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Mary Hinman Abel Abby Merrill Adams A. E. Staley Manufacturing Company Aftermath Society of Olivet Presbyterian Church (Reading PA) Nell Giles Ahern Gunnar Ahlquist William Alexander Alcott Ida Bailey Allen Ida Bailey Cogswell Allen 1885-1973 American Can Company. [from old catalog] Home Ecnomics Section American Can Company American Dairy Association American Meat Institute compilers American Women in Blockaded Berlin (January 1949) Ann Amernick Mary Ellis Ames Ernest E. Amiet Anderson County Home Demonstration Club Members Martha Lee Anderson Mrs. Helen Armstrong US Army May Belle Van Arsdale Roberta Ashley Mr. M. Sing Au A. Munroe Aurand Jr. inc. Authentic Publications, New York Aunt Babette Lucille Ball Fanny Barbour Frances Barton bayardelawrencefde Bay State Milling Co. James Beard Catharine Esther Beecher Beech-Nut Packing Co. Beloit Federation of Women Jack Benny Mildred Maddocks Bentley Ruth Berolzheimer Best Foods Beverly hills Woman's Club B. Heller & Co. Ladies of the Church of the Advent Birmingham Alabama Johna Blinn Time-Life Books Bordan Company Borden's Condensed Milk Co. bordensfarmproductsc Borg-Warner Corporation Alice Bradley Alice Bradley Inc Chiquita Brands Emil Braun Mary Moore Bremer Joza Brizova Alice May Brock Iva Brocks broctonhospitalladie Lever Brothers Cora Lovisa Brown Susan Anna Brown Bunte Brothers Bureau Of Supplies and Accounts B. Bush Calavo Growers of California California Fruit Growers Exchange California Prune & Apricot Growers Assn. Calumet Baking Powder Company Women's Clubs Carswell Air Force Base (compilers) Germaine Carter "Winifred S. Carter" Dolores Casella Murel Caswall Central Oil & Gas Stove Co. C. F. Muller Company Samuel Chamberlain Charles B. Knox Gelatine Co. A. W. Chase Ladies' Advisory Department Chattanooga Medicine Company Joyce Chen [from old catalog] Mary Mott Chesbrough Julia Child Lydia Maria Francis Child Ida M Chitwood Church & Dwight Co. C. I. Hood Company Civilian Welfare Fund Council Elmendorf Air Force Base Craig Claiborne Helen Carroll Clarke Mary Lamson Clarke Cleveland Metal Products Co. Joan Clibbon American Molasses Co. Armour and Co. Harriet Ross Colquitt Commissary General of Subsistence Saclant-Nato Cookbook Committee The Aladdin Company Campbell Soup Company complements of Elks Theater Compliments of Blue Ribbon Bakers Margaret Compton Congressional Club Jessie Conrad Consumer Service Department The Committee to Write the Cookbook Maud C. Cooke Priscilla Publishing Co. Helen Corbitt Mrs. Cornelius Royal Baking Powder Co. Hershey Foods Corporation Juliet Corson Cotta Circle (Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church) Walter Baker & Co Sarah E. Woodworth Craig crampbhelen Cream of Wheat Company Betty Crocker Jane Cunningham Croly Curtice Brothers Company., Isabel Gordon Curtis Marye Dahnke Dairy Maid Daughters of the American Revolution Laura Davenport Claire S Davidow Adelle Davis Norma Alverda Davis J. William Dean Jessie Marie DeBoth Freda DeKnight Delineator Paul Denis Frank A. DePuy Der Dutchman Restaurant Detroit Times D. & L. Slade Co. Dormeyer Corporaton Richard Douville Century Downing drwardsmedicalcompan Duff & Sons Editors of Bride’s Magazine Educational Department of the Todaiji Education Department Ball Brothers Company E. F. Kiessling & Son E. Kahn's Sons Co. Virginia H. Ellison M W. Ellsworth Lucy Emerson engmanmatthewsrangec Mrs. L. J. Evans Fannie Merritt Farmer Federal Writers Project Milton M. Fenner 1837-1906 Adra Fessenden Alexander Filippini M. F. K. Fisher Flako Products Corp. Abraham Hillard Flanders Fleischmann's Home Economics Dept. Flreischmann Co. Food Control Division General Foods Millie C. Fox Mrs. William Fox Frances H. Leggett & Co. Virginia Francis Frank E. Davis Fish Co. Franklin Baker Co. Christine Frederick Frigidaire Jane Eayre Fryer F. W. Woolworth Executive Office Nellie Duling Gans Better Homes and Gardens General Foods Inc. Genesee Pure Food Co. George M. Clark and Company Josephine Gibson F. L. Gilette 1828-1926 F. L. Gillette Ginter Park Woman's Club Richmond Virginia William J Gleason Gooch Milling and Elevator Company Gordon Grabe Gladys R. Graham Great A & P Tea Company Annie R. Gregory Annie R. Gregory assisted by one thousand housekeepers James S. Guttenbeg Virginia T. Habeeb Marion Mason Hale H. Halverhout Dorothy Hamilton Marion Harland Frederic Jennings Haskins 1872-1944 Redina Havelhurst Reinertson Nika Standen Hazelton H-O Division Hecker Products Corp. Heinz Home Institute Edna Eby Heller Hershey Chocolate Co. Marjorie Moulton Heseltine Hess Warming & Ventilating Co. Emma Churchman Hewitt Mrs. Hibbard Elizabeth O. Hiller Miss Ada A. Hiller Janet McKenzie Hill Hills Bros. Hills Brothers Co. Hines Nevada Davis Hitchcock H. J. Heinz Company Adelaide Hollingsworth Will C. Hollister Home Economics Department ... Good Housekeeping Jane Grant Gilmore Howard Maria Willett Howard Edward E. Howe Hulman and Compnay Agricultural Research Service Human Nutrition Research Division, U. S. Department of Agriculture Ruth Hutchison Infant Welfare Society of Chicago Culinary Arts Institute Institute of Home Economics Tested Recipe Institute International Milling Co. Florenz Jarnagin JEANMARIE Helen Louise Johnson Ruth Washburn Jordan Junior Army Navy Gild Junior Army-Navy Guild Organization., J. W. Beardsley's Sons Aya Kagawa Mrs. Simon Kander Mollie Katzen KC Baking Powder Adelaide Keen Situation Department Kellogg Company Mrs. E. E. Kellogg Kellogg's L. A. Kemp Lillian S Kennedy Ruth Kerr Jenny Åkerström-Söderström Caroline B. King Elizabeth Stansbury Kirkland Quaker Kitchens Margaret Klapthor Kraft Foods Co. krameranna Otto Krey William Laas La Choy Food Products Ladies Aid Society of the ... Ladies’ Auxiliary of St. Joseph’s Hospital of Lancaster PA (compiled and published under the auspices of the) Ladies of Bath Ladies of Plymouth Church Des Moines Ladies of the Collingwood Avenue Presbyterian Church Ladies of the First Baptist ... Ladies of the First M.E. Church Ladies of the Friday Club Ladies of the Presbyterian Church Paris Kentucky ) Larkin Kitchen (compiled especially for customers and friends of the Larkin Co Larkin Kitchen Laboratory Department N. K. M Lee Leah W. Leonard Eliza Leslie Mary Johnson Bailey Lincoln Lillie S. Lustig Lydia E. Pinkham Co. Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Company Joseph B. Lyman L. Gertrude Mackay Colin Mackenzie MaConnon & Company Gaynor Maddox Martha Washington Guild George Winston Martin Mary Elizabeth (Evans) Mrs. John E. Mattison May Nellie L. McCann L. L. McLaren Martha Meade Ethel Meily John E Meister Ruth Mellinkoff Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Midland Flour Milling Co. Ida Migliario Franklin Lawrence Miles Eliza Miller millselizabethstiver Margaret Mitchell Margaret Mitchell Arthur G. Morehouse More Nurses in Training Movement Jinx Morgan Kay Morrow Sidney Levi Morse Mary B. Murray Thomas J. Murrey National Dairy Products Corporation., National Live Stock and Meat Board naturalfoodcompany United States Navy Needlework Guild of the FIrst Presbyterian Church (Jamestown NY) Marion Harris Neil New York Cooking School Nell Beaubien Nichols Cooley Dickenson Hospital Staff Northampton MA northamptonmaladieso Northwestern Consolidated Milling Company Northwestern Yeast Co. Oelerich & Berry Co. War Department Office of the Commisary General Construction Service Office of the Quartermaster General Officers Wives Club 1973 Officer's Wives' Club U.S. Naval Air Station Hutchinson Kansas Methodist Choir Okeechobee Florida Omar Mills Inc. Catherine Owen Frances Emugene Owens Minnie. With the Approval of Mrs. J. B. Lyon Palmer Maria Parloa Catherine E. Parsons Florence Crosby Parsons Patrick Air Force base women's Club (Partick Air Force Base - FL) (compilers and editors) Mrs Mary Pauline (Saylor) Patterson Mary E. Pattison Wilma Lord Perkins Mary Ann Piccard Pillsbury Ann Pillsbury Pillsbury Laboratories Plymouth Rock Gelatine Co. M. E. Porter Premier Malt Products Banner Press Presto Price Baking Powder Price Flavoring Extract Company Purina Purity Oats Company Elizabeth H. Putnam Mary Randolf 1762-1828 R. B. Davis Company George Rector Mayme Reinertson Bob. Reinhart Reliable Flour Company Mrs. Susie Root Rhodes Richard-Gebaur Air Force Base NCOWC [Non commissioned Officer's Wives Club] Robert Johns Barbara Reid Robson Rochester Dairy Milk Products Grace Lois Rodner Irma S. Rombauer S. T. Rorer Marie Rosicky June Roth R. T. French Company Guiseppi Rudmani Rumford Chemical Works Runkel Brothers Inc. Domestic Science Department Runkel Brothers Inc. Mrs De Salis Romeo Salta Anna B. Storck Scott 1856- Sea Foam Baking Powder Company Second Circle W.C.T.U. (Morgantown West VA) Lida Seely Ann Seranne Dorothy E. Shank Carroll Mac Sheridan b.1889 N. Y. Niagara Falls Shredded Wheat Company Carrie V. Shuman Mrs. Albert Shumard Miss T. S. Shute Lulu Thompson Silvernail Sisters & Friends of the Church of the Brethern (contributors) Sleepy Eye Milling Company Dr. Earl S. Sloan James Bethuel Smiley Julia Smith Mary G. Smith Soda Fountain Alexis Soyer Sarah Field Splint stanardtiltonmilling Fleischmann Division. Standard Brands Inc. Standard Rice Company Mrs. Lenore Standifer St. Martha's Guild of St. Alban's Episcopal Church (Superior Wisconsin) (compiled and issued by) Submarine Cook Book Committee Sun-Maid Inc. Minute Tapioca Demetria M. Taylor Mrs. Jennie Taylor Emma Paddock Telford The First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association The J. R. Watkins Company The Ladies of Myrtle Creek Ruth Plumly Thompson Sylvester J. Tinker Grace Townsend Carrie W. Train Rutland Vermont Trinity Mission of Trinity Church Research Department United Fruit Company unitedstatesnavythfl Navy Wives Club U. S. Naval Air Stations (Lincoln NB) Mae Van Duyne Van Houton Vitamin Food Company Ruth Graves Wakefield Educational Department Waleter Baker Division Lilly Haxworth Wallace Lily Haxworth Wallace Roy Wall John Wanamaker Home Service Department Washburn-Crosby Co. Washington Suburban Gas Company Ruth Watson Nellie Scheneck Watts Louise Bennett Weaver Wesson Oil People Westinghouse Zella Hale Weyant Julius Emil Wihlfahrt Estelle Woods Wilcox Wildeflecken NCO Wives Club Mrs. Mary Emma Williams Leida A. Willis Betty Lyles Wilson Cuba Wives - U.S. Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay, recipes submitted by the Woman's Auxillary of Whittier College (compiled by) Woman's Christian Temperance Union Woman's Club for the Benefit of Overseas Relief (compiled by) Woman's Club of Westport Woman's Hospital Association of Pine Bluff Arkansas Woman's World Magazine Pa. (compilers) Women of the Central Prespyterian Church of Downingtown Oklahoma Women of the First Presbyterian Church Po PA Women of the United Presbyterian Church - Jeane Womens Club of Allied Air Forces Southern Europe (compilers) Corning Glass Works Mary Mason. Wright b.1870- . W. T. Rawleigh Medical Company Fleischmann's Yeast Theodora S. Zavin
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