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20th Century



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This was so much fun!! I love trivia and true crime and the combo was perfct. Worked on these quizzes while sitting at the beach or waiting at the dentist( also recommend using the printable scorecards for game night). I also learned quite a few new facts about some crimes/killers, so that was exciting.
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beachbaby1124 | 14 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jun 28, 2023 |
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This was a fun read, in fact I'm still reading it off and on. So much info. I did not do the test, and I'm glad I didn't. Soon after I started on It, it did not take long before I realized that I knew next to nothing about crimes,
Summer read for sure and try the trivia test. I will
Good Luck / Bonne Chance
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MissVee | 14 muuta kirja-arvostelua | May 18, 2023 |
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I, and my friends, found this book very interesting! It's filled with trivia questions that will challenge even the most seasoned true crime aficionado. While the questions are fun and can be challenging, the details regarding the cases are interesting to read and have turned me on to some lesser known cases that I want to research more about. I also appreciated that this book handles the cases and crimes in a respectful way, especially towards the victims. Too often true crime almost glorifies the perpetrator, but not so here. If you're a true crime lover, you'll love this book, and I highly recommend having a trivia night with your closest true crime loving friends to see who among you is the biggest true crime expert.… (lisätietoja)
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Sleader1992 | 14 muuta kirja-arvostelua | May 15, 2023 |
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True Crime Trivia: 350 Questions & Answers to Quiz Yourself and Challenge Your Friends by Michelle Tooker is a very highly recommended trivia book that is perfect for a game night. We undertook the challenge with a mixed group of true crime fans and others up for the quiz. More on that later.

The book is organized into seven chapters on the following topics: Unsolved Mysteries & Cold Cases, Serial Killers, Podcasts, Celebrity Crimes, Heists & Robberies, Facts & Figures, and a Grab Bag for a total of 350 questions. Each of the questions is multiple choice or true or false. Each chapter is followed by a separate/corresponding chapter with the correct answer and a paragraph of additional information about the case or topic involved. The organization of the book makes it very easy to use this for a trivia game night. At the end of the book the sources for each chapter question are listed for those who want to look it up.

You can follow each chapter straight through, or pick and choose from various chapters. This book has the content for multiple game nights, or at least with the group I had gathered together. There were plenty of additional discussions about a topic after the answer was revealed. You can also sign up for the VIP readers group and get a link to a printable scorecard as well as a bonus chapter on cults.

We ended up starting at the beginning and then soon started jumping to different chapters, sampling questions from several. We did not have time to sample questions from every chapter. The group decided to not use the score cards this time, however we are planning to do this again and may use them then. Honestly, we hardly made a dent in all the questions presented in each chapter we sampled and had an enjoyable evening tackling the questions that we did.

You would have thought that the true crime fans had an advantage, but those who follow or pay attention the news also did well. (We did by-pass the podcast chapter, which would have given the true crime fans an advantage.) The discussions prompted by many questions were fun and lively. I'm looking forward to several other trivia nights with True Crime Trivia and tackling the additional chapter on cults.

Disclosure: My review copy was courtesy of Beguile Media via LibraryThing.
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SheTreadsSoftly | 14 muuta kirja-arvostelua | May 14, 2023 |


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