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I received an Advance Reader Copy of this book. The first eighteen percent of the summary book covers the detailed table of contents (three parts and 17 chapters with titles), plus summaries of the overview and introduction in the original book. The chapter-by-chapter summary comes next, and comprises most of the book. The final thirteen percent of the book consists of background information about the original book, the author, reflection questions, and trivia questions.
I used a Paperwhite to read the Kindle edition of this book. The formatting and paging were perfect. There were a few misplaced words, such as symphony for symmetry in Chapter 15 and fizzling for failing in Chapter 16.
The summary book reads well and is easy to understand. The authors did a great job of abridging Trey Gowdy’s book. The six chapters in Part One cover the main points of what to know before you speak. Part Two’s eight chapters discuss how to be persuasive (now that you know what NOT to say). The last three chapters in Part Three explain how to apply what you’ve learned, how to recognize when you’ve persuaded people, plus a few cautions. All of the important information from the original book is there, but the summary never sounds choppy or incomplete. It’s an impressive job of writing and editing.
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aviatrix17 | Sep 27, 2020 |