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Book Name: Black Fatherhood: Trials & Tribulations, Testimony & Triumph
Author: Khalid Akil White
Format: eBook

My Thoughts:
It was during 1991 when my maternal uncle returned from the USA on a trip to India. I was in my 3rd standard and he bought an audio cassette of MC Hammer, the US pop singer. A while later when my dad wanted to play the cassette he asked me to get MC Hammer's cassette to which I replied oh that black man's cassette. I was not aware ad naive of the racism then. I was always mocked for the dark skin in my family. I was not even aware that this is a kind of abuse. As I grew and my interest in Michael Jackson grew, I came to know that they are African-Americans but not blacks. Since then, I have never use the word, Black.

In recent times when I witnessed the horrific incident with David Floyd, and read the book Caste by Isabel Wilkerson I understood the levels of racism that exists in the USA. To me it was a land of dreams though I never attempted to visit, many of my relatives live there now. But, Floyd's incident has shaken me to the core understanding of the racism that exists in there. That kindled my interest to read more about the African-American which leads me to read books form African authors. As they say, destiny gives you what you seek, it was in the same month when I picked up this book form Book Tasters.

I have been procrastinating to post my review due to various reasons, but I am happy that I am ending this weird 2020 with a nice book's review - Black Fatherhood: Trials & Tribulations, Testimony & Triumph by Khalid White.

My Review:
This book by author and professor Khalid Akil White is an eye-opener to the world that always stereotypes the single black fathers. They are subjected to extreme racism and bias. Donning the role of a single father by anyone is challenging and on top of that if they are misjudged as bad fathers, that deeply hurts. In this book, the readers get to meet single fathers in a conversation style. The book is heartening and sensitive. It always that a mother is hyped but no one considers a father's role in parenting.

Taken from his own life, author Khalid wrote this book in an easily accessible language with clear vocabulary. This book will surely negate the else views that have been imposed on black fathers.

Rating: 5/5
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