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Geoffrey C. Ward is an author, historian, and screenwriter. He has written for numerous documentary films, and has won the National Book Critics Circle Award, the Francis Parkman Prize, and was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. Geoffrey Champion Ward was born in 1940 in Newark, Ohio. He was a näytä lisää graduate of Oberlin College in 1962. He is an editor, author, historian and writer of scripts for American history documentaries for public television. He is the author or co-author of 18 books, including five companion books to the documentaries he has written. He is the winner of seven Emmy Awards. He was the founding editor of Audience Magazine (1970-1973) and the editor of American Heritage Magazine (1977-1982). His 1989 biography of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, A First-class Temperament: the Emergence of Franklin Roosevelt, won the National Book Critics Circle Award and the Francis Parkman Prize of the Society of American Historians and was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. The principal writer of the television mini-series The Civil War, Ward has collaborated with its co-producer Ken Burns on most of the documentaries he has made since, including Jazz, Baseball, The War and Not For Ourselves Alone: The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. This work has earned him five Emmy Awards. He also won two Emmys for the American Experience series, including The Kennedys, in 1992 and TR,The Story of Theodore Roosevelt in 1996. His script for the documentary Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson, won the Writers Guild of America Award in 2005 and the accompanying book won the 2006 William Hill Sports Book of the Year and the Anisfield-Wolf Award for best biography. His works include The War: An Intimate History, Moving to Higher Ground: How Jazz can Change Your Life and Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson. His title The Roosevelts: An Intimate History made The New York Times Best Seller List in 2014. (Bowker Author Biography) näytä vähemmän
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The Civil War: An Illustrated History (1990) 2,029 kappaletta, 14 arvostelua
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Mark Twain: An Illustrated Biography (2001) 279 kappaletta, 4 arvostelua
The Vietnam War: An Intimate History (2017) 255 kappaletta, 3 arvostelua
The Roosevelts: An Intimate History (2014) 246 kappaletta, 2 arvostelua
The Best American Essays 1996 (1996) — Toimittaja — 135 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
The Vietnam War [2017 TV series] (2007) — Screenwriter — 98 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Baseball [1994 TV series] (1994) 96 kappaletta
The War 1941-1945 [2007 TV series] (2006) — Screenwriter — 86 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Jazz: The Story of America's Music [2001 TV series] (2000) — Screenwriter — 78 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Mark Twain [2001 TV movie] (2001) — Screenwriter — 49 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Frank Lloyd Wright [1998 TV documentary] (1998) — Writer — 43 kappaletta
Thomas Jefferson [1997 TV mini series] (1997) — Screenwriter — 41 kappaletta
Prohibition [2011 film] (2011) 38 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
The Maharajas (1920) — Tekijä — 33 kappaletta
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Lincoln and the Law (1978) 5 kappaletta
Lincoln and His Family (1978) 4 kappaletta
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Before the Trumpet 2 kappaletta
Audience (1972) 1 kappale
The Gene: An Intimate History [2020 documentary] (2020) — Screenwriter. — 1 kappale

Associated Works

Entäs jos... : vaihtoehtoinen maailmanhistoria (2001) — Avustaja — 1,033 kappaletta, 11 arvostelua
All for the Union: The Civil War Diary & Letters of Elisha Hunt Rhodes (1985) — Esipuhe, eräät painokset510 kappaletta, 3 arvostelua
Reader's Digest Story of the Great American West (1977) — Avustaja — 291 kappaletta, 2 arvostelua
The Civil War [1990 TV series] (1990) — Original book — 274 kappaletta, 2 arvostelua
Ken Burns's The Civil War: Historians Respond (1996) — Avustaja — 152 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
The Best American Essays 1987 (1987) — Avustaja — 84 kappaletta
MHQ: The Quarterly Journal of Military History — Winter 1989 (1988) — Author "In Review: Civil War and Nuclear War" — 28 kappaletta
MHQ: The Quarterly Journal of Military History — Autumn 1988 (1988) — Author "In Review: Vann's Private War" — 23 kappaletta
MHQ: The Quarterly Journal of Military History — Autumn 1989 (1989) — Author "FDR's Western Front Idyll" — 17 kappaletta
MHQ: The Quarterly Journal of Military History — Summer 1990 (1990) — Author "In Review: Roosevelt and Marshall" — 15 kappaletta
The Story of America: Beginnings to 1914 (2006) — Avustaja, eräät painokset6 kappaletta

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Very well written, but I found the narcissism and irresponsible behavior of Ferdinand Ward and his missionary parents was too unbearable (and reminiscent of Donald Trump) to finish reading this book. Even skipping the middle section of the book to reach his imprisonment offered to relief; he continued to ruin the lives of those around him.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
Bonnie_Bailey | 3 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jul 14, 2023 |
Manche Bücher betrachte ich der Bilder wegen und weil die gewählten Zitate so unendlich klar und erhellend sind, so dass man magisch und tief in den anderen Text hineingezogen wird.

Ganz am Anfang stehen diese drei Aussagen:

Man kann es so sehen: Der Jazz ist ein gutes Barometer für die Freiheit.... In ihren Anfängen brachten die Vereinigten Staaten v0n Amerikan bestimmte Ideale für Freiheit und Unabhängigkeit hervor, aus denen sich schließlich auch der Jazz entwickelte - eine Musik, die so frei ist, das manche Menschen sie für den einzigen ungehinderten, unverfälschten Ausdruck völliger Freiheit halten, den dieses Land je hervorgebracht hat. Duke Ellington

Es ist krasser Individualismus in Reinkultur. Es bedeutet, raus auf die Bühne zu gehen und zu sagen: Völlig egal, wie es irgendjemand vor mir gespielt hat - ich werde es nach meiner Fasson spielen und nicht anders. Garry Giddins

Wer einem Jazzmusiker beim Spielen zusieht, der sieht einen Forscher, einen der experimentiert, einen Wissenschaftler, und dies alles gleichzeitig - denn dieses Spiel ist die Inkarnation des kreativen Prozesses. Albert Murray

Amerika wird in weiter Zukunft in Erinnerung bleiben wegen der Verfassung, Baseball und Jazz, sagte Gerald Early. In diesem Buch mit fast 500 Seiten wird die Geschichte des Jazz in 10 Kapiteln erzählt, visualisiert und weit darüber hinaus jene Seele ausgelotet, die Amerika entstehen ließ, errichtet im Kampf zwischen Haben und Nichthaben, Schwarz und Weiss, Underdogs und Big dogs, die Musik der neuen Welt, nach dem Krieg zu uns herüberfloatend, die Freiheit vom Untertantendasein im Gepäck.
… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
Clu98 | Apr 24, 2023 |
A book mainly of photographs of the legendary Michael (Nick) Nichols, from the National Geographic, naturally with the superior production qualities expected. The text, by the equally renowned Geoffrey Ward, is somewhat rudimentary, but does present a world map with tiger habitats color-washed, and there is summarized information on the status of the tiger in some of the other tiger-range countries apart from India, which is the focus. The highlight is undoubtedly the glimpses of the intimate family life of Sita, the large-hearted mother in Bandhavgarh, and her cubs, which bring out the beauty, controlled strength, loyalty, courage, and pathos of the situation this noble animal is in today because of the greed and callousness of humans.… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
Dilip-Kumar | Apr 11, 2023 |
This book was a rather painful one in the initial chapters, as it started with the author's own blood-thirsty shooting of wild animals around Delhi in his childhood days in the late 1950s- he was already 13 years old the ear I was born. Then when he visits again in 1984, he waxes eloquent on how the countryside has changed and all those happy theaters of his youthful escapades have been ravaged. Reading his account of his trigger-happy friends and utter blood-lust in the company of the rich and royally connected of Delhi, I can only thank my stars that I joined the forest service when this license to kill had been considerably curtailed and wildlife protection laws had been set in place under the patronage of Indira Gandhi. I don't think the author claims any tiger trophies himself, but one wonders at the utter lack of compunction of those, British and native, who revelled in killing thousands of completely unoffending and innocent creatures going about their lives in the jungle, some of them over a hundred tigers and leopards, including the vaunted Rajah of Sarguja who shot the last three cheetah cubs that his fellow-royals are now desperate to bring back. However, this initial falling out of sympathy with the blood-stained author should not prevent us from appreciating his skillful marshalling of history, his own personal experiences, and his empathy with the conservationists (some of them former hunters of big game) who campaigned for the protection of the tiger and its habitat.… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
Dilip-Kumar | Jan 27, 2023 |



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