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David Potter (5)

Too Soon to Die (1982) 8 kappaletta
We're All Special to God (1990) 4 kappaletta


Split authors include:
#1 D. S. (David Stone) Potter, 1957- author of Emperors of Rome, {works by this author belong on that author page, amazon.com and amazon.co.uk to be notified}
#2 David Potter, 1948- author of A History of France, 1460-1560: The Emergence of a Nation-State
#3 David Potter, 1931 Nov 3- author of Society and the Social Sciences: An Introduction
#4 D. (David) Potter, 1874- author of Sailing the Sulu sea; belles and bandits in the Philippines
#5 David Potter, 1939- author of Too soon to die
#6 David Potter, 1915- author of Argumentation and Debate: Principles and Practices
#7 David Potter, 1932- author of Understanding Government
#8 Potter, David 1948 Aug. 29- Bobby Murdoch
#9 Potter, David, 1942- The care of alloy spars and rigging
#10 Potter, David Morris. The American economy.
#11 Potter, David, 1955- author of The Left Behinds