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Four Letter Word: New Love Letters (2007) — Toimittaja; Esipuhe — 136 kappaletta, 2 arvostelua
The Seven Deadly Sins: A Celebration of Virtue and Vice (2012) — Toimittaja — 9 kappaletta

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Porter, Rosalind McKenzie



Despite the contributor list reading like a Who's Who of my bookcase, this just wasn't that good. It wasn't bad--many of the stories were enjoyable--but the bulk ends up being forgettable. Several pieces feel like they were dashed off in a "why not?" response to the project, with minimal planning or editing. The "love letter" is interpreted several ways, but most end up with sarcastic and/or "twists"--love gone wrong, I Never Want To See You Again, letters from chimps to the primatologist who's been studying his clan. Taken as individual microfictions, these might be enjoyable, but when put together into a collection, there's not enough diversity in tone and/or subject matter to hold my interest. Did every author think they were being clever to write breakups and bitter irony as their love letters? The stand-outs were the ones who broke from that mold: a husband placing ad after ad, looking for his wife after Katrina. A performance artist stalking a woman he sees daily. Descriptions of photos that chronicled a relationship. Unfortunately, these pieces were the minority and back-loaded the book (arranged loosely by tone; the organizational plan is somewhat obtuse); many readers will likely never make it all the way to the few gems that are hidden here.… (lisätietoja)
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librarybrandy | 1 muu arvostelu | Mar 29, 2013 |
Love Letters can be addressed to people, to places or to ideas, they can contain romance, happiness, bitterness or any other sentiment, they can also be funny, sad, moving or a everything at once, they can be sent with snail mail or with e-mail... This diverseness is perfectly represented in this book which collects invented Love letters from 41 authors, well-known ones as well as newcomers and located all over the world. All in all an inspiring, funny and moving book, and I enjoyed every page of it :)… (lisätietoja)
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pratchettfan | 1 muu arvostelu | Apr 2, 2008 |

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