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Muut nimet: The Age Book of the Year (englanti), Age Book of the Year Award (englanti), Dinny O'Hearn Poetry Prize (englanti)
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The Age Book of the Year Awards are annual literary awards presented by Melbourne's The Age newspaper. The awards were first presented in 1974. Since 1998 they have been presented as part of the näytä lisää Melbourne Writers Festival. Initially, two awards were given, one for fiction (or imaginative writing), the other for non-fiction work, but in 1993, a poetry award in honour of Dinny O'Hearn was added. The criteria are that the works be "of outstanding literary merit and express Australian identity or character" and published in the year before the awards are made. One of the award-winners is chosen as The Age Book of the Year. näytä vähemmän
Kaikki, Winner (74), Shortlist (290), No Stage (17)
Kaikki, Dinny O'Hearn Poetry Prize (16), Fiktio (184), Non fiction (37), Non-fiction (139), Runous (3), No Category (2)
Kaikki, 2022 (1), 2012 (13), 2011 (10), 2010 (10), 2009 (11), 2008 (11), 2007 (9), 2006 (10), 2005 (10), 2004 (10), 2003 (11), 2002 (11), 2001 (11), 2000 (9), 1999 (12), 1998 (9), 1997 (9), 1996 (11), 1995 (10), 1994 (9), 1993 (8), 1992 (9), 1991 (6), 1990 (8), 1989 (10), 1988 (10), 1987 (9), 1986 (9), 1985 (14), 1984 (14), 1983 (12), 1982 (11), 1981 (8), 1980 (7), 1979 (9), 1978 (15), 1977 (7), 1976 (7), 1975 (6), 1974 (5)

Winner 74

Foal's Bread (tekijä: Gillian Mears)Fiction2012
1835: The Founding of Melbourne & the Conquest of Australia (tekijä: James Boyce)Non fiction2012
Indelible Ink (tekijä: Fiona McGregor)Fiction2011
A Three-cornered Life: The Historian W.K. Hancock (tekijä: Jim Davidson)Non fiction2011
Lovesong (tekijä: Alex Miller)Fiction2010
Ten Hail Marys (tekijä: Kate Howarth)Non fiction2010
Things We Didn't See Coming (tekijä: Steven Amsterdam)Fiction2009
Down to the Crossroads (tekijä: Guy Rundle)Non fiction2009
Breath (tekijä: Tim Winton)Fiction2008
American Journeys (tekijä: Don Watson)Non fiction2008
Every Move You Make (tekijä: David Malouf)Fiction2007
Colonial Ambition (tekijä: Peter Cochrane)Non fiction2007
Dead Europe (tekijä: Christos Tsiolkas)Fiction2006
Velocity: A Memoir (tekijä: Mandy Sayer)Non fiction2006
Sixty Lights (tekijä: Gail Jones)Fiction2005
Plenty : digressions on food (tekijä: Gay Bilson)Non fiction2005
The White Earth (tekijä: Andrew McGahan)Fiction2004
A Death in Brazil: A Book of Omissions (tekijä: Peter Robb)Non fiction2004
Of a Boy (tekijä: Sonya Hartnett)Fiction2003
Charles Conder: The Last Bohemian (tekijä: Ann Galbally)Non fiction2003
Gilgamesh (tekijä: Joan London)Fiction2002
Recollections of a Bleeding Heart: Paul Keating PM (tekijä: Don Watson)Non fiction2002
Kellyn kopla : tosi tarina (tekijä: Peter Carey)Fiction2001
The life and myth of Charmian Clift (tekijä: Nadia Wheatley)Non fiction2001
Isobel on the Way to the Corner Shop (tekijä: Amy Witting)Fiction2000
Craft for a Dry Lake (tekijä: Kim Mahood)Non fiction2000
The Deep Field (tekijä: James Bradley)Fiction1999
Sacred Places: War Memorials in the Australian Landscape (tekijä: K. S. Inglis)Non fiction1999
Three Dollars (tekijä: Elliot Perlman)Fiction1998
The Reds (tekijä: Stuart Macintyre)Non fiction1998
Jack Maggs (tekijä: Peter Carey)Fiction1997
Snake Cradle (tekijä: Roberta B. Sykes)Non fiction1997
The Multiple Effects of Rainshadow (tekijä: Thea Astley)Fiction1996
Robin Boyd: A Life (Melbourne University Press Australian Lives) (tekijä: Geoffrey Serle)Non fiction1996
Billy Sunday: A Novel (tekijä: Rod Jones)Fiction1995
The Future Eaters: An Ecological History of the Australasian Lands and People (tekijä: Tim Flannery)Non fiction1995
The Unusual Life of Tristan Smith (tekijä: Peter Carey)Fiction1994
Lyrebird rising : Louise Hanson-Dyer of Oiseau-Lyre, 1884-1962 (tekijä: Jim Davidson)Non fiction1994
The Georges' Wife (tekijä: Elizabeth Jolley)Fiction1993
Journeyings: The Biography of a Middle-Class Generation 1920-1990 (tekijä: Janet McCalman)Non fiction1993
Lovers' Knots (tekijä: Marion Halligan)Fiction1992
A Fence Around the Cuckoo (tekijä: Ruth Park)Non fiction1992
Double-Wolf (tekijä: Brian Castro)Fiction1991
Patrick White: A Life (tekijä: David Marr)Non fiction1991
Longleg (tekijä: Glenda Adams)Fiction1990
Blessed city: The letters of Gwen Harwood to Thomas Riddell, January to September 1943 (Imprint) (tekijä: Gwen Harwood)Non fiction1990
Mariners are warned! : John Lort Stokes and H.M.S. Beagle in Australia 1837-1843 (tekijä: Marsden Hordern)Non fiction1989
Forty-seventeen (tekijä: Frank Moorhouse)Fiction1988
Big-noting : the heroic theme in Australian war writing (tekijä: Robin Gerster)Non fiction1988
Stories from the Warm Zone (tekijä: Jessica Anderson)Fiction1987
The Fatal Shore (tekijä: Robert Hughes)Non fiction1987
Sister Ships and other stories (tekijä: Joan London)Fiction1986
George Johnston: A biography (tekijä: Garry Kinnane)Non fiction1986
Illywhacker (tekijä: Peter Carey)Fiction1985
Mapping The Paddocks (tekijä: Chester Eagle)Non fiction1985
Vietnam: A Reporter's War (tekijä: Hugh Lunn)Non fiction1985
The Bellarmine Jug (tekijä: Nicholas Hasluck)Fiction1984
H.B. Higgins: The Rebel as Judge (tekijä: John Rickard)Non fiction1984
Mr. Scobie's Riddle (tekijä: Elizabeth Jolley)Fiction1983
A history of Tasmania. Volume I. Van Diemen's Land from the earliest times to 1855 (tekijä: L. L. Robson)Non fiction1983
Fly Away Peter (tekijä: David Malouf)Fiction1982
John Monash: A Biography (tekijä: Geoffrey Serle)Non fiction1982
A Million Wild Acres (tekijä: Eric C. Rolls)Non fiction1981
Homesickness (tekijä: Murray Bail)Fiction1980
A Woman of the Future (tekijä: David Ireland)Fiction1980
1915 (tekijä: Roger McDonald)Fiction1979
The Year of Living Dangerously (tekijä: Christopher J. Koch)Fiction1978
The Anzacs (tekijä: Patsy Adam-Smith)Non fiction1978
A certain grandeur : Gough Whitlam in politics (tekijä: Graham Freudenberg)Non fiction1977
A late picking : poems 1965-1974 (tekijä: A. D. Hope)Fiction1976
Capitalism, Socialism and the Environment (tekijä: Hugh Stretton)Non fiction1976
A Kindness Cup (tekijä: Thea Astley)Fiction1975
Pure Land (tekijä: David Foster)Fiction1974
A History of Australia, Vol. 3: The Beginning of an Australian Civilization 1824-1851 (tekijä: Manning Clark)Non fiction1974

Shortlist 290

What the Family Needed: A Novel (tekijä: Steven Amsterdam)Fiction2012
Spirit House (tekijä: Mark Dapin)Fiction2012
The Meaning of Grace (tekijä: Deborah Forster)Fiction2012
Forecast: Turbulence (tekijä: Janette Turner Hospital)Fiction2012
Double Entry: How the Merchants of Venice Created Modern Finance (tekijä: Jane Gleeson-White)Non-fiction2012
Hiroshima Nagasaki: The Real Story of the Atomic Bombings and Their Aftermath (tekijä: Paul Ham)Non-fiction2012
Kinglake-350 (tekijä: Adrian Hyland)Non-fiction2012
Fishing the River of Time (tekijä: Tony Taylor)Non-fiction2012
First Light (tekijä: Kate Fagan)Poetry2012
The Welfare of My Enemy (tekijä: Anthony Lawrence)Poetry2012
Late night shopping (tekijä: Rhyll McMaster)Poetry2012
Like being a wife (tekijä: Catherine Harris)Fiction2011
The Mary Smokes Boys (tekijä: Patrick Holland)Fiction2011
Bright and Distant Shores (tekijä: Dominic Smith)Fiction2011
Bereft (tekijä: Chris Womersley)Fiction2011
Sydney (tekijä: Delia Falconer)Non-fiction2011
When It Rains: A Memoir (tekijä: Maggie MacKellar)Non-fiction2011
When horse became saw (tekijä: Anthony Macris)Non-fiction2011
The many worlds of R. H. Mathews : in search of an Australian anthropologist (tekijä: Martin Thomas)Non-fiction2011
Parrot and Olivier in America (tekijä: Peter Carey)Fiction2010
Kesä : kohtauksia syrjäisestä elämästä (tekijä: J. M. Coetzee)Fiction2010
The World Beneath (tekijä: Cate Kennedy)Fiction2010
Come Inside (tekijä: G L Osborne)Fiction2010
Flying with paper wings : reflections on living with madness (tekijä: Sandy Jeffs)Non-fiction2010
Listening to Country: A Journey to the Heart of What It Means to Belong (tekijä: Ros Moriarty)Non-fiction2010
The lost mother : a story of art and love (tekijä: Anne Summers)Non-fiction2010
Otherland: A Journey with My Daughter (tekijä: Maria Tumarkin)Non-fiction2010
Look Who's Morphing (tekijä: Tom Cho)Fiction2009
Butterfly (tekijä: Sonya Hartnett)Fiction2009
Cooee: A Novel (tekijä: Vivienne Kelly)Fiction2009
Ransom (tekijä: David Malouf)Fiction2009
Gough Whitlam: A Moment in History (tekijä: Jenny Hocking)Non-fiction2009
Tall Man: The Death of Doomadgee (tekijä: Chloe Hooper)Non-fiction2009
Darwin's Armada: Four Voyages and the Battle for the Theory of Evolution (tekijä: Iain McCalman)Non-fiction2009
The Red Highway (tekijä: Nicolas Rothwell)Non-fiction2009
Huonon vuoden päiväkirja (tekijä: J. M. Coetzee)Fiction2008
Burning in (tekijä: Mireille Juchau)Fiction2008
The Orphan Gunner (tekijä: Sara Knox)Fiction2008
The Good Parents (tekijä: Joan London)Fiction2008
I Am Melba (tekijä: Ann Blainey)Non-fiction2008
Van Diemen's Land (tekijä: James Boyce)Non-fiction2008
An Exacting Heart: The Story of Hephzibah Menuhin (tekijä: Jacqueline Kent)Non-fiction2008
A Family History of Smoking (tekijä: Andrew Riemer)Non-fiction2008
The Time We Have Taken (tekijä: Steven Carroll)Fiction2007
Sucked In (tekijä: Shane Maloney)Fiction2007
Careless (tekijä: Deborah Robertson)Fiction2007
Carpentaria (tekijä: Alexis Wright)Fiction2007
Back from the Brink: How Australia's Landscape can be Saved (tekijä: Peter Andrews)Non-fiction2007
Unpolished Gem: My Mother, My Grandmother, and Me (tekijä: Alice Pung)Non-fiction2007
The Resurrectionist (tekijä: James Bradley)Fiction2006
Hidas mies (tekijä: J. M. Coetzee)Fiction2006
The Secret River (tekijä: Kate Grenville)Fiction2006
A trial separation : Australia and the decolonisation of Papua New Guinea (tekijä: Donald Denoon)Non-fiction2006
Ilmaston muuttajat (tekijä: Tim Flannery)Non-fiction2006
Thunder from the Silent Zone: Rethinking China (tekijä: Paul Monk)Non-fiction2006
Florence Broadhurst: Her Secret & Extraordinary Lives (tekijä: Helen O'Neill)Non-fiction2006
Surrender (tekijä: Sonya Hartnett)Fiction2005
The Marsh Birds (tekijä: Eva Sallis)Fiction2005
I Have Kissed Your Lips (tekijä: Gerard Windsor)Fiction2005
A certain maritime incident : the sinking of SIEV X (tekijä: Tony Kevin)Non-fiction2005
Leaving Year Zero: Stories of Surviving Pol Pot's Cambodia (tekijä: Richard Lunn)Non-fiction2005
In Tasmania: Adventures at the End of the World (tekijä: Nicholas Shakespeare)Non-fiction2005
Pig City: From the Saints to Savage Garden (tekijä: Andrew Stafford)Non-fiction2005
March (tekijä: Geraldine Brooks)2005
My Life as a Fake (tekijä: Peter Carey)Fiction2004
The Boy (tekijä: Julian Davies)Fiction2004
How the Light Gets In (tekijä: M. J. Hyland)Fiction2004
Inside Out (tekijä: Robert Adamson)Non-fiction2004
Einstein's Heroes: Imagining the World Through the Language of Mathematics (tekijä: Robyn Arianrhod)Non-fiction2004
Dancing With Strangers: Europeans and Australians at First Contact (tekijä: Inga Clendinnen)Non-fiction2004
Car Wars : How the Car Won Our Hearts and Conquered Our Cities (tekijä: Graeme Davison)Non-fiction2004
Shanghai Dancing (tekijä: Brian Castro)Fiction2003
Black Mirror (tekijä: Gail Jones)Fiction2003
The Hamilton Case (tekijä: Michelle de Kretser)Fiction2003
Journey to the Stone Country (tekijä: Alex Miller)Fiction2003
The Philosopher's Dog (tekijä: Raimond Gaita)Non-fiction2003
Broken Song: T.G.H. Strehlow and Aboriginal Possession (tekijä: Barry Hill)Non-fiction2003
Black sheep : journey to Borroloola (tekijä: Nicholas Jose)Non-fiction2003
Pushing Time Away: My Grandfather and the Tragedy of Jewish Vienna (tekijä: Peter Singer)Non-fiction2003
Confessing a Murder (tekijä: Nicholas Drayson)Fiction2002
Gould's Book of Fish (tekijä: Richard Flanagan)Fiction2002
Moral Hazard (tekijä: Kate Jennings)Fiction2002
Maantiemusiikkia (tekijä: Tim Winton)Fiction2002
Gallipoli (tekijä: Les Carlyon)Non-fiction2002
Stasiland: Stories from Behind the Berlin Wall (tekijä: Anna Funder)Non-fiction2002
The Carpet Wars: From Kabul to Baghdad: A Ten-Year Journey Along Ancient Trade Routes (tekijä: Christopher Kremmer)Non-fiction2002
An Indelible Stain?: The Question of Genocide in Australia's History (tekijä: Henry Reynolds)Non-fiction2002
Last Drinks (tekijä: Andrew McGahan)Fiction2001
Conditions of Faith (tekijä: Alex Miller)Fiction2001
Dark Palace (tekijä: Frank Moorhouse)Fiction2001
Flying in Silence (tekijä: Gerry Turcotte)Fiction2001
The White Divers of Broome. The true story of a fatal experiment (tekijä: John Bailey)Non-fiction2001
The colonial earth (tekijä: Tim Bonyhady)Non-fiction2001
Broken Circles: Fragmenting Indigenous Families 1800-2000 (tekijä: Anna Haebich)Non-fiction2001
The Essence of Capitalism: The Origins of Our Future (tekijä: Humphrey McQueen)Non-fiction2001
Drylands (tekijä: Thea Astley)Fiction2000
Tin toys (tekijä: Anson Cameron)Fiction2000
NYC (tekijä: Catherine Ford)Fiction2000
Tiger's Eye: A Memoir (tekijä: Inga Clendinnen)Non-fiction2000
A Better Woman : A Memoir of Motherhood (tekijä: Susan Johnson)Non-fiction2000
Stravinsky's Lunch (tekijä: Drusilla Modjeska)Non-fiction2000
Prowler (tekijä: Marion Campbell)Fiction1999
Last of the sane days (tekijä: Fiona Capp)Fiction1999
Layers of the city (tekijä: Antoni Jach)Fiction1999
The Hunter (tekijä: Julia Leigh)Fiction1999
Burning Sunday (tekijä: Michael McCoy)Fiction1999
Ngarrindjeri Wurruwarrin: A World That Is, Was and Will Be (tekijä: Diane Bell)Non-fiction1999
White Nation: Fantasies of White Supremacy in a Multicultural Society (tekijä: Ghassan Hage)Non-fiction1999
Sex and Suffering: Women's Health and a Women's Hospital (tekijä: Janet McCalman)Non-fiction1999
Frontier Lands and Pioneer Legends: How Pastoralists Gained Karuwali Land (tekijä: Pamela Lukin Watson)Non-fiction1999
Sins of the brother: The definitive story of Ivan Milat and the backpacker murders (tekijä: Mark Whittaker)Non-fiction1999
Eukalyptus (tekijä: Murray Bail)Fiction1998
The Golden Dress (tekijä: Marion Halligan)Fiction1998
Mr. Darwin's Shooter (tekijä: Roger McDonald)Fiction1998
Sister, Sister (tekijä: Anna Rosner Blay)Non-fiction1998
South of my days : a biography of Judith Wright (tekijä: Veronica Brady)Non-fiction1998
Romulus, My Father (tekijä: Raimond Gaita)Non-fiction1998
Stepper (tekijä: Brian Castro)Fiction1997
The Service of Clouds (tekijä: Delia Falconer)Fiction1997
The Chosen (tekijä: David Ireland)Fiction1997
The Europeans in Australia : a history (tekijä: Alan Atkinson)Non-fiction1997
The Fiftieth Gate (tekijä: Mark Raphael Baker)Non-fiction1997
Kirjeitä yöstä (tekijä: Robert Dessaix)Fiction1996
The Drowner (tekijä: Robert Drewe)Fiction1996
The Glade within the Grove (tekijä: David Foster)Fiction1996
The Island in the Mind (tekijä: Rodney Hall)Fiction1996
The Conversations at Curlow Creek (tekijä: David Malouf)Fiction1996
Keating: The Inside Story (tekijä: John Edwards)Non-fiction1996
Hunters and Collectors: The Antiquarian Imagination in Australia (Studies in Australian History) (tekijä: Tom Griffiths)Non-fiction1996
Spaces in Her Day: Australian Women's Diaries, 1920s and 1930s (tekijä: Katie Holmes)Non-fiction1996
Death of a River Guide (tekijä: Richard Flanagan)Fiction1995
The Grass Sister (tekijä: Gillian Mears)Fiction1995
The sitters (tekijä: Alex Miller)Fiction1995
Bearbrass : imagining early Melbourne (tekijä: Robyn Annear)Non-fiction1995
The First Stone: Some Questions About Sex and Power (tekijä: Helen Garner)Non-fiction1995
One Summer, Every Summer - An Ashes Journal (tekijä: Gideon Haigh)Non-fiction1995
Good Times, Hard Times: The Past and the Future in Elizabeth (tekijä: Mark Peel)Non-fiction1995
Coda (tekijä: Thea Astley)Fiction1994
The White Woman (Uqp Paperbacks) (tekijä: Liam Davison)Fiction1994
Seasonal Adjustments (tekijä: Adib Khan)Fiction1994
Rose Scott: Vision and Revision in Feminism (tekijä: Judith A. Allen)Non-fiction1994
Georgiana : a biography of Georgiana McCrae, painter, diarist, pioneer (tekijä: Brenda Niall)Non-fiction1994
Noel Counihan: Artist and Revolutionary (tekijä: Bernard Smith)Non-fiction1994
Soundings (Uqp Fiction) (tekijä: Liam Davison)Fiction1993
The Mule's Foal (tekijä: Fotini Epanomitis)Fiction1993
The Toucher (tekijä: Dorothy Hewett)Fiction1993
Take Me to Paris, Johnny (tekijä: John Foster)Non-fiction1993
Christina Stead: A Biography (tekijä: Hazel Rowley)Non-fiction1993
Vanishing Points (tekijä: Thea Astley)Fiction1992
Micky Darlin' (tekijä: Victor Kelleher)Fiction1992
The Ancestor Game (tekijä: Alex Miller)Fiction1992
Wards of the state : an autobiographical novella (tekijä: Robert Adamson)Non-fiction1992
Tell Me I'm Here: One Family's Experience of Schizophrenia (tekijä: Anne Deveson)Non-fiction1992
Waterloo Creek : the Australia Day massacre of 1838, George Gipps and the British conquest of New South Wales (tekijä: Roger Milliss)Non-fiction1992
Inside Outside: Life Between Two Worlds (Imprint Lives) (tekijä: Andrew Riemer)Non-fiction1992
Cloudstreet (tekijä: Tim Winton)Fiction1991
Sitting in (tekijä: Barry Hill)Non-fiction1991
My strange friend: An autobiography (Picador) (tekijä: David Martin)Non-fiction1991
The Seeds of Time: The Life of Sir Macfarlane Burnet (tekijä: Christopher Sexton)Non-fiction1991
Spider Cup (tekijä: Marion Halligan)Fiction1990
The Great World (tekijä: David Malouf)Fiction1990
Translation (tekijä: John A. Scott)Fiction1990
Marriages (tekijä: Amy Witting)Fiction1990
Australians at home : a documentary history of Australian domestic interiors from 1788 to 1914 (tekijä: Terence Lane)Non-fiction1990
Poppy (tekijä: Drusilla Modjeska)Non-fiction1990
Company of Images (tekijä: Janine Burke)Fiction1989
The Mountain (tekijä: Graham Henderson)Fiction1989
Towards Asmara (tekijä: Thomas Keneally)Fiction1989
The bathing-machine called the twentieth century (tekijä: Nigel Krauth)Fiction1989
I for Isobel (tekijä: Amy Witting)Fiction1989
The Puzzles of Childhood (tekijä: Manning Clark)Non-fiction1989
Don't Take Your Love to Town (tekijä: Ruby Langford)Non-fiction1989
Martin Boyd, a life (tekijä: Brenda Niall)Non-fiction1989
MY FATHER'S SON (tekijä: Ric Throssell)Non-fiction1989
It's Raining in Mango (tekijä: Thea Astley)Fiction1988
Oscar ja Lucinda (tekijä: Peter Carey)Fiction1988
Joan Makes History (tekijä: Kate Grenville)Fiction1988
Out of the Line of Fire (tekijä: Mark Henshaw)Fiction1988
Louisa (tekijä: Brian Matthews)Non-fiction1988
Survival in Our Own Land: 'Aboriginal' Experiences in 'South Australia' since 1836 (tekijä: Christobel Mattingley)Non-fiction1988
Paradise found and lost (tekijä: O. H. K. Spate)Non-fiction1988
Two Centuries of Panic: A History of Corporate Collapses in Australia (tekijä: Trevor Sykes)Non-fiction1988
Holden's Performance (tekijä: Murray Bail)Fiction1987
Propinquity (tekijä: John Macgregor)Fiction1987
Home Is the Sailor (tekijä: Nancy Phelan)Fiction1987
Sky poems (tekijä: Philip Salom)Fiction1987
Arthur Phillip, 1738-1814: His Voyaging (tekijä: Alan Frost)Non-fiction1987
The limits of hope : soldier settlement in Victoria, 1915-38 (tekijä: Marilyn Lake)Non-fiction1987
Whole Life: An Autobiography (tekijä: Morris Lurie)Non-fiction1987
Auschwitz Poems (tekijä: Lily Brett)Fiction1986
Postcards from Surfers (tekijä: Helen Garner)Fiction1986
Going Home: Stories (tekijä: Archie Weller)Fiction1986
The Soldiers Story (tekijä: Terry Burstall)Non-fiction1986
The war diaries of Weary Dunlop : Java and the Burma-Thailand Railway 1942-1945 (tekijä: E. E. Dunlop)Non-fiction1986
Plankton's luck: A life in retrospect (tekijä: Mungo MacCallum)Non-fiction1986
Heroes (tekijä: John Pilger)Non-fiction1986
Home Time (tekijä: Beverley Farmer)Fiction1985
Dog Rock (tekijä: David Foster)Fiction1985
The Children's Bach (tekijä: Helen Garner)Fiction1985
Selected poems 1963-1983 (tekijä: Robert Gray)Fiction1985
A Family Madness (tekijä: Thomas Keneally)Fiction1985
The Doubleman (tekijä: C. J. Koch)Fiction1985
Benton's conviction (tekijä: Geoff Page)Fiction1985
Memory Ireland: Insights Into the Contemporary Irish Condition (tekijä: Vincent Buckley)Non-fiction1985
A Knockabout With A Slouch Hat (tekijä: T. A. G. Hungerford)Non-fiction1985
Raffaello! Raffaello!: A biography of Raffaello Carboni (tekijä: Desmond O'Grady)Non-fiction1985
The moon man : a biography of Nikolai Miklouho-Maclay (tekijä: E. M. Webster)Non-fiction1985
The Man Who Stayed Below (tekijä: Alan Gould)Fiction1984
Stories from suburban road : an autobiographical collection, 1920-1939 (tekijä: T. A. G. Hungerford)Fiction1984
Harland's Half Acre (tekijä: David Malouf)Fiction1984
Loving Daughters (tekijä: Olga Masters)Fiction1984
Serpent's Tooth: An Autobiographical Novel (tekijä: Roger Milliss)Fiction1984
Shallows (tekijä: Tim Winton)Fiction1984
Punishment short of death : a history of the penal settlement at Norfolk Island (tekijä: Margaret Hazzard)Non-fiction1984
Struggletown: Public and Private Life in Richmond, 1900-1965 (tekijä: Janet McCalman)Non-fiction1984
Will Dyson: Cartoonist, etcher, and Australia's finest war artist (tekijä: Ross McMullin)Non-fiction1984
Wild man of letters: The story of P.R. Stephensen (tekijä: Craig Munro)Non-fiction1984
The boy Adeodatus : the portrait of a lucky young bastard (tekijä: Bernard Smith)Non-fiction1984
Gilbert Murray: A Life (tekijä: F R West)Non-fiction1984
The Bodysurfers (tekijä: Robert Drewe)Fiction1983
The cure (tekijä: Peter Kocan)Fiction1983
Doctor Wooreddy's Prescription for Enduring the Ending of the World (tekijä: Mudrooroo)Fiction1983
The People's Otherworld (tekijä: Les A. Murray)Fiction1983
Full fathom five (tekijä: Mary Albertus Bain)Non-fiction1983
Shackleton's Forgotten Men: The Untold Tragedy of the Endurance Epic (Adrenaline Classic Series) (tekijä: Lennard Bickel)Non-fiction1983
Cutting Green Hay - Friendships, Movements and Cultural Conflicts In Australia's Great Decades (tekijä: Vincent Buckley)Non-fiction1983
Sons in the saddle (tekijä: Mary Durack)Non-fiction1983
Against the stream : the memories of a philosophical anarchist, 1927-1939 (tekijä: A. F. Howells)Non-fiction1983
This is the ABC : the Australian Broadcasting Commission, 1932-1983 (tekijä: K. S. Inglis)Non-fiction1983
An Item from the Late News (tekijä: Thea Astley)Fiction1982
Sister Kate (tekijä: Jean Bedford)Fiction1982
Just Relations (tekijä: Rodney Hall)Fiction1982
Child's Play, with Eustace and The Prowler (tekijä: David Malouf)Fiction1982
The Plains (tekijä: Gerald Murnane)Fiction1982
Robert Hawke (tekijä: Blanche d'Alpuget)Non-fiction1982
Gods and Politicians (tekijä: Bruce Grant)Non-fiction1982
The Golden Age of Australian Opera: W. S. Lyster and His Companies, 1861-1880 (Music) (tekijä: Harold Love)Non-fiction1982
France Australe : a study of French explorations and attempts to found a penal colony and strategic base in south western Australia, 1503-1826 (tekijä: Leslie Ronald Marchant)Non-fiction1982
Hurmio (tekijä: Peter Carey)Fiction1981
Moonlite (tekijä: David Foster)Fiction1981
City of Women (tekijä: David Ireland)Fiction1981
Nero's poems: Translations of the public and private poems of the Emperor Nero (tekijä: Geoffrey Lehmann)Fiction1981
Trial Balance (tekijä: H. C. Coombs)Non-fiction1981
Annie's Coming Out (tekijä: Rosemary Crossley)Non-fiction1981
A Fortunate Life (tekijä: A. B. Facey)Non-fiction1981
The Frangipani Gardens (tekijä: Barbara Hanrahan)Fiction1980
The everlasting secret family and other secrets (tekijä: Frank Moorhouse)Fiction1980
The Boys Who Stole the Funeral: A Novel Sequence (tekijä: Les A. Murray)Fiction1980
Henry Parkes - A Biography (tekijä: A. W. Martin)Non-fiction1980
Whirlwinds in the plain: Ludwig Leichhardt--friends, foes, and history (tekijä: E. M. Webster)Non-fiction1980
The Hottest Night of the Century (tekijä: Glenda Adams)Fiction1979
Peach Groves (tekijä: Barbara Hanrahan)Fiction1979
The New Cratylus: Notes on the Craft of Poetry (tekijä: A. D. Hope)Fiction1979
The Second Leunig...A Dusty Little Swag (tekijä: Michael Leunig)Fiction1979
Ernest Giles : explorer and traveller, 1835-1897 (tekijä: Ray Ericksen)Non-fiction1979
Weevils in the flour : an oral record of the 1930s depression in Australia (tekijä: Wendy Lowenstein)Non-fiction1979
This Bed My Centre (tekijä: Ellen Newton)Non-fiction1979
The Spanish lake (tekijä: O. H. K. Spate)Non-fiction1979
Quarantine (tekijä: Nicholas Hasluck)Fiction1978
The tall one (tekijä: Barbara Jefferis)Fiction1978
Flying Home (tekijä: Morris Lurie)Fiction1978
An Imaginary Life (tekijä: David Malouf)Fiction1978
Electric Beach, The (tekijä: James McQueen)Fiction1978
Swords and Crowns and Rings (tekijä: Ruth Park)Fiction1978
A History of Australia, Vol. 4: The Earth Abideth for ever 1851-1888 (tekijä: Manning Clark)Non-fiction1978
Mediator: a biography of Sir Richard Kirby (tekijä: Blanche d'Alpuget)Non-fiction1978
Die Like the Carp! (tekijä: Harry Gordon)Non-fiction1978
The secret state : Australia's spy industry (tekijä: Richard Hall)Non-fiction1978
Australia's founding mothers (tekijä: Helen Heney)Non-fiction1978
Going it alone : Australia's national identity in the twentieth century (tekijä: W. F. Mandle)Non-fiction1978
A nation for a continent: The history of Australia, 1901-1975 (tekijä: Russel Ward)Non-fiction1978
Crazy woman and other poems (tekijä: Anne Elder)Fiction1977
Monkey Grip (tekijä: Helen Garner)Fiction1977
Ruling Class, Ruling Culture: Studies of Conflict, Power and Hegemony in Australian Life. (tekijä: R. W. Connell)Non-fiction1977
Lament for the Barkindji : the vanished tribes of the Darling River region (tekijä: Bobbie Hardy)Non-fiction1977
Mucking about : an autobiography (tekijä: Paul Hasluck)Non-fiction1977
Bairnsdale : portrait of an Australian country town (tekijä: Hal Porter)Non-fiction1977
The grammar of the real: Selected prose, 1959-1974 (tekijä: James Phillip McAuley)Fiction1976
Thoroughly decent people : a folktale (tekijä: Glen Tomasetti)Fiction1976
Cape Solitary (tekijä: Ray Ericksen)Non-fiction1976
A Time for Building: Australian Administration in Papua and New Guinea, 1951–1963 (tekijä: Paul Hasluck)Non-fiction1976
Lion and kangaroo : Australia 1901-1919, the rise of a nation (tekijä: Gavin Souter)Non-fiction1976
Burn (tekijä: David Ireland)Fiction1975
Johnno (tekijä: David Malouf)Fiction1975
Hammers over the anvil (tekijä: Alan Marshall)Fiction1975
The Electrical Experience (tekijä: Frank Moorhouse)Fiction1975
Native companions : essays and comments on Australian literature, 1936-1966 (tekijä: A. D. Hope)Non-fiction1975
A hard god : a play (tekijä: Peter Kenna)Fiction1974
Tamarisk Row (tekijä: Gerald Murnane)Fiction1974
Wrappings (tekijä: Vicki Viidikas)Fiction1974

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The Age Book of the Year Awards are annual literary awards presented by Melbourne's The Age newspaper. The awards were first presented in 1974. Since 1998 they have been presented as part of the Melbourne Writers Festival. Initially, two awards were given, one for fiction (or imaginative writing), the other for non-fiction work, but in 1993, a poetry award in honour of Dinny O'Hearn was added. The criteria are that the works be "of outstanding literary merit and express Australian identity or character" and published in the year before the awards are made. One of the award-winners is chosen as The Age Book of the Year. (English, Member-written)
The Age Book of the Year Awards were annual literary awards presented by Melbourne's The Age newspaper. The awards were discontinued in 2013. (English, Member-written)
The Age Book of the Year Awards are annual literary awards presented by Melbourne's The Age newspaper. A poetry award in honour of Dinny O'Hearn was added. The criteria are that the works be "of outstanding literary merit and express Australian identity or character" and published in the year before the awards are made. (English, Member-written)
discontinued (Russian, Member-written)



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