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Includes the name: Cyndy Lynn Speer

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The Chocolatier's Wife (2008) 101 kappaletta
Wishes and Sorrows (2014) 28 kappaletta
Blue Moon (2008) 4 kappaletta
Unbalanced (2010) 4 kappaletta
The Chocolatier's Journal (2012) 4 kappaletta
The Chocolatier's Ghost (2017) 3 kappaletta
A Necklace of Rubies (2008) 2 kappaletta
Every Word I Speak (2007) 1 kappale
StereoOpticon 1 kappale

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Once upon a Curse (2012) — Avustaja — 101 kappaletta

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Kanoninen nimi
Speer, Cindy Lynn
Pennsylvania, USA
California University of Pennsylvania (English: Creative Writing Minor)
cemetery caretaker
Society for Creative Anachronism
Broad Universe
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Ms. Speer has been a blacksmith's apprentice (because her father's a blacksmith), a cemetery caretaker, a librarian and is currently a secretary. She loves folklore, costuming and fencing.



Tämä arvostelu kirjoitettiin LibraryThingin Varhaisia arvostelijoita varten.
Tasmin is a Herb Mistress from Tarnia. She is destined to marry William of Almsley, as evidenced by the marriage spell cast at William's seventh birthday. Unfortunately, in Tarnia magic is a part of everyday life, while in William's part of the country, magic is not looked upon favourably. Tasmin and William converse through letters throughout their life, Tasmin waiting until William calles her to him. Then she gets a completely different message: William is accused of murdering the Bishop and she is released from their engagement. She's not having any of that though: she packs up her things and her loyal wind sprites, and leaves to go to his aid.

What follows is a pleasant read while Tasmin and William play detective to find out who has committed the murder. They uncover quite a few family secrets in the process, meanwhile getting to know each other.

The chocolatier's wife was not brilliant, but it was entertaining. I rather liked the beginning of the book and I liked how each book begins with one of the letters Tasmin and William wrote to each other before they met. I would have preferred it though if this had been more a fantasy book, rather then a detective in a fantasy-coat. I would have like to know more about the magic and the wind sprites. The wind sprites were really one of the more enjoyable aspects of the book. As it was, Tasmin applies a bit of judicious magic here and there, but other than that (and the magic object that pops up later on) the magic doesn't play that large a role. This is not necessarily a problem, but in this case the book felt a bit like an extended short story, despite the convoluted plot that was at the heart of it. Don't get me wrong though; it was definitely an entertaining story.
… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
zjakkelien | 20 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Jan 2, 2024 |
This was a really sweet book (good to read myself to sleep with).

Tamsin was matched to William shortly after her birth by a mating spell cast by the village Wisewoman (he was seven at the time, surely an indication he'd be hard to live with). The spell didn't show your true love (such foolishness), it showed your best match. The thing was that Tamsin was from the North (you know, they're savages! Just think of what they did in the war) so it wasn't exactly a usual match.

William was happy enough though
I suppose she'll do. I'm just glad 'tis over, and that I can go on with my life

They started a correspondence and got on with growing up. Then William didn't send for Tamsin when she turned 18 (other things to do for both of them) and they kept on living apart. Then, William was arrested for murder.

Based on his letters Tamsin didn't believe it so she gathered her wind sprites (befriended as a child) and rushed down to see what could be done.

I needed to suspend disbelief a touch (she seemed awfully trusting and the authorities were either astoundingly dim or extremely well bribed) but I really enjoyed this book. There was the whole mystery not only of who did it but why (revealed just in time for the climax)? Who's honest? What about other possible murders?

Basically I really liked it. I don't know if the author wrote more books in this universe but I intend to read more of her work when I'm in the appropriate mood again.
… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
Damiella | 20 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Aug 18, 2020 |
Hmm. It's an excellent, complex, fantasy murder mystery... but I never really connected with it. I see what happened, but I was never caught up in the story, and I never had an idea what would happen next (as I usually do, as I get to know the characters). I don't know why, but this just didn't quite work for me. Glad I read it, though, it was interesting.
Merkitty asiattomaksi
jjmcgaffey | Jun 27, 2020 |
Tämä arvostelu kirjoitettiin LibraryThingin Varhaisia arvostelijoita varten.
I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Short stories and new interpretations on fairy tales. What could be wrong with that?
I normally dont have a problem with third person, when it moves the pace well but this had too many glue/filler words that slowed the pace, this one took some determination to finish.
Speer can set a scene well, her descriptions put you in the story, it was the telling, not showing that let it down.
"Every Word I Speak" was one I enjoyed, and "Can You Let Him Go" was great.
"The Jester's Heart" was deliciously dark, as was "Necklace of Rubies".
There were a few typos, some grammar issues but not enough to really detract from the stories themselves.
Negativity aside, these harken back to The Brothers Grimm, when fairy tales weren't fun songs and Disney. They would have fit in with the story telling of characters seen in tv show Once Upon A time.
While I didn't become immersed in "The Bell Witch and Queen of Vines", I did enjoy a heroine NOT being a distressed damsel, and choosing for herself.
This was a mixed bag for me. Some great retellings, some not so great. But if you like dark versions of fairy tales, I recommend giving it a go.
… (lisätietoja)
Merkitty asiattomaksi
Tina_Evans | 13 muuta kirja-arvostelua | Oct 5, 2018 |

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