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Helen Scheuerer is an author who made the shortlist for the Outstanding Achievement by a Young Person in the Literary Arts Award sponsored by Express Media.The inaugural award aims to recognise young Australians under 30 years of age who have shown `excellence in the literary arts¿, and is open to näytä lisää writers working across a number of literary fields, including creative writing, nonfiction, journalism, poetry, editing, publishing, playwriting, screenwriting, comedy writing, game writing and radio. (Bowker Author Biography) näytä vähemmän


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Heart of Mist (2017) 74 kappaletta
Blood and Steel (2023) 58 kappaletta
Slaying the Shadow Prince (2023) 28 kappaletta
Reign of Mist (2018) 20 kappaletta
War of Mist (2019) 14 kappaletta
Vows & Ruins (2023) 13 kappaletta
With Dagger and Song (2021) 7 kappaletta
Fate & Furies (2024) 5 kappaletta
A Song in the Deep 4 kappaletta

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Blood & Steel by Helen Scheuerer is the first book in The Legends of Thezmarr series, an epic romantic fantasy. It looks like book 2 is due out at the end of October 2023. The female main character, Thea, dreams of being a warrior legend in her realm and only has three years left to accomplish this. Never mind that due to a prophecy, women cannot even train to be warriors. A rather surly warrior, Wilder, is thrown into her life path and she learns her history may not be as it seemed. Tropes include enemies to lovers (well, more like reluctant/forbidden lovers since they really weren’t enemies for long), found family and who-touched-you.

The Lovely: There is so much to love in this book - the characters (and their growth), the plot, the spice and the world. Probably my favorite were the characters - especially the main character (she’s no wallflower!) and her romantic interest. But, the other non-main characters were fleshed out as well. The spice was written in a way that it seemed believable to the characters relationship at the time and there was tension leading up to the spicy scenes. I even loved how the monsters were written - dark, almost ethereal, but deadly.

The Mundane: With so much going on in the book the pacing and tension held steady and each scene flowed. The author also skillfully handled the multiple (two) POVs - the switches didn’t feel jarring or disjointed.

The Dreadful: The only negative of this book is I now have the biggest book hangover and have to wait nearly six months for book 2.

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Recommendation: I’m picky about what I deem a five star but I knew this one met the criteria before I even closed the book. I finished the book (all 532 pages) in two nights. The world, and to some extent the characters, have Witcher and Game of Thrones vibes. The ending is what I hoped for plus a twist I didn’t see coming. I’m obsessed with this series and had to go stalk the author’s website to see when book 2 would be out. That’s where I learned there’s a free prequel novella for the series available if you sign up for the author’s mailing list. This book is a definite 100 percent recommend.
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FloofyMoose | May 11, 2023 |
Real question. How do these books keep getting better?

Cyrens, warlocks, and humans. A world at war. Is there any chance to bring them all together before the terror tempests destroy them all? Or is there something even greater at stake?

Roh is a cyren, the daughter of a criminal, a girl who has grown up as part of the lowest caste. After winning a dangerous competition, she has been asked to prove herself, setting off on three additional quests with people who hate her as her closest companions. She has faced betrayal from a close friend and now lives with a deadly poison running through her veins. As if that isn’t enough, anyone can challenge her at any time until she completes the impossible tasks the council has given her. But if anyone can beat these odds, it’s Roh.

As Roh journeys with her companions beyond the known world, she discovers a secret history that the cyrens were never taught. Who is responsible for keeping them in the dark? And what is there to gain from these secrets? Can Roh trust her companions, her mentor, even her mother?

Book three surpassed the first two in the series (which were my favorite books of 2021) in terms of risk, adventure, new allies, unexpected villains, a little romance, and some tremendous sacrifices that brought me to tears. Roh is no longer the conniving girl who once cheated for a chance to win the crown; instead, she has come to understand the consequences of her past actions as well as how much she truly has to lose.

The trials in this series reminded me of the Hunger Games and the Goblet of Fire, incredible challenges that take magic, strength of will, and tremendous wit. I recommend the books to anyone who loves a thrilling adventure and a story of redemption.

I received an ARC, but the rest of you can read this in a few weeks. Trust me. You need this book!
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Constant2m | Apr 9, 2022 |
It is rare for me to be able to answer when someone asks me about my favorite book or even the best book I've read this year. But this year, I've been telling everyone about A Lair of Bones, an incredible first book in Helen Scheuerer's new series, Curse of the Cyren Queen. Hands down, best book I've read all year. Until I read book 2. And once again, Helen has outdone herself.

After winning the competition and being crowned queen, or actually no, the council found a loophole and didn't crown Roh queen after all. Instead, she was tasked with three additional quests and had to set out on a journey with four companions, friends, enemies, there might not be a difference this time since no one seems able to forgive her for her misdeeds or accept her due to her mother's crimes. And yet, the journey continues, the stakes are higher than ever, and Roh learns more about herself and her past. There are so many unexpected twists in the story, horrible and incredible, and whenever I thought nothing else can surprise me, I was hit with another change. There are cyrens, warlocks, religious fanatics and overlords, and sea drakes, and Roh is more amazing than ever! My gut feeling that she had picked exactly the right companions was proven, and she is joined by others. And throughout everything, she proves that she might be exactly the right cyren to wear the crown.

"Maybe you are the one to bring us together, after all …"

This was an incredible, breathtaking, fantastic adventure, and I'm only sad that I can never read it for the first time again because I will absolutely be reading it again. I cannot wait for book 3. I received an ARC from the author and have reviewed it freely.
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Constant2m | Nov 19, 2021 |
Wow. Just wow. This book was as intense as the Hunger Games, only imagine if people actually fought over the opportunity to participate because the winner (if there is one - and there hasn't been a winner for hundreds of years) gets to be the new ruler of the cyrens. That is this book. And it was incredible.

Roh is a cyren, the daughter of a criminal, and she grows up as part of the lowest caste. She wants more. And the only way up, the only way out, and the only way to learn her history is to win the games and become queen. I don't want to give away too much - you have to read this book! But there are some really cool scenes between Roh and her human where he influences her to do something a cyren would never do like save the life of another human or fight for what she believes is right even if it doesn't affect her. Roh is a complicated character. She's not all that great. But she's no more terrible than anyone else, and maybe better than some because she can learn from others. Maybe? Anyway, I liked her. I liked her friends. I liked the queen. It's good. Read it!

I received an ARC from the author and have reviewed it willingly because I was blown away by the story and think it needs to be read by a lot more people. Also, I absolutely can't wait for book 2!
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Constant2m | Jul 22, 2021 |


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