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Treasury of Children's Poetry (1998) 232 kappaletta
Where is My School? (2004) 15 kappaletta
Oxford Reading Tree: Stage 14: TreeTops Classics: White Fang (2008) — Adapted by — 7 kappaletta
Black Cauldron: Storybook (1985) 5 kappaletta

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Tonttulan lapset (1910) — Kääntäjä, eräät painokset530 kappaletta
Alfred the Small (1987) — Kääntäjä, eräät painokset2 kappaletta

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Sage, Alison
20th Century



Pretty, erm, inoffensive, but some selections are interesting, and some are ones I've been meaning to read.  The forward, by Quentin Blake, is definitely worth reading, especially because he addresses the adult reader who loves children's stories... like me.  I did get a couple of books to add to my to-read lists.
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Cheryl_in_CC_NV | Jun 6, 2016 |
Summary: A huge collection of poems for children geared toward a wide range of ages. There are many classics we all heard as children as well as many new ones.

Accidentally: A poem about yawning and accidentally swallowing a gnat. He would have rather eat things he doesn't like like mushrooms, bullfrogs legs and pepper on their eggs. He says it was salty but didn't hurt to swallow. I like this poem with its play on words, its ick factor and that we have all at one point or another accidentally had a bug in our mouth and it grossed us out.

Homework: This poem sums up what most of us feel about homework! It makes Sunday flat. It smells of Monday. It makes us fat per we get up to eat, visiting the fridge instead of doing the homework. We feel misery and gloom when we hear our family laughing watching tv.

Personal Reaction: I have never liked poetry much despite being a avid reader. There are a lot of poems I remember hearing or reading as a child. There are a lot of new ones I have never heard of as well. Its a huge collection with a wide variety. I think it makes it a good book for a classroom setting. Also has a wide range of ages it could be geared towards.

Classroom Extension: Have Children write their own poems and illustrate them.

Have the children pick out their favorite poem from the book and illustrate what it means to them or they think it means or what they see when they read it.
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MistyRobinson | Sep 23, 2012 |



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Pierre Vinet Photographer
Caroline Castle Adapted by
Michael Rosen Foreword
Quentin Blake Foreword
Cliff Moon Series Editor
Tony Ross Illustrator
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Wolfgang Krege Translator
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