Iris Vinton (1906–1988)

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The Story of John Paul Jones (1953) 164 kappaletta
Boy on the Mayflower (1957) 143 kappaletta
The Story of Edith Cavell (1959) 140 kappaletta
The Story of Robert E. Lee (1952) 117 kappaletta
Look Out For Pirates! (1961) 100 kappaletta
The Story of Stephen Decatur (1954) 68 kappaletta
The Story of President Kennedy (1966) 40 kappaletta
Passage to Texas (2010) 12 kappaletta
Our Nation's Builders (1966) 3 kappaletta
Now That You Are 9 (1963) 3 kappaletta
Longbow Island 2 kappaletta
The Black Horse Company (1950) 2 kappaletta
Flying Ebony (1947) 2 kappaletta
missy and the mountain lion (1967) 1 kappale
ROBERT E. LEE 1 kappale

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Good young adult story of a teen who takes care of a horse for a whaling captain in 19th century Sag Harbor, NY. Young Jonathan Feathers uses the horse's speed and intelligence to help shipwreck victims and to fight men who lure ships to shore in order to plunder their cargoes. The efforts there help create the Life Saving Benevolent Association of New York. The image of the horse, Ebony, is later placed on the corporate flag of a major salvage and rescue organization in this fictionalized true story. Good for middle through high school students. A good yarn.… (lisätietoja)
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hadden | Jun 20, 2020 |
The story of Stephen Decatur, a midshipman in the new United States Navy, after the American Revolution.
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hgcslibrary | Nov 29, 2009 |
The story of the life of America's first great naval hero.
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hgcslibrary | Nov 29, 2009 |
From cover: A gift of England, Mayflower II becomes a national treasure; her home port the Plimoth Plantation restoration two miles south of Plymoth, Mass. Artist Jon Neilsen visited the ship to make sketches for this book. On board he met one of two boys who sailed on Mayflower II, young Britisher Graham Nunn of Sherwood Forest. His shipmate was Joseph Meany, Waltham, Mass., school boy chosen to make the voyage by the Boys' Clubs of America. ---This book, though, uses the 1957 experiences of Graham Nunn to write a fictional-historical account of Will Latham who sailed on the first Mayflower. Will was a 13 year-old orphan, the apprentice of Pilgrim John Carver. It's known that 41 boys and girls sailed on the Mayflower.… (lisätietoja)
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Sasha_Doll | Jul 30, 2007 |


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Jon Nielsen Illustrator
H. B. Vestal Illustrator
Robert Tallant Historical Consultant
Robert Glaubke Illustrator
Eleanor H. Porter Original story
Edward A. Wilson Illustrator
David Lockhart Illustrator


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