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Herbert Spencer Zim (1909–1994)

Teoksen Birds of North America: A Guide to Field Identification tekijä

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Herbert S. Zim was born in 1909 in New York City. He was a naturalist, author, editor and also known as the fonder and editor in chief of the Golden Guides series of nature books. Zim wrote or edited more than one hundred scientific books, and in a thirty-year career teaching in the public schools näytä lisää introduced laboratory instruction into elementary school science. He is best known as the founder in 1945, of the Golden Guides, pocket-size introductions for children to such subjects as fossils, zoology, microscopy, rocks and minerals, codes and secret writings, trees, wildflowers, dinosaurs, navigation and more. He was the sole or co-author for many of the books, which were valued for their clarity, accuracy and attractive presentation helped by the illustrations of James Gordon Irving. He continued to work on the Golden Guides series until Alzheimer's disease forced him to slow down in the 1990s. He died in 1994 at Plantation Key, Florida. (Bowker Author Biography) näytä vähemmän
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Mammals: A Guide to Familiar American Species (1955) — Tekijä — 799 kappaletta
Codes and Secret Writing (1948) 224 kappaletta
Botany (1970) 103 kappaletta
Snakes (1949) 101 kappaletta
Orchids (1970) 93 kappaletta
The Great Whales (1951) 80 kappaletta
Alligators and Crocodiles (1952) 72 kappaletta
Rocks and How They Were Formed (1961) 68 kappaletta
Ostriches (1964) 64 kappaletta
Frogs and Toads (1950) 52 kappaletta
Owls (1950) 46 kappaletta
Lightning and Thunder (1952) 36 kappaletta
What's Inside of Me? (1952) 35 kappaletta
What's Inside of Animals? (1953) 32 kappaletta
Golden Hamsters (1951) 32 kappaletta
What's Inside of Plants? (1952) 30 kappaletta
Homing Pigeons (1949) 30 kappaletta
Bones (1969) 30 kappaletta
Comets (1956) 30 kappaletta
Parrakeets; (1953) 29 kappaletta
The universe (1964) 28 kappaletta
Blood (1968) 27 kappaletta
The Big Cats (1955) 26 kappaletta
Elephants (1946) 26 kappaletta
The Sun (1953) 25 kappaletta
Our Senses and How They Work (1956) 25 kappaletta
Rabbits (1948) 24 kappaletta
What's Inside of Engines? (1953) 24 kappaletta
Monkeys (1955) 24 kappaletta
Dinosaurs (1954) 24 kappaletta
Your Heart and How it Works (1959) 23 kappaletta
What's Inside the Earth? (1953) 23 kappaletta
Corals (1966) 22 kappaletta
Sea Stars and Their Kin (1976) 21 kappaletta
Snails (1975) 21 kappaletta
Metric measure (1974) 21 kappaletta
Crabs (1974) 20 kappaletta
Shooting Stars (1958) 20 kappaletta
Your stomach and digestive tract (1973) 17 kappaletta
Waves (1967) 17 kappaletta
Armored Animals (1971) 16 kappaletta
Goldfish (1947) 15 kappaletta
The New Moon (1980) 15 kappaletta
Mexico (1969) 15 kappaletta
Diamonds (1959) 14 kappaletta
Plants, a guide to plant hobbies (1947) 13 kappaletta
Caves and Life (1978) 12 kappaletta
Sharks (1966) 12 kappaletta
Tractors (1972) 12 kappaletta
Hoists, Cranes, and Derricks (1969) 11 kappaletta
Life and Death (1970) 10 kappaletta
Machine Tools (1969) 10 kappaletta
Bird Nests, Turtles, and Fish (1963) 10 kappaletta
Little Cats (1978) 10 kappaletta
Quartz (1981) 9 kappaletta
Submarines (1942) 9 kappaletta
Your Brain and How It Works (1972) 8 kappaletta
Trucks (1970) 8 kappaletta
Your food and you (1957) 8 kappaletta
Cargo Ships (1970) 7 kappaletta
Things Around the House (1954) 7 kappaletta
Medicine (1974) 7 kappaletta
Rockets and Jets (1945) 6 kappaletta
Commercial Fishing (1973) 6 kappaletta
Our Wonderful World (1966) 5 kappaletta
Parachutes (1943) 4 kappaletta
Your Skin (1979) 4 kappaletta
Pipes and Plumbing Systems (1974) 3 kappaletta
How things grow 2 kappaletta
Telephone Systems 2 kappaletta
How things grow 2 kappaletta
Universe, The 2 kappaletta
Cargo Ships — Tekijä — 1 kappale
Hoists, Cranes, and Derricks (1969) — Tekijä — 1 kappale
Planets 1 kappale
Corals 1 kappale
Eating places (1975) 1 kappale
Elephants 1 kappale
Waves 1 kappale
Diamonds 1 kappale
Dinosaurs 1 kappale
Sharks 1 kappale
Frogs and Toads 1 kappale
Bones 1 kappale
Seashores 1 kappale
Parrakeets 1 kappale
Monkeys 1 kappale

Associated Works

Rocks and Minerals (Field Guide and Introduction to the Geology and Chemistry of) (1973) — Toimittaja, eräät painokset355 kappaletta
Exploring the World Around Us (Childcraft) (1949) — Avustaja — 43 kappaletta

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Biologia (341) Eläimet (487) Eläintiede (176) field guide (1,236) field guides (441) Fossiili (109) Geologia (238) Golden Guide (388) Golden Nature Guide (89) hyönteiset (379) Hämähäkit (102) Kala (115) kasvit (270) Kasvitiede (262) kukat (110) kuvitettu (92) linnut (890) Lintuharrastus (98) Luonnonhistoria (284) Luonto (1,578) Matelijat (108) Mineraali (93) nature guide (149) nature study (236) Nisäkkäät (113) opas (219) opaskirja (246) Ornitologia (94) perhoset (117) Pohjois-Amerikka (217) puut (385) rocks (127) seashells (117) Sää (124) Tiede (1,576) Tietokirjallisuus (1,058) tunnistaminen (156) Tähtitiede (227) viittaus (1,071) wildlife (105)





Zim's Ostrich book gives historical information as well as anatomical information about the ostrich. Other birds from the ratite group are also mentioned in the book, such as the rhea, cassowary, emu, kiwi, and tinamou. Extinct relatives are mentioned at the end of the book.
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MarySchubert | Feb 8, 2024 |
Authorized Abridgement, Scholastic, Soft Cover
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shirfire218 | 4 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jun 30, 2023 |
I found an interesting spider up on Mount Rainier a few years ago. The pale blue egg sac caught my attention. I guessed it was in the wolf spider family, roaming around at 1800 meters (6000 feet). I snapped a few photos and continued on to botanize.A few months later, I added an observation on iNaturalist. I know this was a wolf spider (family Lycosidae) but not much more. After a few hours,someone suggested this spider was in genus Pardosa.

A few years later, confirmed the ID at the genus level and noted that in Western Washington, only this genus has blue egg sacs. I then asked Rod about how to get to a species level ID. I asked them to recommend a good beginner's book on spiders. They suggested Spiders and Their Kin by Levi et al. I ordered a copy of the book, and when it arrived, I noticed it was a Golden Guide, which I had thought of as a children's book. I was wrong! This book was a perfect introduction. It covers land arthropods other than insects, including spiders, scorpions, harvestmen, mites, centipedes, millipedes, and wood lice. The book starts with the classification, anatomy, and behavior of spiders and their kin.

The book's core is an illustrated review by family of spiders, spider relatives, myriapods, and land crustaceans. It has worldwide coverage. The length of each section varies based on the number of species. For example, orbweavers (Araneidae) cover 19 pages, about 12% of the book. This section was helpful, especially a two-page spread on how orbweavers build their webs. The unit on wolf spiders (Lycosidae) helped me understand the behavior of the genus Pardosa.

This book will sit beside me while working on my iNaturalist observations of spiders and their relatives. It's a good introduction in 160 pages. One caveat is that this isn't a detailed species identification guide but should be helpful to classify down to the family level.
… (lisätietoja)
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brewbooks | 4 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Apr 2, 2023 |



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