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Lady Macbeth is reimagined in this novel as a young woman at the intersection of paganism and Christian, royalty and politics, and murder and betrayal. History and fiction are well blended and give Gruoch plenty of agency in her own story, with the infamous MacBethad largely off-stage for much of the novel. An enjoyable read and one that brings a new perspective to a very old tale.
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wagner.sarah35 | 1 muu arvostelu | Dec 16, 2023 |
Queen Hereafter is a debut by Isabelle Schuler, perfect for autumn reading. This is the story of the Scottish Queen, Grouch, who inspired Shakespeare’s Lady Macbeth. I was immediately drawn into midevil Scotland where a young Grouch is given a prophecy from her Druid grandmother. It is a story of ambition, of survival, and a singularity of focus upon one girl’s perceived destiny. Through exile, shifting loyalty, and betrayal, Grouch adapts to extreme hardship, all with the internal belief that it is her fate to become queen.
Schuler gives us a fast paced, unputdownable tale with a heroine that is ruthless, flawed, and magical. It’s the story I needed right now. I loved Grouch, her grit, her determination. I thought the friction of shifting to Christianity vs the old gods was integrated beautifully. Although this is fiction I was fascinated to learn the crossover of very real historical people and events that Schuler included and was influenced by. Do not miss the author’s note where she talks about this.
I highly recommend to lovers of historical fiction, especially those that love royal intrigue, and strong women. Thank you to @harperperenniel for the review copy!
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FlowerchildReads | 1 muu arvostelu | Nov 14, 2023 |
Gruoch is the daughter of a deposed king and the last of a legendary Pictish clan. Her Grandmother predicts she will be Queen of Alba and Gruoch bears this in mind when she has to throw over her betrothed to marry Duncan, the heir to the throne. However events conspire against this and Gruoch has to make a marriage of convenience to survive. Will she be able to fulfil her ambitions?
This book is the subject of rave reviews everywhere and I started reading it with great anticipation. I am not saying it disappointed because it is a really good tale and told well but it is a little 'light' in the descriptions. One would expect a lot more visceral writing and more darkness in the deeper parts of the story. Therefore to my mind this is a YA novel rather than true historical fiction. It's still great but less than I expected,… (lisätietoja)
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pluckedhighbrow | 1 muu arvostelu | Mar 16, 2023 |
The story of the Scottish queen Lady MacBethad rather than Shakespeare’s version of MacBeth. It’s the 11thC and Gruoch, who is a daughter of druids, has been prophesied that she will be queen of Alpha. She is promised to Duncan, the King’s heir, but the path to queendom is anything but smooth.

I enjoyed this book and thought it was well written. It was quite gripping and fast paced. However, Gruoch did irritate me slightly as she did tend to open her mouth before engaging her brain, not advisable in those days and even less advisable when you were a woman. I’m surprised she lived to tell the tale sometimes. Having said all that, the research gone into writing Gruoch’s story was inspiring. It gave a good insight into the era.

I read this book in stave format via the Pigeonhole app and I looked forward to reading each instalment every day for ten days. An entertaining and exciting read. Will there be a sequel? There’s plenty more of Lady MacBethad’s story to tell, I’m sure!
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VanessaCW | 1 muu arvostelu | Mar 8, 2023 |


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