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(eng) "Rex Stone is the pseudonym used by Working Partners, the creators of Rainbow Magic and other successful series like Animal Ark."

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Attack of the Tyrannosaurus (Dinosaur Cove) (2008) 1,037 kappaletta, 4 arvostelua
Charge of the Triceratops (Dinosaur Cove) (2008) 322 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
March of the Ankylosaurus (2008) 236 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Flight of the Quetzalcoatlus (Dinosaur Cove) (2008) 227 kappaletta, 1 arvostelu
Catching the Velociraptor (2008) 200 kappaletta
Stampede of the Edmontosaurus (2008) 166 kappaletta
Saving the Stegosaurus (2008) 117 kappaletta
Tracking the Diplodocus (2009) 98 kappaletta
Escaping the Liopleurodon (2008) 73 kappaletta
The Compsognathus Chase (2009) 20 kappaletta
Escape from the Fierce Predator (2009) 17 kappaletta
A Cretaceous Survival Guide (1999) — Tekijä — 16 kappaletta
Journey to the Ice Age (2009) 14 kappaletta
Clash of the Monster Crocs (2010) 14 kappaletta
Finding the Deceptive Dinosaur (1881) 14 kappaletta
Rampage of the Hungry Giants (2010) 12 kappaletta
Swarm of the Fanged Lizards (2011) 11 kappaletta
Chasing the Tunnelling Trickster (2010) 10 kappaletta
Shadowing the Wolf-face Reptiles (2011) 10 kappaletta
The Big Adventure (2009) 9 kappaletta
Snatched By the Dawn Thief (2011) 9 kappaletta
Lost in the Jurassic (2010) 8 kappaletta
The Cretaceous Chase (2011) 7 kappaletta
Snorkelling with the Saw Shark (2012) 7 kappaletta
Stalking the Fanned Predator (2011) 5 kappaletta
Hunted by the Insect Army (2012) 5 kappaletta
Taming the Battling Brutes (2012) 5 kappaletta
Saving the Scaly Beast (2012) 5 kappaletta
De Dinobaai verhalenomnibus (2012) 3 kappaletta
La charge des tricératops (2009) 1 kappale
T-Rex all'attacco (2018) 1 kappale
The Awesome Adventure (2011) 1 kappale

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"Rex Stone is the pseudonym used by Working Partners, the creators of Rainbow Magic and other successful series like Animal Ark."



El cielo se ha oscurecido de repente en la Tierra de los Dinosaurios. Jaime y Tomás no salen de su asombro: una enorme figura planea sobre ellos, cubriendo la luz del sol. Se trata de un quetzalcoatlus, el dinosaurio volador más grande de todos los tiempos. Y está dispuesto a llevarse a Wana, el dinosaurio amigo de los chicos.
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Natt90 | Apr 27, 2023 |
An entertaining read that any dino-lover kid can enjoy! It works perfectly for early readers, and the illustrations make the read more engaging for the little ones. I recommend it if you are looking to spark interest for dinosaurs in a kid, and this book works fine as an introduction to the Dinosaur Cove series.
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DoctorFate | Nov 7, 2017 |
I read this one to my son, and he really enjoyed the story. The characters were easy to relate to, and the dinosaurs were interesting. I admit he was a little scared by the T-Rex, but mostly for the drama. ;-) I am planning to get the second book and see how it goes. I am hoping he lasts longer with this series than he did with Magic Tree House.
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ladypembroke | 3 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Nov 22, 2014 |
I liked it because it was funny. I liked the big termites that were as big as a mouse. I liked the triceratops and I wish I could ride one. I wish I could go to the circus with my pet triceratops--hee hee ha ha.
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skeeterbo | Jun 23, 2008 |


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