Why People Suck (tekijä: Abe Surde)Adult Non-Fiction2017
Sex Crimes: Then and Now: My Years on the Front Lines Prosecuting Rapists and Confronting Their Collaborators (tekijä: Alice Vachss)Adult Non-Fiction2017
Return To Glow: A Pilgrimage of Transformation in Italy (tekijä: Chandi Wyant)Adult Non-Fiction2017
Black Sky: On Addiction and Awakening of the Human Being (tekijä: Dr. Y)Adult Non-Fiction2017
A Star Full of Sky (tekijä: Raven Howell)Ages 6-82017
Billy Wants It All: Money (Billy Growing Up) (Volume 7) (tekijä: James Minter)Ages 6-82017
Magic Moon: A Young Boy's Journey (tekijä: Shirley Moulton)Ages 6-82017
Magic Moon: Sister's Turn (tekijä: Shirley Moulton)Ages 6-82017
The Maker (tekijä: D. F. Anderson)Ages 9-122017
Guinevere: At the Dawn of Legend (Tales and Legends for Reluctant Readers) (tekijä: Cheryl Carpinello)Ages 9-122017
8th Grade Fugitive (tekijä: Richard Clark)Ages 9-122017
My Best Friend Is a Secret Agent: How Chip Became C.H.I.P. and Foiled the Freaky Fuzzy Invasion (tekijä: Richard Clark)Ages 9-122017
Bad Hair Days: A mystery for children and young teens aged 10 - 14 (tekijä: J M Forster)Ages 9-122017
FAB (Friends Against Bullying) Club (tekijä: Alex Hallatt)Ages 9-122017
The Secret of the Sacred Scarab (tekijä: Fiona Ingram)Ages 9-122017
Ninja Spy Cats (Inca Book Series) (Volume 4) (tekijä: R. F. Kristi)Ages 9-122017
The Dusenbury Curse (Crime Cats) (Volume 2) (tekijä: Wolfgang Parker)Ages 9-122017
My Aunt Manya (tekijä: José. Patterson)Ages 9-122017
Tails (Silver Wishes Book 1) (tekijä: WJ Scott)Ages 9-122017
My bunny (tekijä: Justin Davis)Pre-School Picture Books2017
The Revolting Brains: 7 Read-aloud Bedtime Tales (and off you went to the woods ... Book 3) (tekijä: Neil McFarlane)Pre-School Picture Books2017
Rebel Bound (tekijä: Shauna E. Black)Teens2017
Alex Vega and the Oracle of the Mayans (Alex Vega Series Book 1) (tekijä: D. J. Burchell)Teens2017
The Hidden City of Chelldrah-ham: Stig's Flight of Encounters (Volume 1) (tekijä: Stephan von Clinkerhoffen)Teens2017
Extra|Ordinary (tekijä: Danielle K. Girl)Teens2017
Expendables (The Wall Series #1) (tekijä: Alison Ingleby)Teens2017
Misfortune Annie and the Locomotive Reaper (Volume 1) (tekijä: Dave Jackson)Teens2017
I would, but my DAMN MIND won't let me: A teen's guide to controlling their thoughts and feelings (tekijä: Jacqui Letran)Teens2017
Blade's Edge (tekijä: Virginia McClain)Teens2017
Forests of Farallon (tekijä: Ben McKinnon)Teens2017
SeQuence (The Heart of the Ocean, #1) (tekijä: Lorraine M. L. M.)Teens2017
29 (Twenty Nine) (tekijä: Nancy Pennick)Teens2017
Curses of Scale (tekijä: S. D. Reeves)Teens2017
Wizard's Key: A Gripping Epic Fantasy (The Darkwolf Saga Book 1) (tekijä: Mitch Reinhardt)Teens2017
Beyond the Screen Door (tekijä: Julia Diana Robertson)Teens2017
An Average Curse: A Tale of Friendship and Magick (The Chronicles of Hawthorn) (Volume 1) (tekijä: Rue)Teens2017
Orville Mouse and the Puzzle of the Shattered Abacus (Orville Wellington Mouse Book 2) (tekijä: Tom Hoffman)Teens2017
In a Gilded Cage (tekijä: Susan Appleyard)Adult Fiction2016
Expired Listings (tekijä: D. M. Barr)Adult Fiction2016
The Carlswick Conspiracy (tekijä: SL Beaumont)Adult Fiction2016
Nine Lifelines (Psycho Cat and the Landlady Mysteries) (Volume 3) (tekijä: Joyce Ann Brown)Adult Fiction2016
The Fridge Drawings (tekijä: D. Bunyan)Adult Fiction2016
Finding Miranda (tekijä: Iris Chacon)Adult Fiction2016
Cult Fiction (tekijä: James Dwyer)Adult Fiction2016
PRIDE'S CHILDREN: PURGATORY (Book 1 of the Trilogy) (tekijä: Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt)Adult Fiction2016
Camelot's Queen (tekijä: Nicole Evelina)Adult Fiction2016
Daughter of Destiny (tekijä: Nicole Evelina)Adult Fiction2016
Absence: Whispers and Shadow (tekijä: J.B Forsyth)Adult Fiction2016
Shattered Lies (tekijä: S. J. Francis)Adult Fiction2016
Magnificent Farewell (tekijä: Karen J. Hasley)Adult Fiction2016
Planting the Orchard (tekijä: Vance Huxley)Adult Fiction2016
High Hopes (tekijä: Sue Lilley)Adult Fiction2016
The Battle of Jericho (tekijä: Walter Marks)Adult Fiction2016
Cuckoo Clock - New York (Unbroken Bonds) (tekijä: Elisabeth Marrion)Adult Fiction2016
Grendel's Mother: The Saga of the Wyrd-Wife (tekijä: Susan Signe Morrison)Adult Fiction2016
Legacy of Hunger: Druid's Brooch Series: #1 (tekijä: Christy Nicholas)Adult Fiction2016
The Rose Within (A Gothic Romance) (tekijä: Sana Pirzada)Adult Fiction2016
The Migrant Report (Crimes in Arabia #1) (tekijä: Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar)Adult Fiction2016
NIGHTSONG: A Neanderthal mystery (tekijä: M. J. Rhodes)Adult Fiction2016
The EvoAngel: A mushroom thriller (tekijä: Ellen King Rice)Adult Fiction2016
Pages in the Wind (tekijä: Sally Saylor De Smet)Adult Fiction2016
Backwoods Ripper (tekijä: Anna Willett)Adult Fiction2016
EDUCATING CREATURES: Part Two of 'The Trouble With Wyrms' Trilogy (tekijä: Mike Williams)Adult Fiction2016
The Allure of the Red Wyrm: Part Three of 'The Trouble with Wyrms' Trilogy (Volume 3) (tekijä: Mike Leonard Williams)Adult Fiction2016
Wrinkled Heartbeats (tekijä: Temple Emmet Williams)Adult Fiction2016
90 Lessons for Living Large in 90 Square Feet (...or more) (tekijä: Felice Cohen)Adult Non-Fiction2016
The spirit of the hedgerow (tekijä: Jo Dunbar)Adult Non-Fiction2016
The Elephant In The Mirror (tekijä: Annette Earl)Adult Non-Fiction2016
The Young Skin Diet (tekijä: Michelle Lee)Adult Non-Fiction2016
Deliverance: Mary Fields: First African American Woman Star Route Mail Carrier in the United States: A Montana History (tekijä: Miantae Metcalf McConnell)Adult Non-Fiction2016
Book Blueprint: How Any Entrepreneur Can Write an Awesome Book (tekijä: Jacqui Pretty)Adult Non-Fiction2016
Christmas Cats (Inca Cat Series) (Volume 2) (tekijä: R. Kristi)Ages 6-82016
Bumbling Bea (tekijä: Deborah Baldwin)Ages 9-122016
Arnie Jenks and the House of Strangers (tekijä: Tim Bradley)Ages 9-122016
Billy Saves The Day: Self-confidence (Billy Growing UP) (Volume 6) (tekijä: James Minter)Ages 9-122016
The Ride of Doom (STAR SAPPHIRE AND THE LAND OF GEMS) (Volume 1) (tekijä: Anthony Pardoe)Ages 9-122016
The King of Average (tekijä: Gary Schwartz)Ages 9-122016
Bending Willow (tekijä: Jacci Turner)Ages 9-122016
Stealing Magic (tekijä: Alex C Vick)Ages 9-122016
Beverlee Beaz the Brown Burmese (tekijä: Regan W. H. Macauley)Pre-school Picture Books2016
Mikey and the Swamp Monster (tekijä: Jeanne Moran)Pre-School Picture Books2016
Amanda Lester and the Pink Sugar Conspiracy (tekijä: Paula Berinstein)Teens2016
Diamonds at Dusk (tekijä: Catalina Claussen)Teens2016
The Dragons' Chosen (tekijä: Gwen Dandridge)Teens2016
Sky Stone (Volume 1) (tekijä: Scarlett Van Dijk)Teens2016
Along Came a Wolf (The Yellow Hoods) (tekijä: Adam Dreece)Teens2016
The Road to Kalbakar: Wyrms of Pasandir (Volume 1) (tekijä: Paul E. Horsman)Teens2016
Rimrider (Rimrider Adventures, #1) (tekijä: L. A. Kelley)Teens2016
Chemistry (Stella Blunt) (Volume 1) (tekijä: C. L. Lynch)Teens2016
Calamity Jane: How the West Began (tekijä: Bryan Ney)Teens2016
Voyage of the Defiance (tekijä: S. E. Smith)Teens2016
The Grey Eyed Storm: The Occuli, Book One (The Occuli Book Series 1) (tekijä: Christie M Stenzel)Teens2016
Up, Back, and Away (tekijä: K. Velk)Teens2016
Project Butterfly (Project Butterfly Series) (Volume 1) (tekijä: K. A. Angliss)Adult Fiction2015
The Post-It Note Affair (tekijä: Justine Avery)Adult Fiction2015
The Seeds of Sorrow (tekijä: Lisa Brown)Adult Fiction2015
Second Chances (tekijä: Lincoln Cole)Adult Fiction2015
The Gift Counselor: A Novel (tekijä: Sheila M. Cronin)Adult Fiction2015
Send My Love (Shotgun John and Scorpion Book 2) (tekijä: Mike Crowley)Adult Fiction2015
The Borderline Diaries : For Kimberley (tekijä: Lisa Franke)Adult Fiction2015
Wanton Regard (tekijä: Geoffrey Neil)Adult Fiction2015
The House of Three Murders (tekijä: Gary J. George)Adult Fiction2015
Raven Brought the Light (tekijä: Kristin Gleeson)Adult Fiction2015
The Rival (tekijä: Sandra Gustafsson)Adult Fiction2015
The Black Swans: A Tale of the Antrim Cycle (tekijä: N.W. Moors)Adult Fiction2015
The Wrong Kind of Man (tekijä: Lolli Powell)Adult Fiction2015
Wild Water (tekijä: Jan Ruth)Adult Fiction2015
The Watercress Girls (tekijä: Kay Seeley)Adult Fiction2015
The Galician Parallax (tekijä: James G. Skinner)Adult Fiction2015
The Kota (tekijä: Sunshine Somerville)Adult Fiction2015
The Erotica Book Club for Nice Ladies (tekijä: Connie Spittler)Adult Fiction2015
The Forgotten (tekijä: Amanda Witt)Adult Fiction2015
The Watch (tekijä: Amanda Witt)Adult Fiction2015
Track-Two Diplomacy toward an Israeli-Palestinian Solution, 1978-2014 (tekijä: Yair Hirschfeld)Adult Non-Fiction2015
Managing Bubbie (tekijä: Russel Lazega)Adult Non-Fiction2015
A Scion of Heroes (tekijä: Stuart McCulloch)Adult Non-Fiction2015
Free Yourself from Workplace Bullying: Become Bully-Proof and Regain Control of Your Life (tekijä: Aryanne Oade)Adult Non-Fiction2015
Chickens Eat Pasta: Escape to Umbria (tekijä: Clare Pedrick)Adult Non-Fiction2015
Don't Cry, Pappa: Surviving Persistent Depression and Heartbreaking Tragedies to Find a New Mission in Life (tekijä: Gunnar E Skollingsberg PhD)Adult Non-Fiction2015
Watery Ways (tekijä: Valerie Poore)Adult Non-Fiction2015
The Perpetual Paycheck: 5 Secrets to Getting a Job, Keeping a Job, and Earning Income for Life in the Loyalty-Free Workplace (tekijä: Lori B. Rassas)Adult Non-Fiction2015
Broken (tekijä: Angela B. Chrysler)Adults fiction2015
Friends Like These (tekijä: Hannah Ellis)Adults fiction2015
Plaint for Provence: 1152 in Les-Baux-de-Provence (tekijä: Jean Gill)Adults fiction2015
Along the Far Shores (tekijä: Kristin Gleeson)Adults fiction2015
Day Trips to Heaven : Adventures in the Afterlife (tekijä: T. J. Hobbs)Adults fiction2015
Orphan Moon (tekijä: T. K. Lukas)Adults fiction2015
All the Skies I Will Not See (A Touch of Cinnamon, #1.5) (tekijä: Petra March)Adults fiction2015
Holy Island (tekijä: LJ Ross)Adults fiction2015
Love and Other Acts of Courage (tekijä: Ann Warner)Adults fiction2015
Lavender and Haddock (The Trouble with Wyrms' Trilogy book 1) (tekijä: Mike Williams)Adults fiction2015
Gollywood, Here I Come! (tekijä: Terry John Barto)Age 6-82015
Tales of Mr. Snuggywhiskers: The Autumn Tales (Volume 1) (tekijä: C F Crawford)Age 6-82015
Ginger the Buddha Cat (tekijä: Frank Kusy)Age 6-82015
The Most Ferocious of Creatures (tekijä: Chris Sykes)Age 6-82015
There Is No Fear: Children of the Knight III (The Knight Cycle Book 3) (tekijä: Michael Bowler)Age 9-122015
Warrior Kids: A Tale of New Camelot (tekijä: Michael J Bowler)Age 9-122015
Klubbe the Turkle and the Golden Star Coracle (tekijä: Philip Dodd)Age 9-122015
Frankie Dupont And The High Seas Heist (Frankie Dupont Mysteries) (Volume 4) (tekijä: Julie Anne Grasso)Age 9-122015
The Roads of Luhonono: Legend of The East Road (The Roads of Luhonono Series) (tekijä: Hamilton Hill)Age 9-122015
Taylor Davis and the Flame of Findul (Taylor Davis, #1) (tekijä: Michelle Isenhoff)Age 9-122015
Jesper Jinx (Volume 1) (tekijä: Marko Kitti)Age 9-122015
The Staircase on Pine Street (tekijä: Mariana Llanos)age 9-122015
Oldenglen (tekijä: Robin Mason)Age 9-122015
Beggar Charlie (tekijä: Madeleine McLaughlin)Age 9-122015
Danny Chaucer's Flying Saucer (tekijä: Christopher Peter)Age 9-122015
Gorgeous George and the ZigZag Zit-faced Zombies (tekijä: Stuart Reid)Age 9-122015
The Frog Who Loved Mathematics (tekijä: Faiz Kermani)Pre-school Picture Books2015
Odysseus: Book 3- Early Myths: Kids Books on Greek Myth (Volume 3) (tekijä: Dr Simon Spence)Pre-School Picture Books2015
Eternal Hearts (tekijä: Alice Berman)Teen2015
Alby and Me (tekijä: John C Bird)Teen2015
Spinner (tekijä: Michael J Bowler)Teen2015
Seventh Child (Evil Above the Stars Book 1) (tekijä: Peter R. Ellis)Teen2015
Don't Call Me Kit Kat (tekijä: K. J. Farnham)Teen2015
Joshua's Island (tekijä: Patrick Hodges)Teen2015
Fraud at Snowfields (tekijä: Daniel Klock)Teen2015
Counteract: Book One of the Resistance Series (Volume 1) (tekijä: Tracy Lawson)Teen2015
Beyond the Gloaming (Sebastian and the Hibernauts Book 1) (tekijä: Brendan Murphy)Teen2015
Oy Yew (tekijä: Ana Salote)Teen2015
Connected: Book 1 Connected Series (tekijä: Kat Stiles)Teen2015
Secrets of the Home Wood: The Sacrifice (tekijä: Julie Whitley)Teen2015
dEaDINBURGH (Din Eidyn Corpus) (Volume 1) (tekijä: Mark Wilson)Teen2015
Pickles and Ponies: A Fairy-Tale (Radugan Tales) (Volume 1) (tekijä: Laura May)2014
Russian Dolls (tekijä: Cristelle Comby)Adult Fiction2013
Angel War (tekijä: Philip Dodd)Adult Fiction2013
Ringturn (tekijä: John Mawson)Adult Fiction2013
Bridge To Nowhere (tekijä: Stephanie Parker McKean)Adult Fiction2013
One Pair of Shoes (tekijä: Mollie Peace)Adult Non-Fiction2013
Simply Spiritual : Small to medium! The life of a psychic (tekijä: Jacqueline Rogers)Adult Non-Fiction2013
Ishi: Simple Tips from a Solid Friend (tekijä: Akiko Yabuki)Adult Non-Fiction2013
Charlie Sparrow and the Secret of Flight (tekijä: David Anderson)Age 6-82013
Iron Knights : Putting the Evil back into Medieval (tekijä: Robin Bennett)Age 9-122013
Return to Cardamom (Adventures Of Caramel Cardamom) (Volume 2) (tekijä: Julie Anne Grasso)Age 9-122013
Curse of the Scarab (tekijä: H.Y. Hanna)Age 9-122013
Believing in Horses (tekijä: Valerie Ormond)Age 9-122013
No Buts, Becky! (tekijä: José. Patterson)Age 9-122013
You and Me against the World (The Creepers Saga, #1) (tekijä: Raymond Esposito)Teen2013
Starstruck (tekijä: Brenda Hiatt)Teen2013
Wildfire (tekijä: Mina Khan)Teen2013

Red Ribbon Band 29

The Spiricom: An Early Mystery (tekijä: Roslyn Reid)2022
Peter the Picky Polar Bear (tekijä: Kieshia Chun)2020
Literate Thief (Slaves of Erafor Series Book 2) (tekijä: Walter Rhein)2020
Amie and the Child of Africa (tekijä: Lucinda E. Clarke)2017
Jack and the Tree of Life (tekijä: J.M. Cooke)2017
Tilly and Torg: Out To Eat (Volume 1) (tekijä: Connie Goyette Crawley)2017
Fire Blessed (Blessings of Myrillia #2) (tekijä: Crystin Goodwin)2017
Living Diagnosis: An exploration of an individuals life, thoughts and feelings within society. (tekijä: Blanche Haddow)2017
Margaret Leaving (tekijä: Rosemary Hayward)2017
Memories of Jake (tekijä: Susan Moore Jordan)2017
True Mercy (tekijä: Idelle Kursman)2017
Moon Full of Moons: Poetry of Transformation (tekijä: Kat Lehmann)2017
Murthen Island: Book Two: Tales of Golmeira: 2 (tekijä: Marianne Ratcliffe)2017
Keepers of the Light: The Broken Prophecies Book One (tekijä: S. A. McClure)2017
Dragonfly Surprise (tekijä: Theresa A. O'Kane)2017
Xalien the Purple Alien: Xalien Goes to School (tekijä: Michelle Path)2017
The Green Door (tekijä: Christopher Bowden)2016
Beyond the Lens (Lucy Mitchell Book 1) (tekijä: Hannah Ellis)2016
Regen für Juma: Fantasy-Liebesroman aus dem steinzeitlichen Afrika (tekijä: Katharina Gerlach)2016
Love's Long Road (tekijä: G. D. Harper)2016
Didn't Get Frazzled (tekijä: David Z Hirsch)2016
A Month with Starfish: Volunteering with refugees on the Greek island of Lesbos (tekijä: Bev Jackson)2016
The Girl from Oto (tekijä: Amy Maroney)2016
The Phantom of Faerie Mountain (tekijä: L. M. McIntyre)2016
The McCall Initiative: Episodes 1.1-1.3 (tekijä: Lisa Nowak)2016
Baby X2016
Harvey's Hutch: A Memoir (tekijä: Philip Dodd)
The Missing Tulip Bulbs: A Springer Spaniel Mystery (tekijä: Nancy T Lucas)
Transplant Dance (tekijä: C. McIntosh)



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