Seymour Medal

Given by Society for American Baseball Researchers

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The Dr. Harold and Dorothy Seymour Medal honors the best book of baseball history or biography published during the preceding calendar year.

Kaikki, Winner (28), Finalist (84)
Kaikki, 2023 (1), 2022 (1), 2021 (1), 2020 (3), 2019 (6), 2018 (5), 2017 (4), 2016 (4), 2015 (4), 2014 (4), 2013 (3), 2012 (3), 2011 (4), 2010 (3), 2009 (3), 2008 (3), 2007 (5), 2006 (4), 2005 (3), 2004 (5), 2003 (7), 2002 (4), 2001 (4), 2000 (7), 1999 (6), 1998 (5), 1997 (5), 1996 (5)

Winner 28

Intentional Balk: Baseball's Thin Line Between Innovation and Cheating (tekijä: Daniel Levitt)2023
Forty Years a Giant: The Life of Horace Stoneham (tekijä: Steven Treder)2022
Stealing Home: Los Angeles, the Dodgers, and the Lives Caught in Between (tekijä: Eric Nusbaum)2021
Oscar Charleston: The Life and Legend of Baseball's Greatest Forgotten Player (tekijä: Jeremy Beer)2020
The Big Fella: Babe Ruth and the World He Created (tekijä: Jane Leavy)2019
City of Dreams: Dodger Stadium and the Birth of Modern Los Angeles (tekijä: Jerald Podair)2018
The Eighth Wonder of the World: The Life of Houston's Iconic Astrodome (tekijä: Robert C. Trumpbour)2017
Billy Martin: Baseball's Flawed Genius (tekijä: Bill Pennington)2016
Mover and Shaker: Walter O'Malley, the Dodgers, and Baseball's Westward Expansion (tekijä: Andy McCue)2015
Smoky Joe Wood: The Biography of a Baseball Legend (tekijä: Gerald C. Wood)2014
Banzai Babe Ruth: Baseball, Espionage, and Assassination during the 1934 Tour of Japan (tekijä: Robert K. Fitts)2013
Fenway 1912: The Birth of a Ballpark, a Championship Season, and Fenway's Remarkable First Year (tekijä: Glenn Stout)2012
1921: The Yankees, the Giants, and the Battle for Baseball Supremacy in New York (tekijä: Lyle Spatz)2011
Satchel: The Life and Times of an American Legend (tekijä: Larry Tye)2010
Chief Bender's Burden: The Silent Struggle of a Baseball Star (tekijä: Tom Swift)2009
Branch Rickey: Baseball's Ferocious Gentleman (tekijä: Lee Lowenfish)2008
A Game of Inches: The Stories Behind the Innovations That Shaped Baseball Volume 1: The Game on the Field (tekijä: Peter Morris)2007
Baseball before We Knew It: A Search for the Roots of the Game (tekijä: David Block)2006
Negro League Baseball: The Rise and Ruin of a Black Institution (tekijä: Neil Lanctot)2005
Baseball Fever: Early Baseball in Michigan (tekijä: Peter Morris)2004
Breaking the Slump: Baseball in the Depression Era (tekijä: Charles C. Alexander)2003
Early Baseball and the Rise of the National League (tekijä: Tom Melville)2002
Past Time: Baseball As History (tekijä: Jules Tygiel)2001
Baseball's Pivotal Era, 1945-1951 (tekijä: William Marshall)2000
Baseball's Last Dynasty: Charlie Finley's Oakland A's (tekijä: Bruce Markusen)1999
The Detroit Tigers: Club and Community, 1945-1995 (tekijä: Patrick Harrigan)1998
Honus Wagner: The Life of Baseball's "Flying Dutchman" (tekijä: Arthur D. Hittner)1997
Fleet Walker's Divided Heart: The Life of Baseball's First Black Major Leaguer (tekijä: David W. Zang)1996

Finalist 84

Pastime Lost: The Humble, Original, and Now Completely Forgotten Game of English Baseball (tekijä: David Block)2020
Scouting and Scoring: How We Know What We Know about Baseball (tekijä: Christopher Phillips)2020
Gehrig and the Babe: The Friendship and the Feud (tekijä: Tony Castro)2019
The Cloudbuster Nine: The Untold Story of Ted Williams and the Baseball Team That Helped Win World War II (tekijä: Anne R. Keene)2019
Tom Yawkey: Patriarch of the Boston Red Sox (tekijä: Bill Nowlin)2019
Invisible Ball of Dreams: Literary Representations of Baseball behind the Color Line (tekijä: Emily Ruth Rutter)2019
The Presidents and the Pastime: The History of Baseball and the White House (tekijä: Curt Smith)2019
Casey Stengel: Baseball's Greatest Character (tekijä: Marty Appel)2018
The Streak: Lou Gehrig, Cal Ripken Jr., and Baseball's Most Historic Record (tekijä: John Eisenberg)2018
Home Team: The Turbulent History of the San Francisco Giants (tekijä: Robert F. Garratt)2018
Bloomer Girls: Women Baseball Pioneers (Sport and Society) (tekijä: Debra A Shattuck)2018
God Almighty Hisself: The Life and Legacy of Dick Allen (tekijä: Mitchell Nathanson)2017
Terror in the City of Champions: Murder, Baseball, and the Secret Society that Shocked Depression-era Detroit (tekijä: Tom Stanton)2017
The Selling of the Babe: The Deal That Changed Baseball and Created a Legend (tekijä: Glenn Stout)2017
In Pursuit of Pennants: Baseball Operations from Deadball to Moneyball (tekijä: Mark L. Armour)2016
A Game of Their Own: Voices of Contemporary Women in Baseball (tekijä: Jennifer Ring)2016
The Colonel and Hug: The Partnership that Transformed the New York Yankees (tekijä: Steve Steinberg)2016
Baseball on Trial: The Origin of Baseball's Antitrust Exemption (tekijä: Nathaniel Grow)2015
The Chalmers Race: Ty Cobb, Napoleon Lajoie, and the Controversial 1910 Batting Title That Became a National Obsession (tekijä: Rick Huhn)2015
Johnny Evers: A Baseball Life (tekijä: Dennis Snelling)2015
The Baseball Trust: A History of Baseball's Antitrust Exemption (tekijä: Stuart Banner)2014
Color Blind: The Forgotten Team That Broke Baseball's Color Line (tekijä: Tom Dunkel)2014
The Bird: The Life and Legacy of Mark Fidrych (tekijä: Doug Wilson)2014
One Last Strike: Fifty Years in Baseball, Ten and a Half Games Back, and One Final Championship Season (tekijä: Tony La Russa)2013
Connie Mack: The Turbulent and Triumphant Years, 1915-1931 (tekijä: Norman L. Macht)2013
Campy: The Two Lives of Roy Campanella (tekijä: Neil Lanctot)2012
Baseball in the Garden of Eden: The Secret History of the Early Game (tekijä: John Thorn)2012
Fifty-Nine in '84 : Old Hoss Radbourn, Barehanded Baseball, and the Greatest Season a Pitcher Ever Had (tekijä: Edward Achorn)2011
Joe Cronin: A Life in Baseball (tekijä: Mark Armour)2011
The Last Boy: Mickey Mantle and the End of America's Childhood (tekijä: Jane Leavy)2011
Yogi Berra: Eternal Yankee (tekijä: Allen Barra)2010
After Many a Summer: The Passing of the Giants and Dodgers and a Golden Age in New York Baseball (tekijä: Robert E. Murphy)2010
Ed Barrow: The Bulldog Who Built the Yankees' First Dynasty (tekijä: Daniel R. Levitt)2009
"The Father of Baseball": A Biography of Henry Chadwick (tekijä: Andrew J. Schiff)2009
Playing America's Game: Baseball, Latinos, and the Color Line (tekijä: Adrian Burgos)2008
Connie Mack and the Early Years of Baseball (tekijä: Norman L. Macht)2008
When to Stop the Cheering?: The Black Press, the Black Community, and the Integration of Professional Baseball (Studies in African American History and Culture) (tekijä: Brian Carroll)2007
The Origins And History of the All-american Girls Professional Baseball League (tekijä: Merrie A. Fidler)2007
Spalding's World Tour: The Epic Adventure that Took Baseball Around the Globe - And Made It America's Game (tekijä: Mark Lamster)2007
A Well-Paid Slave: Curt Flood's Fight for Free Agency in Professional Sports (tekijä: Brad Snyder)2007
Breaking Into Baseball (tekijä: Jean Hastings Ardell)2006
Luckiest Man: The Life and Death of Lou Gehrig (tekijä: Jonathan Eig)2006
Tris Speaker: The Rough-and-Tumble Life of a Baseball Legend (tekijä: Timothy M. Gay)2006
The Golden Game: The Story of California Baseball (tekijä: Kevin Nelson)2005
The Numbers Game: Baseball's Lifelong Fascination with Statistics (tekijä: Alan Schwarz)2005
Baseball's Greatest Season, 1924 (tekijä: Reed Browning)2004
The Tour to End All Tours: The Story of Major League Baseball's 1913-1914 World Tour (tekijä: James E. Elfers)2004
Saying It's So: A Cultural History of the Black Sox Scandal (Sport and Society) (tekijä: Daniel A. Nathan)2004
Beyond the Shadow of the Senators : The Untold Story of the Homestead Grays and the Integration of Baseball (tekijä: Brad Snyder)2004
Shut Out: A Story of Race and Baseball in Boston (tekijä: Howard Bryant)2003
Before They Were Cardinals: Major League Baseball in Nineteenth-Century St. Louis (SPORTS & AMERICAN CULTURE) (tekijä: Jon David Cash)2003
The Negro Leagues, 1869-1960 (tekijä: Leslie A. Heaphy)2003
The End of Baseball As We Knew It: The Players Union, 1960-81 (Sport and Society) (tekijä: Charles Korr)2003
Sandy Koufax: A Lefty's Legacy (tekijä: Jane Leavy)2003
Taking in a Game: A History of Baseball in Asia (Jerry Malloy Prize) (tekijä: Joseph A. Reaves)2003
Much More Than a Game: Players, Owners, and American Baseball since 1921 (tekijä: Robert F. Burk)2002
Musial: From Stash to Stan the Man (tekijä: James N. Giglio)2002
Hal Chase: The Defiant Life and Turbulent Times of Baseball's Biggest Crook (tekijä: Martin Kohout)2002
More than Merkle: A History of the Best and Most Exciting Baseball Season in Human History (tekijä: David W. Anderson)2001
Cy Young: A Baseball Life (tekijä: Reed Browning)2001
Joe DiMaggio: The Hero's Life (tekijä: Richard Ben Cramer)2001
Brushing Back Jim Crow: The Integration of Minor-League Baseball in the American South (tekijä: Bruce Adelson)2000
A Clever Base-Ballist: The Life and Times of John Montgomery Ward (tekijä: Bryan Di Salvatore)2000
The Pride of Havana: A History of Cuban Baseball (tekijä: Roberto Gonzalez Echevarria)2000
Chris Von der Ahe and the St. Louis Browns (tekijä: J. Thomas Hetrick)2000
Smoke: The Romance and Lore of Cuban Baseball (tekijä: Mark Rucker)2000
The Independent Carolina Baseball League, 1936-1938: Baseball Outlaws (tekijä: R. G. Utley)2000
Koppett's Concise History of Major League Baseball (tekijä: Leonard Koppett)1999
Judge and Jury: The Life and Times of Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis (tekijä: David Pietrusza)1999
When Johnny Came Sliding Home: The Post-Civil War Baseball Boom, 1865-1870 (tekijä: William J. Ryczek)1999
Baseball's radical for all seasons : a biography of John Montgomery Ward (tekijä: David Stevens)1999
The League That Failed (tekijä: David Quentin Voigt)1999
Baseball on the Border (tekijä: Alan M. Klein)1998
Jackie Robinson: A Biography (tekijä: Arnold Rampersad)1998
Big Red Dynasty: How Bob Howsam & Sparky Anderson Built the Big Red Machine (tekijä: Greg Rhodes)1998
New York Yankee Openers: An Opening Day History of Baseball's Most Famous Team, 1903-1996 (tekijä: Lyle Spatz)1998
Slide, Kelly, Slide: The Wild Life and Times of Mike King Kelly (American Sports History Series) (tekijä: Marty Appel)1997
Honus Wagner: A Biography (tekijä: Dennis DeValeria)1997
Brooklyn's Dodgers: The Bums, the Borough, and the Best of Baseball, 1947-1957 (tekijä: Carl E. Prince)1997
Creating the National Pastime (tekijä: G. Edward White)1997
Rogers Hornsby: A Biography (tekijä: Charles C. Alexander)1996
Diamonds of the North: A Concise History of Baseball in Canada (tekijä: William Humber)1996
The Beer and Whiskey League: The Illustrated History of the American Association, Baseball's Renegade Major League (tekijä: David Nemec)1996
Walter Johnson: Baseball's Big Train (tekijä: Henry W. Thomas)1996


The Dr. Harold and Dorothy Seymour Medal honors the best book of baseball history or biography published during the preceding calendar year.

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Given by the Society for American Baseball Researchers. (English, Member-written)



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