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(eng) This author name is "thechurchofjesuschri"
Copyrights include "Intellectual Reserve, Inc.", "Corporation of the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints". Some publications are prepared by the "Church Educational System"
...none of which should be combined here.

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The Book of Mormon (1830) 7,346 kappaletta, 90 arvostelua
Gospel Principles (1978) 440 kappaletta, 6 arvostelua
Saints, Vol. 1: The Standard of Truth: 1815–1846 (2018) 318 kappaletta, 6 arvostelua
Preach My Gospel: A Guide to Missionary Service (2004) 308 kappaletta, 5 arvostelua
The Holy Bible, King James Version (LDS Edition) (1979) 291 kappaletta, 7 arvostelua
Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Smith (2007) 285 kappaletta, 3 arvostelua
True To The Faith: A Gospel Reference (2004) 252 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Brigham Young (1997) — Corporate author — 239 kappaletta, 2 arvostelua
Teachings of Presidents of the Church: David O. McKay (2003) 234 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Heber J. Grant (2002) — Publisher — 225 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Spencer W. Kimball (2006) — Corporate author — 219 kappaletta, 3 arvostelua
Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph F. Smith (1998) — Corporate author — 215 kappaletta
Teachings of Presidents of the Church: John Taylor (2001) 213 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Harold B. Lee (2000) 202 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
New Primary Children's Songbook (1989) 182 kappaletta, 4 arvostelua
Saints, Vol. 2: No Unhallowed Hand: 1846-1893 (2020) 175 kappaletta, 3 arvostelua
Teachings of Presidents of the Church: George Albert Smith (2011) — Publisher — 149 kappaletta, 4 arvostelua
Truth Restored / Gospel Principles (1824) — Tekijä — 133 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Lorenzo Snow (2012) 130 kappaletta, 4 arvostelua
Book Of Mormon Stories (1997) 106 kappaletta, 3 arvostelua
New Testament Stories (1980) 98 kappaletta, 2 arvostelua
Old Testament Stories (1980) 88 kappaletta, 2 arvostelua
Family Home Evening Resource Book (1979) 78 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Doctrine and Covenants Stories (1983) 76 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
The Ensign 71 kappaletta
For the Strength of Youth (1990) 68 kappaletta
Doctrines of the Gospel: Religion 430-431 (1986) 59 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Sing with Me Songs for Children (1969) 39 kappaletta
History of the Church: Period I, Vol. 1 [1820-1834] (1902) 39 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Scripture Stories (1980) 37 kappaletta
Book of Mormon Reader (1978) 32 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Family Guidebook (2001) 22 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
British Isles Vital Records Index (2001) 21 kappaletta, 2 arvostelua
Hymns Made Easy (1990) 21 kappaletta
History of the Church, Index (1970) 20 kappaletta
The Restoration (2006) 19 kappaletta
2006 Church Almanac (2005) 15 kappaletta
Principles of the Gospel (1969) 15 kappaletta
Young Women Camp Manual (1978) 14 kappaletta
North America Vital Record Index 14 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Register of L.D.S. Church Records (1968) 12 kappaletta
To This End Was I Born (2004) 12 kappaletta
Gospel Art Book (2009) 11 kappaletta
Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord (1978) 11 kappaletta
A Parent's Guide (1985) 10 kappaletta
Teaching Guidebook (1994) 10 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Special Witnesses of Christ (2003) 10 kappaletta
Old Testament Visual Resource (2009) 10 kappaletta
Deseret Recipes (1981) 10 kappaletta
Hymns Made Easy (1990) 9 kappaletta
The Children Sing (1951) 9 kappaletta
Family Exaltation and You (1971) 9 kappaletta
Deseret Recipes (1981) 9 kappaletta
The Activity Book (1977) 9 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Missionary Gospel Study Program (1988) 8 kappaletta, 2 arvostelua
Uniform System for Teaching the Gospel (1986) 8 kappaletta, 2 arvostelua
The Children Sing (1951) 8 kappaletta
THE RESTORATION MOVIE (2004) 7 kappaletta
Truths We Live By (1959) 6 kappaletta
Presidents of the Church (1977) 6 kappaletta
Old Testament 6 kappaletta
1881 Canadian Census 6 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Family Home Evening 5 kappaletta
Family Guidebook (2001) 5 kappaletta
Let Virtue Garnish Thy Thoughts 5 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Discussions for New Members 5 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
General Conference: 2006 April (2006) 5 kappaletta
Gospel Teaching and Learning (2012) 5 kappaletta
A Guide to Research 5 kappaletta
The Choirbook (1982) 4 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Faith in God for Girls 4 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
The Mormons (1967) 4 kappaletta
Principios Del Evangelio (2009) 4 kappaletta
Dallin H. Oaks 3 kappaletta
Henry B. Eyring 3 kappaletta
Dramatized Church History (1999) 3 kappaletta
Latter-day Saint hymns : 3 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Scripture Stories [dvd] (2008) 3 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Gospel Fundamentals 3 kappaletta
General Conference: 2011 April (2011) 3 kappaletta
Aaronic Priesthood Manual 3 (1995) 3 kappaletta
The New Testament: KJV: LDS 3 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Selected Hymns 2 kappaletta
Australian Vital Records Index 2 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Poland 2 kappaletta
Selected Hymns (2000) 2 kappaletta
Spanish for Missionaries (1983) 2 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Old Testament Part 1 2 kappaletta
Personal Progress 2 kappaletta
The First Vision 2 kappaletta
Spencer W. Kimball 2 kappaletta
Joseph F. Smith 2 kappaletta
Alberta Temple 2 kappaletta
Nauvoo Temple 2 kappaletta
Young Women Manual 3 2 kappaletta
Duty To God 2 kappaletta
My Personal Progress 2 kappaletta
L.D.S. HYMNS - POCKET SIZE - (1964) 2 kappaletta
Guidebook for Conductors (1974) 2 kappaletta
A Song of the Heart 2 kappaletta
Aaronic Priesthood Choruses (1946) 2 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Together Forever (2005) 2 kappaletta
Ezra Taft Benson 2 kappaletta
M. Russell Ballard 2 kappaletta
Basic self-reliance 2 kappaletta
My Daddy Loves Me 2 kappaletta
Boyd K. Packer 2 kappaletta
Gordon B. Hinkley 2 kappaletta
Thomas S. Monson 2 kappaletta
Joseph B. Wirthlin 2 kappaletta
Meet the Mormons 2 kappaletta
Howard W. Hunter 2 kappaletta
L. Tom Perry 2 kappaletta
The Beehive House (1978) 2 kappaletta
James E. Faust 2 kappaletta
David B. Haight 2 kappaletta
Neal A. Maxwell 2 kappaletta
Together Forever (2005) 2 kappaletta
Faith in God for Boys 2 kappaletta
The mountain of the lord 2 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Rebekah at the well 2 kappaletta
Legacy (2000) 2 kappaletta
Chastity (Missionary Pamphlets) (2013) 2 kappaletta
Family First 2 kappaletta
Exodus from Nauvoo 2 kappaletta
Pursuit of Excellence 2 kappaletta
THE SCOUTER'S MINUTE (1965) 2 kappaletta
The Scouter's Minute 2 kappaletta
Passing the Sacrament 2 kappaletta
Himnos 2 kappaletta, 2 arvostelua
Waiting our turn 2 kappaletta
The Children Sing 2 kappaletta
Dance Manual 1 kappale
Aaronic Priesthood Manual 3 (1995) 1 kappale
Legacy (vhs) 1 kappale
Mi familia. Historias que nos unen 1 kappale, 1 arvostelu
Selected Church Videos (vhs) 1 kappale, 1 arvostelu
Love (1986) 1 kappale
Aaronic Priesthood Manual 1 (1992) 1 kappale
Selected Hymns 1 kappale
Ensign, May 2013 (2013) 1 kappale
Beehive Manual 1 kappale
Germany 1 kappale
モルモン書 1 kappale, 1 arvostelu
Finding Faith in Christ : 1 kappale, 1 arvostelu
Saints, Volume 1 1 kappale
Nuestro Legado (2007) 1 kappale
La Restauracion 1 kappale
She Shall Be Called "Woman" (1979) 1 kappale
Joy to the World 1 kappale
For This End (dvd) 1 kappale, 1 arvostelu
In His Footsteps Today (1969) 1 kappale
The Family Registry [folder] 1 kappale, 1 arvostelu
Himnos de Sion 1 kappale
The Children Sing (1951) 1 kappale
Cook book 1 kappale
Mormon Könyve 1 kappale
Theatre Manual 1 kappale
Family registry index 1 kappale, 1 arvostelu
Guidebook for Organists 1 kappale, 1 arvostelu
Vi’iga 1 kappale
General Conference 2019 October 1 kappale, 1 arvostelu
Dear Returning Missionary 1 kappale, 1 arvostelu
THE TEMPLE: I'M GOING THERE SOMEDAY 1 kappale, 1 arvostelu
Songs of Freedom: 1991 summer (vhs) 1 kappale, 1 arvostelu
EL LIBRO DEL MORMON 1 kappale, 1 arvostelu
Kitabu Cha Mormoni (2006) 1 kappale
dashes test 1 kappale
suffix test 1 kappale
string test 1 kappale
space test 1 kappale
No date test 1 kappale
Circa test 1 kappale
dash test 1 kappale
year range test 1 kappale
Zion's Praise 1 kappale
Aaronic Priesthood Manual 2 (1993) 1 kappale
Tree of Life 1 kappale
Family prayer 1 kappale
Reverent child 1 kappale
Alma the Younger 1 kappale
King Benjamin 1 kappale
The World 1 kappale
Daniel praying 1 kappale
Esther 1 kappale
Jesus Christ 1 kappale
Jesus' tomb 1 kappale
A shepherd 1 kappale
The Wise Men 1 kappale
The boy Jesus 1 kappale
Jesus as a boy 1 kappale
Young David 1 kappale
The Liahona 1 kappale
Building the Ark 1 kappale
Ruth and Naomi 1 kappale
Moses 1 kappale
Kirtland Temple 1 kappale
The Widow's Mite 1 kappale
Manti Temple 1 kappale
Wilford Woodruff 1 kappale
Heber J. Grant 1 kappale
Adam and Eve 1 kappale
Creation - Earth 1 kappale
The Annunciation 1 kappale
Go ye therefore 1 kappale
The Nativity 1 kappale
Logan Temple 1 kappale
Brigham Young 1 kappale
Doubting Thomas 1 kappale
Family with baby 1 kappale
Mother praying 1 kappale
Apple blossoms 1 kappale
Burial of Jesus 1 kappale
Morning prayer 1 kappale
Girl and canary 1 kappale
The Sacred Grove 1 kappale
Compass 1 kappale
Pilate and Jesus 1 kappale
From You to Your Ancestors (1978) 1 kappale
Hymn Preludes for Piano (1976) 1 kappale
Musical Interludes (1974) 1 kappale
Favorite Seminary Songs (1965) 1 kappale
Luke II (VHS) 1 kappale
Legacy - DVD 1 kappale, 1 arvostelu
モルモン経 (1976年) (1976) 1 kappale
Light of the World: A Celebration of Life (2002) — Publisher — 1 kappale
10 Ways to Teach Values in the Home 1 kappale, 1 arvostelu
10 Ways to Take Time for your Family 1 kappale, 1 arvostelu
The Provo Temple 1 kappale
Pioneer Songs 1 kappale
The Deseret News 1 kappale
What's Cookin'? 1 kappale
Branch Guidebook 1 kappale
Dance manual 1 kappale
Prison Services 1 kappale
Jesus on Trial 1 kappale
Triumphal Entry 1 kappale
Ten Lepers 1 kappale
Wedding Feast 1 kappale
The Prodigal Son 1 kappale
Brother Joseph 1 kappale
The Ensign - January 2017 1 kappale, 1 arvostelu
The Ensign, November 2016 1 kappale, 1 arvostelu
The Ensign - February 2017 1 kappale, 1 arvostelu
The Ensign - April 2017 1 kappale, 1 arvostelu
The Ensign, May 2017 1 kappale, 1 arvostelu
The Ensign - June 2017 1 kappale, 1 arvostelu
The Ensign - July 2017 1 kappale, 1 arvostelu
El libro de mormon (2004) 1 kappale
Masterworks 1 kappale
Genealogy In Action (1964) 1 kappale
The Family 1 kappale
Gesangbuch 1 kappale
Deacons Course B 1 kappale
Preach my Gospel 1 kappale
The Lamb of God 1 kappale
Hymns 1 kappale
Star B 1 kappale
Hymn Preludes for Piano (1976) 1 kappale
Millennial Star; 114 Index (2021) 1 kappale
Scotland 1 kappale
Mormon Handcart Historic Sites Guide 1 kappale, 1 arvostelu
Tokyo Temple 1 kappale
Seattle Temple 1 kappale
Happy Family 1 kappale
Last Judgement 1 kappale
The Christus 1 kappale
Marion G. Romney 1 kappale
Marvin J. Ashton 1 kappale
Quentin L. Cook 1 kappale
Robert D. Hales 1 kappale
Richard G. Scott 1 kappale
David A. Bednar 1 kappale
The Crucifixion 1 kappale
A happy boy 1 kappale
Lima Peru Temple 1 kappale
King David 1 kappale
Jumping rope 1 kappale
Handcart Company 1 kappale
Oliver Cowdery 1 kappale
Mary and Martha 1 kappale
Martin Harris 1 kappale
David Whitmer 1 kappale
Enos praying 1 kappale
Emma Smith 1 kappale
Hong Kong Temple 1 kappale
Day of Pentecost 1 kappale
The great flood 1 kappale
Making the bed 1 kappale
Hyrum Smith 1 kappale
Basic Self-Reliance (1989) 1 kappale
Family First (1992) 1 kappale
Emma Hale Smith 1 kappale
Eliza R. Snow 1 kappale
Zina D. H. Young 1 kappale
Jesus the Christ 1 kappale
Amy Brown Lyman 1 kappale
Barbara B. Smith 1 kappale
Elaine L. Jack 1 kappale
Baptism of Jesus 1 kappale

Associated Works

The Doctrine and Covenants / The Pearl of Great Price (1965) — Publisher, eräät painokset179 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
History of the Church, Vol. 1-7 [1820-1848] and Index (1951) — Publisher, eräät painokset169 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
History of the Church, Vol. 1-6 [1820-1844] (1948) — Publisher, eräät painokset24 kappaletta
The Family: A Proclamation to the World (1995) — Publisher — 3 kappaletta

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This author name is "thechurchofjesuschri"
Copyrights include "Intellectual Reserve, Inc.", "Corporation of the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints". Some publications are prepared by the "Church Educational System"
...none of which should be combined here.



Rather than spending a year reading it, I felt I got a lot more out of it by reading it more quickly. That helped me see similarities and themes better. It was heartening to get a better picture of his life.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
bread2u | 3 muuta kirja-arvostelua | May 15, 2024 |
Reading it this time was more meaningful than past times that I have read it because we read it as a family, and took the time to delve into the background as we read. In short, we read it at the same time as a couple of other books: [b:Doctrine and Covenants Commentary|2309494|Doctrine and Covenants Commentary|Hyrum M. Smith|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1266720659s/2309494.jpg|2315910] and [b:Doctrine and Covenants Student Manual|3102234|Doctrine and Covenants Student Manual|The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1235919667s/3102234.jpg|3133399]. Knowing a little more about the people mentioned in the revelations gave it a context that we didn't have before.

Of course, the doctrine stands just fine without such background information. Having read it several times, it was nice to know more about the people and their times.
… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
bread2u | May 15, 2024 |
My favorite parts were chapter 6: "Becoming Perfect before the Lord: 'A Little Better Day by Day' ", and chapter 5: "The Grand Destiny of the Faithful." It's not an easy path, but faithful or not, life has hard spots. The difference is between joy and regret. So, I study the teachings of the prophets so that I will be better at doing what they say.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
bread2u | 3 muuta kirja-arvostelua | May 15, 2024 |
This is a manual, and thus, meant for study. So, it does not make sense to give a lot of comments. Here are a couple of things that impressed me as I finished the book.

"We Should Prepare Now for Judgment"

"What must we do to be ready for the Final Judgment?"

"In reality, every day is a day of judgment. We speak, think, and act according to celestial, terrestrial, or telestial law. Our faith in Jesus Christ, as shown by our daily actions, determines which kingdom we will inherit."
From Page 273 from Chapter 46

"To be exalted, we first must place our faith in Jesus Christ and then endure in that faith to the end of our lives. Our faith in Him must be such that we repent of our sins and obey His commandments."

"He commands us all to receive certain ordinances:
1. We must be baptized.
2. We must receive the laying on of hands to be confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ and to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.
3. Brethren must receive the Melchizedek Priesthood and magnify their callings in the priesthood.
4. We must receive the temple endowment.
5. We must be married for eternity, either in this life or in the next. "

"In addition to receiving the required ordinances, the Lord commands all of us to:
1. Love God and our neighbors.
2. Keep the commandments.
3. Repent of our wrongdoings.
4. Search out our kindred dead and receive the saving ordinances of the gospel for them.
5. Attend our Church meetings as regularly as possible so we can renew our baptismal covenants by partaking of the sacrament.
6. Love our family members and strengthen them in the ways of the Lord.
7. Have family and individual prayers every day.
8. Teach the gospel to others by word and example.
9. Study the scriptures.
10. Listen to and obey the inspired words of the prophets of the Lord."
Most of Page 278 from Chapter 47
… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
bread2u | 5 muuta kirja-arvostelua | May 15, 2024 |


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