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Longlist 374

If I Was a Horse (tekijä: Sophie Blackall)Children’s books2024
The Lonely Lighthouse of Elston-Fright: An Elston-Fright Tale (tekijä: Reece Carter)Children’s books2024
Walk With Us: Welcome to Our Country (tekijä: Adam, Goodes)Children’s books2024
169-STOREY TREEHOUSE (tekijä: Andy Griffiths)Children’s books2024
Millie Mak the Maker (Millie Mak, #1) (tekijä: Sher Rill Ng)Children’s books2024
The Collected Regrets of Clover (tekijä: Mikki Brammer)Debut fiction2024
Fed to Red Birds (tekijä: Rijn Collins)Debut fiction2024
The House of Now and Then (tekijä: Jo Dixon)Debut fiction2024
Duck à l'Orange for Breakfast (tekijä: Karina May)Debut fiction2024
At The Foot Of The Cherry Tree (tekijä: Alli Parker)Debut fiction2024
The things that matter most (tekijä: Gabbie Stroud)Debut fiction2024
Restless Dolly Maunder (tekijä: Kate Grenville)Fiction2024
The Hummingbird Effect (tekijä: Kate Mildenhall)Fiction2024
Homecoming (tekijä: Kate Morton)Fiction2024
God Forgets About the Poor (tekijä: Peter Polites)Fiction2024
Everyone on This Train Is a Suspect (tekijä: Benjamin Stevenson)Fiction2024
Stone Yard Devotional (tekijä: Charlotte Wood)Fiction2024
The Year I Met My Brain: A travel companion for adults who have just found out they have ADHD (tekijä: Matilda Boseley)Illustrated Non-fiction2024
The Milkwood Permaculture Living Handbook: Habits for Hope in a Changing World (tekijä: Kirsten Bradley)Illustrated Non-fiction2024
Getting to Know the Birds in Your Neighbourhood: A Field Guide (tekijä: Darryl Jones)Illustrated Non-fiction2024
A Seat at My Table: Philoxenia: Vegetarian and Vegan Greek Kitchen Recipes (tekijä: Kon Karapanagiotidis)Illustrated Non-fiction2024
Showing Up (tekijä: Nedd Brockmann)Non-fiction2024
The Last Charge of the Australian Light Horse (tekijä: Peter FitzSimons)Non-fiction2024
Best Wishes (tekijä: Richard Glover)Non-fiction2024
The Queen Is Dead (tekijä: Stan Grant)Non-fiction2024
Heartbake (tekijä: Charlotte Ree)Non-fiction2024
Grace Notes (tekijä: Karen Comer)Young Adult fiction2024
The Lorikeet Tree (tekijä: Paul Jennings)Young Adult fiction2024
The Isles of the Gods (tekijä: Amie Kaufman)Young Adult fiction2024
We Could Be Something (tekijä: Will Kostakis)Young Adult fiction2024
Some Shall Break (The None Shall Sleep Sequence, 2) (tekijä: Ellie Marney)Young Adult fiction2024
Runt (tekijä: Craig Silvey)Children’s books2023
All That's Left Unsaid (tekijä: Tracey Lien)Debut fiction2023
Horse (tekijä: Geraldine Brooks)Fiction2023
First Nations Food CompanionIllustrated Non-fiction2023
The Book of Roads and Kingdoms (tekijä: Richard Fidler)Non-fiction2023
The Brink (tekijä: Holden Sheppard)Young Adult fiction2023
Rabbit, Soldier, Angel, Thief (tekijä: Katrina Nannestad)Children’s books2022
The Silent Listener (tekijä: Lyn Yeowart)Debut fiction2022
Still Life: Contemporary Painters (tekijä: Amber Creswell Bell)Illustrated Non-fiction2022
Love Stories (tekijä: Trent Dalton)Non-fiction2022
Once There Were Wolves (tekijä: Charlotte McConaghy)Non-fiction2022
The Monster of Her Age (tekijä: Danielle Binks)Young Adult fiction2022
Respect (tekijä: Aunty Fay Muir)Children’s books2021
The Year the Maps Changed (tekijä: Danielle Binks)Children’s books2021
The Grandest Bookshop in the World (tekijä: Amelia Mellor)Children’s books2021
The Hunted (tekijä: Gabriel Bergmoser)Debut fiction2021
Kokomo (tekijä: Victoria Hannan)Debut fiction2021
The Loudness of Unsaid Things (tekijä: Hilde Hinton)Debut fiction2021
The Bluffs (tekijä: Kyle Perry)Debut fiction2021
The Coconut Children (tekijä: Vivian Pham)Debut fiction2021
The Morbids (tekijä: Ewa Ramsey)Debut fiction2021
Song of the Crocodile (tekijä: Nardi Simpson)Debut fiction2021
Sheerwater (tekijä: Leah Swann)Debut fiction2021
A Lonely Girl is a Dangerous Thing (tekijä: Jessie Tu)Debut fiction2021
The Dictionary of Lost Words (tekijä: Pip Williams)Debut fiction2021
The Tolstoy Estate (tekijä: Steven Conte)Fiction2021
All Our Shimmering Skies (tekijä: Trent Dalton)Fiction2021
The Living Sea of Waking Dreams (tekijä: Richard Flanagan)Fiction2021
Mammoth (tekijä: Chris Flynn)Fiction2021
A Room Made of Leaves (tekijä: Kate Grenville)Fiction2021
The Survivors (tekijä: Jane Harper)Fiction2021
Infinite Splendours (tekijä: Sofie Laguna)Fiction2021
Migrations (tekijä: Charlotte McConaghy)Fiction2021
The Good Turn (tekijä: Dervla McTiernan)Fiction2021
Sam Bloom: Heartache & Birdsong (tekijä: Samantha Bloom)Illustrated Non-fiction2021
Plantopedia: The Definitive Guide to Houseplants (tekijä: Lauren Camilleri)Illustrated Non-fiction2021
Golden Daze (tekijä: Sean Doherty)Illustrated Non-fiction2021
Rivers (tekijä: Ian Hoskins)Illustrated Non-fiction2021
To Asia, With Love: Everyday Asian Recipes and Stories From the Heart (tekijä: Hetty McKinnon)Illustrated Non-fiction2021
The flying kangaroo : 100 years of Qantas (tekijä: Neil Montagnana-Wallace)Illustrated Non-fiction2021
Beatrix Bakes (tekijä: Natalie Paull)Illustrated Non-fiction2021
Phosphorescence: On Awe, Wonder, and Things That Sustain You When the World Goes Dark (tekijä: Julia Baird)Non-fiction2021
Stalin's Wine Cellar (tekijä: John Baker)Non-fiction2021
The Last Lighthouse Keeper (tekijä: John Cook)Non-fiction2021
The Golden Maze: A Biography of Prague (tekijä: Richard Fidler)Non-fiction2021
Searching for Charlotte: The Fascinating Story of Australia's First Children's Author (tekijä: Kate Forsyth)Non-fiction2021
The Happiest Man on Earth (tekijä: Eddie Jaku)Non-fiction2021
I Catch Killers: The Life and Many Deaths of a Homicide Detective (tekijä: Gary Jubelin)Non-fiction2021
People of the River: Lost Worlds of Early Australia (tekijä: Grace Karskens)Non-fiction2021
Truganini: Journey Through the Apocalypse (tekijä: Cassandra Pybus)Non-fiction2021
Fire Country (tekijä: Victor Steffensen)Non-fiction2021
Future Girl (tekijä: Asphyxia)Young Adult fiction2021
The Lost Soul Atlas (tekijä: Zana Fraillon)Young Adult fiction2021
Catch Me If I Fall (tekijä: Barry Jonsberg)Young Adult fiction2021
Aurora Burning (tekijä: Amie Kaufman)Young Adult fiction2021
None Shall Sleep (tekijä: Ellie Marney)Young Adult fiction2021
The Left-Handed Booksellers of London (tekijä: Garth Nix)Young Adult fiction2021
This One Is Ours (tekijä: Kate O'Donnell)Young Adult fiction2021
The Erasure Initiative (tekijä: Lili Wilkinson)Young Adult fiction2021
Loner (tekijä: Georgina Young)Young Adult fiction2021
The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Ugly Animals (tekijä: Sami Bayly)Children’s books2020
Mr Chicken All Over Australia (tekijä: Leigh Hobbs)Children’s books2020
The Glimme (tekijä: Emily Rodda)Children’s books2020
TillyChildren’s books2020
A Trip to the BeachChildren’s books2020
A Constant Hum (tekijä: Alice Bishop)Debut fiction2020
Hitch (tekijä: Kathryn Hind)Debut fiction2020
Act of Grace (tekijä: Anna Krien)Debut fiction2020
Crossings (tekijä: Alex Landragin)Debut fiction2020
Six Minutes (tekijä: Petronella McGovern)Debut fiction2020
The White Girl (tekijä: Tony Birch)Fiction2020
The rip (tekijä: Mark Brandi)Fiction2020
Silver (tekijä: Chris Hammer)Fiction2020
Maybe the Horse Will Talk (tekijä: Elliot Perlman)Fiction2020
Damascus (tekijä: Christos Tsiolkas)Fiction2020
The Yield (tekijä: Tara June Winch)Fiction2020
The Leaf Supply Guide to Creating Your Indoor Jungle (tekijä: Lauren Camilleri)Illustrated Non-fiction2020
Australian modern : the architecture of Stephenson & Turner (tekijä: Philip Goad)Illustrated Non-fiction2020
Australian Designers at Home (tekijä: Rose-Innes Jenny)Illustrated Non-fiction2020
Ben Quilty (MacMillan Mini-Art) (tekijä: Ben Quilty)Illustrated Non-fiction2020
Warndu Mai (Good Food): Introducing native Australian ingredients to your kitchen (tekijä: Rebecca Sullivan)Illustrated Non-fiction2020
In An Australian Light (tekijä: Jo Turner)Illustrated Non-fiction2020
Thirty Thousand Bottles of Wine and a Pig Called Helga: A not-so-perfect tree change (tekijä: Todd Alexander)Non-fiction2020
Against All Odds (tekijä: Craig Challen)Non-fiction2020
Banking Bad: How Corporate Greed and Broken Governance Failed Australia (tekijä: Adele Ferguson)Non-fiction2020
Yellow Notebook: Diaries Volume I, 1978-1986 (tekijä: Helen Garner)Non-fiction2020
See What You Made Me Do: Power, Control and Domestic Violence (tekijä: Jess Hill)Non-fiction2020
Back on Track: How one man and his dogs are changing the lives of rural kids (tekijä: Bernie Shakeshaft)Non-fiction2020
How It Feels to Float (tekijä: Helena Fox)Young Adult fiction2020
Aurora Rising (tekijä: Amie Kaufman)Young Adult fiction2020
Weapon (tekijä: Lynette Noni)Young Adult fiction2020
Invisible Boys (tekijä: Holden Sheppard)Young Adult fiction2020
Land of Fences (tekijä: Mark Smith)Young Adult fiction2020
This Is How We Change the Ending (tekijä: Vikki Wakefield)Young Adult fiction2020
I am change (tekijä: Suzy Zail)Young Adult fiction2020
All the Ways to be Smart (tekijä: Davina Bell)Children’s books2019
Tales From the Inner City (tekijä: Shaun Tan)Children’s books2019
Wundersmith: The Calling of Morrigan Crow (tekijä: Jessica Townsend)Children’s books2019
Scrublands (tekijä: Chris Hammer)Debut fiction2019
The Tattooist of Auschwitz (tekijä: Heather Morris)Debut fiction2019
The Nowhere Child (tekijä: Christian White)Debut fiction2019
Flames (tekijä: Robbie Arnott)Debut fiction2019
The Helpline: A Novel (tekijä: Katherine Collette)Debut fiction2019
The Ruin (tekijä: Dervla McTiernan)Debut fiction2019
The earth does not get fat (tekijä: Julia Prendergast)Debut fiction2019
The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart (tekijä: Holly Ringland)Debut fiction2019
The Lucky Galah (tekijä: Tracy Sorensen)Debut fiction2019
The Lost Man (tekijä: Jane Harper)Fiction2019
Shell (tekijä: Kristina Olsson)Fiction2019
The Shepherd's Hut (tekijä: Tim Winton)Fiction2019
Bridge of Clay (tekijä: Markus Zusak)Fiction2019
The Fragments (tekijä: Toni Jordan)Fiction2019
Nine Perfect Strangers (tekijä: Liane Moriarty)Fiction2019
Kellontekijän tytär (tekijä: Kate Morton)Fiction2019
The children's house (tekijä: Alice Nelson)Fiction2019
The Other Wife (tekijä: Michael Robotham)Fiction2019
Cedar Valley (tekijä: Holly Throsby)Fiction2019
Family: New Vegetarian Comfort Food to Nourish Every Day (tekijä: Hetty McKinnon)Illustrated Non-fiction2019
Australian Dreamscapes: Movement, Light and Colour (tekijä: Claire Takacs)Illustrated Non-fiction2019
The Land Before Avocado (tekijä: Richard Glover)Non-fiction2019
Eggshell Skull (tekijä: Bri Lee)Non-fiction2019
Any Ordinary Day: What Happens After the Worst Day of Your Life? (tekijä: Leigh Sales)Non-fiction2019
The Ship That Never Was: The Greatest Escape Story Of Australian Colonial History (tekijä: Adam Courtenay)Non-fiction2019
Boys Will be Boys (tekijä: Clementine Ford)Non-fiction2019
Butterfly on a Pin (tekijä: Alannah Hill)Non-fiction2019
The Barefoot Investor for Families (tekijä: Scott Pape)Non-fiction2019
Teacher (tekijä: Gabrielle Stroud)Non-fiction2019
Axiomatic (tekijä: Maria Tumarkin)Non-fiction2019
Hive (tekijä: A. J. Betts)Young Adult fiction2019
Amelia Westlake (tekijä: Erin Gough)Young Adult fiction2019
Catching Teller Crow (tekijä: Ambelin Kwaymullina)Young Adult fiction2019
Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow (tekijä: Jessica Townsend)Children’s books2018
Pig the Star (tekijä: Aaron Blabey)Children’s books2018
I'm Australian too (tekijä: Mem Fox)Children’s books2018
The Wayward Witch and the Feelings Monster (tekijä: Sally Rippin)Children’s books2018
Mopoke (tekijä: Philip Bunting)Children’s books2018
The Very Noisy Baby (tekijä: Alison Lester)Children’s books2018
Tales from a Tall Forest (tekijä: Shaun Micallef)Children’s books2018
The Extremely Inconvenient Adventures of Bronte Mettlestone (tekijä: Jaclyn Moriarty)Children’s books2018
Florette (tekijä: Anna Walker)Children’s books2018
Wimmera (tekijä: Mark Brandi)Debut fiction2018
Australia Day (tekijä: Melanie Cheng)Debut fiction2018
The Last Man in Europe (tekijä: Dennis Glover)Debut fiction2018
See What I Have Done (tekijä: Sarah Schmidt)Debut fiction2018
The Dark Lake (tekijä: Sarah Bailey)Debut fiction2018
Terra Nullius (tekijä: Claire G. Coleman)Debut fiction2018
Sparrow (tekijä: Scot Gardner)Debut fiction2018
The Inaugural Meeting of the Fairvale Ladies Book Club (tekijä: Sophie Green)Debut fiction2018
To become a whale (tekijä: Ben Hobson)Debut fiction2018
Storyland (tekijä: Catherine Mckinnon)Debut fiction2018
Half wild (tekijä: Pip Smith)Debut fiction2018
The Choke (tekijä: Sofie Laguna)Fiction2018
Luonnnonvoimat (tekijä: Jane Harper)Fiction2018
On the Java Ridge (tekijä: Jock Serong)Fiction2018
City of crows (tekijä: Chris Womersley)Fiction2018
A Long Way from Home (tekijä: Peter Carey)Fiction2018
The Life to Come (tekijä: Michelle De Kretser)Fiction2018
First Person (tekijä: Richard Flanagan)Fiction2018
The Passage of Love (tekijä: Alex Miller)Fiction2018
The Secrets She Keeps (tekijä: Michael Robotham)Fiction2018
Taboo (tekijä: Kim Scott)Fiction2018
Native: art and design with Australian plants (tekijä: Kate Herd)Illustrated Non-fiction2018
Maggie's Recipe for Life (tekijä: Maggie Beer)Illustrated Non-fiction2018
Cornersmith: Recipes from the Cafe and Picklery (tekijä: Alex Elliott-Howery)Illustrated Non-fiction2018
Beyond the rock : the life of Joan Lindsay and the mystery of picnic at Hanging Rock (tekijä: Janelle McCulloch)Illustrated Non-fiction2018
Ferment: A Guide to the Ancient Art of Culturing Foods, from Kombucha to Sourdough (Fermented Foods Cookbooks, Food Preservation, Fermenting Recipes) (tekijä: Holly Davis)Illustrated Non-fiction2018
Cornersmith: Salads and Pickles: Vegetables with More Taste & Less Waste (tekijä: Alex Elliott-Howery)Illustrated Non-fiction2018
Paris: Through a Fashion Eye (tekijä: Megan Hess)Illustrated Non-fiction2018
Ostro: The Pleasure That Comes from Slowing Down and Cooking with Simple Ingredients (tekijä: Julia Busuttil Nishimura)Illustrated Non-fiction2018
Hummus and Co: Middle Eastern food to fall in love with (tekijä: Michael Rantissi)Illustrated Non-fiction2018
Dreamscapes: Inspiration and Beauty in Gardens Near and Far (tekijä: Claire Takacs)Illustrated Non-fiction2018
Flowersmith: How to Handcraft and Arrange Enchanting Paper Flowers (tekijä: Jennifer Tran)Illustrated Non-fiction2018
Saga Land (tekijä: Richard Fidler)Non-fiction2018
Working Class Man: The No.1 Bestseller (tekijä: Jimmy Barnes)Non-fiction2018
The Museum of Words: a memoir of language, writing, and mortality (tekijä: Georgia Blain)Non-fiction2018
The Trauma Cleaner (tekijä: Sarah Krasnostein)Non-fiction2018
Danger music : how teaching the cello to children in Afghanistan led to a self-discovery almost too hard to bear (tekijä: Eddie Ayres)Non-fiction2018
Mrs Kelly (tekijä: Grantlee Kieza)Non-fiction2018
Call of the Reed Warbler: A New Agriculture, A New Earth (tekijä: Charles Massy)Non-fiction2018
Detours (tekijä: Tim Rogers)Non-fiction2018
First, We Make the Beast Beautiful: A New Journey Through Anxiety (tekijä: Sarah Wilson)Non-fiction2018
Tracker: Stories of Tracker Tilmouth (tekijä: Alexis Wright)Non-fiction2018
Wilder Country (tekijä: Mark Smith)Young Adult fiction2018
Beautiful Mess (tekijä: Claire Christian)Young Adult fiction2018
Take Three Girls (tekijä: Cath Crowley)Young Adult fiction2018
Untidy towns (tekijä: Kate O'Donnell)Young Adult fiction2018
The Silent Invasion (tekijä: James Bradley)Young Adult fiction2018
The Secret Science of Magic (tekijä: Melissa Keil)Young Adult fiction2018
Draekora (tekijä: Lynette Noni)Young Adult fiction2018
My Life as a Hashtag (tekijä: Gabrielle Williams)Young Adult fiction2018
Finding Nevo (tekijä: Nevo Zisin)Young Adult fiction2018
Circle (tekijä: Jeannie Baker)Children’s books2017
Pig the Winner (tekijä: Aaron Blabey)Children’s books2017
The 78-Storey Treehouse (tekijä: Andy Griffiths)Children’s books2017
Wormwood Mire (tekijä: Judith Rossell)Children’s books2017
Charlie and the war against the grannies (tekijä: Alan Brough)Children’s books2017
What do they do with all the poo from all of the animals at the zoo? (tekijä: Anh Do)Children’s books2017
The Bone Sparrow (tekijä: Zana Fraillon)Children’s books2017
Welcome to Country (tekijä: Aunty Joy Murphy)Children’s books2017
Molly and Mae: A Friendship Journey (tekijä: Danny Parker)Children’s books2017
Artie and the Grime Wave (tekijä: Richard Roxburgh)Children’s books2017
Kuiva kausi (tekijä: Jane Harper)Debut fiction2017
The Birdman's Wife (tekijä: Melissa Ashley)Debut fiction2017
The Midnight Watch (tekijä: David Dyer)Debut fiction2017
Goodwood (tekijä: Holly Throsby)Debut fiction2017
The memory artist (tekijä: Katherine Brabon)Debut fiction2017
The Windy Season (tekijä: Sam Carmody)Debut fiction2017
Skylarking (tekijä: Kate Mildenhall)Debut fiction2017
Music and freedom (tekijä: Zoe Morrison)Debut fiction2017
The Toymaker (tekijä: Liam Pieper)Debut fiction2017
Ruins (tekijä: Rajith Savanadasa)Debut fiction2017
The Last Painting of Sara de Vos (tekijä: Dominic Smith)Fiction2017
The Good People (tekijä: Hannah Kent)Fiction2017
Truly Madly Guilty (tekijä: Liane Moriarty)Fiction2017
Where the trees were (tekijä: Inga Simpson)Fiction2017
The Easy Way Out (tekijä: Steven Amsterdam)Fiction2017
Between a Wolf and a Dog (tekijä: Georgia Blain)Fiction2017
The Better Son (tekijä: Katherine Jane Johnson)Fiction2017
An isolated incident (tekijä: Emily Maguire)Fiction2017
Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil (tekijä: Melina Marchetta)Fiction2017
The Rules of Backyard Cricket (tekijä: Jock Serong)Fiction2017
Everywhere I Look (tekijä: Helen Garner)Non-fiction2017
The Hate Race (tekijä: Maxine Beneba Clarke)Non-fiction2017
Ghost Empire (tekijä: Richard Fidler)Non-fiction2017
Fight Like A Girl (tekijä: Clementine Ford)Non-fiction2017
Songs of a War Boy (tekijä: Deng Thiak Adut)Non-fiction2017
Working Class Boy (tekijä: Jimmy Barnes)Non-fiction2017
Penguin the Magpie: The Odd Little Bird Who Saved a Family (tekijä: Cameron Bloom)Non-fiction2017
Talking to my country (tekijä: Stan Grant)Non-fiction2017
True Girt: The Unauthorised History of Australia (tekijä: David Hunt)Non-fiction2017
The Boy Behind the Curtain (tekijä: Tim Winton)Non-fiction2017
Words in Deep Blue (tekijä: Cath Crowley)Young Adult fiction2017
Gemina (The Illuminae Files) (tekijä: Amie Kaufman)Young Adult fiction2017
The Road to Winter (tekijä: Mark Smith)Young Adult fiction2017
Our Chemical Hearts (tekijä: Krystal Sutherland)Young Adult fiction2017
When Michael met Mina (tekijä: Randa Abdel-Fattah)Young Adult fiction2017
The Other Side of Summer (tekijä: Emily Gale)Young Adult fiction2017
Breathing Under Water (tekijä: Sophie Hardcastle)Young Adult fiction2017
The Sidekicks (tekijä: Will Kostakis)Young Adult fiction2017
My Sister Rosa (tekijä: Justine Larbalestier)Young Adult fiction2017
One would think the deep (tekijä: Claire Zorn)Young Adult fiction2017
The Bad Guys (tekijä: Aaron Blabey)Children’s books2016
The 65-Storey Treehouse (tekijä: Andy Griffiths)Children’s books2016
Olive of Groves (tekijä: Katrina Nannestad)Children’s books2016
The Singing Bones (tekijä: Shaun Tan)Children’s books2016
Salt Creek (tekijä: Lucy Treloar)Debut fiction2016
Rush Oh! (tekijä: Shirley Barrett)Debut fiction2016
The Anchoress (tekijä: Robyn Cadwallader)Debut fiction2016
Relativity (tekijä: Antonia Hayes)Debut fiction2016
Golden Boys (tekijä: Sonya Hartnett)Fiction2016
The Natural Way of Things (tekijä: Charlotte Wood)Fiction2016
The Other Side of the World (tekijä: Stephanie Bishop)Fiction2016
The Secret Chord (tekijä: Geraldine Brooks)Fiction2016
A Guide to Berlin (tekijä: Gail Jones)Fiction2016
Reckoning: A Memoir (tekijä: Magda Szubanski)Non-fiction2016
Flesh Wounds (tekijä: Richard Glover)Non-fiction2016
One Life: My Mother's Story (tekijä: Kate Grenville)Non-fiction2016
The Anti-Cool Girl (tekijä: Rosie Waterland)Non-fiction2016
Cloudwish (tekijä: Fiona Wood)Young Adult fiction2016
The Ruins of Gorlan (tekijä: John Flanagan)Young Adult fiction2016
Soon (tekijä: Morris Gleitzman)Young Adult fiction2016
Prince of Afghanistan (tekijä: Louis Nowra)Young Adult fiction2016
Withering-by-Sea (tekijä: Judith Rossell)Children's & YA2015
Pig the Pug (tekijä: Aaron Blabey)Children's & YA2015
The 52-Storey Treehouse (tekijä: Andy Griffiths)Children's & YA2015
Lucy and Linh (tekijä: Alice Pung)Children's & YA2015
Foreign Soil (tekijä: Maxine Beneba Clarke)Debut fiction2015
The Strays (tekijä: Emily Bitto)Debut fiction2015
Lost & Found (tekijä: Brooke Davis)Debut fiction2015
After Darkness (tekijä: Christine Piper)Debut fiction2015
When the Night Comes (tekijä: Favel Parrett)Fiction2015
Vauvatesti (tekijä: Graeme Simsion)Fiction2015
The bush : travels in the heart of Australia (tekijä: Don Watson)Non-fiction2015
Cadence (tekijä: Emma Ayres)Non-fiction2015
Where Song Began (tekijä: Tim Low)Non-fiction2015
Alphabetical Sydney (tekijä: Hilary Bell)Children’s books2014
WeirDo (tekijä: Anh Do)Children’s books2014
The 39-Story Treehouse (tekijä: Andy Griffiths)Children’s books2014
The Night Guest (tekijä: Fiona McFarlane)Debut fiction2014
Mr Wigg (tekijä: Inga Simpson)Debut fiction2014
Vaimotesti (tekijä: Graeme Simsion)Debut fiction2014
Coal Creek (tekijä: Alex Miller)Fiction2014
Barracuda (tekijä: Christos Tsiolkas)Fiction2014
Eyrie (tekijä: Tim Winton)Fiction2014
The Good Life (tekijä: Hugh Mackay)Non-fiction2014
Murder in Mississippi (tekijä: John Safran)Non-fiction2014
Stalking of Julia Gillard: How the media and Team Rudd contrived to bring down the Prime Minister (tekijä: Kerry-Anne Walsh)Non-fiction2014
The Brides of Rollrock Island (tekijä: Margo Lanagan)Children’s books2013
The 26-Story Treehouse (tekijä: Andy Griffiths)Children’s books2013
The Convent (tekijä: Maureen McCarthy)Children’s books2013
Unforgotten (tekijä: Tohby Riddle)Children’s books2013
Valo valtameren yllä (tekijä: M. L. Stedman)Debut fiction2013
Eleven seasons (tekijä: Paul D. Carter)Debut fiction2013
Secrets of the Tides (tekijä: Hannah Richell)Debut fiction2013
The cartographer (tekijä: Peter Twohig)Debut fiction2013
Nine Days (tekijä: Toni Jordan)Fiction2013
Questions of Travel (tekijä: Michelle De Kretser)Fiction2013
Lost Voices (tekijä: C. J. Koch)Fiction2013
The mountain (tekijä: Drusilla Modjeska)Fiction2013
QF32 (tekijä: Richard De Crespigny)Non-fiction2013
Sandakan (tekijä: Paul Ham)Non-fiction2013
The Essential Leunig: Cartoons from a Winding Path (tekijä: Michael Leunig)Non-fiction2013
Lake Eyre (tekijä: Paul Lockyer)Non-fiction2013
The Little Refugee (tekijä: Anh Do)Children’s books2012
The Jewel Fish of Karnak (tekijä: Graeme Base)Children’s books2012
The 13-Story Treehouse (tekijä: Andy Griffiths)Children’s books2012
The coming of the whirlpool (tekijä: Andrew McGahan)Children’s books2012
All That I Am (tekijä: Anna Funder)Debut fiction2012
Watercolours (tekijä: Adrienne Ferreira)Debut fiction2012
Past the Shallows (tekijä: Favel Parrett)Debut fiction2012
The Roving Party (tekijä: Rohan Wilson)Debut fiction2012
The Street Sweeper (tekijä: Elliot Perlman)Fiction2012
Caleb's Crossing (tekijä: Geraldine Brooks)Fiction2012
Five Bells (tekijä: Gail Jones)Fiction2012
Foal's Bread (tekijä: Gillian Mears)Fiction2012
Worse Things Happen at Sea: Tales of Life, Love, Family and the Everyday Beauty in Between (tekijä: William McInnes)Non-fiction2012
Notebooks (tekijä: Betty Churcher)Non-fiction2012
After Words: The Post-Prime Ministerial Speeches (tekijä: P. J. Keating)Non-fiction2012
A Private Life: Fragments, Memories, Friends (tekijä: Michael Kirby)Non-fiction2012
Mirror (tekijä: Jeannie Baker)Children’s books2011
The Legend of the Golden Snail (tekijä: Graeme Base)Children’s books2011
The very bad book (tekijä: Andy Griffiths)Children’s books2011
Museum of Thieves (tekijä: Lian Tanner)Children’s books2011
Rocks in the Belly (tekijä: Jon Bauer)Debut fiction2011
Book of lost threads (tekijä: Tess Evans)Debut fiction2011
The Old School (tekijä: P. M. Newton)Debut fiction2011
The Legacy: A Novel (tekijä: Kirsten Tranter)Debut fiction2011
Bereft (tekijä: Chris Womersley)Fiction2011
When Colts Ran (tekijä: Roger McDonald)Fiction2011
Indelible Ink (tekijä: Fiona McGregor)Fiction2011
That Deadman Dance (tekijä: Kim Scott)Fiction2011
The Happiest Refugee (tekijä: Anh Do)Non-fiction2011
How To Make Gravy: A to Z, A Mongrel Memoir (tekijä: Paul Kelly)Non-fiction2011
The Well at the World's End (tekijä: A. J. Mackinnon)Non-fiction2011
Street Fight in Naples (tekijä: Peter Robb)Non-fiction2011
Pearl Verses the World (tekijä: Sally Murphy)Children’s books2009
The Virtuoso (tekijä: Sonia Orchard)Debut fiction2009
Jasper Jones (tekijä: Craig Silvey)Fiction2009
Tall Man: The Death of Doomadgee (tekijä: Chloe Hooper)Non-fiction2009
Etäisten esikaupunkien asioita (tekijä: Shaun Tan)Children’s books2008
Addition (tekijä: Toni Jordan)Debut fiction2008
Breath (tekijä: Tim Winton)Fiction2008
American Journeys (tekijä: Don Watson)Non-fiction2008


Australian Independent Bookseller Awards, (English, Member-written)
Australian Independent Bookseller Awards, (English, Member-written)


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