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I have always been fascinated by Chinese culture for a very long time and memoirs are one of my favorite genres. Lori came from a poor family in the United States and seemed very sensitive about her lack of money. That struck me at the beginning. My family was also low income in my childhood too, but I always felt very rich because of how my parents enjoyed the little things in life. We shared our food with others and maybe had more material things than she did.

While reading her book, I kept comparing her life with mine. We both love reading and linguistics. If I ever met her I would to discuss that with her. Lorirowas is more independant than I am. Her father was dying of Alzheimer's, her mother could not make ends meet so when offered a teaching position in China, she seemed to both want to escape the sadness of her home situation and have the opportunity of making a high enough salary to send money home. I wonder if I would be able to choose China. Will be thinking more about that,

I went on a tour to China in 1992 for three weeks, I saved the vacation days at work and met my son who was studying in a Chinese college. I met my son's wife to be and her family. That was in Bejing, Lori taught and lived in a very different area,and in a different area. When I came to China, it was rapidly changing and continues to change today. Lori experienced being an English teacher in a very rich and exclusive part of China. When she arrived she felt a sense of freedom because no one there knew her background, I had that freedom too but I think adventure was behind that. When I left, I cried because I felt very at home in China too. The people were friendly and welcoming.

I could imagine what Lori had to go through to get married with getting the proper stamps even before I read it. That was very typical.

I am not much on romance but I believe Lori when she writes that her husband is a good and loving person. I am looking forward to reading her next book on her personal journey to fitness. Fighting for Fitness.

I received this finished and signed copy of her book from the author who signed it as a win from First Reads. My thoughts and feelings in this review are my own.
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