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The Remainder (2014) 136 kappaletta
Limpia (Spanish Edition) (2023) 15 kappaletta
Rent hus (2023) 4 kappaletta
Clean: A Novel 1 kappale
Limpa (Portuguese Edition) (2023) 1 kappale
Limpa 1 kappale
Rent hus 1 kappale

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Loved the writing in this story of three young adults whose parents took different paths during the Chilean dictatorship and how the next generation deals with a traumatic history and its fallout. There is a good bit of strangeness (one of the alternating points of view is a character experiencing psychosis) and I'm sure I missed some references to historical events -but I'll definitely pick up the next book by ZerÁn.
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mmcrawford | 2 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Dec 5, 2023 |
Estela deja a su madre en el sur para trabajar en la casa de una familia en Santiago de Chile y allí se queda los siguientes siete años, limpiando y criando a una niña acosada por la ansiedad, cuya muerte conocemos al comienzo de la novela.

Como en una tragedia griega, la tensión crece con cada página, con cada personaje o elemento: la perra callejera, las ratas, la confesión inconfesable del «señor», la aparición de Carlos, el veneno, la pistola, hasta un desenlace tan poderoso como inevitable.… (lisätietoja)
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bibliotecayamaguchi | Mar 15, 2023 |
This book isn't about the politics of what happened in Chile, but the painful "nostalgia" those affected must carry, while mainly focusing on the secondhand painful nostalgia that the children must live with. The book alternates chapters between childhood friends Felipe and Iquela -- now adults. Another character is Paloma and all three are incidentally brought together by the actions of their parents both when they are young and when they're older. When Paloma's mother's body is lost during a flight to Chile, all three must journey over the mountains to get her back. This isn't the sunniest of books, but there is some lovely imagery throughout (only if I don't have to be one of the people living with this secondhand pain.) 'The Remainder' could sit on the shelf next to Valeria Luiselli's 'Lost Children Archive' and Azareen Van der Vliet Oloomi's 'Call Me Zebra'.… (lisätietoja)
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booklove2 | 2 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Dec 6, 2019 |
This darkly comic story about three children of ex-militants who opposed the regime of the Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet is set in the capital of Santiago, a city in a valley surrounded by volcanoes that is encased in ash, a fitting metaphor for the political and social fallout during the last days of the regime and the years that followed. The novel opens in December 1989 during a party hosted by Consuelo, one of the former militants who has changed her identity and her name to remain hidden in public view, and her husband, as their friends gather to watch the coverage of the election that would remove Pinochet from power and restore Chile to a democracy that ended with the assassination of Salvador Allende in 1973. Iquela is the teenage daughter of Consuelo, and she is tasked with welcoming Paloma, the moody and defiant daughter of Consuelo's exiled militant in arms, who has come from Germany with her parents to witness this momentous event. The girls bond over cigarettes and alcohol, and Iquela is fascinated by Paloma's European style and self confidence.

The story then fast forwards to modern day Santiago—which is still covered in ash. Paloma's mother has just died in Germany, and Paloma arrives in Santiago in advance of her mother's coffin, as she intends to bury her in her homeland. Paloma arrives safely, but the plane carrying her mother is diverted to Argentina, due to a heavy ash cloud that covers the capital and prevents flights from landing. The two women enlist the help of Felipe, Iquela's disturbed adopted brother and the son of ex-militants who were disappeared during the Pinochet regime, in a half baked and surreal road trip to claim Paloma's mother and bring her back to Santiago.

The three main characters are meant to represent the post-Pinochet generation, who were only children when he was deposed in 1990 but continue to be affected by his regime, and the sacrifices that their parents made during that time for them. Consuelo repeatedly tells her daughter, "I did this all for you", and Iquela is trapped by a daily sense of duty to her mother, and is seemingly more of a post-adolescent who has not yet matured into an independent adult 25 years after Pinochet's downfall. The story is told in alternating chapters, in which Iquela and Felipe are narrators, while Paloma is cast as a secondary character despite being the center of this account.

The Remainder is a very enjoyable and impressive début novel, which is another worthy selection for this year's Man Booker International Prize shortlist.
… (lisätietoja)
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kidzdoc | 2 muuta kirja-arvostelua | May 7, 2019 |



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