Keystone to Reading Book Award

Given by Keystone State Literacy Association

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As a reading educator or secondary student in the state of Pennsylvania, teachers, librarians, MS and HS students have a unique opportunity to read the latest quality fiction and non-fiction books näytä lisää published.   Participating in the Keystone Book Awards Program sponsored by the Keystone State Reading Association is a great learning opportunity as well as a way to pick the winning books for author awards in the state of Pennsylvania. Two divisions are provided—Elementary and Secondary.  The Keystone to Elementary Book Awards is divided into three sub-groups: Preschool (Pre-K), Primary (K-3), and Intermediate (4-6), and an educator must oversee the participation of students.  Teachers agree to read a specified number of books to their students from the appropriate list (three preschool, four primary, or three intermediate) or have the books available for independent reading in their classrooms. The secondary division includes a Middle School list for 6th -8th graders; middle school students must participate through an educator. The High School list is available for 9th-12th graders, and participation may be sent in by educators or individual students.  Students must have read at least 4 of the books from the list to participate. Books chosen for the list are current publications that have been read and voted to the list by a committee of PA reading educators.  Additional resources, including annotated booklists, participation guidelines and forms, as well as the lists of previous winners can be found on the KSRA website at under Resources.  Student votes must be turned in by March 15th. näytä vähemmän
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Winner 97

The Eyeball Alphabet Book (Jerry Pallotta's Alphabet Books) (tekijä: Jerry Pallotta)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2023
Best Day Ever! (tekijä: Marilyn Singer)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2023
The Elephants Come Home: A True Story of Seven Elephants, Two People, and One Extraordinary Friendship (tekijä: Kim Tomsic)Elementary Award, Primary Level2023
Instructions for Dancing (tekijä: Nicola Yoon)Secondary Award, High School Level2023
Amari and the Night Brothers (tekijä: B. B. Alston)Secondary Award, Middle School Level2023
Crossings: Extraordinary Structures for Extraordinary Animals (tekijä: Katy S. Duffield)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2022
Library Books Are Not for Eating! (tekijä: Todd Tarpley)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2022
Madeline Finn and the Therapy Dog (tekijä: Lisa Papp)Elementary Award, Primary Level2022
Poisoned (tekijä: Jennifer Donnelly)Secondary Award, High School Level2022
American as Paneer Pie (tekijä: Supriya Kelkar)Secondary Award, Middle School Level2022
SumoKitty (tekijä: David Biedrzycki)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2021
Tiny T. Rex and the Impossible Hug (tekijä: Jonathan Stutzman)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2021
Nobody Hugs a Cactus (tekijä: Carter Goodrich)Elementary Award, Primary Level2021
Internment (tekijä: Samira Ahmed)Secondary Award, High School Level2021
Song for a Whale (tekijä: Lynne Kelly)Secondary Award, Middle School Level2021
Rescue and Jessica: A Life-Changing Friendship (tekijä: Jessica Kensky)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2020
Hedgehog Needs a Hug (tekijä: Jen Betton)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2020
Can I Be Your Dog? (tekijä: Troy Cummings)Elementary Award, Primary Level2020
Dry (tekijä: Neal Shusterman)Secondary Award, High School Level2020
Deep Water (tekijä: Watt Key)Secondary Award, Middle School Level2020
She Persisted: 13 American Women Who Changed the World (tekijä: Chelsea Clinton)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2019
Bulldozer Helps Out (tekijä: Candace Fleming)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2019
Philomena's New Glasses (tekijä: Brenna Maloney)Elementary Award, Primary Level2019
Goodbye Days (tekijä: Jeff Zentner)Secondary Award, High School Level2019
Restart (tekijä: Gordon Korman)Secondary Award, Middle School Level2019
Wish (tekijä: Barbara O'Connor)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2018
When Spring Comes (tekijä: Kevin Henkes)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2018
Madeline Finn and the Library Dog (tekijä: Lisa Papp)Elementary Award, Primary Level2018
Everland (tekijä: Wendy Spinale)Secondary Award, High School Level2018
The Seventh Wish (tekijä: Kate Messner)Secondary Award, Middle School Level2018
Tucky Jo and Little Heart (tekijä: Patricia Polacco)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2017
Who Wants Broccoli? (tekijä: Val Jones)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2017
Simon's New Bed (tekijä: Christian Trimmer)Elementary Award, Primary Level2017
Stranded (tekijä: Melinda Braun)Secondary Award, High School Level2017
The Thing about Jellyfish (tekijä: Ali Benjamin)Secondary Award, Middle School Level2017
Rags: Hero Dog of WWI: A True Story (tekijä: Margot Theis Raven)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2016
Number One Sam (tekijä: Greg Pizzoli)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2016
Dozer's Run: A True Story of a Dog and His Race (tekijä: Debbie Levy)Elementary Award, Primary Level2016
El Deafo (tekijä: Cece Bell)Secondary Award, Middle School Level2016
The Family Romanov: Murder, Rebellion, and the Fall of Imperial Russia (tekijä: Candace Fleming)Secondary Award, Middle School Level2016
A Little Book of Sloth (tekijä: Lucy Cooke)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2015
When the Monsters Are Quiet (tekijä: Alicia Lloyd)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2015
The Day the Crayons Quit (tekijä: Drew Daywalt)Elementary Award, Primary Level2015
5. aalto (tekijä: Rick Yancey)Secondary Award, High School Level2015
Counting by 7s (tekijä: Holly Goldberg Sloan)Secondary Award, Middle School Level2015
Queen of the Track: Alice Coachman, Olympic High-Jump Champion (tekijä: Heather Lang)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2014
It's Duffy Time! (tekijä: Audrey Wood)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2014
Little Dog Lost: The True Story of a Brave Dog Named Baltic (tekijä: Monica Carnesi)Elementary Award, Primary Level2014
Tähtiin kirjoitettu virhe (tekijä: John Green)Secondary Award, High School Level2014
Three Times Lucky (tekijä: Sheila Turnage)Secondary Award, Middle School Level2014
Painter and Ugly (tekijä: Robert J. Blake)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2013
Chuckling Ducklings and Baby Animal Friends (tekijä: Aaron Zenz)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2013
Chippy Chipmunk: Babies in the Garden (The Chippy Chipmunk) (tekijä: Kathy M Miller)Elementary Award, Primary Level2013
The Can Man (tekijä: Laura E. Williams)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2012
Memoirs of a Goldfish (tekijä: Devin Scillian)Elementary Award, Primary Level2012
Bubble Homes and Fish Farts (tekijä: Fiona Bayrock)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2011
First Dog (tekijä: Beth Zappitello)Elementary Award, Primary Level2011
Abe's Honest Words: The Life of Abraham Lincoln (tekijä: Doreen Rappaport)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2010
Two Bobbies: A True Story of Hurricane Katrina, Friendship, and Survival (tekijä: Kirby Larson)Elementary Award, Primary Level2010
Punished! (tekijä: David Lubar)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2009
The Perfect Nest (tekijä: Catherine Friend)Elementary Award, Primary Level2009
Do Not Open This Book! (tekijä: Michaela Muntean)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2008
Not Afraid of Dogs (tekijä: Susanna Pitzer)Elementary Award, Primary Level2008
Lunch Money (tekijä: Andrew Clements)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2007
Mrs. McBloom, Clean Up Your Classroom! (tekijä: Kelly DiPucchio)Elementary Award, Primary Level2007
The World According to Humphrey (tekijä: Betty G. Birney)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2006
Bed Hogs (tekijä: Kelly S. DiPucchio)Elementary Award, Primary Level2006
A Week in the Woods (tekijä: Andrew Clements)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2005
Diary of a Worm (tekijä: Doreen Cronin)Elementary Award, Primary Level2005
Megatooth (tekijä: Patrick O'Brien)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2004
Micawber (tekijä: John Lithgow)Elementary Award, Primary Level2004
Because of Winn-Dixie (tekijä: Kate DiCamillo)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2003
The Web Files (tekijä: Margie Palatini)Elementary Award, Primary Level2003
REM World (tekijä: Rodman Philbrick)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2002
Bedhead (tekijä: Margie Palatini)Elementary Award, Primary Level2002
A Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt (tekijä: C. Coco De Young)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2001
Bark, George (tekijä: Jules Feiffer)Elementary Award, Primary Level2001
Jackie & Me (tekijä: Dan Gutman)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2000
Get Out Of Bed! (tekijä: Robert Munsch)Elementary Award, Primary Level2000
Thank You, Mr. Falker (tekijä: Patricia Polacco)Elementary Award, Primary Level2000
Meanwhile... (tekijä: Jules Feiffer)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level1999
Rumpelstiltskin's Daughter (tekijä: Diane Stanley)Elementary Award, Primary Level1999
The Music of Dolphins (tekijä: Karen Hesse)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level1998
Leo the Magnificat (tekijä: Ann M. Martin)Elementary Award, Primary Level1998
Piggie Pie! (tekijä: Margie Palatini)Elementary Level1997
The Rattlebang Picnic (tekijä: Margaret Mahy)Elementary Level1996
Stellaluna (tekijä: Janell Cannon)Elementary Level1995
Fallen Angels (tekijä: Walter Dean Myers)Elementary Level1994
The Salamander Room (tekijä: Anne Mazer)Elementary Level1993
Is This a House for Hermit Crab? (tekijä: Megan McDonald)Elementary Level1992
Rainbow Crow (tekijä: Nancy Van Laan)Elementary Level1991
Chester's Way (tekijä: Kevin Henkes)Elementary Level1990
More surprises (An I can read book) (tekijä: Lee Bennett Hopkins)Elementary Level1989
The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything (tekijä: Linda Williams)Elementary Level1988
The Relatives Came (tekijä: Cynthia Rylant)Elementary Level1987
Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping (tekijä: Peggy Parish)Elementary Level1986
Saint George and the Dragon: A Golden Legend (tekijä: Margaret Hodges)Elementary Level1985

Nominee 117

Cloaked in Courage: Uncovering Deborah Sampson, Patriot Soldier (tekijä: Beth Anderson)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2024
Keeper of the Light: Juliet Fish Nichols Fights the San Francisco Fog (tekijä: Caroline Arnold)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2024
Starring Steven Spielberg: The Making of a Young Filmmaker (tekijä: Gene Barretta)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2024
Washed Ashore: Making Art from Ocean Plastic (tekijä: Kelly Crull)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2024
Copycat: Nature-inspired Design Around the World (tekijä: Christy Hale)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2024
The Seagull and the Sea Captain (tekijä: Sy Montgomery)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2024
Building an Orchestra of Hope: How Favio Chavez Taught Children to Make Music from Trash (tekijä: Carmen Oliver)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2024
Pizza!: A Slice of History (tekijä: Greg Pizzoli)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2024
Yuck, You Suck!: Poems about Animals That Sip, Slurp, Suck (tekijä: Heidi E. Y. Stemple)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2024
Fly (tekijä: Brittany J. Thurman)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2024
Fire Chief Fran (tekijä: Linda Ashman)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2024
Mud! (tekijä: Annie Bailey)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2024
Zack and Ike Are Exactly Alike (tekijä: Suzanne Bloom)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2024
Bus Stop (tekijä: Angela H. Dale)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2024
How Can We Be Kind?: Wisdom from the Animal Kingdom (tekijä: Janet Halfmann)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2024
Where the Wee Ones Go: A Bedtime Wish for Endangered Animals (tekijä: Karen Jameson)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2024
Home Is Where the Birds Sing (tekijä: Cynthia Rylant)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2024
Tree Hole Homes: Daytime Dens and Nighttime Nooks (tekijä: Melissa Stewart)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2024
Things We Feel (tekijä: Sylvia Vardell)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2024
I’ll Always Come Back to You (tekijä: Carmen Tafolla)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2024
Ten blocks to the Big Wok : a Chinatown counting book (tekijä: Hu)Elementary Award, Primary Level2024
Old Friends (tekijä: Margaret Aitken)Elementary Award, Primary Level2024
The Tide Pool Waits (tekijä: Candace Fleming)Elementary Award, Primary Level2024
A Poem Grows Inside You (tekijä: Katey Howes)Elementary Award, Primary Level2024
Francis Discovers Possible (tekijä: Ashlee Latimer)Elementary Award, Primary Level2024
If This Bird Had Pockets: A Poem in Your Pocket Day Celebration (tekijä: Amy Ludwig VanDerwater)Elementary Award, Primary Level2024
A Planet Like Ours (tekijä: Frank Murphy)Elementary Award, Primary Level2024
All from a Walnut (tekijä: Ammi-Joan Paquette)Elementary Award, Primary Level2024
The Secret Life of the Sea Otter (tekijä: Laurence Pringle)Elementary Award, Primary Level2024
Abdul's Story (tekijä: Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow)Elementary Award, Primary Level2024
Hollow Fires (tekijä: Samira Ahmed)Secondary Award, High School Level2024
Murder Among Friends: How Leopold and Loeb Tried to Commit the Perfect Crime (tekijä: Candace Fleming)Secondary Award, High School Level2024
We Deserve Monuments (tekijä: Jas Hammonds)Secondary Award, High School Level2024
Five Survive (tekijä: Holly Jackson)Secondary Award, High School Level2024
Love Radio (tekijä: Ebony LaDelle)Secondary Award, High School Level2024
A Magic Steeped in Poison (tekijä: Judy I. Lin)Secondary Award, High School Level2024
A Forgery of Roses (tekijä: Jessica S. Olson)Secondary Award, High School Level2024
Man-Made Monsters: Man Made Monsters (tekijä: Andrea L. Rogers)Secondary Award, High School Level2024
Finding Jupiter (tekijä: Kelis Rowe)Secondary Award, High School Level2024
All My Rage (tekijä: Sabaa Tahir)Secondary Award, High School Level2024
Odder (tekijä: Katherine Applegate)Secondary Award, Middle School Level2024
Thirst (tekijä: Varsha Bajaj)Secondary Award, Middle School Level2024
Crash from Outer Space: Unraveling the Mystery of Flying Saucers, Alien Beings, and Roswell (Scholastic Focus) (tekijä: Candace Fleming)Secondary Award, Middle School Level2024
Attack of the Black Rectangles (tekijä: A. S. King)Secondary Award, Middle School Level2024
The Fort (tekijä: Gordon Korman)Secondary Award, Middle School Level2024
Hummingbird (tekijä: Natalie Lloyd)Secondary Award, Middle School Level2024
The Elephant Girl (tekijä: James Patterson)Secondary Award, Middle School Level2024
Omar Rising (tekijä: Aisha Saeed)Secondary Award, Middle School Level2024
The Tryout: A Graphic Novel (tekijä: Christina Soontornvat)Secondary Award, Middle School Level2024
Dear Student (tekijä: Elly Swartz)Secondary Award, Middle School Level2024
The Eyeball Alphabet Book (Jerry Pallotta's Alphabet Books) (tekijä: Jerry Pallotta)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2023
Once Upon a Camel (tekijä: Kathi Appelt)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2023
Waiting for a Warbler (tekijä: Sneed B. Collard III)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2023
30,000 Stitches (tekijä: Amanda Gilman Davis)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2023
Stella (tekijä: McCall Hoyle)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2023
Sprouting Wings: The True Story of James Herman Banning, the First African American Pilot to Fly Across the United States (tekijä: Louisa Jaggar)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2023
Dr. Fauci: How a Boy from Brooklyn Became America's Doctor (tekijä: Kate Messner)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2023
Flip! How the Frisbee Took Flight (tekijä: Margaret Muirhead)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2023
We Are Still Here! Native American Truths Everyone Should Know (tekijä: Traci Sorell)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2023
Woof! The Truth About Dogs (tekijä: Annette Whipple)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2023
Best Day Ever! (tekijä: Marilyn Singer)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2023
Animals Go Vroom! (tekijä: Abi Cushman)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2023
Blue Ridge Babies 1, 2, 3: A Counting Book (tekijä: Laura Sperry Gardner)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2023
Night Creatures: Animals That Swoop, Crawl, and Creep while You Sleep (tekijä: Rebecca E. Hirsch)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2023
Can I Sit with You? (tekijä: Sarah Jacoby)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2023
Chase the Moon, Tiny Turtle: A Hatchling's Daring Race to the Sea (tekijä: Kelly Jordan)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2023
T. Rexes Can't Tie Their Shoes (tekijä: Anna Lazowski)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2023
If You Were an Elephant (tekijä: Leslie Staub)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2023
The Elephants Come Home: A True Story of Seven Elephants, Two People, and One Extraordinary Friendship (tekijä: Kim Tomsic)Elementary Award, Primary Level2023
Ten Beautiful Things (tekijä: Molly Griffin)Elementary Award, Primary Level2023
Rissy No Kissies (tekijä: Katey Howes)Elementary Award, Primary Level2023
When Langston Dances (tekijä: Kaija Langley)Elementary Award, Primary Level2023
A Friend Like You (tekijä: Frank Murphy)Elementary Award, Primary Level2023
My School Stinks! (tekijä: Becky Scharnhorst)Elementary Award, Primary Level2023
The Color Collector (tekijä: Nicholas Solis)Elementary Award, Primary Level2023
Summertime Sleepers: Animals That Estivate (tekijä: Melissa Stewart)Elementary Award, Primary Level2023
Just You and Me: Remarkable Relationships in the Wild (tekijä: Jennifer Ward)Elementary Award, Primary Level2023
The Stars Beckoned: Edward White's Amazing Walk in Space (tekijä: Candy Wellins)Elementary Award, Primary Level2023
Philomena's New Glasses (tekijä: Brenna Maloney)Elementary Award, Primary Level2019
Rags: Hero Dog of WWI: A True Story (tekijä: Margot Theis Raven)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2016
The Right Word: Roget and His Thesaurus (tekijä: Jen Bryant)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2016
Mysterious Patterns: Finding Fractals in Nature (tekijä: Sarah C. Campbell)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2016
Fire Birds (tekijä: Sneed B. Collard)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2016
Mr. Ferris and His Wheel (tekijä: Kathryn Gibbs Davis)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2016
Lend a Hand: Poems About Giving (tekijä: John Frank)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2016
The Fourteenth Goldfish (tekijä: Jennifer L. Holm)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2016
A Snicker of Magic (tekijä: Natalie Lloyd)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2016
All the Answers (tekijä: Kate Messner)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2016
Voices from the Oregon Trail (tekijä: Kay Winters)Elementary Award, Intermediate Level2016
Number One Sam (tekijä: Greg Pizzoli)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2016
Some Bugs (tekijä: Angela DiTerlizzi)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2016
Have You Heard the Nesting Bird? (tekijä: Rita Gray)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2016
Shoe Dog (tekijä: Megan McDonald)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2016
Druthers (tekijä: Matt Phelan)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2016
Construction (tekijä: Sally Sutton)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2016
Bear Sees Colors (tekijä: Karma Wilson)Elementary Award, Preschool Level2016
Dozer's Run: A True Story of a Dog and His Race (tekijä: Debbie Levy)Elementary Award, Primary Level2016
A Mom For Umande (tekijä: Maria Faulconer)Elementary Award, Primary Level2016
The Farmer and the Clown (tekijä: Marla Frazee)Elementary Award, Primary Level2016
Creature Features: Twenty-Five Animals Explain Why They Look the Way They Do (tekijä: Steve Jenkins)Elementary Award, Primary Level2016
Hi, Koo!: A Year of Seasons (tekijä: Jon J. Muth)Elementary Award, Primary Level2016
A Baby Elephant in the Wild (tekijä: Caitlin O'Connell)Elementary Award, Primary Level2016
Another Day as Emily (tekijä: Eileen Spinelli)Elementary Award, Primary Level2016
Feathers: Not Just for Flying (tekijä: Melissa Stewart)Elementary Award, Primary Level2016
Mama Built a Little Nest (tekijä: Jennifer Ward)Elementary Award, Primary Level2016
El Deafo (tekijä: Cece Bell)Secondary Award, Middle School Level2016
The Night Gardener (tekijä: Jonathan Auxier)Secondary Award, Middle School Level2016
Absolutely Almost (tekijä: Lisa Graff)Secondary Award, Middle School Level2016
Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales: Treaties, Trenches, Mud, and Blood (tekijä: Nathan Hale)Secondary Award, Middle School Level2016
The Mark of the Dragonfly (tekijä: Jaleigh Johnson)Secondary Award, Middle School Level2016
The Great Greene Heist (tekijä: Varian Johnson)Secondary Award, Middle School Level2016
The Boundless (tekijä: Kenneth Oppel)Secondary Award, Middle School Level2016
How the Beatles Changed the World (tekijä: Martin W. Sandler)Secondary Award, Middle School Level2016
The Junction of Sunshine and Lucky (tekijä: Holly Schindler)Secondary Award, Middle School Level2016
Boys of Blur (tekijä: N. D. Wilson)Secondary Award, Middle School Level2016
A Million Ways Home (tekijä: Dianna Dorisi Winget)Secondary Award, Middle School Level2016
Brown Girl Dreaming (tekijä: Jacqueline Woodson)Secondary Award, Middle School Level2016


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