Stellar Book Award

Given by Young Readers’ Choice Awards of B.C.

Muut nimet: Stellar Award / B.C.'s Teen Readers' Choice Award (englanti)
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About Stellar

The Stellar Book Award is B.C.’s Teen Readers Choice Award. 2014/2015 marks our tenth Stellar season!

From November to April, teens throughout B.C. read, rank, review, and discuss näytä lisää favourite nominees. In order to vote, you must have read at least five of the nominated books. You can then vote starting from May 1 to July 31 (by emailing, and in early August, the winner of the Stellar Book Award will be announced. If voting is very close, an Honour book will be announced.

In order to vote, you need to be between the ages of 13 (by January 1, 2015) and 19. Many of the nominated titles deal with themes or issues that are not appropriate for a younger audience. Select titles which you are comfortable reading.

To post reviews of this season’s nominees, register with your user name and email address. You can then click on a book in the current season and submit a review. Please note that the content of reviews will be for read for approval prior to posting.

The inaugural Stellar award in 2005/2006 was won by Barbara Haworth Attard for her novel Theories of Relativity. The next Stellar Award went to Carrie Mac for her stunning and powerful book The Beckoners. Since that time award winners have included Kelley Armstrong for The Summoning (2011) and Moira Young for Blood Red Road (2013). YOU will decide who wins the next Stellar Book Award!

Titles considered for the Stellar Book Award must have been:

written by a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant who has lived in Canada for at least two years;

published within two years before the beginning of the program (ie: Books published in 2013/2014 will be considered for the 2014/2015 program in order to allow hardcover titles to be re-released in paperback);

published by a recognized publisher and available in print;

recognized by other reviewers of Canadian literature;

and recognized as being of interest to teens.

Librarians and teachers wishing to order sets of the books are encouraged to do so by ordering through the “Friends of the Young Readers’ Choice Awards” – United Library Services (, Kidsbooks or S&B Books.

Librarians wishing to support the Stellar Awards simply need to encourage their students to sign up and facilitate access to and discussion of the titles. You can also register as a group leader to receive information about new postings and author tours. The Teens register directly! Thanks for joining and we look forward to a dynamic Stellar season!

The Stellar Book Award is administered by a volunteer steering committee of teens and adults as part of the Young Readers’ Choice Awards Society of B.C., who also administer the Red Cedar Book Awards.
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Winner 9

Nominee 168

Don't Even Think About It (tekijä: Sarah Mlynowski)2016
Dreaming in Indian: Contemporary Native American Voices (tekijä: Lisa Charleyboy)2016
Rabbit Ears (tekijä: Maggie De Vries)2016
Moon at Nine (tekijä: Deborah Ellis)2016
Stupid (tekijä: Kim Firmston)2016
To This Day: For the Bullied and Beautiful (tekijä: Shane Koyczan)2016
The Death Of Us (tekijä: Alice Kuipers)2016
The Mirk and Midnight Hour (tekijä: Jane Nickerson)2016
Unspeakable (tekijä: Caroline Pignat)2016
Straight Punch (tekijä: Monique Polak)2016
Blue Gold: A Novel (tekijä: Elizabeth Stewart)2016
The Rule of Three (tekijä: Eric Walters)2016
The Rising (tekijä: Kelley Armstrong)2015
Graffiti Knight (tekijä: Karen Bass)2015
Undercurrent (tekijä: Paul Blackwell)2015
Over My Head (Wildlings) (Volume 2) (tekijä: Charles de Lint)2015
Until Today (tekijä: Pam Fluttert)2015
An Infidel in Paradise (tekijä: S.J. Laidlaw)2015
War Brothers (tekijä: Sharon E. McKay)2015
Tag Along (tekijä: Tom Ryan)2015
The Color of Silence (tekijä: Liane Shaw)2015
Who I'm Not (tekijä: Ted Staunton)2015
Slated (tekijä: Teri Terry)2015
Power Play (tekijä: Eric Walters)2015
Running On Empty (tekijä: Don Aker)2014
The Calling (tekijä: Kelley Armstrong)2014
Seraphina (tekijä: Rachel Hartman)2014
Three Little Words (tekijä: Sarah N. Harvey)2014
40 Things I Want To Tell You: A Novel (tekijä: Alice Kuipers)2014
The Prisoner of Snowflake Falls (tekijä: John Lekich)2014
The Opposite of Tidy (tekijä: Carrie Mac)2014
I, Witness (tekijä: Norah McClintock)2014
Getting Over Garrett Delaney (tekijä: Abby McDonald)2014
The Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Larsen (tekijä: Susin Nielsen)2014
Such Wicked Intent (tekijä: Kenneth Oppel)2014
Hemlock (tekijä: Kathleen Peacock)2014
Rebel Heart (tekijä: Moira Young)2014
Julma maa (tekijä: Moira Young)2013
All Good Children (tekijä: Catherine Austen)2013
Death Benefits (tekijä: Sarah N. Harvey)2013
Once Every Never (tekijä: Lesley Livingston)2013
My Beating Teenage Heart (tekijä: C. K. Kelly Martin)2013
Half Brother (tekijä: Kenneth Oppel)2013
This Dark Endeavor (tekijä: Kenneth Oppel)2013
Fishtailing (tekijä: Wendy Phillips)2013
The Vampire Stalker (tekijä: Allison Van Diepen)2013
Just Deserts (tekijä: Eric Walters)2013
Written in Blood (tekijä: John Wilson)2013
The Gryphon Project (tekijä: Carrie Mac)2012
Piiraan maku makea (tekijä: Alan Bradley)2012
Swim the Fly (tekijä: Don Calame)2012
Living Outside the Lines (tekijä: Lesley Choyce)2012
Not Suitable for Family Viewing (tekijä: Vicki Grant)2012
My Parents are Sex Maniacs: A High School Horror Story (tekijä: Robyn Harding)2012
Pop (tekijä: Gordon Korman)2012
Wondrous Strange (tekijä: Lesley Livingston)2012
Dreamfire (tekijä: Nicole Luiken)2012
Shadow Boxing (tekijä: Sherie Posesorski)2012 (tekijä: Liane Shaw)2012
The Uninvited (tekijä: Tim Wynne-Jones)2012
The Summoning (tekijä: Kelley Armstrong)2011
The Lit Report (Young Adult Novels) (tekijä: Sarah N. Harvey)2011
Gotcha! (tekijä: Shelley Hrdlitschka)2011
Getting the Girl: A Guide to Private Investigation, Surveillance, and Cookery (tekijä: Susan Juby)2011
The Apprentice's Masterpiece: A Story of Medieval Spain (tekijä: Melanie Little)2011
Word Nerd (tekijä: Susin Nielsen)2011
Starclimber (tekijä: Kenneth Oppel)2011
One for Sorrow (tekijä: Mary C. Sheppard)2011
Gravity Journal (Great Plains Teen Fiction) (tekijä: Gail Sidonie Sobat)2011
Chanda's Wars (tekijä: Allan Stratton)2011
My Mother Is a French Fry and Further Proof of My Fuzzed-Up Life (tekijä: Colleen Sydor)2011
Lockdown (tekijä: Diane Tullson)2011
Alexandria of Africa (tekijä: Eric Walters)2011
The Space Between (tekijä: Don Aker)2010
The Way Lies North (tekijä: Jean Rae Baxter)2010
The Warrior's Daughter (tekijä: Holly Bennett)2010
Mistik Lake (tekijä: Martha Brooks)2010
The End of the World As We Know It (tekijä: Lesley Choyce)2010
The Black Sheep (tekijä: Yvonne Collins)2010
The New and Improved Vivien Leigh Reid: Diva in Control (tekijä: Yvonne Collins)2010
Tin Angel (tekijä: Shannon Cowan)2010
I.D. (tekijä: Vicki Grant)2010
A Is For Angst (tekijä: Barbara Haworth-Attard)2010
GirlSpoken: From Pen, Brush & Tongue (tekijä: Jessica Hein)2010
Another Kind of Cowboy (tekijä: Susan Juby)2010
Frost (tekijä: Nicole Luiken)2010
A New Choice (The New Beginnings #1) (tekijä: Michelle Lynn)2010
The Freak II: Visions (Bk. 2) (tekijä: Carol Matas)2010
The Whirlwind (tekijä: Carol Matas)2010
The Night Wanderer: A Native Gothic Novel (tekijä: Drew Hayden Taylor)2010
Power Plays (tekijä: Maureen Ulrich)2010
Sketches (tekijä: Eric Walters)2010
The Droughtlanders (tekijä: Carrie Mac)2009
Can You Spell Revolution? (tekijä: Matt Beam)2009
The Bonemender's Oath (tekijä: Holly Bennett)2009
The Scarlet Cross (tekijä: Karleen Bradford)2009
Out of Focus (tekijä: Margaret Buffie)2009
In the Garage (tekijä: Alma Fullerton)2009
View from a Kite (tekijä: Maureen Hull)2009
A Very Fine Line (tekijä: Julie Johnston)2009
Past Crimes (tekijä: Carol Matas)2009
Tell (tekijä: Norah McClintock)2009
The Raintree Rebellion (tekijä: Janet McNaughton)2009
Beauty Returns (tekijä: Sylvia McNicoll)2009
Painting Caitlyn (tekijä: Kimberly Joy Peters)2009
Featherless Bipeds (tekijä: Richard Scarsbrook)2009
Me and the Blondes (tekijä: Teresa Toten)2009
Zero (tekijä: Diane Tullson)2009
Grist (tekijä: Heather Waldorf)2009
Kanada (tekijä: Eva Wiseman)2009
Red Sea (tekijä: Diane Tullson)2008
One on One (tekijä: Don Aker)2008
The Freedom of Jenny (tekijä: Julie Burtinshaw)2008
After (tekijä: Francis Chalifour)2008
Turning, The (tekijä: Gillian Chan)2008
Season of Rage: Hugh Burnett and the Struggle for Civil Rights (tekijä: John Cooper)2008
The Isabel Factor (tekijä: Gayle Friesen)2008
Something Girl (tekijä: Beth Goobie)2008
Forget-Me-Not (tekijä: Barbara Haworth-Attard)2008
Alice MacLeod, Realist at Last (tekijä: Susan Juby)2008
The Aquanauts (tekijä: John Lunn)2008
Just Ask Us: A Conversation with First Nations Teenage Moms (tekijä: Sylvia Olsen)2008
The Greenies (tekijä: Myra Paperny)2008
The Cure for Crushes: (and Other Deadly Plagues) (tekijä: Karen Rivers)2008
Evil Masters: The Frightening World of Tyrants (tekijä: Laura Scandiffio)2008
Seraphina's Circle (tekijä: Jocelyn Shipley)2008
Resurrection Blues (tekijä: Mike Tanner)2008
Rooster (tekijä: Don Trembath)2008
Four Steps to Death (tekijä: John Wilson)2008
The Beckoners (tekijä: Carrie Mac)2007
Angeline (tekijä: Karleen Bradford)2007
The Little Book of Canadian Political Wisdom (tekijä: Rick Broadhead)2007
Smoke and Mirrors (tekijä: Lesley Choyce)2007
Mosh Pit (tekijä: Kristyn Dunnion)2007
Three Wishes: Palestinian and Israeli Children Speak (tekijä: Deborah Ellis)2007
In Your Face: The Culture of Beauty and You (tekijä: Shari Graydon)2007
Miss Smithers (tekijä: Susan Juby)2007
Son of the Mob 2: Hollywood Hustle (tekijä: Gordon Korman)2007
Esther (tekijä: Sharon E. McKay)2007
White Girl (tekijä: Sylvia Olsen)2007
Airborn (tekijä: Kenneth Oppel)2007
Last Sam's Cage (tekijä: David A. Poulsen)2007
Rules For Life (tekijä: Darlene Ryan)2007
Chasing Shadows: A Shelby Belgarden Mystery (tekijä: Valerie Sherrard)2007
Chanda's Secrets (tekijä: Allan Stratton)2007
Sister to the Wolf (tekijä: Maxine Trottier)2007
Blue Highway (tekijä: Diane Tullson)2007
Fighting the Current (tekijä: Heather Waldorf)2007
Theories of Relativity (tekijä: Barbara Haworth-Attard)2006
Tapestry of hope : Holocaust writing for young people (tekijä: Lillian. Watts Boraks-Nemetz, Irene N.)2006
The Dirt Eaters (tekijä: Dennis Foon)2006
I Remember Korea: Veterans Tell Their Stories of the Korean War, 1950-53 (tekijä: Linda Granfield)2006
Made You Look: How Advertising Works and Why You Should Know (tekijä: Shari Graydon)2006
Waiting For Sarah (tekijä: James Heneghan)2006
Digging for Philip (tekijä: Greg Jackson-Davis)2006
Jake, Reinvented (tekijä: Gordon Korman)2006
Ann and Seamus (tekijä: Kevin Major)2006
An Earthly Knight (tekijä: Janet McNaughton)2006
The Girl With a Baby (tekijä: Sylvia Olsen)2006
Cheeseburger Subversive (tekijä: Richard Scarsbrook)2006
Initiation (tekijä: Virginia Frances Schwartz)2006
Nobody's Child (tekijä: Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch)2006
Sister to the Wolf (tekijä: Maxine Trottier)2006
And in the Morning (tekijä: John Wilson)2006
Flames of the Tiger (tekijä: John Wilson)2006
The Princess Pawn (tekijä: Maggie L. Wood)2006
The Bone Collector's Son (tekijä: Paul Yee)2006
Throwaway Daughter (tekijä: Ting-Xing Ye)2006


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