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Michael Spivak (1940–2020)

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Calculus (1967) 471 kappaletta, 2 arvostelua
Answer Book for Calculus (1984) 111 kappaletta
Calculus on manifolds 3 kappaletta
What Will They Think of Next (1979) 3 kappaletta

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Spivak, Michael David
New York, New York, USA
Houston, Texas, USA



Indeholder "Acknowledgements", "Personal Pronoun Pronouncement", "Introduction. On Advanced Typesetting", "Part 1. Starters", " 0. Getting Acquainted; A Key Chapter", " Keys available on the keyboard", " 1. Learning TeX's Lingo", " Ordinary text and control sequences", " 2. Printers Do It With All Types", " Changing fonts", " 3. Your First TeX Experience", " Running a file through TeX", " 4. TeX's Erroneous Zones", " Error messages, and how to respond to them", " 5. Spaces That Separate. Ties That Bind", " Subtleties of spacing and line breaking", " 6. Doing It With Elan", " Special symbols and accents", " 7. The Consummation", " Formatting a paper", "Part 2. Main Courses", " 8. TeX's Brand Of Mathematics", " Mathematical formulas in text", " 9. Lousy Breaks? Try An Artful Display", " Displayed formulas", " 10. The 2nd Level Of Complexity", " Superscripts and subscripts", " 11. Our Problems Mount", " Fractions, binomial coefficients, etc.", " 12. Benefiting From TEX'S Largess", " Sum, Integral and other "large operators"", " 13. Creating Your Own Space", " Controlling spacing in mathematical formulas", " 14. Fascinating Things That Expand By Themselves", " Delimiters and other variable size symbols", " 15. A Roman Orgy", " Roman type in formulas", " 16. Keeping Them In Line", " Numbering formulas and aligning equations in a display", " 17. Too Much Of A Good Thing", " Breaking formulas that are too long", " 18. Sophisticated Positions", " Matrices", "Part 3. Sauces & Pickles", " 19. Practicing Self Control", " Defining new control sequences", " 20. eX-Rated Features", " A dictionary of special TeXniques", "Appendices", " A. Answers To All The Exercises", " Å. Atypical Accents", " B. Bibliographies", " C. Comparison With 'plain' TeX", " D. Deficient Keyboards", " E. Esoteric Symbols", " F. Future Fonts", " G. {TEX Users}", " H. Help", " I. Index".

Jeg har det ikke så godt med de her friskfyrsagtige kapiteloverskrifter og jeg kan aldrig finde svar på noget ikke-trivielt, men alligevel er det jo en smuk bog. Nu om dage vil man bruge en LaTeX variant og en stribe pakker i den rigtige rækkefølge i stedet for at fedte med lavniveau TeX-makroer, tror jeg nok.
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bnielsen | Apr 30, 2014 |
Spivak's textbook teaches elementary analysis through calculus. Though the book is technically a calculus text, the idea is for students to have a solid grasp on calculus before using it. He expertly "introduces" the concepts of calculus in ways that will intrigue even the most solid calculus student. There are typos in a few of the problems, and he uses the rather unusual technique of hiding several important theorems and ideas in the excercises, but usually one only has to read said problems to gather the theorem. I used this book in a very advanced calculus course at Ohio State. Only about 35 students a year take this course. By the end of the three course sequence there are usually only 15-20 students left. In summary, while the text is very good, it is also very difficult, so be careful when using it.… (lisätietoja)
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GoldenBeep | 1 muu arvostelu | Mar 2, 2008 |
Actually 3rd edition
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H.Lamberson | 1 muu arvostelu | Mar 15, 2013 |


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