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Carolinne White is a tutor in medieval Latin, and a lexicographer on the Medieval Latin Dictionary at the University of Oxford.

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Early Christian Lives (Penguin Classics) (1998) — Toimittaja — 372 kappaletta
The Confessions of St. Augustine (Extracts) (2001) — Toimittaja — 133 kappaletta
Gregory of Nazianzus: Autobiographical Poems (1996) — Editor and Translator — 20 kappaletta

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Some of these writings are very moving, and they predate the more literary and scholarly writings of Origen and Tertullian and subsequent writers; they are thus quite 'raw' and primitive. I love the open letter to Diognesus (sometimes called 'Mathetes'), but the collection doesn't include the Shepherd of Hermes, which is early and was even considered 'scripture' by some. It's visionary aspect might have given the collection a 'lift', as some of Ignatius' letters might seem a little dry.
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PeterGMcCarthy | 2 muuta kirja-arvostelua | May 19, 2020 |
[Lives of Roman Christian Women], ed. [[Carolinne White]]

Two chapters of this book were assigned reading for my Roman Empire class last quarter - but it was so interesting I read the rest of it. White has collected a great selection of works from the first 3-4 centuries of Christianity that describe individual women and the lives they led. Like much of women's' history, we have little in their own voices, but much description in mens' writings. The writings in this book range from famous patristic authors such as Gregory of Nyssa and Jerome, down to ones I had never heard of such as Palladius. They range from eulogistic letters to advice on how to raise a virtuous daughter to a story of two women martyrs and the miracles surrounding them.

Half of the selections in the book are by Jerome, who was known for being a spiritual and intellectual mentor for wealthy Roman widows. Jerome, despite being perhaps the greatest biblical scholar of patristic Christianity, was also a difficult man to be around. It was said that Paula the Elder, who he writes a forty-page paean to, was the only person who could put up with his moods and soothe his temper. (This was, of course, further proof of her holiness.) This book also includes his "Education of Little Paula," exhorting the parents of this young girl to shield her from idle gossip, educate her only in Christian authors, and rarely let her leave the house for fear of spoiling her virtue.

From a faith perspective, some of the stuff in here was hard to connect with. Paula the Elder's abandonment of her children for the sake of her leaving society and becoming a wandering ascetic? Nope. If Paula tried that today she's be tried for child neglect. I do not resonate with miracles of martyrs very much either. But it is hard to not be inspired by some of the exemplars of holiness in this book, especially when described in Jerome's brilliant rhetoric so crammed with biblical allusions.

Thankfully, Penguin Book has another volume titled [Early Christian Lives], so I can read up on mens' lives too. Even better, it's the same translator and editor, British scholar Carolinne White, whose introduction to this volume was illuminating and readable.
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JDHomrighausen | May 9, 2013 |

Six biographies of important figures in early monatsticism - Athanasius' life of Anthony, three short biographies by Jerome, Sulpicius Severus' life of Martin of Tours and Gregory the Great's life of Benedict. They all live holy lives and perform many miracles (often involving expelling demons from the possessed). Arians and other heretics are at least as bothersome as the pagan authorities (and more so after the early fourth century). Devils take on physical form and wrestle with our heroes. I had come across some of this material in Gibbon (who hates monks and all they stand for) but it was interesting to see it in its own context.… (lisätietoja)
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nwhyte | 2 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Aug 22, 2011 |
Anthony of Egypt, Saint, ca. 250-355 or 6.
Paul the Hermit, Saint, d. ca. 341.
Hilarion Saint, ca. 291-ca. 371.
Malchus Saint.
Martin Saint, Bishop of Tours, ca. 316-397.
Benedict Saint, Abbot of Monte Cassino.
Monastic and religious life -- History -- Early church, approximately 30-600.
Christian saints.
Church history -- Primitive and early church, ca. 30-600 -- Biography.
Monastic and religious life -- Biography.
Monastic and religious life -- History -- Early church, ca. 30-600.… (lisätietoja)
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Priory | 2 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Aug 27, 2013 |

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