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Satoshi Yagisawa

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Yagisawa, Satoshi
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Yagisawa, Satoshi
Chiba, Japan



Cute and contemplative, short and quiet. Not much bookshop content aside from it being the backdrop of the family story played out here.
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KallieGrace | 19 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Nov 29, 2023 |
The prose of this book was simple and easy to get into. I honestly felt connected with Takako and her struggles and I absolutely loved Uncle Satoru and his quirkiness. I also love that Takako fell in love with reading and the way she describes it was so good and there are deep hidden messages that are spoken in the novel. I do have some issues with Momoko (if I remember her name correctly) and I really don’t like her at all but not as much as I did with Hideaki, that dude is a major scum of the earth. I like Sabu and the unnamed Owner of the coffee shop (who shouldve had a name)… (lisätietoja)
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clstrifes | 19 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Nov 10, 2023 |
Takako has moved from the countryside to the city for work and has developed a relationship with a co-worked. However when he tells her that he's marrying someone else (but they can still hook up) Takako leaves her job and her flat and moves into the bookshop run by her uncle. The bookshop is in an area of the city which is full of bookshops and during her time there Takako makes new friends, learns more about her family and realises that her ex was not worth it.
This is a short and quite light book. I did enjoy it but only on a superficial level, as in the fact that it is a pleasant read and does have something to say about relationships and the way to treat people. However I didn't find it profound!… (lisätietoja)
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pluckedhighbrow | 19 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Nov 3, 2023 |
Heartbroken after finding out her boyfriend is getting married to another woman; Takako moves into a room above her uncle’s bookshop. She soon discovers the power of books.

I wanted to love DAYS AT THE MORISAKI BOOKSHOP so much more than I did. A book about a bookshop… I mean, how can you go wrong with that? My mixed feelings about this came down to the shift between the first and second halves of the book. It felt so different that I found myself really losing interest in the later half despite having loved some beautiful passages in the first.

DAYS AT THE MORISAKI BOOKSHOP has a great premise but overall fell flat for me. I’d still recommend it to those who find the synopsis interesting as there are definitely parts that will resonate with booklovers.
… (lisätietoja)
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bostieslovebooks | 19 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Nov 3, 2023 |



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½ 3.5

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