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20th century



This was undoubtedly groundbreaking in 1994 as the first professional Doctor Who short story collection. I would have read it in 1996 or 1997 as a teenager, and I don't have any recollection of it at all. That's not too surprising, because while the authors should be applauded for giving it a stab, and even throwing in two or three stories with pretty challenging approaches, it's just not terribly memorable overall - and the wraparound material isn't especially cohesive, either, which sinks it down even further. The best stories are Vanessa Bishop's "The Straw that Broke the Camel's Back" (Third Doctor) and Paul Cornell's "Lackaday Express" (Fifth Doctor), each of them probably representing the best traits of traditional and radical Who writing at the time. Jim Mortimore's "The Book of Shadows" (First Doctor) is worth a look, too, presaging a lot of his later experimental work.… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
saroz | 2 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Sep 25, 2023 |
10 objects from the Doctor's coat pocket lead to 10 different short stories featuring different Doctors and different companions.

re-read 8/12/2023
Merkitty asiattomaksi
catseyegreen | 2 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Aug 12, 2023 |
Het was alweer zo'n vijf jaar geleden dat de destijds zesentwintig jaar lopende Britse televisieserie Doctor Who was gestopt en dit boek uitkwam over de jaren zeventig van deze serie. Dat de serie ruim tien jaar later weer opnieuw met succes leven ingeblazen zou gaan worden, was toen zeker niet voorzien.

In dit boek komen uitgebreid de afleveringen uit de jaren zeventig aan bod. Zowel inhoud als het tot stand komen van de verhalen en eventuele moeilijkheden zoals bijvoorbeeld stakingen tijdens het produceren van de uitzendingen worden omschreven. Dit alles geflankeerd met foto's van voor en achter de schermen. Schrijvers, producers, componisten en dergelijken worden ook nog eens in het geheel meegenomen.

En natuurlijk wordt ook een apart hoofdstuk aan Jon Pertwee en een aan Tom Baker besteed, de twee Doctors uit de jaren zeventig. Hoe zij uitgekozen werden voor de rol en wat verder bekend was van hun carrière. De companions van de Doctors komen allemaal nog een keer voor het voetlicht in een eigen gezamenlijk hoofdstuk.
De laatste hoofdstukken gaan over alles rondom film, musical en toneelstuk dat wel en niet van de grond is gekomen. En ook wat er allemaal is geproduceerd aan singles, boeken, tijdschriften, strips, bordspelen, batches, snoep, puntenslijpers en wat je al niet kunt bedenken.

Het enige dat ik vervelend vond is de opmaak van het boek. Het is al vrij groot waardoor het redelijk onhandelbaar is. Als er nu grote foto's waren afgedrukt kon ik dat nog begrijpen maar de foto's zijn eerder te klein dan te groot. En dan is er ook nog op bijna elke bladzijde aan de zijkant een kader waarin extra informatie wordt weergegeven naast de doorlopende tekst. Ik houd sowieso niet van kaders midden in een tekst omdat ik dan niet weet wanneer dat te gaan lezen. Het onderbreekt het verhaal maar ik wil ook niets missen.

Als groot fan van de serie over het algemeen een feest der herkenning en daarmee weer wegdromend bij al die avonturen van de Doctor. Maar ook realiserend hoe een enorme onderneming het is om een televisieserie te maken door wat er allemaal bij komt kijken.
… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
Niekchen | Jan 11, 2021 |
Like in volume two, the strength of volume three is probably in its in-depth conversations with Doctor Who's script editors. Though there's no interview with Christopher Hamilton Bidmead (responsible for my favorite season of classic Doctor Who) or Eric Saward (probably the show's most controversial script editor, who quit mid-season in 1986, taking the script for the finale to The Trial of a Time Lord with him), the book does does cover Antony Root (1982) and Andrew Cartmel (1987-89). Root is a figure I can't recall ever reading a single word about before; he was an interim script editor who only did part of a season. He's one of the few 1970s-80s Doctor Who script editors to not actually write for the programme, and here he says he views it as a script editor's job to edit, not write, providing a nice little window in Season Nineteen. The interview with Andrew Cartmel is excellent: it's almost thirty pages long, and it covers every story Cartmel edited, from Time and the Rani to Survival, in exhaustive detail. Cartmel shows the intelligence and insight that made the period he presided over one of Doctor Who's best, as he recruited new writers and pushed them to their limits, giving us classics like Remembrance of the Daleks and The Curse of Fenric. (I was amused by the number of things Cartmel said made his era strong that he totally disregarded when recreating it for the Big Finish "Lost Stories" two decades later.)

Other highlights include a baffling Tom Baker interview, a long interview with director and writer Terence Dudley, an interview with Peter Davison from early in his time in the role, an interview with Nicola Bryant that focuses on her pre-Who life in detail I'd never seen before (she got into drama school by turning even her self into a performance, figuring out what kind of women the school tended to admit!), and a number of features about the special effects of the late 1980s stories. Often, the best pieces are the ones right from the time of production or shortly thereafter, before years of retrospective fandom and memory solidify these times into postdetermined fact: 1983's Peter Davison is a different person from 2016's, but of course Doctor Who Magazine these days can only talk to the latter.

Lowlights include some of the fans writing up these interviews, inexperienced writers who mistake banal detail for interesting scene-setting, or their personal neuroses and/or social insights for something I care about; the Tom Baker interview was particularly bad in this regard. Just give me what the man said-- your triumph at scoring imaginary points against the Australian Broadcasting Company rep is not worth noting!
… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
Stevil2001 | Sep 29, 2017 |

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James Acheson Interviewee
Bob Baker Interviewee
Graham Williams Interviewee
Jeremy Ferguson Contributor
Sydney Newman Interviewee
Innes Lloyd Interviewee
Dennis Spooner Interviewee
Martin Baugh Interviewee
Shirley Cooklin Interviewee
Donald Cotton Interviewee
John Wood Interviewee
Graham Tattersall Interviewee
Ian Stuart Black Interviewee
Morris Barry Interviewee
William Hartnell Contributor
Peter Bryant Interviewee
Raymond P Cusick Interviewee
Bill Strutton Interviewee
Victor Pemberton Interviewee
Derek Martinus Interviewee
David Maloney Interviewee
Peter Purves Interviewee
Anneke Wills Interviewee
Waris Hussein Interviewee
David Bishop Contributor
Antony Root Interviewee
Colin Baker Interviewee
Denise Baron Interviewee
Sophie Aldred Interviewee
Sid Sutton Interviewee
Bonnie Langford Interviewee
Nicola Bryant Interviewee
Tony Clark Interviewer
Pat Godfrey Interviewee
Gareth Edwards Interviewee
John Nathan-Turner Interviewee
Malcolm Thornton Interviewee
Peter Davison Interviewee
Susan Moore Interviewee
Matthew Waterhouse Interviewee
Terence Dudley Interviewee
Andrew Cartmel Interviewee
Oliver Elmes Contributor
Orestes Smith Contributor "Stand Up Frozen Soldiers", Contributor, Writer "Truth is Stranger Than Fiction" and Love in the Sixties"
Pete Wallbank Art front cover and "Cyberwoman" page 25, Artwork back cover "Enlightenment", Artwork back cover "Cat's Cradle" and page 25
Michael Briant Contributor "In Conversation With Michael Briant"
Michael Paget Synopsis Page Art
David Miller Synopsis Page Art
Peter Finklestone Writer "Fandom: Part One", Writer "Fandom: The Early Years: The close of the '60s"
Jack Weller Writer "Doctor Who Parodies", Writer "The Melancholy of All Things Done"
Trevor Baxendale Artwork "Dragonfire", Cover artist
Francis Cave Writer "Fortycoats"
John Hopkins Contributor "Story Review"
Ness Bishop Writer "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!"
Frank Bellamy Artwork page "FR-03" (from Radio Times)
Don Burgh Writer "Colin Baker: Back in the Patchwork Suit"
Jennifer White Interior Artwork
John McElroy Writer "Doctor Who Script Books"
Peter Linford Writer/interviewer Innes Lloyd
Gay Search Contributor "Dr Who Goes Underground" [Radio Times extract]
Kit Bevan Cover
Pietro Roseo Artwork "The Cutting Room"
Sally Johnson Writer "The Gamble With Time"
Keith Barnfather Writer "Just Who on Earth is... Tom Baker"
Gary Levy Contributor
Ian McLachlan Contributor
Andrew Skilleter Writer "Cyber Book"
Les Edwards Artwork back cover "Unstoppable"
Steve Rogers Cover and Synopsis Page Art
Fred Jones Contributor "The day a Cyberman went shopping in St. Pancras..." [Radio Times extract]
Roger Nelson Writer "Child's Play"
Martin Wiggins Writer "Unsound Minds"
Richard Marson Contributor "Derek Martinus"
Jim Ward Contributor
Peter Owen Contributor "Signs and Wonders"
Karen Gledhill Writer "Remembrance Remembered"
David Banks Writer "Silver Nemesis: Hegalia's View"
Clifford Dudley Writer "Doctor Who on Laserdisc"
John Freeman Writer "In My View..."
Ken Simpson Artwork "The Dæmons"
David Gibbs Writer "Milestones: Wargames"
Peter Angelides Contributor "Film Versus Video
Wendy Coleman Writer "Sex and the Single Time Lord"
John Bowman Interviewer/writer "Edmund Warwick"
Sean Gibbons Writer "Doctor Who: The Future"
Mark Ward Writer "Time Meddling"
Mark Salwowski Cover artist
Iain Robertson Cover artist


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