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Award-winning writer and broadcaster Cash Peters is a commentator for BBC Radio and a frequent contributor to Minnesota Public Radio's Marketplace and The Savvy Traveler, where The Bad Taste Tours have been heard since 1999. Cash is also the author of three books on handwriting analysis. He lives näytä lisää in Los Feliz, California näytä vähemmän

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Peters Cash
Stockport, Cheshire, England, UK
Los Angeles, California, USA
University of Hull
handwriting analyst
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Benjamin Franklin Award for Literary Humor of Gullibles Travels
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Cash Peters was born in Stockport,UK.He graduated from the University of Hull with a degree in Law,after which he moved to London where he was employed at the High Court of Justice for eight years.
Here his broadcasting career began with Capital Radio. He played a regular part in the TV shows Talking Telephone Numbers and It's Been a Bad Week.
In1997 he moved to LA California where he lives with his partner and two cats.
Until the end of 2012 he was a regular broadcaster on BBC  Five Live's Up All Night and on the US shows Market Place and The Savvy Traveler.
His award winning book,Gullible's Travels,was the result of his Bad Taste Tours broadcasts,whilst his TV show Stranded with Cash Peters resulted in the book Naked in Dangerous Places.
He has a deep interest in matters spiritual as evidenced in his Little Book About Believing and is a regular contributor to Health and Spirituality magazine.
He is a gifted intuitive handwriting analyst.
He has now retired from broadcasting to concentrate on writing.His first novel,Force of Habit,was published in 2011 and he is currently working on a second one to be released shortly.



Written by a layman for the layman this is a new approach to dealing with Candida. It is easy to follow, full of information and a pleasure to read. The author goes into detail about his own experiences and research into Candida and there is a lot of information that can be applied to health in general.
The main focus is on a thirty day herbal cleanse,which reads like a private diary, telling all the highs and lows with honesty and humour.
There's a thorough look at Candida, right from possible causes, interesting new theory here, to triggers, diagnoses, and treatment. A discussion of various alternative practices adds to the interest.
This book takes a positive and optimistic approach and has left me eager to try out some of the suggestions.
… (lisätietoja)
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Wolfprints | Sep 3, 2014 |
I laughed a lot reading this, learnt a lot too and even cried a little. It's a great way of getting close up and personal with the sights and sounds of river cruising, as experienced by Cash Peters; the daily routine, unexpected events, potential hazards and some interestingly strange people - I mean who would want to eat Pot Noodles with an endless supply of delicious food on offer!
A great way to get acquainted with Provence too, with its picturesque villages, vineyards, olive groves and rich history. Nothing is left to the imagination in this very personal account,all told with great wit and insight.
Highly recommended. This gets five stars form me.
… (lisätietoja)
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Wolfprints | Mar 26, 2014 |
This is a novel approach to inspirational writing - in both senses of the word. The answers to life's mysteries and the steps to finding our true purpose, the Ten Steps To Wholeness, are revealed in the form of an entertaining story.
It's vividly narrated with well drawn believable characters and a cleverly devised plot that kept me entertained. There's never a dull moment action wise and each twist of the plot reveals another of the Steps To Wholeness, and a lot more besides.
Most importantly it is packed full of uplifting and thought provoking matter, much of which is quite different from anything I've read before and has given me many useful pointers to follow up. Five stars from me.… (lisätietoja)
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Wolfprints | Mar 13, 2014 |
In his own inimitable style Cash Peters cleverly injects a vein of humour and wit into a novel with a serious subject without in any way compromising its validity as a scary murder mystery.
The horror referred to in the title is the appearance of two bodies of unknown identity in the Lodge of Horsfield Manor in Chillingley village.
The police don't have any leads, but one of the villagers, a certain Muriel Wang,is sure she does. She has been secretly shown malicious notes sent to one of the other residents,Lydia, an American actress, and is convinced that the writer is the perpetrator of the murders and wants to frame her friend.
Matters are complicated by the appearance of two more bodies, one of them being that of a local person. Can they be connected or is there more than one murderer at large?
Muriel determines to find the answers and with the help of another villager and that of Tom, the handwriting analyst, sets out to do just that.
She has her work cut out as she follows up all the leads, sometimes placing herself in hair raising situations.
There are numerous twists,frightening scenes and lots of action before the mystery is finally solved.
The characters play an all important part. They are not just means to an end in terms of the plot, but have great depth and human interest.I found myself hoping there might be a sequel so I can find out what happens in their lives!
All in all a great read that kept me puzzled and amused throughout.
This one gets full marks from me.
… (lisätietoja)
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Wolfprints | Jul 17, 2013 |



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