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Author M. J. Trow was born in Ferndale, South Wales in 1949. He graduated from King's College, London and Cambridge. He writes the Lestrade Mystery series and the Peter Maxwell Mystery series. He has also written biographies on Kit Marlowe, Vlad the Impaler, Boudicca and Cnut. He also teaches näytä lisää history and politics at Ryde High School. He currently lives on the Isle of Wight. (Bowker Author Biography) näytä vähemmän

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Tekijän teokset

Vlad the Impaler: In Search of the Real Dracula (2003) 118 kappaletta, 2 arvostelua
The Adventures of Inspector Lestrade (1998) 96 kappaletta, 5 arvostelua
Dark Entry (2011) 59 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Boudicca: The Warrior Queen (2003) 51 kappaletta
A Brief History of Vampires (2010) 42 kappaletta
Lestrade and the Guardian Angel (1990) 40 kappaletta
Lestrade and the Ripper (1988) 39 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Lestrade and the Brother of Death (1988) 34 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Lestrade and the Sawdust Ring (1993) 32 kappaletta
Lestrade and the Hallowed House (1987) 31 kappaletta
Lestrade and the Leviathan (1987) 31 kappaletta
Brigade: The Further Adventures of Lestrade (1986) 30 kappaletta, 4 arvostelua
Maxwell's House (1994) 28 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Silent Court (2012) 26 kappaletta
Cnut: Emperor of the North (2005) 25 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Maxwell's Inspection (2003) 25 kappaletta
El Cid: The Making of a Legend (2007) 25 kappaletta
Lestrade and the Deadly Game (1990) 25 kappaletta
Lestrade and the Devil's Own (2001) 24 kappaletta
The Thames Torso Murders (2011) 24 kappaletta, 3 arvostelua
Witch Hammer (2012) 24 kappaletta
Crimson Rose (2013) 23 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Lestrade and the Magpie (1991) 22 kappaletta
Lestrade and the Sign of Nine (2000) 22 kappaletta
The Blue and the Grey (2014) 21 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Maxwell's Flame (1995) 20 kappaletta
Eleventh Hour (2017) 19 kappaletta, 3 arvostelua
The Many Faces of Jack the Ripper (1998) 19 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Lestrade and the Mirror of Murder (2001) 19 kappaletta
Scorpion's Nest (2013) 19 kappaletta
Lestrade and the Dead Man's Hand (2000) 18 kappaletta
Spartacus: The Myth and the Man (2006) 18 kappaletta
Lestrade and the Kiss of Horus (1995) 17 kappaletta
Four Thousand Days (2021) 17 kappaletta, 5 arvostelua
Traitor's Storm (2014) 17 kappaletta
Maxwell's Grave (2004) 17 kappaletta
Maxwell's Revenge (2009) 16 kappaletta
Maxwell's War (1999) 15 kappaletta
Maxwell's Movie (1997) 15 kappaletta
Maxwell's Match (2002) 15 kappaletta
Maxwell's Point (2007) 15 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Maxwell's Mask (2005) 15 kappaletta
Maxwell's Reunion (2001) 15 kappaletta
Secret World (2015) 14 kappaletta
Maxwell's Curse (2000) 14 kappaletta
Maxwell's Ride (2000) 14 kappaletta
Maxwell's Island (2011) 13 kappaletta
Maxwell's Crossing (2012) 13 kappaletta
Maxwell's Chain (2008) 13 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
The Island (2017) 12 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
A Brief History of Cleopatra (2013) 12 kappaletta
Maxwell's Retirement (2010) 12 kappaletta
The Knight's Tale (2021) 10 kappaletta, 2 arvostelua
Queen's Progress (2018) 9 kappaletta, 2 arvostelua
The Angel (2016) 9 kappaletta
Black Death (2019) 9 kappaletta, 3 arvostelua
Constable Crime Omnibus: v. 2 (1991) 9 kappaletta
Maxwell's Academy (2015) 9 kappaletta
Maxwell's Return (2014) 9 kappaletta
The Circle (2016) 8 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
The Reckoning (A Kit Marlowe Mystery) (2020) 8 kappaletta, 3 arvostelua
Breaking the Circle (A Margaret Murray mystery, 2) (2023) 6 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
"Let Him Have It, Chris" (1990) 6 kappaletta
Murder by Mistake (2012) 5 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
The Year of the Flame (The Calidus Series Book 2) (2019) 5 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
The Yeoman's Tale (2022) 4 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Maxwell's Summer (2020) 4 kappaletta
Richard III in the North (2020) 4 kappaletta
Britannia: The Wall (2020) 4 kappaletta
The Wigwam Murder (Guides) (1994) 3 kappaletta
Maxwell's Zoom (2022) 3 kappaletta
The Ring (2019) 3 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Isle of Wight in the Great War (2015) 3 kappaletta
The Clerk's Tale (2022) 2 kappaletta
Britannia: The Warlords (2020) 1 kappale
Cnut 1 kappale
Kanut Wielki : wnuk Mieszka (2020) 1 kappale
Elcid 1 kappale
Britannia: The Watchmen (2020) 1 kappale

Associated Works

The Mammoth Book of Jack the Ripper (1999) — Avustaja — 213 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Crime Through Time: Original Tales of Historical Mystery (1997) — Avustaja — 129 kappaletta, 2 arvostelua
The Mammoth Book of Comic Crime (2002) — Avustaja — 48 kappaletta
New Crimes 1 (1989) — Avustaja — 20 kappaletta

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Historical fiction featuring Christopher Marlowe as Queen Elizabeth’s advance scout to find a route for her tour of the English countryside, where the queen and her many attendants become visible to her subjects. This tour was known as a “progress,” and included sequential visits to the country houses of nobles. They entertained the queen with masques (stage performances), speeches, music, food, and drink. During Marlowe’s advance visits, several unexplained deaths and unpleasant incidents took place. The story revolved around solving the mystery of these incidents.

I found this novel quite unique in its setting and storyline. The author provided vivid descriptions of England in 1591 using period-appropriate language, in the time of Shakespeare (spelled Shaxsper) and Marlowe. I was interested to find out how these seemingly unrelated events were eventually explained. This story has an extremely long build-up and a quick denouement. I found it a solid story that transported me into the time-period. Recommended to readers of historical fiction of the Elizabethan era.

I received an advance reader's copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for a candid review.
… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
Castlelass | 1 muu arvostelu | Oct 30, 2022 |
1905 London. Mural Fazakerley, medium, has been found dead. Ruled an accidental death until another medium is discovered dead. But what could be the possible motive. D.S. Andrew Crawford with the help of ex D.I. Edmund Reid and Doctor Margaret Murray investigate.
An entertaining well-plotted and well-written Edwardian mystery. A good addition to this series with its interesting and likeable main characters.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
Vesper1931 | Oct 29, 2022 |
M.J. Trow is one of my go-to authors when I'm in the mood for an historical mystery. She has a number of series, some of which I like better than others—and her new(ish) Geoffrey Chaucer series is my current favorite. These mysteries aren't cozy, nor are they blood-soaked. The plots have enough going on that they don't drag. Most enjoyable, they're populated by a cast of characters who are engaging and who bring with them all sorts of foibles.

I found The Yeoman's Tale particularly interesting since it's set during the peasants' uprising led by Wat Tyler and John Ball. For a brief historical moment, class-based England seemed on the verge of sweeping change—and the events of the time, even if they didn't result in sweeping change are both fascinating and unsettling. Having Geoffrey Chaucer thrown into the mix makes it all the more enjoyable.

If you're someone like me, always looking for historical mystery series with interesting settings and interesting central characters, you'll want to check out The Yeoman's Tale.

I received a free electronic review copy of this title from the publisher via NetGalley; the opinions are my own.
… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
Sarah-Hope | Aug 1, 2022 |
I had two disadvantages when I read this book, first that it's the eight book in the series about Kit Marlowe and I have not read any previous book. And the second, this is an era that just doesn't really my thing. However, I went through a period when EVERYTHING looked interesting on NetGalley. That means I have a lot of books to go through that I, in hindsight perhaps should have passed over. This one is one of them.

Anyhow, this is a story about a murder, and it's the Queen's spymaster Sir Francis Walsingham that has been poisoned. Walsingham former righthand man orders Kit Marlowe to find out who killed Walsingham. So, Kit is off consulting scientists and thinkers of the School of Night to find out what poison it was and who murdered the spymaster.

I found myself not really taken with the story, actually now and then I felt a bit lost even. Like some thought processes from Kit's side took place outside the story in the book. It could just be me of course, not really finding neither the plot nor the characters especially interesting. On the plus side, Shakespeare shows up now and then in the story, not a terribly good playwriter apparently...

Eleventh Hour is probably a great book for fans of the era and those that love this series. I, however, will not bother with more books in this series.

I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a free copy through NetGalley for an honest review!
… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
MaraBlaise | 2 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jul 23, 2022 |



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