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My Sister, The Cat Vol. 1 (2023) 21 kappaletta
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After his mother dies, Nekota is adopted by one of her friends, who just happens to be a walking, talking cat. Being adopted means he now has a little sister in Neneko, who is a kitten. Although Nekota is a high schooler and Neneko is a kindergartener, they have an unshakeable bond that involves wanting to make the other happy.

This is a very sweet and wholesome book. Although the main character is a teenager and the book is billed as for an audience of 13+, I think it will appeal to younger children as well. Nekota and Neneko are very adorable together and even apart, as their school chums notice how close the pair are and wish for similar relationships with their own siblings.

One thing that is peculiar about the story, but the reader just has to accept is that Neneko and Papa are cats who don't speak, while Mama and some other side feline characters do. Although Nekota introduces himself as oddly living with a family of cats and obviously not biologically related to them, this world has anthropomorphized cats everywhere, and it is not seen as unusual for kittens and children to be in school together. The story needs this to be true so it's one of those cases of simply suspending disbelief.

Another thing that is odd that I really don't like about the book is that it adheres to fairly rigid gender roles when it comes to the household. Nekota and Papa both have jobs while Mama stays home to cook and clean. There's even a chapter when the pair try to give her a rest day and fail terribly at basic things like using the washing machine without breaking it or heating food with burning it. That being said, the young boys at Neneko's school and even Nekota and his teen-aged friends are not ashamed of quote-unquote "girly" things like wearing ribbons, accepting flower bouquets, and watching pop girl bands on TV while gushing with idolized fandom.

All in all, this is a cute book that is a quick read and especially good when looking for something on the light-hearted side. I enjoyed it despite not usually being much a manga reader myself.
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sweetiegherkin | 1 muu arvostelu | Nov 12, 2023 |
This was very cute, but also not something I’d read more of. The appeal of this comic is for cat lovers and readers who want to see a sweet relationship between an older (human) brother and his baby sister. Nekota’s high school friend is a little obsessed with his sister tho, but it hasn’t exactly gone into creepy territory yet. Hope it stays that way.

The worldbuilding consists of anthropomorphic cats living amongst human beings. In Nekota's case he was adopted by a cat family, but I don't if that's the standard. There's a preschool boy in Neneko's class that had a cat older brother too and no one bats an eye. Is that kid adopted too or can some cat family have human kids??? I'm thinking way too much into this. Just accept the world as it is.… (lisätietoja)
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DestDest | 1 muu arvostelu | May 21, 2023 |


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