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Rob Sylvan has been answering Lightroom questions on the Kelby-One Help Desk since Lightroom 1.0 was released in 2007. A photographer, writer, and educator, Rob teaches Lightroom and Photoshop classes at trade shows, conferences, and camera clubs around the US. He's also an adjunct faculty member näytä lisää at New Hampshire Technical Institute. näytä vähemmän

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This is THE book you want to own if you have a Nikon D5300 camera and you want to get to know where, how and why to use all those features on your camera and how to get those tack sharp photos that you see in those photography Facebook groups and everywhere else online.

I first ordered this as an ebook from Barnes & Noble for a fair price of $11.99, but now see that it is an indispensible book needed for referencing for my Nikon D5300 camera. You are going to want this as a hard copy for writing and highlighting and for bringing out into the field while you learn and practice techniques. It's too difficult to reference this eBook on a phone, NOOK, Kindle or iPad. I found a used paperback hardcopy for $36 at Barnes and Noble online, and I bought it. The new books will normally sell for around $20. But, good luck finding a hardcopy at a reasonable price. Most places online are either sold out or sellers are capitalizing on the popularity of this book, and you will be lucky to find one now for under $50....used...and it was only recently published in 2014. So it's not like it's vintage or a rare find. Maybe your local bookstore will have a copy for a reasonable price.

I quickly read through this eBook, 187 pages with 12 chapters, and followed along, getting familiar with all the buttons and features of my camera, which are many, and which the author covers very thoroughly in a very easy manner for understanding, including step-by-step photos. At the end of each chapter, he gives lesson ideas and even provides specific settings for you to try.

Chapter 10 runs you through a very thorough explanation on the video features of the camera, and shows there is a companion book on bringing your videoing to the next level, called "Creating DSLR Video: From Snapshots to Great Shots" by Richard Harrington, currently costing around $27.00 & up online.

Chapter 11 is all about accessorizing your camera with examples of what the accessories can do for your photos, such as the different kinds of lens attachments, specifically the polarizing and filter lenses, tripods, remotes, etc...

Just waiting for my paperback hardcopy to come in now. Will re-read it at a slower pace, highlighting and writing notes, and bringing along with me as I go out and practice the lessons at the end of each chapter.
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