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'The issue is not how hard you can hit, it is how right you can hit. The Martial Arts Book of Physics teaches you how to hit correctly by using the laws of physics. This book will be a major help to put you on top of you game.'-Benny 'The Jet' Urquidez Legendary World Champion kick boxer and martial arts pioneer.

'The Martial Arts Book of Physics truly represents the breaking of new ground by integrating the intellectual mindset with the physical world of martial arts.'-Joe Lewis Legendary kick-boxing world champion and martial arts pioneer.

'The Martial Arts Book of Physics represents to me a true analysis of why techniques work and how to maximize their effectiveness. I realy enjoyed this book.'-Kathy 'The Punisher' Long Legendary World Champion kick-boxer and internationally recognized fitness expert.

'The Martial Arts Book of Physics applied to technique, strategy, and kinesiology are perfect. To see everything put together with martial arts makes this an extraordinary book.'-Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace Legendary world champion kick-boxer, martial arts pioneer and the holder of a degree in kinesiology.

' I wish I had Martina Sprague as a physics professor when I went to school. I would have aced the class. To have someone understand both the martial arts and physics so thoroughly and be able to explain the value of each and how they interrelate is a true find. Take advantage of this book and learn from its concepts.'-Cheryl 'Legs' Wheeler Legendary world kick-boxing champion and veteran Hollywood stuntwoman.

'Martina sprague smoothly and clearly reveals the concepts of physics behind the martial arts. I was really impressed with how simply, yet accurately, the principles of momentum, force, energy and impulse were related to balance, motion and speed. I found the end of chapters 'quizzes' a great aid for focusing on the main ideas of each section.'-Peter A. Morse PhD Santa Monica College, Associate Professor of Physics.

'The Martial Arts Book of Physics is a wonderful introduction into the world of physics and how it applies to the martial artist. I enjoyed it an enthusiastically recommend this for anyone who would like to know how to make the natural laws of motion work for them.'-Dr. Art Huffman, UCLA Senior lecturer, Physicas Department and co-author of The Cartoon Guide to Physics.

'The Martial Arts Book of Physics applies to not only all of the styles of systems of the martial arts, but for any sport that requires your maximum power and endurance to win. This is highly recommended reading for both the competitor and instructor.'-Lilly Urquidez-Rodriguez Legendary world champion kick-boxer and martial arts pioneer.

'Martina Sprague's The Martial Arts Book of Physics combines a most appropriate mixture of both science and the fighting arts. My congratulations on an excellent book.'-Graciela Cassillas-Boggs Legendary world champion kick-boxer.

'The Martial Arts Book of Physics explains in a clear and concise manner the physical laws which determines one's success as a fighter. I was expecially impressed with the way Martina Sprague would weave the principles of physics into the strategy of fighting.'-Don 'The Dragon' Wilson Legendary kick-boxing world champion and action film star.


Foreword by Gene LeBell
Comments from the publisher
Martina Sprague biography
1 Center of gravity
Balance, how important is it?
Center of gravity
Balance manipulation in throws
Balance manipulation in joint locks and other takedowns
Balance in the hard and soft styles
The power of the lead leg kick
Balance quiz
2 Momentum
Without movement, nothing happens
Body mass in motion
Working with momentum
Speeding up your punches
The power of the sideways stance
Mass and momentum quiz
3 Direction
F=MA, and unbeatable combination
Speed in combinations
The resultant force
The overhand projectile
Inertial and vector quiz
4 Rotational speed and friction
Circular movement = Power
Jump kicks
Jump, slide, and step
Circular motion
Rotation of the fist
The catch-22
Rotational inertial
Friction and rotational speed quiz
5 Impulse
Striking thougth the target
Decreasing the time of impact in the grappling arts
Decreasing the time of impact in the striking arts
Reversing direction by 'bouncing'
Impulse when kicking
Three types of impact
Impulse exercise
Impulse quiz
6 Conservatoin of energy
The workload
What is power?
Bruce lee's one-inch punch
Conservation of energy
Using the spinning back kick strategically
Energy quiz
7 Ki-netic energy
Mind over matter
The power of paradox
How important is kinetic energy?
Mind over matter
Flash knockout
Other incredible physical feats
Imposing your will
Kinetic energy quiz
8 Physics and strategy
Ten fundamental fighting concepts
Use stronger tools against weaker tools
Use techniques that can be escalated
Eliminate several of your opponent's weapons simultaneously
Use your sense of touch
Use several weapons together
Use shock value to split your opponent's focus
Rely on superior defense
Rely on speed and surprise
The inferior position is not necessarily weakness
Use logical sequencing of techniques
Indomitable spirit
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AikiBib | May 29, 2022 |
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TravbudJ | Sep 30, 2018 |
Id like to try out different kind of fitness sports exercise and I'm interested now in kickboxing, this book was very helpful, it introduced me to the world of kickboxing and I do vouch I am sore all over when I did my first session but I am positive that continuous rigid exercise and kickboxing will help me reach my weight loss goal. This read is loaded with tips, drills and insight about this sport I am so loving it, can't wait to have my own sparring partner so I am pursuing my husband to read this great book as well. Very informative.… (lisätietoja)
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Maddison18 | Apr 1, 2016 |
This Kindle freebie is a nice review of the dramatis personae of the Viking age. Sprague pays lip service to the Nordic culture of the time, as well as the military tactics employed, focusing instead on the subjects of the various sagas, many which might hold little or no truth.

As a historical accompaniment to Cornwell's Saxon Tales, it lacked particular depth when it came to warfare in the trenches. You'll learn more about the life of Canute the Great, Sven Forkbeard, and Harald Hardrade than you will the likes of Lief Erickson. Non-Nordic adversaries are given short-shrift, some, like the Saxon Alfred the Great, had a tremendous impact on the heathen barbarians -- but Sprague merely mentions a few conflicts in passing. Her main goal seems to be a reconciliation of the sagas with the historical record, and in the end, I think she favors sagas when no evidence either way presents itself.… (lisätietoja)
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JeffV | Apr 5, 2011 |


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