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Jesse Thistle is Mtis-Cree, from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, and an assistant professor in Humanities at York University in Toronto. From the Ashes was the top-selling Canadian book in 2020, the winner of the Kobo Emerging Writer Prize for Nonfiction, Indigenous Voices Award, and High Plains Book näytä lisää Award, and also a finalist for Canada Reads. Jesse won a Governor General's Academic Medal in 2016, and is a Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholar and a Vanier Scholar. A frequent keynote speaker, he lives in Hamilton, Ontario, with his wife, Lucie, and is at work on multiple projects, including his next book. Visit him at näytä vähemmän

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All Roads Home: A Life On and Off the Ice (2022) — Esipuhe — 15 kappaletta

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Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
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Jesse Thistle is Métis-Cree, from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. He is an assistant professor in Métis Studies at York University in Toronto. He won a Governor General’s Academic Medal in 2016, and is a Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Scholar and a Vanier Scholar. He lives in Toronto.



Whoa! This memoir was a devastatingly emotional and intense journey of Jessie’s life. This is a heavy hitter and I was engulfed with by what cards life dealt him and I cried throughout the book. The true life struggles with abandonment, addiction, abuse, poverty and homelessness.

His life was formidable, but he was able to overcome by his sheer determination…and that my friends is NOT an easy feat to achieve!!

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GeauxGetLit | 9 muuta kirja-arvostelua | May 27, 2023 |
A very sad story of a young man who loses his way very early on and to no fault of his own. It is a raw account of his drug and alcohol addiction and eventually (thankfully) a rising to find his true calling. This book has parts that are hard to read given the graphic description of his addiction and homeless situation but important to really understand these issues that impact people everywhere. Insightful and well written.
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tinkerbellkk | 9 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Nov 28, 2021 |
Jesse and his two older brothers (Metis-Cree) were abandoned by their parents when Jesse was only 3-years old (older brothers Jerry and Josh were 4 and 5). They spent a short time in a foster home before their paternal grandparents in Ontario came to get them. Jesse did not do well growing up – he got into trouble with alcohol and drugs, stealing, and he was off-and-on homeless. He was in and out of jail a few times before he eventually turned his life around.

This was really good. Jesse also writes poetry and it is sprinkled throughout the book. The chapters are short and overall, the book is fairly quick to read. So many times I shook my head, and thought: ok, this has to be rock-bottom, when you’ll turn your life around. But it wasn’t. So many times. I also wondered occasionally how he remembered as much as he did looking back on his life, given all the drugs and alcohol, but he addressed this in a note at the end.… (lisätietoja)
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LibraryCin | 9 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Dec 24, 2020 |
This is a true story about a mixed breed Canadian Indian that grew up with a drug addicted father and a emotionally detached mother. He ended up in foster care and without a lot emotional problems himself. He went through a period hard core drug addiction and homeless, including severely injuring his foot so that chronic pain the rest of his life. He ended in jail many times, then rehab. Like the book title, he rose from the ashes of his life to marry, graduate from college and is now university professor. I understand very much the difficulty he had growing up as adopted a teenage boy that had been through a traumatic childhood, and he has similar issues maintaining a normal life. Jesse Thistle's book is raw and emotional but also very touching. We need to need to learn to be more compassionate to people with emotional pain.… (lisätietoja)
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kerryp | 9 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Dec 7, 2020 |



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