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Hugh C. Rae (1935–2014)

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Hugh C. Rae was born on November 22, 1935 in Glasgow, Scotland. After graduating from secondary school, he worked as an assistant in the antiquarian department of John Smith's bookshop. His first novel, Skinner, was published in 1963. He wrote several novels using his name including Night Pillow, A näytä lisää Few Small Bones, The Interview, The Shooting Gallery, The Marksman, and Harkfast: The Making of a King. He also wrote as Robert Crawford, R. B. Houston, James Albany, and Stuart Stern. Using the pseudonym Jessica Stirling, he wrote more than 30 historical romances. He wrote the first few novels with Peggie Coghlan. However, when she retired 7 years after the first book was published, he wrote the remainder on his own. The books written under this pseudonym include The Spoiled Earth, The Constant Star, Hearts of Gold, and Whatever Happened to Molly Bloom. He died on September 24, 2014 at the age of 78. (Bowker Author Biography) näytä vähemmän

(eng) Hugh Crauford Rae also wrote under the pen names of "Hugh C. Rae", "Hugh Rae", "Robert Crawford", "R.B. Houston", "Jessica Stirling" (initially with Peggie Coghlan), "Stuart Stern" (with S. Ungar), "James Albany" and "Caroline Crosby".


Tekijän teokset

Harkfast: The Making of the King (1976) 38 kappaletta
The Island Wife (1997) 27 kappaletta
The Wind from the Hills (1998) 23 kappaletta
The Strawberry Season (2000) 22 kappaletta
The Deep Well at Noon (1979) 20 kappaletta
The Penny Wedding (1994) 20 kappaletta
Sisters Three (2001) 19 kappaletta
The Piper's Tune (1999) 18 kappaletta
Prized Possessions (1998) 18 kappaletta
Lantern for the Dark (1992) 16 kappaletta
The Gates of Midnight (1983) 16 kappaletta
The Hiring Fair (1976) 16 kappaletta
The Blue Evening Gone (1981) 16 kappaletta
Shadows on the Shore (1993) 15 kappaletta
The Wise Child (1990) 15 kappaletta
The Spoiled Earth (1977) 15 kappaletta
The Paradise Waltz (2009) 14 kappaletta
The Workhouse Girl (1996) 14 kappaletta
The Dark Pasture (1977) 14 kappaletta
The Minotaur Factor (1977) 12 kappaletta
Wives at War (2003) 12 kappaletta
Shamrock Green (2002) 12 kappaletta
The Good Provider (1988) 11 kappaletta
The Last Voyage (2011) 11 kappaletta
A Corner of the Heart (2010) 11 kappaletta
The Asking Price (1989) 11 kappaletta
Blessings in Disguise (2006) 10 kappaletta
The Welcome Light (1991) 10 kappaletta
The shooting gallery (1972) 10 kappaletta
Creature Comforts (1986) 10 kappaletta
A Kiss and a Promise (2008) 9 kappaletta
Jäähyväiset pomolle (1970) 9 kappaletta
Warrior Caste (1982) 9 kappaletta
Treasures on Earth (1985) 8 kappaletta
Hearts of Gold (1987) 8 kappaletta
The Travelling Soul (1978) 8 kappaletta
Strathmore (1975) 8 kappaletta
Deacon's Dagger (1982) 7 kappaletta
The Marrying Kind (1996) 7 kappaletta
The Dresden Finch (1976) 7 kappaletta
The Fields of Fortune (2007) 6 kappaletta
Call Home the Heart (1977) 6 kappaletta
Takiainen (1969) 6 kappaletta
The Constant Star (2014) 6 kappaletta
The Wayward Wife (2013) 6 kappaletta
Vakaa kuin kallio (1969) 6 kappaletta
The Rookery (1974) 6 kappaletta
Skinner (1965) 5 kappaletta
The Captive Heart (2004) 5 kappaletta
Close Combat (1983) 4 kappaletta
Mailed Fist (1982) 4 kappaletta
The Haldanes (1992) 4 kappaletta
Sullivan (1978) 4 kappaletta
Storm Over Scotland (2003) 4 kappaletta
The Marksman (1971) 3 kappaletta
One True Love (2005) 3 kappaletta
Beloved Sinner (1978) 3 kappaletta
The Poison Tree (1978) 3 kappaletta
Borneo Story (1984) 3 kappaletta
Haunting at Waverley Falls (1981) 2 kappaletta
Night Pillow (1972) 2 kappaletta
Last Bastion (1984) 2 kappaletta
Whip Hand (1972) 2 kappaletta
The Badger's Daughter (1971) 2 kappaletta
Rock Harvest (1975) 1 kappale
Shroud Society (1971) 1 kappale
Minotaur Factor 1 kappale
In de schaduw van de mijn (1977) 1 kappale

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Fantasy: fünf ungekürzte Romane (1991) — Avustaja — 9 kappaletta

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Kanoninen nimi
Rae, Hugh C.
Virallinen nimi
Rae, Hugh Crauford
Muut nimet
Rae, Hugh C.
Rae, Hugh
Crawford, Robert
Houston, R.B.
Stirling, Jessica
Stern, Stuart (näytä kaikki 8)
Albany, James
Crosby, Caroline
Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Knightswood Senior Secondary School, Glasgow
Fraser and Dunlop Scripts Ltd.
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Hugh Crauford Rae was born on November 22, 1935 in Glasgow, Scotland, UK, son of Isobel and Robert Rae. He published his first stories aged 11 in the Robin comic, winning a cricket bat the same year in a children’s writing competition. After graduating from secondary school, he worked as an assistant in the antiquarian department of John Smith's bookshop. At work, he met her future wife, Elizabeth. Published since 1963, he started to wrote suspense novels as Hugh C. Rae, but he also used the pseudonyms of Robert Crawford, R.B. Houston, Stuart Stern (with S. Ungar) and James Albany. On 1973, his novel "The Shooting Gallery" was nominee by the Edgar Award. On 1974, he wrote the first few romance novels with Peggie Coghlan, using the popular pseudonym Jessica Stirling. However, when she retired 7 years after the first book was published, he continued writing more than 30 on his own, and also as Caroline Crosby. His female pseudonyms first became widely known in 1999, when "The Wind from the Hills" was shortlisted for Romantic Novel of the Year Award by the Romantic Novelists' Association. Widowed nine years ago, Hugh died on September 24, 2014 at the age of 78.
Hugh Crauford Rae also wrote under the pen names of "Hugh C. Rae", "Hugh Rae", "Robert Crawford", "R.B. Houston", "Jessica Stirling" (initially with Peggie Coghlan), "Stuart Stern" (with S. Ungar), "James Albany" and "Caroline Crosby".



A miner's daughter seeks revenge on the rich coal master for killing her family, but she grows to realize it wasn't his fault. Mirrin Stalker and Houston Lamont are the main characters.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
niquetteb | Jul 29, 2019 |
I read this book because Hugh Rae (for whatever reason) took the challenge to write a mutual friend into the story as a minor character. Puzzled by what role a Chinese girl from Singapore, in the 19th century known as the Straits Settlements, could play in Victorian-era Glasgow, I was delighted to find her a realistically drawn and feisty character. The main characters of the book are the McKennas, two sisters and a brother from Ireland who come to Glasgow in search of survival (to say "a better life" would be overstating the matter). Their first stop is a graveyard, where they glean the name of a recently-deceased Irishman in order to seek out his widow and pose as his nieces and nephew. Although she realizes the deception almost immediately, she quietly accepts them, pleased to have some "family" to care about - and says as much to the rent-collector who is concerned that she may be falling for a scam. He accepts her reference on their behalf, however, since she cannily is not giving money but her word, and from there we see all of these people interacting, changing, developing as the story continues. A joy to read.… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
muumi | Aug 8, 2015 |
Not one of my favourite Hugh Rae books. I just couldn't like the main characters. They were well-depicted, but not sympathetic. There was a pompous, unpleasant shipyard owner, his meek wife who used to be vivacious before she fell under his blighting influence, and their annoying niece or more probably the man's unacknowledged daughter. Honestly, I didn't finish the book; after a few chapters I prevailed upon a trusted fellow reader to give me the story in short. She informed me that none of the main characters improved during the course of the book. There were delightful characters, with Hugh there are always delightful characters, but in this book they were peripheral. I'm sure the plot was fine, but if I don't care about the characters, what happens to them doesn't matter.… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
muumi | Jul 16, 2015 |
This book is the 2nd part of a trilogy and is set in the late 1800's. I didn't read the first book, but maybe if I did, I would have enjoyed the story more. The plot is saturated with unrequited love, infidelity, sibling loyalty, and betrayal. Two characters were exceptionally horrible. If they were standing in my living room right now, I would do both of them bodily harm. The syntax was difficult to understand at times because the author is a Scot writing about people living in Scotland. Unless you are from that part of the world or are familiar with all things Scottish, you would need to read some of the sentences twice to understand. Some of the storyline centered around topics that were forbidden to talk about in the nineteenth century. I enjoyed the way they were talked about and boldy dealt with.… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
brillow51 | Apr 15, 2014 |


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